Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow 2 Will Conclude The Lords Of Shadow Saga

By Spencer . June 1, 2012 . 4:40pm


Dracula is back Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2. Dracula always comes back and in Lords of Shadow 2 he’s weakened and has to return to his castle to reacquire his old powers.


"We are pleased to announce the development of the conclusion to the Castlevania: Lords of Shadow saga, giving players an all-new gameplay experience within the Lords of Shadow universe," said Dave Cox, Producer on the title and Head of Product Planning and Development for Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH. "Castlevania: Lords of Shadow is the most successful Castlevania game to be released in the franchise’s history, and we are looking to provide series fans yet another nail biter, complete with Dracula’s resurrection and the Belmont clan’s desire for his final destruction."


Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 is slated for release in 2013 for PS3 and Xbox 360. Check out some environment artwork for the game below.






Castle Siege



Marie’s Tomb


lordsofshadow21  lordsofshadow23 lordsofshadow25 lordsofshadow26 lordsofshadow28

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  • I don’t believe this.
    If you see the ending from the first game you’ll see that there’s still a lot to do with the franchise.

    • Yeah, lots to do, like end it.

      Joking aside, Castlevania isn’t a series that has a lot of direct sequels. I think it’s best to keep it that way.

      • Testsubject909

        It indeed doesn’t. (edit: have a lot of direct sequels)

        Which is why the Cox continuity has such a high chance of being able to continue after the end of the Lords of Shadow prologue to the entire Belmont vs Dracula conflict.

        The first game establishes a very lengthy timeline, and this one establishes Dracula’s enemies, or rather, our heroes (Which from the video teaser, I’m guessing is going to be Alucard whilst the side game on the 3DS, Mirrors of Fate, will focus a lot on the Belmont family line.)

        That still leaves a few centuries empty and available for new adventures.

    • Totally agree, I don’t understand why would they end it with just one sequel, there is huge time between the epilogue and CLOS ending, let’s make use of it, CLOS was a great formula.

  • SirRichard

    I’m sad to see the Lords of Shadow story end with just three games to its name, but at least they know where to draw a line. It finally brought the series into 3D properly after a few misfires, it’s at least notable for that.

    I suppose the question (as early as it is to ask this) is where the series is going from here. That 1999 battle is always a sound option, Konami, you even set it up to be just like Castlevania III with a Belmont, a Belnades, Alucard and a fourth guy (who might be like Grant Danasty?). It can’t be too hard to put that together, certainly much easier than designing giant elaborate maps!

    But no, probably going back to spinning its wheels with Metroidvanias up and down the few gaps left in the main timeline, desperately avoiding 1999. Maybe we’ll get another alternate timeline and have people crap on that for not being Metroidvanias again.

    • boundries_san

      U know i am still hoping for a Castlevania that is more or less like the Order of Ecclesia or maybe the linear old classic Catlevania 1,3, or 4 where the game does not have any level up matters anymore however just pitting up you and your skill againts difficult enemies and of course “Stairs”

      • Guest

        Stairs? You mean that annoying ‘press up to walk up stairs’ archaic mechanic? You can keep that in the trashbin

        • boundries_san

          Haha i believe in the world, i am the only who miss that lol.^^ As i believe that “Stairs” has caused so many pain for me however i still want to feel that pain lol.(Masochist to the maxxxxxx!!!)

    • ZenTzen

       well the producer said that while this is the end of the LoS story its not the end of the franchise and the new timeline/remakes, he says that he wants to see other developers pick up the torche and build up on this new series canon

  • Spirit Macardi

    This is the best news I’ve seen: The Lords of Shadow continuity is coming to an end :D

    While the first wasn’t bad as a game, it did not feel to me like a Castlevania title. Really, it should have been a new title that was an homage to action games (and I heard that’s EXACTLY what it was before Kojima stuck his nose in). Really, it didn’t do anything that I haven’t seen in any other game, especially with the giant bosses taken straight out of Shadow of the Colossus. Even the plot about a stone mask that turns people into vampires. *cough*jojosbizarreadventure*cough*


    Seems I messed up the thing about the mask. It’s based on information I read, and I’m sorry for messing that up.

    Really, seeing as there seems to be about an equal number of people for the old continuity as for the new, what would be interesting is if they went with both sides at once like what Star Trek did. Then they could open up all sort of possibilities for cross-dimensional stories that could be pretty damn cool if done correctly.

    • SirRichard

      Neither of the masks turned people into vampires, mate, though the game was definitely really derivative. Even the references to other games, like Zelda and Portal just felt derivative and even out of place in this sort of game.

      • Spirit Macardi

        But didn’t the main character turn into Dracula after wearing that one mask?

