Wanted: Inaba Citizen To Fold Paper Cranes, Builds Understanding!

By Spencer . May 22, 2012 . 4:54pm

imageWant to earn extra money in Persona 4: Golden? You can take a part time job like folding envelopes or working as a janitor in a hospital. Making origami cranes doesn’t pay, but it will up your understanding which unlocks the tutor job (pictured) and another Social Link.


Atlus posted short videos of the part time jobs, a scene from Yosuke’s social link, and a peek at the Everybody’s Voice connectivity feature on the official site. On the PlayStation Vita version of Persona 4, you can see how your other friends spent their days in Inaba via chat bubbles.


Persona 4: Golden comes out on June 14 in Japan and is slated for release this fall in North America.

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  • Herok ♞

    Looking great glad I got a vita

  • RmanX1000

    Sooo who wants to give me $350 for a Vita, 8GB memory card, and this? No one? Awe cmon
    :(…. i’ll be your friend… Cant resist THAT sweet deal…

    • takopako

      *puts up same offer*

    • Hinataharem

      Brb gonna strike oil

  • revenent hell

    Well since ive just gotten in to the SMT brand games,I have to admit I recently just bought P4. Im also playing them in their order so I havent gotten to play it yet and there is realy no major insentive to buy this version to me unlike Eternal Punishment wich has to me a few factors wich makes it more wanted such as using Innocent Sin’s save data and an added Tatsuya scenario….and trust me for what I paid for the orriginal if it wasnt for those two factors I wouldnt buy it when/if it gets a release here. Even being a female and having better charecter controll in battle wasnt enough insentive to buy P3 after playing FES…I just dont see the point in it realy but thats just what I think. I mean im tolerating FES’s game mechanics just fine whats the point in redoing it now?
    Overall P4 Golden dosent quite have enough in it to make me want it over the orriginal. I do prefer to use my home console over that of a handheld anyways,the use of  saves tends to overide this preferance when available but all in all the Vita gets to wait some more for my purchase.

  • Glad I got it for this and Gravity Daze

    • Gravity Rush for the win! And yah this game too. Though I personally I got the Vita for Gravity Rush.

      • Same, Gravity Rush. Found out about Virtues Last Reward and Persona 4 The Golder later. Mind you I also got it for the PSP games. Didn’t like the PSP product enough to buy it… The OLED makes the Vita.

        • Virtues Last Reward will be good but do we have a confirmation of the Vita version being localized? I know that the 3DS version is…

          • cj_iwakura

            Yes, both were announced simultaneously. 

          • Oh? Well good then! :D

  • Covnam

    Can you get all the social links in one play through like in P3? I’m just wondering how much time you’d have to get all the links and also work part time for more money.

    • RmanX1000

      Its possible but WAY more difficult since you have to choose between combat and social links.

      • It’s not as hard as it sounds, because you can dungeon crawl on rainy days when you cannot do social links anyway (with the exception of 2 and 1 of those doesn’t spend time), and you may even get something nice for going on rainy days. I actually found it easier to max all social links in P4 than in P3, despite having to dungeon crawl during the day

        • RmanX1000

          It honestly depends on what days you do what XD planning is key. This applies to both P3 and P4 :P

  • wot?

  • Narukami, folding paper cranes with tissues while dating.

    Guys, -put on glasses- folding paper crane is srs bsn. 

  • UsePlayAsia [email protected]
  • It looks like your party’s personas get skills from the strength of the corresponding social link like how it was with Rise. Still, no “magaru”? Do the personas don’t get stronger when they level up like in the original? I hope that was just a bug.

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