Kagura Burst Includes The First Kagura Game On The Cart

By Spencer . May 29, 2012 . 6:54pm

imageMissed the first Kagura game? No worries. Kagura Burst: Crimson Girls includes the content from Senran Kagura with graphic improvements and a few tweaks. Like… um… 3D graphics during the locker room scenes.


OK! Back to Kagura Burst: Crimson Girls. All five heroines from Senran Kagura will appear as playable characters in the 3DS sequel.


Marvelous AQL have Kagura Burst: Crimson Girls slated for release on August 30.

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  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    Hah, I guess that seals the deal for me. Totally buying.

  • Tatsumarii


  • darkfox1

    Man imagine how awesome it would be for this version of the game to be localized? Basically since we missed out on the first game it won’t matter if this one gets localized man I can only hope :D

  • Two games in one? With graphical improvements in the last game? Sold!

  • KuroiKen

    Well, I have the original Senran Kagura, but I’ll probably play it again, since they’re including it.
    Great. Will pre-order as soon as I can.
    I totally loved the original Senran Kagura.
    Still would like to know, just how big is the 3DS cartridges capacity? 2 games on one cartridge, and considering the amount of voiceacting(and different voiceacting too!)…Still cool.

    • Herok ♞

       16 gigs is the largest card possible for 3ds

      • KuroiKen

        Wow, that’s great. So they can release games with REALLY great amount of content, like totally full voice acting, tonns of sounds OR great graphics(well, some games already look great).
        This is good.

        • Herok ♞

           yeah but I don’t think any developer has used anything larger than a 8 GB card yet.

          • Suicunesol

            No publisher has used anything larger than 4 GB, and if any publisher does, it’s going to be extremely rare. If I recall, RE:R is the only game that has used a 4GB cart so far.

          • Herok ♞

             Really I had though MGS:3D used the 8 GB.

          • Suicunesol


            My bad. Actually, MGS:3D used a 4GB cart.

        • Suicunesol

          It’s possible, but don’t count on it. 16GB carts as well as 8GB carts, are expensive as heck. Most developers will want to fit their game into 2GB carts. 4 GB for the big releases.

    • Tom_Phoenix

      The two games probably share the same engine and a lot of the same assets, so it’s quite possible that they will both fit on a smaller-sized cartridge.

  • Jesus, this is a pretty brilliant move. Good call on Takaki’s part.

  • Luna Kazemaru

    Both games in one is a nice deal.

  • SilverSven

    Oh for christ’s sake, and I bought the first one full-price.

  • kylehyde

    All right this appears like a good second chance and a potential second chance for US, I still have hope that a brave publisher pick this title.

  • aoihana

    Fuuuah! (*≧m≦*)

    Man, I was pleasantly surprised when I read that the first Kagura would be included on the same cart, even though I have the first, it was nice gesture. 

    However, I didn’t expect that they would enhance the graphics and tweak it. I love how they implemented the 3D locker room, and you could easily see the graphic improvements. The shading, specifically, is much smoother than in the original.

    I love how it’s almost like Hey, we messed up, we know, so here’s Kagura how it should have been, in it’s entirety!

    Can’t wait for Burst! (◕‿◕✿)

    • KuroiKen

      Totally agreed. Nice move from their side. I pre-ordered the game at play-asia as soon as it appeared on the list(since they allow it), but now I just want it even more.
      The first game was very good, but enhanced it’d be even better.

    • Fuuuah!!

      • aoihana

        You know of Fuuuah?! щ(゜ロ゜щ)


        • Don’t wriggle your fingers like that. It feels like you’re going to do something creepy. You subway-groper.

          • aoihana

            Ah, yes, my old chikan habits are difficult to shake, they’ve left me with unintentional gestures of perverse lust. It’s unfortunate that you witnessed such a lowly form. It’s sad, really, but it’s a part of me now. ┐(‘~`;)┌ 

          • I-It’s all right. I suppose we can’t help the fact that you’re just a horrible, horrible pervert with no restraint, can we? I’ll try to accept you for who you are.

          • aoihana

            Ah, it’s truly refreshing to see such open, accepting people in this world, if only officials at Shinjuku station were as accepting. Grope once, you’re kicked off, grope twice, you’re banned from transportation. ┐(‘~`;)┌

          • I feel your pain. I have this inexplicable urge to ruffle peoples’ hair. I’ve tried to resist. I’ve tried to drop the habit and go cold turkey. I’ve even locked myself away, all alone, in the hope that it would go away over time, but it was all in vain. If only people were more accepting… I get called all sorts of terrible names. Why can’t they just understand? ;_;

          • M’iau M’iaut

            Well if all those darn otaku weren’t h*ll bent on copying the scenes from the latest subway raper games, a little rubbing wouldn’t get such negative responses.