        • SirRichard

          He turned into Dracula by drinking all of the blood of another vampire (in one of the DLC chapters, of course) and getting corrupted by absorbing the power of a demon (in the other DLC chapter). The evil mask was used to start the events of the game, with the other one being the goal.

      • Testsubject909

        I will agree on the Zelda and Portal references. They gave me nothing more then a weak chuckle and a shrug. It felt like wasted space, space better left to expand that world or to provide some more gravitas and tension…

        But hey, at least I know they have a sense of humor there… Still…

    • Roubjon

      Wait, so you didn’t play the game?  How can you tell if it felt like a Castlevania title if you didn’t even play it? You’re just making facts up.

      • Spirit Macardi

        So I messed up a fact *shrugs*. I played the demo (which is supposed to entice players to buy the full game) and I thought it was decent, but it also wasn’t Castlevania to me. Though, the part where you impale the giant wolf with a fallen wood beam was pretty cool.

        • ZenTzen

           then you cant talk about a game if you havent played it and no a demo doesnt count

        • Nathan_GreeneIV

          Honestly Castlevania lords of shadows was my first Castlevania and thanks to that I actually gotten to know more about the series. Plus dude why do you judge it and not play it? 

          • Testsubject909

            Glad you enjoyed it.

            If you’re interested in making your way back towards the Iga timeline to take it in.

            I’d suggest:

            Castlevania 1 (NES): It’s the first Castlevania and you’ll get an immediate feel of just how balls breakingly hard it is. You’re under no obligation to finish it.

            Castlevania 3 (NES): If you feel obliged to finish a NES era Castlevania, I’d suggest this one. Multiple routes, multiple characters and the classic difficulty, it’s the complete package.

            Super Castlevania 4 (SNES): To a lot of old Castlevania fans, this was the zenith of control over a Belmont and to many still feels like the best game.

            Castlevania Symphony of the Night (PS1, PSN, PSP, PSV, Saturn): The first Metroidvania, for PSP or PSV, you’ll need to unlock it through Chronicle X. The PSP/PSV version will be the same version as the Saturn one, which is the superior version with additional content (basically an extra hidden room, an extra familiar, and a playable adult Maria). But it’ll be lacking the cheesy acting that’s usually quoted to no end… Eh… What is a quote? But a miserable little pile of words. But enough talk, have at you! Some more Castlevania suggestions that is.

            Castlevania Lament of Innocence (PS2): I’d suggest Lament of Innocence over Curse of Darkness for three reasons. 1: General gameplay. It’s more whip centric and just feels more focused, Curse of Darkness was nice and open but perhaps a bit too open which isn’t bad but when paired with the next element. 2: Pacing. Curse of Darkness is slooooow… So big, open and slow makes for a grueling slow time. The game is fun when it picks up, but those are spaced far apart from each other… As such, Lament of Innocence, has a far better pacing and feels more entertaining and active. 3: The story. You should easily be able to draw parallels between this game and Cox’s LoS. Though because of LoS and the knowledge that Gabriel “Belmont” Cronqvist became what he is at the end… You’re basically going to be spoiled a part of the story of Lament of Innocence.

            Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow/Dawn of Sorrow/Order of Ecclesia (GBA (for Aria)/DS (For the other two)): Any of these for the latest Metroidvania. Interestingly, I listed these games not only in alphabetical order but in chronological order of their release. Officially, Dawn of Sorrow is the end of the Iga Timeline.

            Castlevania: Harmony of Despair (PS3/360): Pick this up only if you liked what you played in the Metroidvania games suggested above. Specifically the action gameplay portion, as this online multiplayer 2D game has no exploration element to it and is more of a loot based 2D multiplayer action game.

          • Nathan_GreeneIV

            Thanks man! I got around playing Lament of innocence at a friends house and i gotta say the forgotten one is a pain in the ass honestly and I thought it was gross compared to the one in Lords of shadows. Yeah I also played all of the GBA games including the one with Juste Belmont. I actually downloaded SOTN on the psn right after playing Lords of shadows. 
            Lol i noticed that you skipped Castlevania 2 Which i could understand why cause I actually saw it on youtube lol. 
            Harmony despair i would get if it got cheaper on psn but thanks for the suggestion bro!

          • Testsubject909

            You ever pick up Harmony of Despair, just hit me up.

            I can help with any grinding or familiarizing with the stages.

        • Testsubject909

          If I tell you that there’s a game where you play as a little girl shooting beams of light in an arc like a boomerang fighting against skeletons on motorcycles who collects red crystals to use her special attacks. What would you say the game is?

          If you guessed Castlevania N64 Part 1. You’re correct. Mind you though, that’s the 2nd playable character.

