Atelier Ayesha’s New Friend Has Been Training For Battle Her Entire Life

By Spencer . May 28, 2012 . 10:35pm

ayesha33Even though we saw Ayesha shield a party member in battle, she isn’t a battle hardened warrior. Linca, a 20 year old woman who works as a guard, is. She’s been training in the art of combat since she was a child and is now a guard specialist. Linca is also a playable character in Atelier Ayesha.


Dengeki PlayStation also introduces Murrieta, the daughter of a merchant, and Fred, a 30 year old baker.


Ayesha will meet many characters in Atelier Ayesha and the game records event scenes by creating memory points. You can write these points down in a diary to get stat up bonuses. Gust also says Atelier Ayesha will have storylines for sub-characters and you won’t need to unlock these through DLC.


Atelier Ayesha comes out on June 28 for PlayStation 3.

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  • raymk

    I like all the characters in this game so far :)

  • I hope to see a release in the US soon. I don’t doubt we’ll get it, but sooner the better!

  • puchinri

    The characters are a huge highlight of this game to me, and I can’t wait to see these new characters, and especially to enjoy the game with them.

  • Sal

    Still waiting for Pamela and Hagel

    • usagi_san

      They probably won’t appear.

      EDIT: My bad! My first venture into the Atelier series was with the Arland. So I retract my previous statement.

      • Draparde

        i’d honestly be very surprised if Pamela and Hagel did not appear. considering their almost  like Gust’s version of Cid.

  • “Gust also says Atelier Ayesha will have storylines for sub-characters and you won’t need to unlock these through DLC.”
    WHAT Not Getting  DLC to Unlock Content…WHAT TYPE OF WORLD IS THIS?!!!?!
    jokes aside, pretty cool since i’m really like the characters in the game so far

    • icecoffemix

      It’s sad that those things that used to be the norm become the opposite these days to the point they have to spell it out for us. :(

  • ゆい
    • usagi_san

      I feel that the main star of this game is being outshone by the side characters.

      Also, thank you for sharing more images with us! b^^ 

      • I actually have to agree. Rorona, Totori and Meruru were all very much dominated by their titular heroines but so far (at least based on looks anyway) Ayesha is being outdone by both Wilbell and Linca for me. But that’s fine, just means my party will always consist of those three :D

        • usagi_san

          What I also like about these titles is that you really are selecting your favourite characters. Not like FFXIII where certain characters become useless when you’re not forced to use them. 

          • Yep, exactly. Though to some degree in the Arland trilogy you occasionally had to take a particular character simply because you needed a good meatshield (Stelk for example), but with how the combat looks in Ayesha I suspect that Ayesha herself will be more capable of surviving (hell, she’s playing defender for another character in one video) but also the movement on the battlefield probably means you’ll be able to keep weaker characters more out of harm’s way without so much need for a shield unlike the static positioning in the Arland games.

    • Wilbell was my favourite. Linca has overtaken though, exactly my kind of girl; hot, long dark hair, voiced by my beloved Koshimizu Ami (played Yukiko in P4) and carries a fricken huge sword :D Do want.

    • Sal

      Keith and Linca will have a permanent slot in my party

    • Wow, Linca look very preety.

      Now i have a problem. If you can’t switch party members in the battles I’ll spend a lot of time deciding which character should I choose. That’s a problem when most of your party members are good characters but the hero is permanent.

    • ivanchu77

      She looks pretty,has a badass sword, and is voiced by Ami Koshimizu (Horo!).What’s not to love about her?

      For now she and Wilbert are the ones I will put in my team

    • puchinri

      Yay, thanks for pics!

  • Ashurei

    >you won’t need to unlock these through DLC.

    I like how this is a selling point these days, and not something that’s standard faire anymore.  I’m not a fan of Gust, really, but hats off to them for not being scum.

  • Juuu

     NOT DLC?! What is this wizardry?!
    But yeah, thanks Gust, for tossing us a bone and rewarding us with more content, rather than having us pay for it later. The characters/character interactions have always been a high point of Atelier for me, so this is welcome news. :]

  • Zephyr2010

    My money, it now belongs to you Gust.

  • C’mon Ayesha, take all my wallet xD

  • puchinri

    Wow, I’m a bit surprised. She doesn’t look anything like I thought she would. I’m a wee bit disappointed, but I really love her design. Hum~. >u<;

    Nonetheless, this is still another pair of characters that are looking really fun.

  • Göran Isacson

    Linca looks a wee bit too waify for my tastes, sad to say. I was expecting someone far tougher-looking from the description :( Still, nice to know they’re not just DLC and actually part of the main story!

  • Nitraion

    I wonder Pamela will make appear too lol…

    •  Wow, nothing says battle-hardened warrior like skinny girl wearing lace!  She’s really cute, though.

  • AzureNova

    I’m liking all the characters in the game so far, and do think that we will get this localized as well. It IS and Atelier game after all, and Ayesha seems to shine the brightest so far. GUST, localize and take my money please lol. =^_^=

  • s07195

    A playable baker 0_0
    I thought this would never happen.

    (Fred’s probably not playable, though.)

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