Etrian Odyssey IV Battle Planner Adds One Tactical Twist

By Spencer . May 21, 2012 . 3:00pm

New features in Etrian Odyssey IV include 3D monster models, unlocking special weapons through QR codes, and flying in a hot air balloon. Battle planer Satoshi Ebato made another tweak and while it appears subtle it will probably change how players plan battles against F.O.E.s.


You can switch characters from the front and back rows during fights without using any turns. Basically, this lets players swap characters out to the back row to protect them and bring melee fighters to the front row to deal more melee damage. Players can change the position of the characters a much as they want.


Etrian Odyssey IV comes out on July 5.

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  • usagi_san

    Shaping up to be a nice dungeon crawler. Hopefully will be hearing of a localization in the not to distant future.

    Spencer, you misspelt planner in the article.

    • Zeik56

       It’s an Atlus game, of course it will be localized.

      • Heh that is pretty true… Atlus USUALLY localizes their games unlike some companies (SE, Nintendo, Capcom, Namdai, etc.).

        • jj984jj

           Except the first Growlanser. :(

          • As I said USUALLY. They are a lot more realiable then the other companies I listed.

    • I expect something at E3.

      • usagi_san

        Me too. I’m really looking forward to E3.

        • I am always excited for E3 even if there isn’t really anything announced though for Nintendo they almost always have something.

          • usagi_san

            Same. I’m a gamer first, so, just checking out what games or hardware that would be announce is always exciting, to me.

          • Exactly. usagi_san you are quickly becoming one of my favorite people. :P

          • usagi_san

            I feel so honoured. :D You have Kat as your avatar, that makes you an instant fav in my books. XD 

  • veruses

    Planer > Planner

  • TheBlackKnight3

    This game is sounding more and more awesome with every article. I haven’t really played the first three though I have the first one, but I’m really into SMT games, so this combat really appeals to me.

  • It surprises me it took four games for this to be added

  • riceisnice

    I’m gonna guess that’ll be necessary for the “Normal” mode of the game.

  • The row switching might be a little too handy for experienced players. This might be a sign on how difficult (or challenging) the game has become. (might)

    •  I guess.  Still characters moved to the front row will have to survive a turn there so the risk/reward aspect of putting a character with low defense to do a strong attack (like Front Mortar) still remains.

      • Switching around the characters can also help a lot to manipulate the damage they can take. Low HP characters can stay alive longer if they can be dragged backwards to the back line to be healed. I think mostly this opens up a new style of strategy on line switching. 

  • riceisnice

    Oh God, release the battle theme soundtrack already.

  • I have played 1 and 2 but not 3. I am looking forward to this though. It is on 3DS so yah. lol Can’t go wrong with more games for my 3DS.

    • Wafflenaut

      You might want to pick up 3, if not only for the soundtrack, on top of it being ridiculously good.

  • Za

    …not sure if it’ll help as much as people think.

    If your character is designed to be in the Front Row, shouldn’t it be there from the start?

    • In battle front and back can make a big difference. Especially towards boss battles and F.O.E.s that can severely damage your party (if you aren’t high lvl enough to absorb their attacks fully yet). Some characters which can deal higher damage with certain skills on the front and back line also do not need to waste a turn (or a skill) to switch lines. Although not really 100% necessary; this new tactical ability allows for a whole new style of gameplay. 

  • Oh whoa, the Battle theme got some Shoji Meguro’s (SMT Series) vibe on it! Perhaps it’s the electric guitar.

    I’m guessing game will utilize more “row dependent” skill, like Arbalist’s Front Mortar in 3? Row switching is now a free move, after all.

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