Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Hands-On – Stay Energized!

By Kris . June 6, 2012 . 3:35pm

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is a game about maintaining your energy. In the demo I played, the first thing the tutorial demonstrated was “Blade Mode”. Once you have enough energy, holding LT on the Xbox 360 controller makes Raiden draw his sword and the world slows down.


A line is then drawn along the screen according to Raiden’s slicing angle. Much like the few brilliant moments of Neverdead, quickly moving the right analog stick from one angle to the point 180 degrees opposite would slice whatever object that happened to be unfortunate enough to be in Raiden’s way…including the clothes off of a cardboard cutout of a woman when I happened to slice too close to her while removing the head of the cardboard cutout soldier holding her hostage.


(It was an awkward moment.)


Like many action games before it, Rising uses X for wide-reaching quick attacks and Y for more powerful (but still pretty quick) attacks. Chaining these together allows Raiden to build up energy, while getting hit loses it. While the demo was very generous about the amount of energy it provided me, as long as I was in Blade Mode, I was losing energy. If my energy dropped below a certain level, Blade Mode could not be activated.


However, there are two key elements that set Metal Gear Rising apart from other action games.


The first is “Ninja Run”. Holding RT in the demo would surround Raiden with electricity and allow him to jump up walls, hop and over cars and other obstacles, and deflect bullets with his sword. On top of that, attacking in Ninja Run would simply slice whatever was around Raiden to bits. I used it to cut an old ferris wheel down. It fell onto a truck which then exploded, taking out one of my enemies.


Raiden could also parry attacks by pressing Y in the direction of the incoming attack. Everything that wasn’t a bullet could be parried, from enemy blades to the kicks of the “Gekko” robot towards the end of the demo. This sounds like a negligible point, but considering that Raiden has no guard or dodge available to him, it made the game feel much quicker. Raiden was never not on the offense, and a series of attacks (or a well-timed parry), could stun an enemy, leaving them open to a “Zandatsu”.


When Raiden used Blade Mode, a little square target would appear on the enemy he was about to cut. Directing a single clean slice through that target and pressing B at the right time and would make Raiden tear the spinal cord-like energy cell out of the divided foe and crush it, filling his own energy gauge. This is the Zandatsu feature. A full energy gauge would allow Raiden to throw enemies into the air and leap over them while slashing wildly in Blade Mode. It was gratuitously violent, but very cool.


When I finally got into a rhythm in Rising, it became a dance of parries, stunned enemies, and energy cell removal. While I worry that Blade Mode might be a bit overpowered, I’ve been told that certain enemies will require more energy to slice and that this demo was deliberately made easy so people could enjoy cutting things.


Food for Thought:

1. After I’d removed an enemy’s legs, he still crawled toward me, blade drawn. I put him out of his misery shortly afterwards, but I’m curious to see how much longer de-limbed enemies keep fighting.


2. While in Blade Mode, X and Y do horizontal and vertical attacks, which are faster than using the right analog stick, but not quite as fun or accurate.


3. All of the enemies you fight in the game are cyborgs, so the game isn’t quite as gratuitously gory as it first appears. The “blood” that sprays from the enemy soldiers and Gekkos is just oil.

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  • XiaomuArisu

    I know this game would be great!
    Now I need to preorder ZOE to get the demo earlier.
    Because its time for Jack to let em rip!

  • SirRichard

    That’s some very red oil, I must say.

    That said, it’s sounding incredible, and my initial thought of “Vanquish with swords” has been replaced with “Ninja Gaiden with psychotic cutting”, because that’s basically what I’m going to do a lot of the time. Here’s hoping they keep Kojima Productions’ usual attention to detail and leave around loads of things to cut to bits for a laugh.

    • Solomon_Kano

      Hopefully the keeping of the watermelons is an indication that they’ll do exactly as you hope. It was cool seeing the ferris wheel get cut down in the footage, so hopefully there’s lots more stuff like that.

  • Sperium3000

    Well, it IS Platinum games. They make good action games like Kanye West makes a fool of himself. Which is to say, all the time.

  • Nathan_GreeneIV

    Still buying it no matter what. It sounds really fun and I actually cant wait for it.
    1. Raiden is who I actually started out with. (MGS2)
    2. I curious to see how his story will play out.
    That’s all really. 

    • XiaomuArisu

       Dont forget:I actually liked Raiden(Maybe because MGS2 was my first MGS)

      • Freesun4

        Not only that. But I also could identified with Raiden when playing it which made it very interesting although some people bitched a lot about the lack of Snakes

        • XiaomuArisu

          Im part of the”Both are great”groupXD
          I even listended to the Jack/Rose coded romance.

          MGS4 spoiler

          I was shocked because of rose cambel.
          Thank god it was a lie.
          Hope Jack still has a little joy in his live.

