Tales Of The World: Tactics Union Has The Same Characters, But A New Story

By Spencer . May 25, 2012 . 4:31am

talesunion_ss14And a new style of gameplay. Tales of the World: Tactics Union is a strategy RPG made for Android devices. The game features characters from a number of different Tales games including Lloyd Irving from Tales of Symphonia, Yuri Lowell from Tales of Vesperia, Natalia Lanvaldear from Tales of the Abyss, and Asbel from Tales of Graces. (More confirmed characters here.)


Tales of the World: Tactics Union takes place in an original world called Revaria, which has two new characters. Terun (in green) and Nahoto (the blue guy with a moon face) are the mascot characters for Tales of the World: Tactics Union. Namco Bandai says they are making new portraits for the game’s event scenes too.


talesunion_ss1 talesunion_ss8talesunion_ss9 talesunion_ss10

Namco Bandai says Tales of the World: Tactics Union will be a full-fledged strategy RPG with touchscreen controls, but haven’t said specifics about the battle system. Tales of the World: Tactics Union comes out on July 2 for Android smartphones connected via mobile phone provider KDDI au.


talesunion_ss13 talesunion_ss7talesunion_ss12 talesunion_ss11 talesunion_ss6 talesunion_ss4 talesunion_ss3 talesunion_ss talesunion_ss2

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  • akiko_sakuraba

    Of coooourse it’s for the Android and not the iPhone. Grr. Wanted to play it in Japanese. Couldn’t honestly care less if it came in English.

    • FStubbs

       iPhone gets most of these games exclusive, Android can’t even get one?

      • akiko_sakuraba

        That’s true, but iPhone is dominant. At least port it!

        • I’d rather have a PSN port, TBQH.

          • CirnoLakes

             Oh yeah! Well I want it to have Linux, Steam, and Gamersgate support! Thine tongue sticketh out! Hmph!

            Yeah, I know that Android is Linux based, that’s part of why I’m more fond of it than iOS. But it isn’t likely the same thing. Still, I bet it is easier to move something from Android to regular Linux than Windows to Linux. Also, if you’re gonna dream, dream big! I want my jRPGs on my Steam. It’s still a wRPG fest over there.;_;

        • Kevadu

          Actually there aremore Android devices out there…iOS *seems* dominant because so many companies seem to ignore Android. It’s about time Android got some love, so stop bitching.

  • T^T Looks fun dood

  • Kitestwinblades

    Oh its a Strategy RPG!? Interested! I just wish it was for Vita.
    The screenshots look like the perfect size for the Vita screen.

  • SRPG plus Tales? That…doesn’t sound like a good combo. Also, it’s for Android? I love my Android phone and all but…meh. Skeptical.

    • Kanamion

      Have you ever played Tales of the World: Summoner’s Lineage? It’s what got me into SRPGs in the first place and it’s really fun. Plus you get to play as Klarth’s decendant and have the ability to summon characters from Phantasia.

  • Ben Sylvia

    Dumb phones.

    Screwing over us handheld gamers.

    • Which platform and/or genres are you talking about? From my recent memory, there have been a number of interesting titles on the PSP alone within the past months.

      • Barrylocke89

        But how many of those you see depends on how much you import.

        • Well, I’m just saying the handhelds still have interesting titles. If we’re not counting import titles, I don’t think this one’s coming in English either. Besides, anybody who wants to play this has to know some Japanese anyway.

          • Barrylocke89

            Fair enough. I can certainly agree that the PSP still has some neat titles in Japan and (unfortunately) that this game is unlikely to come out to America.

  • Nitraion

    sounds fun…
    also i like using graces’ skit style…..

  • ShawnOtakuSomething


  • Tom_Phoenix

    I wouldn’t be suprised if we eventually see a rerelease of this on a handheld with extra content.

  • boundries_san

    Yeahh this is a good nws for me who is Android owners lol.^^ Some time to spend on the bus.^^

  • Pradipta W. Permadi

    its japanese and you have to subscribe to specific provider KDDI. looks like i have no chance to try this game on my smartphone

  • Niermyico

     So…what are the chances for this going state-wise? That’s what I thought. If does make it, this could be my very first game I download on my Android.

  • Paul Rodriguez

    I hope this gets a stateside release and on iOS devices as well.

  • CirnoLakes

    So wait, even if I get a proper Android device or emulator, this is still somehow region locked and exclusive or something? Because I want it.

    Is there any way to get around it? Because I’m of the mind to go grab an Android emulator for the PC and this game ASAP.

    And I mean, keeping a game from me and not stopping me from buying your product because I’m a foreigner is not how capitalism is supposed to work. You want all the sales you can yet. Japan does this way, way too often. I have also heard that for fans of our things, there are American companies with similar practices. My condolences, the companies of my country are full of idiots.

    But seriously, seriously, serious people. Seriously. Tales. You don’t stop people, from playing Tales. If I want to give you my money, you should take it.

    •  Oi, I iz inclined ta agree.

      but somefing iz tellin’ me dere iz somthin’ else to it………..den again, it iz Namco Bandai, an’ dey can’t be trusted!

  • Vampiric

    this should of been on a real system like a portable

  • Seijien

    Android? Weird. 

  • Asanti Jackson

    put it on the vita!!

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