Soul Sacrifice Announced For Both North America And Europe [Update]

By Yusouf . June 1, 2012 . 7:31am


Dark “true fantasy” Vita title, Soul Sacrifice, is headed to both Europe and the U.S., as confirmed by Sony on their Playstation blog today.


The game, by developer Keiji Inafune, focuses on the concept of sacrificing your character’s body parts in order to perform deadly spells. The strength of your spells is directly determined by how significant your sacrifice is. Composers Yasunori Mitsuda and Wataru Hokoyama are working together to produce the game’s soundtrack.


In addition to the confirmation, Inafune also put out a video discussing his vision for Soul Sacrifice on the PlayStation blog. You can watch this below:



Here’s something else to think about—if Soul Sacrifice is coming over with its original name intact, what’s Forsaken Souls? A trademark that may now never be used, or is there another game with “Souls” in the title headed our way?


Update: Updated with trailer.

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  • I would have loved the reaction if Sony had said that this wasn’t set for a Western release. The Vita being region-free would’ve slightly muted the reaction, I’m sure.

    Soul Sacrifice is one of my most anticipated games on the Vita. I hope it’s released this year in the US.

  • This is definitely good news.

    Makes me thing I won’t have to wait til the middle of Vita’s lifespan to get a few games with the rate things are going.

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    Was there any doubt?

    • Well, there was. But it’s official now, so all is good!

  • Shinji Kazuya

    Awsome! One more for my VITA! :3

  • Hating Ass Nigga

    I wonder what Forsaken Souls is then?

    • Ravage27

      It was the pending western name for Soul Sacrifice, but Sony decided to use the original title instead.

  • neocatzon

    he said we can sacrifices others.. will it works on enemies or players only?

    • Farid Belkacemi

      Both, enemies and players :) When you defeat an enemy you can “save” his soul or sacrifice him, and you can sacrifice one player (or just yourself perhaps ?) to cast a powerful magic spell.

  • SirRichard

    They’d have been stupid not to bring it over, what with the Vita’s current state and all.

    Can’t wait for it, they’d better hurry!

  • JazzyMan123

    Think it’ll come this year? Hopefully…

  • I’m so glad to read this. Now I must definitely get a Vita as most of the games I had been wanting for it are getting released. Great, great news. 

  • badmoogle

    I don’t think anyone had any doubts but it’s good it’s officially confirmed.

  • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

    Glad to hear that it’s officially confirmed to come over to the west. Now for a release timeframe since Jpn will see it late 2012/early 2013.

    Forsaken Souls must have something to do with the Demons Souls ip that is under Sony. Hopefully it will be their own take on the game style since NB has Dark Souls now.

  • rinalicat

    As excited as I am for this title, no matter how many times I watch this trailer, I keep shouting “AUGH!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE??!”. I am not one for such grotesque violence…but I am so intrigued by Inafune’s vision that I kinda forget about my horror and become rather excited!!

  • neo_firenze

    By the way, can we please stop the whole “Vita haz no gamez” nonsense?

    EVERY system goes through this in that period a few months out from system launch.  People said the same thing about the DS, 3DS, PS3, 360, etc…  Vita has only been out in the US about three months, and it had a rather stacked launch lineup (compare it to the anemic 3DS launch, for instance).  If publishers had intentionally held games back from launch and staggered the releases a little, it might look like a little less of a drought but it would still be the same amount of games.

    At least let the thing go through its first E3 announcement season (with stuff like Soul Sacrifice) and holiday season before you act like it’s hopeless that software will ever come. 

    • Code

      Agreed, I don’t get why people are so quick to jump on the “Oh snapp the system has failed, alll is lostttt” bandwagon opo; Honestly I feel like Vita probably had as good of a launch/launch window line up as any system. I know myself there was at least 3 games I wanted, with Gravity Rush making a 4th title, which is unusually high for me u3u;

      • fds_nextdart

        Because we live in a time and age where people are heavily influenced by numbers. Since January Vita has sold poorly in Japan, people see those numbers and cry the end of the World. Sensationalist sites putting headlines such as “The 3DS dominates” and “The Vita keeps hitting new lows” don’t help with the perception either~.

        • Solomon_Kano

          So true. IGN’s one of the worst with this. There’s a difference between simply reporting facts and sensationalizing the news.

          • Testsubject909

            It’s a numbers game.

            Sensationalists tends to gain more hits, more hits means more viewers, more viewers means more customers, more influence and more profit.

            Which in turn links itself back to a simple desire, greed. Greed is an overblown form of a desire for comfort, comfort which is a greater mass of what we need for our pleasure and our survival, of which is linked directly to our basic instincts.

            So sensationalists are behaving like animals at the base of it all, but then again, we all are to begin with so meh…

          • Solomon_Kano

            Yea, I know. Disappointing still.

    • Farid Belkacemi

      “Vita haz no gamez” ? You’re the only one saying that here ! :p

  • AzureNova
  • Woot.  That is all.  

  • Seems really cringe worthy as always. xD I am glad it is confirmed coming here. :D

  • boundries_san

    Another InafKing production and Vita golden boy.^^

    This will probably be the first game i will get for my upcoming Vita lol.

  • Solomon_Kano


  • VWinds

    First handheld Monster Hunter game with full online. I’m pumped.
    Amazing that Capcom still has enough hubris to not include online in their games.

    • Solomon_Kano

      That’s less hubris than design choice. Also, remember that the last big MH game had online. Also, Ragnarok Odyssey has online, so this would be the second.

  • TNA_Lewis

    According to the SONY blog, Forsaken Souls was the test regional title for the game, but they decided to go with Soul Sacrifice instead , so there is no other game…

  • Sweeet…Definitely looking forward to this, have to get a vita though

  • vileBrenman

    oh yeah another awesome vita game. There should be a spell where he rips off his head and grows a bunch of snake heads or a spell where you cut of your legs and get some spider legs or some other sick twisted kind of awesome.

    • That would be awesome, another awesome spell would be if he hari kiri’d himself and his intestines turn into giant snakes or something like what you just said. 

  • thebanditking

    Sony must have a lot of surprises up their sleeve for E3 or its going to be a pretty boring show. They have announced so much stuff already it makes me wonder what else they got.

  • Göran Isacson

    As intriguing as Inafunes desire to make people “roleplay” more than “metagame” may be, I do wonder if it will work. Are gamers more prone to griefing or actually being heroes? Can’t say I’ve got any working theories right now. All I know is that I want this game in my Vita right stat so I can start setting fire to myself and call it “heroic” :D

  • I hope there will be a village or something similar so that I can use them as sacrifice, because I like to become a villain then a hero XD

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