          Now for Castlevania 64 part 2. You have no choice of protagonist who possesses a whip, so the familiar weapon is gone and you’re left with, as your primary choice, a werewolf.

          And last I checked, that game is generally recognized as a Castlevania game by fans despite the massive differences.

          Sooo… put short. What IS a Castlevania game?

          If you tell me it’s killing Dracula. I’ll tell you that there’s a few Castlevania games out there where you don’t kill Dracula.

          If you tell me it’s making your way to Castlevania, I’ll partially agree… Except that we’ve had Castlevania games where Castlevania was a midway point. The Sega (Genesis or Saturn, I forget which) Castlevania had you go into Castlevania… and then out, to hunt down a woman across an entire continent.

    • Cameron Ward

       …..the stone mask doesnt turn you into vampires…..the legend of the mask is suppose to bring people back to life *spoilers from here on out* when in reality, its just an illusion. Gabriel in the end didnt save his wife who he was manipulated to kill. Plus, he only got turned into a vampire because he devoured and drained that young vampire girl’s blood and in the end got turned into a vampire..

      you apparently didnt play the game Spirit…..

      • Spirit Macardi

        True. I played the demo, and read the plot synopsis on Wikipedia. All I could make out was that there was some business with the stone masks, and at the end he becomes Dracula. So I pieced together what I could from that, and I was wrong. So for what it’s worth, I’m sorry about that.

        • SirRichard

          “True. I played the demo, and read the plot synopsis on Wikipedia.”

          Mate, in future, if you’re going to discredit a game on something in it, at least actually play it next time. 

          Or pay attention to the Wikipedia summary better, whichever.

      • Testsubject909

        Gabriel fell and continued to fall, throughout the game he did nothing but lie, to himself, to others, to god, only to gain back his wife.

        And in the end he cursed it all, and cursed himself.

        Again, similar to the original Cronqvist from Iga. Man, I’m repeating here but… I really love the parallels he’s done with Lament of Innocence.

    • Testsubject909

      Feelings lies in music, if the music improves and actually has a Castlevania style score, it will Feel like a Castlevania game. And a lot of you folks will stop saying how this game isn’t a Castlevania game.

      Gameplay wise, it’s a 3D Castlevania. All other 3D Castlevania, outside of the first 3D Castlevania (N64), were all basically copycats of other action games of great popularity at the time, but nevertheless was very whip centric… at least Lament of Innocence was, Curse of Darkness was more open to your fighting style which is more similar to how Aria and Dawn of sorrow plays out, but I digress. So if you ask me, LoS perfectly felt like it nailed 3D Castlevania action just fine for modern day consumption.

      Also, your information is in err. From a variety of articles and interviews, the original game was based off of Simon Belmont in Castlevania. Kojima came in as an advisor and one of his first actions was to have them revise the character to make him a more fragile person, one that people could relate to, as Cox’s original intent was to make a Reinhardt type Badass (Reinhardt which is from the original N64 castlevania if people can’t figure that out).

      The Iga 3D Castlevania games didn’t do anything that wasn’t seen in other 3D Action games at the time. Nowadays it’s generally accepted within the Castlevania timeline and whatnot, but originally, when they first came out, there were outcry by the Castlevania fans.

      In general, Castlevania fans simply seem to have a dislike for 3D iteration of their game. A part of traditional Castlevania gameplay gets lost in translation from one dimension to another.

      Stepping back and looking at LoS objectively, as well as LoI and CoD, all three of these games have all the elements that make up a Castlevania game, in terms of gameplay. In execution though, fans, at least in their initial reception of the game, found them all lacking.

      My expectations of a 3D Castlevania game is appropriately readjusted from all the knowledge of prior Castlevania game so… Let me reassure you, and every single minded fans of Castlevania out there who’re worrying themselves here… This is a Castlevania game through and through…

      Actually I think I need to repost my debate and thesis on this, again…

  • Solomon_Kano

    The conclusion? Great. I’ve enjoyed this rebooted continuity, but I’m glad they knew they needed to draw a line. A trilogy is a good way to end of this little… sub-series.

    Now I just wonder how long it’ll be til we next see the franchise. They obviously won’t opt for another reboot and the original timeline has room, so they can go back to that. Question is, what form would that take? Yet another Metroidvania touching everything but ’99 (if that sounds negative, it’s not)? Hopefully, they plan a grand return to the old style once LoS2 is out of the way, but I’m interested to see what this means for the series.

    Hopefully, it means that IGA makes this happen:

    • ZenTzen

       Again like the director said, this is not the end of the new rebooted timeline, it will just be the end of this particular plot and they basically said that other developers will pick the game and develop their own storys for the new series.

