Guilty XX Gear Accent Core Plus For Arcade Updated With New Moves

By Yusouf . May 28, 2012 . 9:00am


A couple of months ago, Arc System Works announced that Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus was being ported to the arcades, but with no indication as to whether it was a direct port or an enhanced one. Today, they opened the game’s official website, which confirms its title as Guilty Gear Accent Core Plus R and confirms balance updates and new moves for the cast.


Aside from the official site, Arc System Works also posted a video (above) that showcases some of the character changes for Accent Core Plus R, along with new screenshots of the revised game, which you can find below.


Guilty Gear Accent Core Plus R will go on location test in Japan on June 2nd at Club Sega in Akihabara, the Osaka Sega Nanba Avion, and the Fukuouka Hyper Messe. It is currently unknown if the upcoming Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus for PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade will be based on this updated version or the older console version.



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  • Godmars

    Probably off topic, but its kind of odd how GG gets a free pass for multiple versions w/DLC while Street Fighter and Capcom has gotten all of the attention.

    Know ones more popular than the other, but still.

    • Grant

      This has more to do with it being “acceptable” to dog Capcom, but unacceptable to dog other companies. Blazblue was selling palette swaps, alternate voice actors and such, but Street Fighter is still the only one said to be “wrong”. This becomes even more apparent when you look at some of the ports, like Blazblue 3DS was a VERY poor game, though people will only complain about the SSF game (which also had free DLC like Blazblue…). This mentality also appears across the board.

      Resident Evil the Mercs got a LOT of bad press for having locked saves, but Monkeyball also had it (predated the Mercs too) and even when people said that it was written off as “RE the Mercs matters and Monkeyball doesn’t”. 

      Disgaea was caught several times for having pieces of the DLC on the disc. They were not complete, but many were quite close to being done. Despite this you only hear about how Capcom has on disc DLC. 

      There are many more examples and I could make a far more convincing case if I had to, but in the end… users like to hate Capcom and many sites will write this way to get views / higher ratings.

    • malek86

      I believe it has something to do with perception of size acceptableness. Capcom is seen as a big company, easily able to sustain itself with multiple games, and so people believe “they shouldn’t need to nickel and dime their consumers for money”. On the other hand, ASW (but also other niche companies) are seen as smaller and not entirely self-sufficient, and thus “it’s not their fault, they have to make money from their small userbase somehow”. Of course these notions might not be accurate, but people (not consumers) do tend to be inherently more cautious and aggressive toward bigger companies. A peculiar behavior. As a consumer, I’m usually much more trusting of big companies than small ones. Although this is not always true for games, where I will just pick up what interests me.

      It’s also a matter of numbers. Not many people play Blazblue or Guilty Gear compared to Street Fighter, so of course you won’t see as many people complaining.

      Also don’t think ASW didn’t catch quite a bit of flak for selling you Platinum for $7, or for the multiple versions of Blazblue. I remember it made a splash at the time. Maybe not as much as the announcement of the Arcade Edition or Ultimate MVC3, but then, you can go back to my previous two points for that.

    • Stephen

      There are not any GG games on DLC-supporting systems right now. The Wii might have some weak support for DLC, but I can’t think of a single game that actually has DLC on the Wii. Before that, GG was a PS2 game. So, their excuse is pretty simple: GG was released in the era before we had console DLC, so they had no choice but to release the same game over and over again if they wanted to update it.
      This new GG is the first time we’ll get Accent Core on the PS3 and 360, and it’ll also have netplay, which is obviously the biggest requested feature. A lot of people will throw down the money for the game just to get the netplay, if for nothing else.
      Now, if you’re talking about BlazBlue… the reason that Arc Sys isn’t getting bitched at is because it has a much smaller fanbase. However, I will say that from experience, most of my friends and I myself decided not to buy BBCSEX because it’s $40 for a single character, a rebalance, and rather useless story modes that have been around in the portable versions for quite a while now. At least Capcom has the decency to pad their re-releases with content. SSFIV added a ton of new characters and really fixed the balance of SFIV (which was broken again by AE…), and MvC3 also added new characters and changed the gameplay an awful lot.
      However, SFxT is unexcusable with its on-disc DLC. That is a completely different issue.

      tl;dr GG was never on a system with DLC so it gets a freepass, BB isn’t popular enough to hear a lot of people bitching, Capcom can suck my dick.

    • Tee Niitris

      I think you meant BlazBlue (just nit-picking); Guilty Gear never had DLC (AFAIK).

      Anyway, it seems like ArcSys gets a free pass for the “rereleasing and DLC” suff, but it affects them too. Guilty Gear & BlazBlue both lost quite a bit of steam and interest to the general public once the “Super” versions were coming out, and since they don’t have the same status as Capcom, they won’t get as much attention. But there are consequences for ArcSys as well, I’ll go as far to say that ArcSys gets it worse because they’ll get less publicity for “re-releases” because of their brand name.

      Capcom gets ripped much more because they’re a big corporation; everything they do will be under a microscope because they’re Capcom. But because of their brand name, they don’t have to worry about getting attention.

      Re-releases are really “hardcore fan” packages and don’t get as much attention as their vanilla counterpart. Capcom and ArcSys both deal with the bad things about re-releasing, just in different ways.