            Where’s Densha Otoko when we need him!

          • Testsubject909

            Suddenly… I’m expecting an AoihanaxIshaan fanfic to pop up somewhere…

          • M’iau M’iaut

            @Testsubject909:disqus @Ishaan:disqus Trust me, if all we get  is a few head rubs or chin scratches, it would be the only (someone) x ishaan fanfic acceptable for the site.

            The twitterside of SE is far scarier than OT.

          • @Nyanyaan:disqus @Ishaan:disqus @Testsubject909:disqus

            “The twitterside of SE is far scarier than OT.”

            And you guys are not making things any better. ﹁_﹁

          • boundries_san

            Nooooo!!! And here i thought aoihana is a pure person.T_T Give me back my innocence!!!!

  • Covnam

    The first whole game is included on the cart with the second? I love it when companies do that. Hopefully it will be available to play from the start without having to unlock it. Then Atlus or Xseed can just release the sequel here and everyone wins.

    • KuroiKen

      You know what? They said they won’t, AFAIK. Not that I’m concerned.

      • Covnam

        Do you have a source on that, b/c the only thing I could find about Kagura coming to the US was that Marvelous would like it to come here. It also doesn’t have to be one of those two, plenty of other companies like Aksys or NISA for instance would be fine too.

  • Syltique

    Aksys, get it.  You know how to market stuff like this.  It’s a surefire hit waiting to happen.  

  • MrOrpheus

    More like Kagura “Bust,” eh?

    Anyway, I would really love for this to be localized. 

  • So the sequel includes an improved version of the first game? Sounds RIPE FOR LOCALIZATION OH GOD SOMEONE PLEASE

  • Darkrise

     One can only hope that this move would be a secret plan for a localization.

    • zeta

      this will be a must buy for some of my friends

      • XiaomuArisu

         Sure your”Friends”;)

  • MrKappa

    Was just about to order the first game and then stash it away unable to play it thanks to Nintendo’s blasted region locking.
    Now I can just order this one and stash it away…

    • Nauj Ibarra

      I remember buying Import Tuner Challenge on X360 only to find out it was region locked. I was so hyped to play it too.. Whoever the f*** thought of region blocking, he or she should die and rot in hell.

  • zferolie

    Chance of this coming to America and beyond?

    Though I could see the as something Xseed or NISA brings over.

  • neetyneety

    I think I’m going to break my strict “no-import” habit now.

    • Testsubject909

      The power of boobies compel you?

  • Spider-Man

    Christ. Really wish I can play this. That and all the other Japan exclusive 3DS games. Atlus, Xseed, NISA, somebody…bring the niche games…

  • eilegz

    now where its the american localization or europe oh wait region lock thank nintendo =/

  • superdry

    Got this game pre-ordered already.  Still need to play more of the first, but very had not to keep playing Project Mirai.

    3D locker room scenes?  I might need to pre-order two copies.  haha.

  • Waiting for Eu localization. Damn nintendos region lock.

  • Hinataharem

    Region locking can go eat a habanero and chocolate covered fisherman’s boot.

    • Testsubject909

      This is especially amusing to me because I’m imagining the girl in your picture saying that… With Timmy around to listen to it all and just be slack jawed at it all.

      • Nauj Ibarra

        So true. Trixie, you are awesome.

  • Linhua

    … now ALL of the girls are playable…

    … looks like I got what I wanted in the end after all.

  • Roberto Armando Iraheta

    So why are Nintendo handhelds region locked again?

    • So that we(non-Japan residents) may never enjoy games like this perhaps??? That and Nintendo wants to control regional practices(pricing)…

      • KuroiKen

        Well, you can, but you need to purchase a japanese 3DS to do it.
        I have no objection to it, since I never intend playing any games but japanese on my 3DS, so I bought a japanese 3DS.

    • The most noticeable reason is content rating system. Wherever game like this is suitable for oversea and such. Another one is how downloadable games are set up, it’s similar to the Wii/DSi. Different region, different content. You know Nintendo statement about region lock complaint still isn’t properly justified. Australia rating system is really strict compare to Europe but they share the same system. If I remember correctly Australia banned Mortal Kombat from being sold but because their console is the same as Europe, people can easily import it for a much cheaper price and still able to play it. Whatever statement Nintendo released regarding this is negated ONLY because of this. The 3DS is probably my last Nintendo console till they decide to remove region lock in future firmware or give us a revised statement.

