Don’t Call Trails Of Nayuta An Action RPG, It’s A Story ARPG

By Spencer . May 25, 2012 . 4:33pm

Whoa! Did you see that giant fish leaping out of the ocean or the boss fight on a floating rock? Trails of Nayuta from Ys developer Nihon Falcom is packed with action scenes and a story. The trailer likes to remind us Trails of Nayuta isn’t a regular action RPG. According to Falcom this game is part of a new genre dubbed "story action RPG."


The story in Trails of Nayuta follows Nayuta and Noi in a world believed by everyone to be flat. Trails of Nayuta comes out for PSP on July 26/

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  • I just hope the story is short enough to be localized easier..

  • Asura

    If the story turns out to be substantially better than the generic JRPG (which has awful awful story) I swear to eat my own pants (which I constructed out of gummy bears).

    • Ladius

      Considering it’s a Falcom game, I think there are high chances of its plot being really good, if the other Kiseki games are anything to go by.

  •  According to Falcom this game is part of a new genre dubbed “story action RPG.”

    um…no… japan stop making up genres just to advertise your game and/or feel special. First Capcom is trying to make up “dramatic horror” and now this geez.

    • boundries_san

      Who knows this is a new genre where they combine VN style with action rpg?

      Be positive here lol.^^

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    looks fun and awesome  I’ll wait for a eng patch 

    • Hinataharem

      Or wait for a localization and buy it

  • Tom_Phoenix

    So it’s not an Action RPG, it’s a STORY Action RPG…..which essentially still makes it an Action RPG. Em….ok, I guess.

    •  It’s their way of saying that basically it’s an action game with elements of role playing but since few of them have a lot of plot like turn based RPG tthis time will be different. In short you could say that it will be an Ys with more narrative and events.

  • Ladius

    I fear the emphasis on the game’s story could mean Nayuta’s script is as gigantic as previous Kiseki games’… let’s hope for the best, because if that’s the case we can already forget an official localization :

    • Ryos

      It’s kind of a shame that a lot of the best examples of JRPGs won’t make it here because their niche nature doesn’t make it worthwhile to translate walls of text. :(

    • JazzyMan123

      True…I remember as how Zero/Ao no Kiseki both have humongous scripts and they’re only 1 UMD each and Falcom have said Ao is their largest game ever created and even bigger than SC too sadly.

  • Looks pretty nice. I really like ARPGs. Oh excuse me STORY ARPG.

  • Maybe this is their way of accepting the lack of “RP” in recent “RPG”‘s

  • >watching the trailer

    Sorry, I couldn’t hear anything over the sound of how awesome JDK band is.

    • Ryos

      Any game is inherently made better by the JDK band.  Fact.

  • Nitraion

    Looks nice
    So in normal ARPG means lack of story?
    and what company usually translate Falcom game?

  • M’iau M’iaut

    Sorry folks, twin tailz means she already belongs to M’iau.

  • MrRobbyM

    So it’s an ARPG with more story than usual.

  • *points at screen* I want that!
    NOW, and every Trails in the Sky and Trails of Blue chapter out there, NOW!
    I would even give XSEED the money for the projects if I had it!

    I mean look at that how in the world could one not love such a game! It looks like Alundra 2 meets Zelda oracle of Seasons with more RPG elements!
    How long has it been since something of that scale got released? Must be years because I can’t even remember a date!

    Well to anyone who wants to translate this piece of art… count on me! I will buy it as soon as we get it here!

    • JazzyMan123

      Well, if there’s any hope in this being localized, I suppose Tom expressed great interest in the game.

      And there’s still the XSEED-Falcom partnership in place…

      •  Damned straight! This game looks amazing. (:

      •  I hope so that game would certainly turn out to be very fun :3

  • LustEnvy

    What I first thought when I saw the title.

  • Altoire

    … Take my money :|

  • I am throwing my wallet at the modem hoping it sends my money to them and the game pops out (  ._.)

  • Story ARPG, that is something I’m going to have to remember. I like that ‘new’ genre idea. Anyways, as to the trailer…I’m with anyone else throwing money at their screens. This game looks astounding, I really, truly want it. Falcom has swiftly become one of my favorite developers after the couple of Ys games I’ve played so anything from them is greatly looked forwards to by me. 

  • CirnoLakes

    Well, I can’t tell how much story it has from the trailer. But it sure looks cute!

  • Rei Fal’Cie Sanchez

    Nayuta’s face really reminds me of nanael from queens blade

  • Kitestwinblades

    Yesterday I said I was amazed with what they put on PSP, but this is CRAZY. The Life bar reminds me of Odin Sphere(as well as a tiny bit of gameplay but also Treads of Fate) and this DEFINITELY looks like it has a good story. 
    I’m glad they got that message across.

    A part of my mind wants to say Odin Sphere was kinda like a story ARPG, literally lol
    The art REALLY pops out and and the format is basically storybook form.  
    I hope that we get this!

  • This looks absolutely fantastic. Varying game play elements thrown into the mix looks to make this a pretty good ride.

  • boundries_san

    …….I think i heard……. Queen of Tsundere there?

  • Layla…why does her voice sound so familiar?

  •  When I think of ARPGs I already think of story. (Tales of. Dragon Age, etc.)

    But yeah, this game looks awesome.

  • “story action RPG”

    …that is some full-on Engrish.

  • Anime10121

    I want I want I want I want I want I want I wantI want I want I want I want I want I want I wantI want I want I want I want I want I want I wantI want I want I want I want I want I want I wantI want I want I want I want I want I want I want it NOW! Please?

  • Vampiric

    its an action rpg

    • JazzyMan123

      With a more heavy emphasis on story.

  • Hatsuu


  • A “story” ARPG? Ok, Falcom. Whatever makes you sleep better at night.

  • Azure_Blue

    Story ARPG? It reminds me a certain… “Tales of” is a Character RPG!

    Anyway, this game, everything looks so great.

  • Göran Isacson

    For a while there, I REALLY thought the blue-haired MC was a girl until I saw the artwork. His voice was just REALLY girl-like.

    That little moment aside, this was one a pretty neat trailer. Can’t wait to beat me up some giant fish monsters!

    • Astrid Huang

      He’s a boy, but he looks totally like a girl, especially with that ribbon-like stuff in his hair XD

  • Sergio Pinheiro

    Looks a fine game (graphics on par with Wii at least), interest story, tested gameplay mecanic (Y’s) and desirable to be release in Ocident.
    But isn’t TiTs SC.
    What we want is TiTs SC, right?
    WHEN WE HAVE IT?!??!

    • You know why it’s not TiTs SC? Because that game’s been released in Japan already. XSEED has nothing to do with this post.

  • Jirin

    My turkey doesn’t do tricks, she performs feats!

  • Abel.exe

    I already like these characters and the game itself, hope it gets localized :)

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