      And say what you will about LoS it brought new vigor to the franchise and made it relevant again actively bringing new fans that also wanted to play the old series as well and lets face it, it was because of Iga that the CV franchise was turning into a niche franchise

      • Solomon_Kano

        Oh? That’s even better, actually. Though I do have to wonder who Konami has in mind to take over from MercurySteam. They’ve done good work so far, so I hope they manage to secure another talented dev. By the way, do you have a link on Cox saying that? I’d like to have that in stone before I get excited for where the series can go next.

        Not getting where you were going with your second paragraph though. I loved LOS, so I dunno what that had to do with my comment.

    • Testsubject909

      Following up on what ZenTzen stated and based on what’s being stated here, as well as content from the end of the first game.

      It’d be hard to imagine this as the finale of the entire timeline, considering that in the first game we got a peek of modern day times with Dracula still alive (which hints that in Cox’s timeline, perhaps Julius Belmont never fully killed Dracula, if Julius Belmont even exists. Or it might hint at the 1999 delayed, and that in that period, it is the end of Dracula that comes nigh, what with Death talking about an enemy’s return.)

      LoS2 looks like it still takes time during a medieval period though with some form of steamwork what with their gigantic wooden manufactured golem. Then again we did see a Frankenstein type creation (I’d also like to note that Frankenstein is the name of the scientist whereas his creation was always just the Creature, or Frankenstein’s Monster. I hope that clears up some confusion for people out there).

      As such, and I’m sorry if this is repetitive. I see this as the end of the prologue to a whole new timeline that I can’t wait to sink my teeth into.

      I hope Cox gets to continue. Oh do I hope…

      • Solomon_Kano

        Yea, I figured there was more to be done with LoS’ timeline, but I guess I misunderstood Cox’s comment here.

        I’m liking that golem. I wonder if it’s inspired by the good doctor’s work in LoS? Hopefully those nice monster bios remain and we’ll find out then. As for LoS’ ending… do we know that that was modern time? That was my thought, but something occurred to me reading your comment: could that be this timeline’s event in 1999? What if Cox’s timeline is going that direction? That could be rather interesting. Involving both Satan and Dracula… would be damn epic if it led to a CV where we played as Drac going after Satan and a Belmont going after Drac at the same time.

  • epy

    Don’t know if they should be saying that, but then again, taking statements back is easy these days. They can just say “…because of high demand from our fans, we’re continuing the LoS Saga.”

    In either case, there’s still a lot they can do with the original timeline before they scrap it, like that overdue remake of Castlevania III, a game showing what happened to Richter after he disappeared, another Shanoa game and that mysterious Alucard game that never came out. The character Saint Germain from Curse of Darkness also has a lot of untapped potential. If they don’t want to do all that at least just do the Demon Castle War.

    • Testsubject909

      I’d honestly enjoy seeing what Cox could do with Shanoa, as well as the first female Belmont Vampire Hunter that got scrapped out of continuity.

      For those wondering, she’s on the gameboy. And no, I never played the game. I just know about it.

  • Dan Jackman

    It would seem within the context of what Dave Cox is saying, that the Lords of Shadow saga and the Lords of Shadow universe are two different things. So it will be a trilogy and should they sell well a new saga within the Lords of Shadow universe will be made. I wouldn’t be surprised if Dracula was playable here.

    As for IGA he has had his time in the sun with CV. Admirably he has made an impressive amount of games with great quality but its really time for him to hang up his whip. Especially with Judgement and Harmony of Despair.

    I’m not a huge fan of Cox’s vision for the series yet I’m not clamoring to go back to IGA either. IGA is responsible for inserting a lot of Japaneseyness into CV. Just look at how the art style has progressed over the years. It started as something gothic and barbaric looking and turned into something extremely effeminate.

    A new CastleVania imo needs to respect the roots with some familiarness such as protagonist, antagonist, and music. Really Cox has taken these 3 things and has made (me) feel completely unfamiliar with all 3 taking away the things that made it special.

    I hope that if Konami wants to experiment with the series that they give a crack to either Wayforward or Arc System Works. Both have overly proved that they have the Konami magic alive in them.

    • Guest

      No.  The Kojima artist style of CV should stay its completely awesome and anyone that disagrees is not a true CV fan.

      • -disagrees-
        Come at me bro.

      • Dan Jackman

        I enjoyed her artwork for a while. Then she drew for Curse of Darkness and Dracula X Chronicles. She couldn’t quite recover from those designs if you ask me. She is very competent and produces wonderful artwork but her flowy, effeminate designs took a toll on the series after a while. White hair became the norm, along with characters that didn’t really seem like they’d be well suited for battle. Afterwards we got flooded with the generic anime stuff and that was worse. I’m just saying that a lot can be taken from the original style.

        So I guess I’m not a true CV fan huh?