      • Australia banned Mortal Kombat for its gory content like seeing bones breaking inside… Apparently the ban also applies to imports as well and could result in a fine like $1000 or so…

        Edit: The Syndicate is also banned because of its content as well…

        • Australia is not somewhere you want to live if you’re a gamer. I doubt anyone actually gotten caught. It’s most likely a scare tactic. Even my friend who lives in Australia is able to import it without getting caught. Heck I even bought the game and sent it to him by stating it as a gift and undervaluing it.

          • Not really… Australia does have special editions/preorder bonuses/Exclusives bonuses and often earlier than Europe’s release dates….

          • I rather have more games available to me than less games.

          • SirRichard

            You say that, but Europe often gets games a month or so ahead of Austrailia, and with the exception of Germany ours aren’t subjected to any edits or changes to squeeze in for the 15 rating. Hell, Austrailia flat out doesn’t get some games at all because of that rating, and it’s absolutely silly that it still hasn’t been changed.

          • I said “often”, didn’t I??? Or should I say that as “seldom”…

            I recalled The Last Story has gotten two days earlier and Tales of graces F is getting a day earlier than Europe….

  • XiaomuArisu

    Well I hoped that the reason nobody localized the first game is because they wanted to wait for THIS!
    No give us the boo……I mean Ninja action!

  • Nauj Ibarra

    I hope the hackers get to the 3DS already. Even if it’s just the region lock. I’d be happy to buy this game if it meant I get to play it. :/

  • AzureNova

    Marvelous has certainly made this game marvelous =P

    I’ve been wanting Kagura for a while now. Now only if we could get some localization news………. lol

  • boundries_san

    Hmm with this, it will gives more companies reason to localize this one as they won’t need to localize the previous series and while i already own the first Senran Kagura, this is a great move to attract more fans for this franchise.^^

  • RaikageV

    Please, please, please, please, please, please, please release it in NA and Europe.     (≧∇≦)/

  • Crimson_Cloud

    If this doesn’t get localized then not any sequel/prequel will…

  • This will never be localized in the U.S. Lets accept it. 
    … And for the sake of morality, if nothing else, maybe that’s a good thing. 

    • Anesia Hunter

      morality? you don’t watch much tv or go outside much do you? if you ever watched the senran kagura gameplay videos on youtube you’d see how the game really is. it’s not as bad as some would think. even when the clothes start getting destroyed the scenes are pretty comical in a sense. other than that though the game has quite a bit of fan service, but nothing as bad as what we see on tv, see in magazines, hear in music, see at swimming pools and beaches, etc.

      other than that though it has a great battle system, i heard its pretty easy, but not easy enough to take away the challenge. the game also has it’s own special growth system which makes it more interesting. the ability of having a number of costumes is great, since the same outfit gets boring after a while and even other fighting games gives the characters a multitude of costumes.

      if you’re saying the character’s having big breasts goes against morality, than i guess a number of women with such breasts are also immoral whether they’re naturally that way or got breast implants. (also, you’d be calling me immoral as well.)

      if you’re saying the game is immoral, because of some feminist please keep in mind that the game is exactly what it is and that being a GAME. some may try to say that it is exploiting women, however it is not because the game has no intention of doing so. sure it’s loaded with fanservice, but within a certain limit, since there clothing destruction only goes down to their swimsuits and stops there. people see women and teenage girls in swimsuits a lot, some of which are quite revealing yet they’re never considered as immoral and instead considered as fashionable no matter how much skin it reveals. also, real breasts do in fact move, so i consider the jiggling and bouncing to be more realistic and honest rather than a exploitation.

      it’s true that some guys are attracted to the fact that this game has girls with big breasts in it and all of the rest of the fanservice, but there are many more who are interested in the game as a whole not that tiny bit, that most of the time you won’t see too much unless you’re trying to lose on purpose or going through costumes the entire time and ignoring the rest of the game. Oh and there are some who don’t care about the fanservice at all and only want to play because of the battle system and storylines.

      and just incase:

      tl:dr – GET OFF YOUR MORAL HIGH HORSE AND LEARN NOT TO JUDGE STUFF SO EASILY!! now thank you and have a nice day. ^.^

      • puchinri

        Some of your points are a little off.

