Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Has Giant Art Book, But No DLC Characters

By Spencer . May 22, 2012 . 9:32am


Namco Bandai Games Europe bundled a bunch of goodies in the "We are Tekken" edition of Tekken Tag Tournament 2. This collector’s edition includes the game, a soundtrack CD, remix soundtrack CD, behind the scenes video with comments from series director Katsuhiro Harada packed inside a metal case. Tekken fans in the United Kingdom can buy this from GAME.


… but if you want to use Ancient Ogre or Michelle Chang at launch you have to buy Tekken Tag Tournament 2 somewhere else. The limited edition will not have any of the downloadable bonus characters. Harada said DLC characters will be released for free, but they may initially be pre-order bonuses.


Michelle Chang and Angel are at Shopto.net

8808Michelle_TAG25 8806Angel_TAG25


Ancient Ogre and Kunimitsu are at Zavvi.com

8809OgreHum_TAG25 8807kunimitsu_TAG25_DWE


Namco Bandai Games America have not announced which retailers will carry the four downloadable characters in North America.

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  • Shadowman

    Aww no free DLC but do we still get the collector edition.

    • Rohan Viajar

       wait.. what?
      the DLC characters will be for free >_>..

      • Shadowman

        Who knows dude we might no get the free DLC.

        • It has been confirmed that these four characters, at least, will be free DLC.

        • Setsuna ♥

          Actually Harada already announced that those same DLC characters will be FREE. F.R.E.E FREEEEEE. Those who preorder the game will get them “early” but they will be released on the marketplace(s) soon after still FREE to the public.

          To quote him as well “This isn’t really directed at Capcom, I have always said this, but I see the characters and their move sets as chess pieces – they are essential items necessary in the game and we would never sell any of those individually.”

          • Shadowman

            Oooooh. My bad. Did he say that U.S is about to get a collector edition.

          • Setsuna ♥

            Nothing in regards to a US Collectors yet (to my knowledge), hopefully Namco Bandai American will come through for us :x

  • I hope we get the limited edition in the US.

    I also hope all the characters are not unlocked at the start of the game. I like doing some work to play as all the characters. I hate having almost all the work done for me already. 

  • usagi_san

    I’m really interested in this bundle. Anna Williams, why do you entice me so? 

    Kunimitsu is “looking” really hot, I seem to have a soft spot redhead kunoichis. Michelle ain’t looking bad either.  

    EDIT: Does anyone know if there will be any sort of character customization (maybe not on the scale of SCV)?

    • There indeed will be. Fun fact: Going into customization and taking off Jaycee’s mask will turn her name on the character selection screen back to Julia.

      • usagi_san

        Really? That’s awesome! I’m more excited about this game now. Thank you.

  • I read somewhere this version is only available at a GAME store. Sadly, we don’t have those here. But, I’m pretty sure I will be able to get my hands on this awesome “We Are Tekken”-edition. Art book with 200 pages? Yes, please. Soundtrack? Yes, please! Hopefully, Ling Xiaoyu (my main) will have some nice art. :)

  • Eeeehhh? I don’t get the DLC thingy here. So all for free or those 4 only for pre-order? And then later on for free? Confused :$

    • Timed exclusivity. The customers that pre-ordered will get the DLC characters at launch. Everyone else will gain access to the DLC characters for free at a later date.

  • Shadowman

    2 points Namco Capcom 0 points.

  • Guest

    Oh my…..what a sexy looking book! And yeah, it’s so big! Namco, this…..this is just too much! Offering something so big with an original soundtrack, remixed soundtrack, and a behind the scenes video?! Not to mention the awesome DLC! Seriously, you guys are killing me here! Just adding more hype here! I really want these! (>.<)/

  • I knew I’d get my girl Kunimitsu eventually! Man, take my body and soul now Bandai!

  • ArcadiaSymphonia

    I don’t give a rats behind if i have to wait a few weeks to get these characters if there is no preorder bonus in the us hey they are free so why complain?

  • ArcadiaSymphonia

    Am i the only one who thinks Angel looks like Cate Blanchett?

    • Bentan

       angel is kazuya’s feminine side?

      • Legion

        Pretty much, she is symbolic of the “good” in him. Hence the reason why since his assimilation with devil and becoming completely evil she no longer feaure’s in the canon of the franchise at all.

        it will be awesome if she get’s devil customization’s so the crybabies can have devil as a separate slot by proxy as well.

  • Pre-order at GAME? I hope we don’t get the same incident as when GAME didn’t stock up on Mass Effect 3, Asura’s Wrath, Street Fighter X Tekken, etc. for a good while.

    I hope the Irish employers get their redundancy.

  • Woahoho~~! I was planning to pre-order from Zavvi, but I want the special bundle more. DLCs can wait. In any case, no need to hesitate anymore!

  • puchinri

    Does this “GAME” happen to ship outside of the UK. . .?

    The more I see Michelle’s outfit, the more I love it. Even though it’s some weird clash of gaudy and simple, and quite ridiculous in ways, it just looks pretty cute and comfortable. Although, I wouldn’t fight in jeans. Especially jean shorts. But a few people in Tekken fight in jeans, and so much power to them for that.

  • dahuuuundge


  • mirumu

    I’m not really into special editions, they tend to consume too much precious shelf space, but this does look like a really nice one. Really looking forward to this game, and I like the way they’re handling the DLC.

  • thebanditking

    I think it might be worth mentioning that for NA we got the Tekken Hybrid which came with a 2 disc OST that included a Remixed Tekken Tag OST (dubbed Tekken Tag 2) plus the PS2 original tracks and an Art of Tekken book (though this book looks bigger). My guess is that this is the exact same content as that, because I believe Europe missed out on the LE Hybrid release, unless someone can say otherwise.

  • Kowan

    Guys and guys at siliconera. Please put correct info about the “dlc” characters. Angel, Ogre, Kunimisu, and Michelle will All be available on EVERY tekken tag 2 disc whether you preorder the game or not. Thise supposed dlc bonus will just unlock the characters from the game immediately from the start. You can still unlock them without preordering by compleing the game like in the old tekken games.

    • puchinri

      You can unlock them by actually completing the game? I thought they were just going to be free DLC later. 

      • Kowan

        Yes. the bonuses ar ejust for those people who are too lazy to unlock them by completing the game. Kinda like in sports champions, you can just buy a dlc code to unlock everything from the game from the start if you are lazy to complete everything BUT those content can be obtained without buying the dlc codes.

        • puchinri

          Wait, I thought it was that there are pre-order bonuses of them, and then the free DLC that will be released later. Did this change recently? Was there an article where they said that you can get them by the completing the game?

          It’s awesome either way, what with free DLC (and pre-order DLC) or just completing the game~.

          • Kowan

             I’ve read from some of the comments in other sites that Harada said that the bonus characters will indeed  be in the game and can be unlocked by completing it. But yeah either way everything’s good!

  • Handsome Luigi ♢


  • Kitsune Miku

    MICHELLE! Now all my girls are back! You’ve been warned world.  *rubs hands evily*

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