        • Testsubject909

          Eh, I’d ignore the whole “True Castlevania fan” talk as it varies heavily upon which generation they’ve grown up from…

          And the odd thing is, since I started from SotN, I should be part of their camp.

          But I digress… I love the aesthetics in Cox’s Castlevania, it sends shivers down my spine and it’s so wonderfully detailed. As for the flowery effeminate art style. I’ll say, I enjoy it but I understand if people dislike it. And I’ll agree that the sudden shift to a more generic anime look was a definitive drop in quality.

          At least with the effeminate artstyle you speak of, we still had this sense of mystery and a more classic feel. Even Soma, who is supposed to be from our generation (21st century and whatnot), just looked like some painting of a noble from generations yonder which just felt fitting for the whole Castlevania theme.

    • Gyro Zeppeli

      You don’t diss Harmony of Despair. YOU DON’T DISS HARMONY OF DESPAIR.

      • Dan Jackman

        It was a fun CV themed distraction. It doesn’t really do anything for the series. Just a fun, party game. I would have preferred some redrawn main character sprites or something but IGA and company were a little too lazy to commit to that.

      • Testsubject909

        Well, Harmony of Despair is a smart idea that’s just lacking a bit.

        You could easily exploit the people there. I’ve had discussions with a lot of people who’re on Harmony of Despair (actually I’m playing it as we speak).

        And one thing a lot of people want is… More. It’s astonishing to think that Konami is sitting on a minor gold mine here of players who’re just begging for more content, more DLC. More stages, more characters, more items. And with all the sprites, stages, items and whatnot that they could recycle, they could make a continued hefty profit out of it…

        But that aside, Harmony of Despair does have it’s flaws here and there, and if anything, serves as an additional reminder that in the Iga timeline, Soma is the strongest there is… though the question still remains as to whether or not Julius is stronger than Soma, so nevermind.

        But damn does that game favor Soma so badly. Yeash… Of course he’s slow to start up with so he’s far from the best initial character to play with. Shanoa or Yoko is definitely best to that end or Julius if you’d prefer to have a more classical offensive…

    • Testsubject909

      Not sure if blame goes to Kojima on that one.

      I’m just going to remind people here that the original vision of Cox was to have Castlevania LoS’s first protagonist to be a badass along the lines of Reinhardt Schneider from Castlevania 64 but was told by Kojima that a lead character that felt more relatable would better serve the game. As such, I can’t tell where the story twist originates from or who is ultimately responsible for a variety of decisions, nor do I have any inside information, having only a ton of different outside sources to gather from, interviews, articles and the likes.

      Cox, I feel, used the first game to build up on our Antagonist, which we might still continue playing with as our protagonist, but only so long as we’ve not yet established our actual protagonists, that is, the Belmont family line (the actual one) and other allies to the Belmont clan and enemies to Dracula.

      As such, I expect the familiar, that is, the protagonist and antagonist, to settle in later installment with the initial Lords of Shadow trilogy to serve as an introduction, an origin story, to this new Castlevania timeline and it’s breed of Vampire Hunters and it’s ever-resurrecting Dracula.

      As for music… Yeah. Music feels lacking. It’s moody, it’s atmospheric. But it’s not catchy… And that feels lacking.

      If he’d fix the music, he’d steal away the hearts of many naysayers with great ease. It’s really what’s primarily missing and a key component.

      • Dan Jackman

        I’ve been reading all of your replies and while due to sheer volume I will not reply to all of them I will reply to this.

        Cox did LoS very wisely I won’t refute his set up. If Kojima had any guidance in it I feel like it would be gameplay wise rather than story or anything of the like.

        Cox tried to integrate the old lore sprinkling it throughout the game. In some places it actually felt like old school CastleVania when played from the side. The exploration and aesthetics are absolutely beautiful.

        His missteps to me are

        1. Fixed Camera: there is no reason not to make good cameras in this day and age.
        2. Reliance on Greek Styled Mythos: This one sounds petty but its true. Traditionally CV has pulled from all manner of mythos to make its monsters but one cannot help but shake the feeling that its mainly residing in the Greek lore here. Its not a problem so much as it makes it compete more directly with GoW. We already see something with that influence and so it would be more beneficial to go with more classic enemies and venues.
        3. Music: The music here was absolutely beautiful. Oscar Araujo did a brilliant job on this. Its the same problem as the Mythos though. We are pretty used to these epic sweeping soundtracks. We barely have a point of familiarity as music is so very important to CV. They could of had some excellent remixes for the game. I can see why they didn’t though given they were setting up the eventual antagonist. Save the remixes for MoF or something. They could choose 1 instrument to completely kill my argument. Just make some of the music with the classic pipe organ. Its absolutely necessary for any CV game to retain the feel.