        Being comical does not take the sting out of something (nor does it make it a satire or parody, as some might try to say). And it has a lot of fanservice, and how much it has in comparison to something else is irrelevant. That a lot of stuff also is oozing fanservice is still just as problematic and does not excuse anything.

        The large breasts aren’t immoral. Although I will say how badly the boobs and clothes work make me weep for their anatomy, lol. The problem is the over the top focus on the breasts and sexuality in general. Which is not immoral at all. It is a bit insensitive though. And highly exploitative, and very much so pandering.

        What do feminists have to do with anything by the way? You do not have to be feminist to have a problem with this, and some feminists might not think it has a problem. Intention has no bearing on anything either. When someone uses a racial slur, even if they weren’t intending to hurt someone, it does not mean they have not hurt, offended or exploited someone. Same case here. And considering how the team handled the game, I’d say they knew what they were doing and the intent argument is irrelevant anyway. 

        The problem with women and girls wearing swimsuits, versus seeing them in a game, is agency. The real life people who wear what they want do so with agency. Some sadly, are feeding into institutionalized mentalities that they cannot help, but for others, they’re doing what they please and owning it, and good for them. However, this is a game made by men, for men, with a bunch of high school girls with a hard focus on sexuality. No agency. Lots of exploitation. Instead of trying to shy away from it, it’s best to acknowledge it. They certainly aren’t shying away from it.

        And yes, real breasts move. But not like this. This is ridiculous and goes against physics and reality in so many ways. It’s a bit comical to be honest and I can’t consider it sexy because of how silly it is, but it’s still problematic.

        It’s a bit rude to play the tone and morality argument and tell someone to get off their high horse. If you have no problem with the game, that’s fine. But do not try to tell people that there is not a problem just because you do not see, recognize or acknowledge it.

        Personally, if they bumped the girls’ ages up, I’d have much less of a problem with the game. And if its intent was fanservice, but not as exploitative, I’d have significantly less problem with it. But a lot of media is like that now, sadly. All people can do is recognize and acknowledge it, speak up (and educate others about it), and hope that creators (and fans enjoying it) are more tasteful and considerate of the implications that come with it.

        That’s my intention certainly when speaking up on the matter. I hope you have a nice day as well~.

        • Anesia Hunter

          I mentioned the feminist thing because i’ve watched people attack this game game from both moral and feminist points of view saying a number of things. A number of the stuff I mentioned basically was to counter all of those remarks that have been said and might be said again. I told the person to get off of their moral high horse because it is a game and saying the game should not be localized just because they find it immoral for some small reason can be ridiculous. I could see if the game was like some type of hentai game, but its not. Fanservice heavy, yes, but not to the point of porn or going to any complete nudity. I also said something because I want the negative comments on this game to stop in general. I’ve seen way too many negative comments as to how people think this game shouldn’t be localized because of reasons such as fanservice, moral, feminism, etc. many of which in request threads on forums. This is more harmful than good, since if in the end if the negative comments out-weigh the good and a company has considered it localization they’ll change their minds rather than take a chance on a game that a lot of people are saying they won’t buy because of some of the content in the game. Localization of this game is not just great for the fans of this game, but also great for many others since it also means an increased chance of a number of other games being considered for localization (if only by a little bit.) I already know that a lot of these localization companies have to wait for the main company to approach them, that regional laws must be followed (DoA:D got flagged for being too pornographic by sweden), they have to make sure the game will be profitable and have to send it through ESRB and the other rating companies, but the localization companies have some say as well. We lost the ikkitousen game for the ps2 right when it was about to be released because the company didn’t want to sell the game as rated M. So, this lets us know that localization companies do infact have some sort of say in what they’ll sell. So, my reply wasn’t only for this person, but to the many who aren’t taking the time to consider as to how important this game’s localization is rather than just a simple attack against someone for mentioning i don’t like them trying to use morality for a reason as to not wanting it localization.

