If That Wasn’t Enough Persona 4, Here’s A New Persona 4: Golden Trailer

By Spencer . June 5, 2012 . 12:58am

So, after you see what happens post-Persona 4 in Persona 4: Arena, you can play an enhanced version of the murder mystery RPG on PlayStation Vita. Persona 4: Golden adds a bunch of content to the game including a new character, mopeds, partner attacks, new personas, extra abilities for Rise, and more events like a ski trip.


Persona 4: Golden is slated for release in North America this fall. Hmm… I wonder if Teddie’s original voice actor will record new lines for the "deluxe" version of the game.

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  • <3333 Cannot wait to get this.

  • Andrew Austin

     This new opening is really growing on me.

    • Ditto

    • doubleO7

      *battle theme

      The opening was posted last week and is not used in the trailer.

  • HenDarou

    I really hope that they include the Japanese voice track in The Golden, as well. Being on the Vita ought to make it possible. Not that the English voices are bad, I just vastly prefer the original…

    • amagidyne

       Aren’t Vita games region-free? Importing games can be expensive, but you did say “vastly”.

  • brian yep

    I wish they would have called it Persona 4 Portable.

    • Steven Higgins

      I think the word “Golden” refers to the color scheme of the party’s new evolved Personas. Most of them have some kind of gold colored elements on them and some are all gold.

    • Splintee

      They called it Golden cuz some of the personas have shiny golden texture if they called it portable all the personas will shrunk……

  • Eh, why is it in JP?

    PS2 quality or not, it looks good!!! And just who r u Marie?

    • … because it’s a Japanese game? And Marie is the new social link character added for Golden.

      • I mean, this is an E3 trailer ryte? But why they r not using the eng vewr?

        • doubleO7

          They probably aren’t done recording english audio yet. Thats the most likely explanation, but there could be many more potential reasons as well.

          • Has a localisation even been announced yet? I don’t pay attention since I don’t play them, but if one hasn’t then it wouldn’t make sense to use audio from that before they were ready to announce it. It’s not even out in Japan yet after all. Of course we KNOW it’ll be localised either way but whether it’s announced or not yet is the issue.

          • Its announced.

        • Jake Joe

           These kind of promos are just gonna make more people ask if it will include the Japanese track or not.

  • RmanX1000

    Im tempted to buy this just to have it, and get a Vita later.

  • Wait…….Deluxe Version?

  • Alexander Aubert

    wait…. what deluxe version?
    please don’t tease us just tell us already pretty please?

    • doubleO7

      They’re not talking about a Collectors Edition. Persona 4 Golden IS the deluxe version (of Persona 4). They were referring to Teddie’s new dialogue in P4G. Why would he have new dialogue just for a Collectors Edition, that would be wierd.

  • keithmaxx

    There you go… a bit more decent promo vid for the game.

    I still can’t erase the memory of the intro from my head… T_T

  • Nitraion

    Good opening I like song already hope this opening does’nt get rage…. :O

    • that’s not the opening… the actual opening was posted earlier this week.

      • Nitraion

        Hmm somehow i knew that…. if i’m not mistaken this is one of new battle music no?

        • TheSquishyTanker

           Yes;This is the main battle theme, but Reach Out to the Truth will be played when you get an advantage.

  • I love you so much, persona. Why isn’t this used for the opening song? It was awesome.

  • Okay, that song in the trailer was far better than what was in the opening for the game. Why couldn’t that be used?

    Oh well, no harm no foul. This game looks great and is going to be a definite addition to my Vita library (when I get a white Vita and the game releases). P2:IS is one of my favorite games ever made, and P4 has always had my interest so I’m very excited for this game’s release. 

    • because shoji meguro is still on this J-pop thing he’s been on since P3. I was pretty much shocked when I heard the P2:EP opening wasn’t some guy rapping but was a rearrange of the original supremely epic techno, classical, rockopera mishmash of amazing. quite frankly I want more nocturne and less P3 when it comes to his soundtracks. nocturne’s music was brilliant.

      • JazzWithAttitude

        I miss Lotus Juice so much….=/

      •  Nocturne’s soundtrack is amazing. I listen to that one far more than P3’s. It is just so much better.

    • Perona

       The song in the trailer is the new battle theme.

  • Youareallcryingmorons

    I liked both the opening and this, the battle song, as well. People need a more open mind, not everything needs to be grimdark and “Oh the world is ending and I am a badass” all the time. I liked the upbeat feeling of the new opening, and I like J-Rap that Shoji Meguro is into using a lot.

    •  Not all of us want grimdark music. In my case, I just didn’t like the song made for P4:G’s opening. It was irritating and grating, so I’m just going to skip the opening when I actually get the game. This is not the sign of being close minded, it’s just personal opinion and tastes.  

  • XYZ_JolteonZ980

    Beach stuff looked nice. The dungeons are so improved over P3P.  Im so glad this includes material not in the anime, great expansion of the anime material.

  • AoiKaze

    I’m getting this game before I even get a Vita. XD

    I’m also hoping that the original VA for Teddie does make a comeback. That would mean less work, since you don’t have to re-record the dialogue from the original with a new VA…fingers crossed! @[email protected]

  • Göran Isacson

    It really is kind of amazing how different the Golden and Arena trailers are in tone and music. You can really tell which is made by ArkSys and which is made by Atlus…

    • Michael Joseph

      Woah wait,  isn’t the music for both games by the same guy? Soji meguro.

      • Göran Isacson

         I… have no ACTUAL idea to be honest, but everything about Arenas music SCREAMS ArkSys style with wailing guitars and what not, whereas this sounds more like later Persona games pop-funk style. So yeah, they MAY be made by the same guy for all I know, but they sure don’t sound like it.

        • vee

           It’s Meguro.

  • Kefkiroth

    So stoked for this. This will be a great addition to my Vita, and I’ve always wanted to get into Persona. Hopefully dat metacritic score for the PS2 game does not lie. :P

  • thundergodCN

    Persona 4: Notorious Bikie Gang

  • Lisa Fraulein

    ♫ “It’s time to make history, yeah!!”
    ♫ I can’t wait for this game to be out…

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