        I bow my head to you TestSubject. Good responses for everything here. I appreciate your level headedness, respectful tone, and your sheer knowledge.

        • Testsubject909

          The variety in creatures certainly would’ve helped too. It did work it’s way into some areas, werewolves are relatively generic but fits well with the vampiric theme and the first boss you kill is one of the Warfs you rapidly execute in Symphony of the Night, the Frankenstein Monster was an interesting take on the whole but felt underwhelming in contrast to the idea of actually fighting The Creature, though I suppose they wanted to try something new and different with the idea of Frankenstein attempting to recreate life.

          And then there’s the last boss that I don’t quite agree with. They could’ve just had the final big bad be death and leave that plot twist aside. The whole ending felt very Kojima in nature…

  • Happy Gamer

    Whatever happened to that short teaser video with alucard? The CG video thing I remember seeing couple years back.

    • Dan Jackman

      Its probably not coming back. That was an IGA thing unfortunately.

      • Testsubject909

        From the research and theories I’ve found as well as various other details back in the day, it was basically his appeal towards making a 3D Castlevania which ultimately lost against Cox’s showing of Simon Belmont stepping out of Castlevania.

        Konami ultimately decided to hand over production of their next 3D Castlevania to said branch which was led by Cox. And we now have the result…

        So yeah. That teaser video with Alucard back when that was made by Iga? Yeah, unless it was recycled into being a part of Castlevania Slot Machine 2, I’m not joking by the way, then it’s pretty much just lost concepts.

  • “all-new gameplay experience”

    Leveling system is all I wanted you know the actual level with stats not just upgrading skills. Because I love to overpower!!!

    • Testsubject909

      I enjoy the feeling m’self. Though since he stated he’s more of a fan of the original Castlevania games, it seems unlikely he’d go down that path, at least for LoS2, for Mirrors of Fate though, he just might since it seems to be a Metroidvania with a 2D perspective and 3D graphics.

  • elvergudo666

    pinche castlevania no lo chingon era cuando era plataformas el juego el castlevania 2 mando a la verga los castlevanias para siempre

  • boundries_san

    While is always a sad things when a game is coming to an end,especially when the game itself is actually not bad. It is just sad that the game concept is used for Castlevania here as Castlevania already had their own colors.

    Well stil hype for the game here.^^ And hope that even after this saga is finished, Mercury Steam is still able to produce quality title.^^

  • idofgrahf

    I hope it’ll have a good ending for the protagonist (although somehow I doubt it), always thought that Gabriel got the short end of the stick in the first game.

    • I know right? He worked to the brink of exhaustion to find the mask that would resurrect his beloved, facing against hordes of monsters and even Satan himself. What does he get? Broken hopes and cursed immortality.

      • Bentan

         but he gets to be a rockstar for eternity!

      • Testsubject909

        I never felt that his great big speech about redemption was all that heartfelt, just another piece of his desperate selfish struggle to get back his wife from the dead at whatever cost with the vain hope that maybe perchance he could get his wish without having to commit some blasphemy.

        Odds are though, when she ascended into the heavens, she reached a stage beyond the powers of the necromancers and so he was forever split from his wife. Plus he can’t commit suicide either, that’d be considered a sin in the eyes of the catholic or christian god, and as such he’d be cast as far away from his wife as possible, in hell.

        So now he’s got to live life until he dies naturally, but not only that he needs to both redeem himself and live well in the eyes of god to eventually go to his wife. But he’s shown in his travel that he’s quite short tempered and emotionally guided, and as such knowing all that, he’d most likely be fueled mainly by rage, frustration and despair, all of which would not lead any sane men towards a path of goodness and immaculate faith.

        He definitely got the short end of the stick and his transformation into Dracula seems all but inevitable.

        But I digress. Can’t wait to play this game.

  • It’s both good that they know where to draw the line and sad that the LoS saga is ending. However, what I want to know now is whether or not the protagonist is going to be Gabriel/Dracula or someone else. I’m personally hoping for someone else as I’d love to see the LoS world (on home consoles) from a different perspective.

    Now, after this, the next question is whether this continuity is over and Castlevania will return to the previous timeline or if there are more tales to tell within this continuity? Heck, maybe there’s another alternate universe in the works for Castlevania. Whatever it is, I just hope it will live up to the franchise’s pedigree.

    • ZenTzen

       Again, the plot started in the first game is whats ending not the new franchise

      Cox said that while this will be the last CV games by them, he said that other developers will pick up the CV franchise and expand on this new CV franchise

      • Testsubject909

        A little bit like how the original NES, SNES, GB, Sega and N64 games weren’t made by Iga and Iga later on picked up on the established franchise and built on it…

        Really though. I’d rather see Cox take it all the way and make more from it.

