What Do Players Like Most About Final Fantasy XIV?

By Ishaan . May 28, 2012 . 12:00pm

Square Enix are preparing to kick off promotions for Final Fantasy XIV version 2.0, producer, Naoki Yoshida, reports in his periodical “Letter from the Producer” column. The game’s public reveal will begin at E3 this year, following which, Square will put up a new website for the game, featuring world lore, characters, system and content updates.


Yoshida says that a new trailer for version 2.0 was going to be shown at E3 this year, but that they’ve decided to keep it under wraps for now, even though the trailer is complete. Yoshida says that this is because they’d rather release a flood of information on the game all at once, rather than a slow trickle.


Yoshida then goes on to reveal the results of a player poll Square recently conducted. The poll asked questions such as which classes players prefer, how long they spend playing the game, what they like about it and so on. That last one in particular is interesting. Here’s how players responded to it:


The promise of version 2.0 won the poll for what players like best about Final Fantasy XIV, followed closely by the quality of the game’s characters. In light of this, Yoshida took the opportunity to remind readers that the development team are producing version 2.0 with the idea of making it “more FF-y” as its theme.


Finally, prior to version 2.0’s release, a few more patches are expected for the current version of Final Fantasy XIV. Patch 1.22b is scheduled for release in early June. Yoshida promises a lot of content for the patch and says that a third patch, 1.22c, will be the final patch in the 1.22 series. In the meantime, the team is also at work on content for patch 1.23.

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  • This would be great and all, had I a computer powerful enough.
    I can’t even play minecraft properly let alone a HQ game like this.
    Now if they went the way of DC universe and released it for digital download on PS3, then I would be all over this!

    • FFXIV will get a PS3 release alongside its 2.0 release.

      •  Really? YES!

        • Yes, that’s the plan according to their XIV-2.0 roadmap at least.

      • Godmars

        And its going to have to deal with two free MMOs, its own negative reputation, for general popularity.

        • Testsubject909

          I’m more hyped for Phantasy Star 2 Online on the Vita. Free to play.

          • Godmars

            That’s another thing: where is the PS3 version of PSO?

  • SuperSailorV

    I just recently started playing this a part of the Welcome Back program. During Beta, this game did NOTHING to make me want to come back. The past 2 weekends though, Amazon was selling it for 8 dollars so I jumped on. It’s a LOT of fun now. Totally got the MMO bug again since I can’t stop playing. I’m just about to log back on. lol.

    CAN’T wait for the PS3 version so my PC, which can only handle this game on the lowest settings, can catch a break!

    • Testsubject909

      I believe that’s why so many are anxious for version 2.

      It’s the fixed version, the one that’s gold and can from there on be made for the PS3 and be expanded upon and enable them to stop being on fix-the-damn-game mode.

    • RablaAndrews

      Oh I know right, I got on for the Welcome Back program and the night it finished I immediately went and bought three months of subscription to get Legacy status.

      They’ve done so much in the time the new team has been on and it’s phenominal.

  • TheDarkEmpress

    Players like FFXIV?

    • Testsubject909

      According to the polls, what they like is the idea of FFXIV version 2, the fixed version.

    • komiko12

      No, the current players pay to play the game becuase they hate it. LOL

      It’s all about preference.If they like it then they would play it.

      Or maybe what they like is the FF series and they feel obligated to play it because they are fans of the series.

      Nevertheless, it has players that like it.

      • Testsubject909

        They’re paying?

        I’m quite sure they stated that the game would be free to play until the game is fully fixed (that is to say, in version 2.0)

        • RablaAndrews

          It’s been pay to play since like, last December. When it got ‘fixed’ or whatever you want to call it.

        • komiko12

          From what I know, they started monthly pay. It was reported in Siliconera.

  • Can you people please stop with the subject-verb disagreement or is it too much to ask of those that write “news” articles these days?

    “Square Enix are preparing…”
    A name (even that of a corporation) is a singular subject, NOT a plural subject, and as such it should be: “Square Enix is preparing…”

    • Ryos

      You do know that in British English, this is the correct way to handle the subject-verb agreement, right?  I prefer the American interpretation by making a team singular but I’m not going to flip out over it when someone doesn’t do that.

      • revenent hell

        I travelled alot as a youngin’ and my teachers always asked me if I was from some part of England because of the way I spoke and wrote.
        For me,eventhough I was born in America,I tend to use alot of the “British” way of talk/writing even to this day.