    • Luna Kazemaru

      GG never had DLC ASW updates their games along with the arcade releases of the games they made so if a rebalanced happened in the arcade they would release it on the consoles aswell same with BB. The thing is with BB its multiple versions happens after a year or two after the first one CT and CS had a large window between their releases and CS2 was a free patch so no one really had to right to complain about that. The only thing I can think of people got somewhat ticked off was with extends release because it did not really have THAT much to offer but with that release color plates was unlocked by leveling  up in the game unlike the other one’s (which adds to asw does overprice their dlc abit). BB/GG smaller fanbase does play a part tho but capcom most of the time brings the complaints on themselves.

  • Istillduno

    thats because you dont get content held back on the disks to sell to you again with them

  • Tee Niitris

    This news easily made my day.

    I just did my first GG playthrough (Reload) a few days ago. Everything was good until I got to I-No; she took forever, v-13 didn’t take nearly as long. Anyway, playing Reload reminded me that AC+ was being released online.

    Also, I’m glad this is getting a rebalance; I heard Kliff and Justice were morbidly broken in AC+. I presume this is the version they’ll release online.

  • Crevox

    This is good, this is cool. I got into fighting games with BlazBlue, and tried Guilty Gear a bit. This could be a good gateway into the series.

  • Looking at a few of the changes made, they seem to be putting a fair bit of extra work into Kliff, but moreso Justice. In my opinion, too much effort for her to simply remain as a locked/boss/secret/non-tourney character. . . >:3

    All this talk of added moves and system changes has me thinking we’re finally seeing an actual rebalance and revision of ^Core. I for one couldn’t be happier to hear this. :D

  • Mantiskilla

    I wonder if GG series will get a facelift to have Blazblue type engine graphically.  Makes we wonder also if ASW would want to do that b/c I think they still want Blazblue to be in the forefront.  Most people who played Blazblue played, and/or are GG fans.  People who didn’t play GG prior to Blazblue find themselves not liking it as much due to it looking dated, and being a bit more technical and not as inviting

    • Luna Kazemaru

       Its just a port with a rebalanced and added netplay is all they said.

  • ivanchu77

    First virtua fighter 5 and now this… fighting game fans are going to be really busy this summer

    Glad to see that they are rebalancing things instead of doing a straight-up port

    • To be honest, I think most people would have been quite happy with just a straight-up port. What they’re doing here feels like going above and beyond. :D

  • I wish Arc System Works would give Guilty Gear Blazblue style sprites since in my opinion Guilty Gear sprites are a bit dated and not as attractive as Blazblue’s sprites, and may be one of the reasons I haven’t fallen in love with Guilty Gear like I have Blazblue. Prior to playing Blazblue I had no interest in 2D fighters or fighters in general. Blazblue has an amazing cast (all with a unique feel to them and character design), beautiful sprites, and wonderful art. Now, I tried playing Guilty Gear (I bought the PSP GG AC++), but I was alittle turned off by the visuals as well as the how much there is to them game. I love how Blazblue has a very helpful tutorial to help complete fighting game beginners, like I was back when I first played Blazblue. Guilty Gear, on the other hand, doesn’t have a tutorial like Blazblue does to explain the game mechanics and such and there are lots of them in Guilty Gear. I just felt overwhelmed when trying to play as Dizzy xD. I know Blazblue was released after Guilty Gear so all of these helpful changed in Blazblue are for the current gamer. In the end, I just wish that Arc System Works would release a Guilty Gear with Blazblue style sprites and a helpful tutorial as well as challenge mode(to get a feel for what the characters can do) like Blazblue does. All this talk about Blazblue… I need to play it now XD!

    • Luna Kazemaru

       Right now they are just porting the game they already said that a new GG will come out….Whenever they most likely are just putting their money into BB right now and testing the waters with this port to see how GG will work with netplay.

    • jeremya806

      Dude I get you never liked 2D fighters before, and while I agree GG seems dated compared to BB (seeing as it’s like a good 7 years older than BB) the BB cast are not unique almost at all, they are just GG characters with different costumes tbh. Ragna is Sol, The Ice dude is Ky, Tager is Potemkin etc etc etc.

      • That is definitely true, but I was referring to how the bb cast aren’t clones of each other.

        • Zenkaider

          Neither are the characters of Guilty Gear.

          But your concerns for GG are kind of understandable.It’s a game,dated over 5 five years since it’s last release and it was aimed for the hardcore gaming crowd of the series,not so much for the newer,so a lot of fans that wanted to get into GG were probably alienated.Also several GGs have a chalenge mode…but it’s nothing like BB’s.

  • Guest

    Damn I thought this was talking about the PS3 version

  • Setsuna ♥

    I’m ready to drop Blazblue and give you more of my money ASW …

  • Go2hell66

    as much as i love GG this port feels really unecessary, isn’t it about time for a new game? what happened to XBLAZE?

  • Theofratus ‘Geese’ Lester

    Please, just… let it die already.  -_-

  • I love this game. BB is nothing compared to it, A mere fuckdoll with netplay that looks like my true love.They did the right thing. I dont want a new game, it would just become to noobfriendly, or even more horrible a BBxGG game, where you have the BB mechanics… The thing about gg is that the combos are mostly not premade by Arcsys, but made up by the players. And new ways of playing chars and gamechangeing strats are kind of “invented” after the game hit the market. Thats why i dont like the “challange mode” in BB, cuz it makes people not to think outside the box (even though the combos mostly suck).  

    It’s wierd though, I wonder how they will do with the ggxxac+ netplay version for psn n xboxlive when this hits the arcade. Cuz i really dont want to w8 for 5 years just to get this rebalance. Hopefully the ggxxac+ hits psn soon.. Anyone knows any date???  And then this could could come as an dlc. I would pay all my money for that. : )

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