          • sophiaaetheria

            I fail to understand how you can’t see the problem with a game like this. If its localized, I suppose that isn’t a problem, as its pandering to a specific niche of men who understand nothing about reality works. The real problem is that things like this continue to be made in the first place. I’m a girl who loves fanservice and the like because I’m a total pervert, but I see the problem with it being that it creates a false perception of the way things work and sexually objectifies women on the whole as opposed to those that wish to be. It further alienates the target audience from reality whilst being incredibly misogynistic due to existing for no reason other than the exploitation of creation of a further degenerative images of and for women. Please, just for a moment, consider that every time that a woman steps out the door for her day, she has to watch everyone around her very carefully. Every single man she passes on the street is someone that can physically overpower her and have their way with her. She has to fear every potential encounter every minute of every day, constantly being careful and being aware of everything at all times. Imagine for yourself, what it would be like to spend every day surrounded by heavyweight boxers that are also hard gay and making eyes for you. Consider how you would feel and how you would have to live if this was the case. Now realize that this is how it works every time a woman steps out the door. Games like these only further the sexual objectification of women and add to this terror that we have to live with. 

          • puchinri

            That was very eloquently, powerfully and wonderfully put. Thank you for explaining that so perfectly. It’s really disappointing when people don’t see or understand the issue. Fine, enjoy it if you must, but try to be more open to what the problem is and why.

          • Anesia Hunter

            I will admit there are issues with the game, but I see no MAJOR reasons as to why it shouldn’t be localized. Many who complain about the game say it shouldn’t be localized because they consider the fanservice as a major problem and think it’ll do damage. Some people do have a pretty good perception of reality not all who are into stuff like this have a false perception of women, but they still enjoy this type of stuff anyways. (i include myself on that one) It is true there are some who do, but not all do.

            Also, please don’t give me that “stuff like this worsens things for real women”. It’s true that it possibly can, but I keep this in mind. Even if this didn’t get localized things can still happen. Even if nothing perverted in general existed, things could or would still happen. The type of woman you described I am one of those types of women. I cannot walk around alone without feeling nervous or worried something might happen and I know that if something does happen I’ll be in some serious trouble, since I can’t defend myself very well. I already get stared at quite a bit when I walk or run somewhere, because I bounce alot. But, I won’t go and blame someone else’s creation for whatever happens to me, since false images of women are everywhere nowdays whether they be oversexualizing women, telling women how their bodies should look, how they should dress, how they should act, etc. The only one I would blame would be the attacker, since THEY made such a choice to do so. Those other things? They can’t hurt me physically, they’ll influence people around me who could hurt me mentally and emotionally, but that is only if i let them. And if I let everything everyone says or thinks get to me, i’ll never end up going outside again.

            Anyways, I really don’t see this game in a negative light too much. Because I keep looking at in a positive way. There’s a lot of fanservice and misconceptions of women in this game, but it’s also all fake. What I look at more is simply the fact that they’re strong girls who can kick butt and the game is centered around girls. I don’t see many games like that here in the US. A lot of fighting games that get localized usually either all male or mostly male characters. They also tend to have a higher chance of being localized, because the games are at men. I’m a woman, a pretty girly one at times at that and I don’t wanna play as a guy all the time. Heck, if they had a cheat device for the 3ds and i could swap out the boy sprites for girls in harvest moon a new beginning and rune factory 4 i’d do it. it doesn’t matter if i can play as a girl in those if it means i’ll be forced to date the guys. ~_~

            (Oh and I myself am a perverted girl so the fanservice in senran kagura makes an extra treat for me.)

          • SH3

            You are reverting cause and effect, games like this are made because there is a demand for it, which has social reasons.

            Your typical feminist mindset of self-victimization and the demonizing of men doesn’t help either. I’m surprised you didn’t mention the patriarchal conspiracy that is everywhere around us.

            May I suggest a tinfoil hat?

          • SirRichard

            “I’ve seen way too many negative comments as to how people think this game shouldn’t be localized because of reasons such as fanservice, moral, feminism, etc. many of which in request threads on forums. This is more harmful than good”

            People standing up for women’s rights and against exploitative imagery does more harm than good? Never would have guessed! Thanks for showing me the light!

            No. Stop. Pause your keyboard mashing for a moment and actually read this: do I think that a game made by an open pervert for a small audience of perverts (no, stop, it is) is a horrible terrible corrupting thing that will destroy the freedoms and let the terrorists win, corrupting my American cultural standards that I have for some reason despite not being American? No, I don’t, come from this angle and I’m going to laugh at a persecution complex. It’s a silly game made for a specific audience and nothing more, not something for the public at large, I know this.

            Now go back and read it again, let it stew, think on it, then get back to responding or whatever you want.

            I’m not entirely sure what point you’re trying to make at large, mate. Yeah, localisation companies have a say in what they do, they’re the ones that choose what they work on and they’re the ones who have to sell the things. Developers rarely approach them, they have to head-hunt studios for titles, which is partially the reason for why we never get some games: the developers just aren’t interested or don’t think it’s worth the risk.