        This reboot felt good to me, a great homage to the original Castlevania lore and an interesting new spin to it while simultaneously maintaining an interesting constant parallel to the timeline created by Iga and drawing inspiration from Castlevania games prior to Iga’s time.

        You can tell that it’s a product of love and as such it only makes me wonder what a Castlevania fan with the resource and capabilities to make an interesting fresh take on the franchise could do…

        The way I see it, he’s just doing the intro to a new timeline and then stopping right before we can get to the good part… And the good part to me is. The neverending quest of the Belmont and all of his allies and rivals, to rid the world of Dracula forevermore.

        So basically something like 6 more games or so. But hey, can’t blame him if he wants to stop after a good start and stretch his legs into other genres and other games. I wonder how it feels to be stuck making neverending sequels to the same game every other year.

  •  Wait…”Dracula is back Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2.”
    Dracula was in the game? i remember there was someone else : P

    • Testsubject909

      Well, he technically never left…

  • Ooooh. A sequel to Castlevania: Lord of Pitfall Harry of War of the Colossus!

    • Testsubject909


      Well if you want to play this game. Guess you’d rather a sequel to Castlevania super brawl power stone of time, huh?Or maybe a sequel to Castlevania chaos may cry of legion.

      If you’re confused. It’s Castlevania Judgement and Castlevania Curse of Darkness.

      Listen, Iga isn’t the saint the fans make him out to be. He copied some ideas wholesale from popular action games himself at the time when he dabbled in making a 3D Castlevania. So, I’m just saying. If you’re pointing a finger at Cox, you’re also pointing a finger at Iga, since you’re accusing developers of copycating and neither of them are innocent of the act.

      • Goodness. Did I strike a nerve? 

  • Relytgninroht

    Is Gabriel actually Dracula? Because he called himself Dracul- which means The Dragon. Dracula means Son of The Dragon. So he’d either have to have a son, this is a huge retcon, or there already was a Dracula at some point before.

    I wonder how they’ll handle it.

    • SirRichard

      Dracul can also mean “the devil”, though it seems they’re using the dragon definition.  Honestly I think they’re using the name because of its importance and relevance to the series and not for what make sense.

      Alternatively, they reference the real-life origin of the name (Vlad II was part of the anti-Turk Order of the Dragon and called himself Dracul, Vlad III followed in his steps and called himself Dracula) in some way involving Gabriel’s original parents, who knows.

      • Relytgninroht

        The real life reference to Vlad II and III were what I was talking about. Vlad III called himself Dracula, because he was the ‘Son of The Dragon’ which was Vlad II who called himself Dracul, which means ‘The Dragon’.

        • Well considering in the Castlevania 64 games and SoTN Dracula does transform into a dragon-like demonic creature, it could be very well they are going with “the Dragon” references here. Also it’s pretty much as I thought, this timeline was never meant to even replace original timeline, so hopefully some of the fans can chill the merry hell out.

          Edit: That’s also provided that, even with me reading some of the comments here, that they do something else with the series in the LoS reality or go back to the original Castlevania reality to finish up a few loose ends (Shanoa and Julius to name a couple).

          • Testsubject909

            The fans will cry like babies and defend a timeline that they only know halfway through with only a fraction of the full available knowledge of Castlevania lore.

            Anyone else who knows in great details a lot about Castlevania and all Castlevania spinoff games and whatnot should and will probably be quite welcoming of Cox’s take on the whole series… Though they’re probably crying for better music nonetheless.

            I know I’m repetitive, but music really is the greatest weak point of Cox’s Castlevania to date. (which is just one game, but still). Not to say the music was bad, it just wasn’t a-typical Castlevania fare. Then again, the Castlevania with Juste didn’t really have that great a soundtrack either if memory serves well.

          • All of what you said is true, and like I have said before, I’ve grown up playing the series, and even though I was middled disappointed with the first LoS game it wasn’t that terrible, and this is considering I was born the same year the original series came out (basically I’m saying I have Belmont blood in my vains). And yeh, the music could have been abit better and feel more like a Castlevania game even if they decided not to include any guitar riffs or electronic sounds in it; on the mention of Harmony of Dissonance, the music for that game wasn’t bad it was the fact that the processor that was used to make it was the same that would be used for an NES title, and the claim was they were trying to save memory in part with the graphics. I think it was more of a poor audio choice, but the music is still good.It makes me wish Konami would do a remake however, because it wasn’t a terrible game at all.

        • Testsubject909

          Well, maybe we’ll find out more about his noble Cronqvist father and his affair with a woman before he left him to be a bastard son raised by the church.

          edit: Unless he means he is the absolute first, therefore Dracul and not Dracula.. Though that would make Alucard Lucard… Eh, I don’t know, we’ll see.