  • Mantiskilla

    I like the fact that I’m NOT playing this game.  Sorry, but that was just too easy.  I’m kinda surprised they are still planning a PS3 release after having all the problems people talk about.  I would think they would cut their losses and just focus on one platform

  • Nothing. Its an MMORPG there for it can never be enjoyable for me. 

  • Testsubject909

    More FF-y?

    Well… That’d be interesting. What sort of FF-y? I mean. The older Final Fantasies were a mixed bag:

    The first Final Fantasy was pure fantasy though with a floating island that had futuristic gundam style mechs as opponents.

    The second one was more classical fantasy from what I know.

    The third one had some steampunk due to the airship.

    The fourth one followed suit but was even odder since it went beyond steampunk and more… crystalpunk? High technology stemming from magic that could shuttle you to the moon within five seconds on top of having a giant mech the size of a mountain fight against underground drill tank and an aerial army of steampunk airships.

    The fifth one was again magitech though more geomancy styled what with meteor dimensional ships, and steampunk with the airships as usual.

    The sixth one was a lot of steampunk everywhere, the world is more technologically focused though and magic is only fabled legends which then becomes more commonplace, though the first thing you’re smacked with is a steam powered magitech mech.

    The seventh one was… I’m not sure. Dieselpunk? Not even, just modern day style tech? I mean seriously, we had a motorbike, we had a submarine, we had a rocket. We have a giant moogle mech controlled by a remote controlled cat…

    The eight one had giant floating fortresses sustained by magitech, trains whose fuel source was never explained, tanks (like in FF7, spider tanks and the likes) and a lot of other things that indicates far higher technology then steampunk.

    The ninth one felt like it regressed technologically back towards Steampunk.

    The tenth one just jumped the rail and went full steam ahead on magitech self-sustaining power source and star trek style technology what with generating water from mid-air and manipulating gravity with either magitech or tractor beam style technology.

    The eleventh one was… I don’t know, I never played.

    The twelfth one was again sort of advanced steampunk and beyond, the first scene is you fighting against freaking flying sentinel mechs.

    And the thirteenth one just again, modern day style tech infused with magic…

    If you’re going to go for the classical feel, then what is it going to be?
    Simple fantasy filled with convoluted paradoxical time loop? (FF1)
    Medieval political fantasy (FF2 as far as I can tell)
    Balance centric apocalyptic fantasy (FF3)
    More political and spiritual journey style fantasy riddled with tragedies (FF4)
    Humorous self-parody infused with mixed humor and grave tragedy (FF5)
    Technologically centric world riddled with the bittersweet taste of defeat and hope (FF6)
    I think I’ll stop here, mainly because I’m having trouble finding out how to describe FF7 without making it sound too much like FF6, at least half of it (technologically centric world etc etc)

    Actually there is one theme that I think works well.

    Adventurous fantasy hiding mature dark themes such as genocide (FF2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, don’t know about 12 and 13)

    But that doesn’t translate well into an MMO since that’s very story centric, so we’re back on themes, which means we’re back to it’s just fantasy + some sort of technological level sprinkled with Chocobos and Moogles…

    And I’m guessing Post-FF5 style characters, since pre-FF6, all party members were humans with FF6 being the first to incorporate non-humanoid party members (I don’t count people from the moon as being non-humanoid, by which I mean, plain humans with no variety like the a-typical elf, ogres and etc).

    • ShinGundam

      When an FF director says it will be more FF-y, they usually talk about bestiary or interactive elements like Mado armors. Worlds of FF classic can’t be reborn into modern RPG imo but if they managed one it will feel more like classic adventure anime such as “Amon Saga” or “Arslan senki”.

  • Draparde

    i think i voted for…Quality of the characters, the Battle system…and 2.0 :o

  • Alexander Aubert

    what about the PS3 version?

  • CirnoLakes

    I’m definitely with the characters. I was brought back to Final Fantasy XIV, because while there were many things I did not like about Final Fantasy XI, I loved the lore and races and characters and the like. Shantotto is actually one of my favourite Dissidia characters. And hey look, the lore is right behind the characters in voting. I think the poll in general makes a lot of sense.

    And in Final Fantasy XIV, the NPCs are still pretty fun, and the character designs definitely look better than ever. If there’s any reason I don’t want this game to fail, it is because I really like the characters and lore of Final Fantasy XIV so much.

  • I wouldn’t know, cause I’m still waiting on the PS3 version :I

    • RablaAndrews

      2.0 will be the PS3 launch, so start following the news buddy.

  • Honestly… It’s a bad time SE to release FFXIV as a MMO now that the newly released TERA is a serious competitor with interesting battle mechanics…. At least for the PC version….

  • RablaAndrews


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