Vita Game From Nippon Ichi Puts You Behind A Newsroom Camera

By Spencer . May 28, 2012 . 8:20pm

201005000029_aNippon Ichi announced a new PlayStation Vita game in Dengeki PlayStation called Special Report Division. The game is described as a TV production staff adventure game where you play from a behind the TV camera perspective and record supernatural happenings.


Hiro Kiyohara who worked on the manga series Another (pictured) created artwork for the game. Event scenes are said to be highly detailed with a large number of objects in the background.


Special Report Division has players at odds with the "Fad God." It’s your duty to report the truth to the world even if it differs from what other people and the Fad God believe.


Special Report Division is slated for release in Japan on August 23.

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  • nvermind!

    • You can’t create sales without games, after all. There needs to be more Vita games out there– drum up some performance in itself!

      God knows Disgaea 3 Vita has yet to actually leave my system.

      • thats very true but is also true that if you dont make decent sales of a hardware the profit for a software company such a nis will be pretty small.also,lets be honest here as much as we love nis and nisa :) they are not as big to move hardware like lets say capcom with their monster hunters and square with the dragon quests

  • yeah this will likely stay in any case, nis is pretty balsy in releasing games for a platform that its lets say… under-performing everywhere at the moment :0 

    • Kowan

      Every platform will underperform when there’s only a few games on it and not to mention still very early in its years. Did the 3ds sell hundreds of thousands every week before super mario 3ds? Monster hunter 3ds? No.

    • brian yep

      I’m sure it would do better in NA and europe than japan.
      Because it is doing decently outside japan.

  • konsama

    Sounds quite interesting, though i don’t know how well it’ll be for Vita. 

  • Luis Camargo

    The idea is interesting and if the gameplay can hold it’s own, we might have something very unique here.

    Also, Kudos to Hiro Kiyohara. I recently watched the anime for another and it’s amazing. Since the game is about supernatural happenings, I guess the artworks for this game will be amazing.

    • icecoffemix

      Actually it was written by different person and she only draw the art for the manga version, and it looks nothing like the anime art.

  • lol What? xD This seems kinda silly. Oh well.

  • So wait, the fad god is Fox News Corporation?

    • boundries_san

      Put CNN there.^^

  • pgover

    Well this is certainly an interesting idea. I’ve never really heard of a game using a from camera perspective like this (there may be one i don’t know about but whatever). This could be an interesting game but guess we’ll have to see. Looking forward to some screenshots.

    • boundries_san

      One Sega game uses this camera way too.^^ Roommania 203 if i am not mistaken.^^

  • Sounds nice =) But still I don’t think that I’ll buy a Vita for this one game… though I hope it will have more interesting games in the future

  • Kitestwinblades

    Wonder if they’ll take advantage of the Vita’s capabilities for this game. I mean there’s two cameras, a gyroscope & accelerometer, and of course a front & rear touch pad.  Its asking for much, especially since we don’t know much about the gameplay yet… but it sure would be cool XD

    Cant wait to see what Nippon Ichi is up too :3

    • I’m pretty sure they will. Hence the type of game they decided.

  • Maybe I’m reaching a bit, or just obsessed with SMT, but is anybody else reminded of Persona 2? Particularly the rumor system and Maya Amano working as a journalist.

    • Herok ♞

       No you are on to something, this does seem similar to the rumor system.

  • Kuro Kairi

    It kinda reminds me of Fatal Frame with all the behind camera, supernatural happenings. I remember I was very wowed at the smart mechanics FatalFrame brought by having the camera.

    I feel like this game might bring even more into the mix and really expand such an idea through its setting.

  • Darkrise

    I’m mostly interested  since Hiro Kiyohara was behind the art for the manga of Another but other than that, the rest seems like an interesting concept.

  • So we play as a Supernatural show production crew? Another manga artist? Sounds not bad. (No massacre plz)

  • ThomasTruong

    If it’s similiar to Michigan: Report from Hell, then consider me sold.

  • Hmm. Not enough info to entice, but I guess I’m hoping for good things.

  • Göran Isacson

    Interesting concept, actually. A reporter fighting for truth and against the manifestation of spin? Could be kinda awesome.

  • XiaomuArisu

     Proof it Nippon Ichi!
    Proof it that the fad god is lyeing!
    He(she?)is telling us you cant make serious games!

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