    • Testsubject909

      I’d like to note for kicks that Alucard, when he gets petrified, has a very small chance of turning into the statue of a Dragon in Symphony of the Night (and also supposedly in Harmony of Despair).

      Gabriel is Dracula through and through, when he stated the name Dracul he was speaking in an entirely different language, and as such I’d imagine the name would also sound differently in another language…

      Plus he’s pretty much done everything that makes him Dracula in the original Castlevania lore. He curses and abandons god because of the loss of his wife, enslaves Death and becomes a vampire… in some way or another…

      Also I’d like to note, quite amusingly, his mist power as a vampire has been utilized before by Alucard who was a half vampire. In his own game confirming that Vampires have a great deal of abilities available to them.

      But nonetheless, I’m quite curious how things will go myself… And if the white haired fellow is Alucard, how long of a timeskip this is (Then again, if something along the line of 100 years passed and he tried to settle in with another woman only to have that also go catastrophically, after all if anyone played Symphony of the Night, they know how that goes) then I wonder whose perspective we’re going to be playing this game through… Among many other things.

  • veruses

    SPOILERS ;_;…

    • Testsubject909

      Well, it’s number 2.

      You’re pretty much walking neck deep into spoilers when you check this…

  • eilegz

    “Castlevania: Lords of Shadow is the most successful Castlevania game to be released in the franchise’s history, and we are looking to provide series fans yet another nail biter, complete with Dracula’s resurrection and the Belmont clan’s desire for his final destruction.”

    Are you serious? this thing its higher budget than all iga castlevania combined and still underperform, and he its taking about success, this dude its a douchebag clearly

    justend this misery…

    i just dont want or need another god of war ripoff

    Bring IGA back, current kojima and mercurysteam its destroying the castlevania franchise, the gameplay its generic, the music sucked, too much puzzle the only good thing its maybe the history but its still a filler non canon thing, plus the dlc true ending didnt help neither…

    Lord of shadows should be a new franchise that its not tied by castlevania

    • underperform? since when…..

    • Testsubject909

      Kojima is a hit and miss. Some of what he suggested went alright, some of what he suggested didn’t.

      Cox has a good vision for the game but is missing a key component, music. Aside from that, everything else works just fine.

      Iga himself went the clone route, copying off DMC at the time and yes, the Castlevania fans made an outcry at that too.

      I’ll want to note, what you’re complaining about has been heard before for other Castlevanias and yet they’re all still accepted within the same canon. And I’ll inform you further that despite that, Iga only started Castlevania up on Symphony of the Night, yet prior work is still considered as being within the Iga timeline despite his uninvolvement.

      Plus I’d like to note, the original fans had their outcry, denouncing Iga’s Symphony of the Night as a travesty at some point in time.

      I see nothing wrong with this new Castlevania. The fans will cry now, but in due time, it will build it’s renown, it’ll evolve it’s gameplay and it’s story will do nothing but increase the already abundant Castlevania lore.

      Plus, I’d still like to note that there’s nothing to prevent more Iga made Castlevanias eventually or simultaneously if they’d so choose to do so, but I doubt they’d go for oversaturation of their brand.

  • First Los ruled and if that’s alucard at the end, even better i’d love to see him be a main/playable perspective 

    • Testsubject909

      It’d be interesting if there’s an explanation as to why the son has white hair while the father still has brown hair.

  • Göran Isacson

    I have to admit that I’m really surprised they’re ending this “timeline” after just three games, and that the two final games are released so close together AND that it looks like the entire actual Belmont familys history is being taken care of in ONE game that is also released for portables only.

    That being said… the trailer for LoS 2 left me kinda distant. The trailer is certainly suitably dramatic and pompous with it’s massive
    scale battle and giant bosses and what may even be Alucard (or some
    other kind of worthy opponent there at the end), but somehow it feels
    like taking it in the Dynasty Warriors direction is going to cut down on the challenge. Not sure if they can actually unite the
    feeling of rewarding action with button-mashing through hordes of

    • Testsubject909

      They’re not ending the timeline if you ask me. It still looked like Medieval times to me, even the giant robot was just basically steampunk-esque of sort. Even if it’s a bunch of Belmont seeking to kill Dracula and they succeed… And they probably will, we already know that Dracula revives again at some point.

      As such, this is the end of the prologue of a new timeline. This is the beginning of the Cox timeline, the initial rise and fall of Dracula and as such the beginning of the Belmont family quest to fight Dracula.

      Also, the teaser we were given is just a cinematic, it wouldn’t guarantee that the game becomes a N3 or DW style game, even if it does hint at it.

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