            This game, of all games, isn’t an important title for localisation. If it were to be localised, it would have no effect on that part of the industry in the long-run if at all. It won’t open the floodgates for any other games. If people at large feel uncomfortable with this game’s premise or content, who are you to judge? If people feel morally/ethically uncomfortable with a game and let localisation companies know, then isn’t that good for the companies? They won’t be wasting resources and potentially selling at a loss, and they won’t alienate anyone by leaving it be.

            Judging people goes both ways, mate, people objecting to this game aren’t the only ones on a high horse here.

          • Anesia Hunter

            I never said it’s localization will do a ton, I just give other game a small chance of being considered instead of making a lot of fans feel they should give up without trying to request or fight for the games they want. Also, I doubt senran kagura wouldn’t profitable since there are already so many who want the game(s) and it’s highly aimed at the perverted side of the anime community which itself is fairly large. Feedback is always good for the localization companies, but lots of negative feedback on certain types of games or games the companies would be unsure on rather or not they’ll profitable can be bad. Before sega of america kept passing up the project diva games because they thought they wouldn’t be as profitable in NA and EU because of “cultural differences” however in the end many imported the games and many others took the time to hack their psps and downloaded fan translated copies of the game to play on those psps. Vocaloid is highly popular and yet they still tend to say it’s too risky despite the huge international fan base, the toyota commercial (which also won an award), the sold out concert, etc. so positive and negative feedback help to add weight to the decisions on whether or not they should go for it (even if it is a tiny amount.)

            Also, I have no problem with people standing up for women’s rights, infact if many others didn’t and don’t than I wouldn’t be allowed to do as much, but when I say it does harm I mean harm for future consideration of other games to be localized and I don’t mean only games like senran kagura, I mean a lot of different games that localization companies would be unsure on considering.

            Oh and I heard on one localization company’s forum that they tend to have to mainly wait on the developer’s company to come to them a lot. I won’t say which company, since I’m not even sure if that information was allowed to be given out or not. However, I’m sure they’re able to put in a word for games that fans are requesting to those developers.

          • puchinri

            Saying a game shouldn’t be localized because it’s immoral is somewhat ridiculous, but it really depends on why. The game already exists, so the matter of localization or not isn’t even the issue with me. But this isn’t a small reason with the game. It’s a huge piece of exploitative fanservice that contributes to the larger culture.

            And there’s a space for hentai, and that’s fine. This game is like my problem with mainstream ecchi. It won’t try to actually be the hentai, but it’s pushing so many boundaries, you might as well cross the line. Don’t try to cover it up, be coy and play cute. Just go into the hentai side of things if that’s obviously what you want to be doing. 

            “Negative” comments won’t stop because the game has obvious problematic elements. It is heavily based around those elements, even down to the themes of the combat system/gameplay. The game itself is doing significantly more harm just by being. If you feel that the game and its fans are the ones suffering, then you’re overlooking the larger issue. Besides, what about games that appeal to a larger audience overall without having to resort to fanservice? I really wanted Nora and the Time/Carving Studio to be localized, but do you know how pissed I would be if a company like XseeD passed over Nora for a game focused on fanservice? Yes, okay, the game has beat-em-up stuff going on. Yeah, but really, that’s not what’s drawing everyone in the most. And if we miss out on even more niche games like Earth Seeker and Nora for titles like this, then I feel everyone is losing bigger chances.

            Why is this game’s localization so much more important than other titles? Nora could appeal to a much larger group of fans. You’d have the Atelier and general alchemy and item customization fans, plus the strategy fans and fans of Etrian Odyssey and Atlus in general. Earth Seeker is a game by a newer company with many creative parts and a brilliant setting, and it can reach out to fans of MH and general adventuring. I don’t see how a fanservice game should be a priority over titles that are more inclusive and probably do have a better chance of pulling a larger crowd in, especially with the right advertising.

            In the end, the point is the game is problematic, and if someone brings that up and points out how its localization could be harmful, they have a point. If they frame/word that badly, that’s too bad, but there is a point. 

  • Anesia Hunter

    >.< YAY!! 2 in 1!! <3 How can these localization companies say no to this when the first game itself is highly requested and desired by so many fans?

  • Wait, so it’s not Senran Kagura Burst now but just Kagura Burst? Just asking

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