          • Nathan_GreeneIV

            Lol I always thought the romance of the game in mgs2 was like a long distance relationship you would see in a korean/Japanese drama.
            In MGS4 it made it even more like those dramas. Lol

          • Freesun4

            Snake is pretty awesome. The problem I found is that Big Boss’ young self is identical to his son even in manners. This made the franchise exploit too much Snake in the same way that God of War always uses Kratos

          • XiaomuArisu

             Well one difference was that BB LOVED to eat!

          • Sperium3000

             It may be due to the fact I only played Metal Gear Solid from 3 onwards, but Naked Snake was quite different than Solid Snake. For one, Naked Snake had a sense of humor and was, quite frankly, a bit messed up in the head.

        • Nathan_GreeneIV

          That’s because they saw Raiden as a pretty boy and a rookie. Compare to Snake who was a hard core solider with vast number of experiences of the battle field. Then again like, Raiden I was new to the experience to metal gear as he was new to the battlefield.

      • Nathan_GreeneIV

        Of course of course. Besides, I’ve been hype ever since i heard he was gonna get his own game.

      • Solomon_Kano

        I started with MGS1 and I honestly never got all of the grief people gave Raiden. He was a cool character. People really over-exaggerate their criticisms of him.

        • XiaomuArisu

           You know people are funny.
          MGS Raiden is nothing like snake!
          DMC Nero is almost like Dante!
          Both were real complainsXD

    • Nitraion

      I started out with 3 and fell love with it…XD
      i just try 2 in HD collection

      • Nathan_GreeneIV

        Hmm thanks to the 2nd game I got twin snakes for the gamecube followed up by the 3rd game. Following that a friend gave me his original MGS 1. 
        BTW In mgs3 I picked the starting slection “I LIKED MGS2” for the raiden mask and throughout the play through I used that mask. Even though given to the fact the mouth part didnt move lol 

  • I’m getting hyped!

  • Thanks for clarifying the fact that Raiden is, indeed, fighting cyborgs. Also laughed at the clothes slicing of that poor woman. xD

    Loved the demonstration shown during the E3 and it’s definitely what I’d expect from a Platinum game.
    No more doubts here. I’m going to pre-order Revengeance and buy ZOE HD, so I can enjoy the demo too.

    • Nathan_GreeneIV


  • Freesun4

    I wonder how the bosses are going to be

  • One thing that I’m worried about slightly is that in all the gameplay videos I’ve seen from various websites is that the game looks fairly easy. But of course it’s a presentation demo, so I’m thinking they made it easy so they could show off the awesome cinematics.

    Nevertheless, Raiden I love you. The part where I made you do Naked Cartwheels was my favorite moment in gaming history.

    • Roubjon

       You probably don’t have do be worried.  It’s just like you said, it’s a presentation demo.

  • Domii


  • PK212

    It kinda worries me that you can’t dodge in this game (I hate blocking but I love to dodge). However, if they did add dodging I guess this game would definitely seem more like Bayonetta.

    •  You can also dodge, I’ve seen a backflip and slide at least :)

  • z_merquise

    I knew it! Raiden (and Platinum Games) would make it right!

    It sounds like the demo is too short. I was expecting that the demo include a boss fight. Just reading the positive reception of the demo here and in other sites made me more happy and excited for this game.

    • Solomon_Kano

      I took the mention of the Gekko towards the end to mean it was the boss, but I suppose it’s not then?

  • Solomon_Kano

    Aaaand just like that, my interest in this game just increased. Didn’t think it was still possible, but what do ya know!

    I’m liking that you can parry. It’s not something I’d have expected of a game with Platinum’s usual pacing, so that’s great. Ninja Run is also sounding cool. I was wondering how they’d get his crazy MGS4-style movement into gameplay without him just completely bouncing off every object in sight. Good to know they got a hold on that.

    Between Anarchy Reigns and Rising, Platinum’s just going to own action gaming for the next good while (not that they didn’t already).

    • Christopher Nunes

      I agree… this sounds awesome! It’s a Metal Gear game, but unique and different on its own to be called Rising featuring Raiden.

      I can’t wait until this game comes out! I love the Metal Gear series (well I played the Solid series, except MGS3 and I STILL have to beat MGS4… I’m still in the early part of it!) and this is a welcome addition to my collection!

      I’m going to LOVE deflecting enemy attacks, sneaking up on them, and cutting them to bits! Mind you I’m not into “gory” games, but it doesn’t distract me from a good game when I saw it… and this is going to be one HELL of an action game I’m going to like!

      Action, Platformer, Fighting, RPG, and Adventure games are my favorite genre after all!

      • Solomon_Kano

        Yea, I’m liking that they’re making a game uniquely for Raiden but keeping just enough of that Metal Gear DNA. This is gonna be great.

        • Christopher Nunes


    • elvergudo666

       bayonetta had parring and counters

      • Solomon_Kano

        Did it? I only ever played the demo and that was a while back, so there’s that.

  • DanteJones

    I swear Kris works some black voodoo magic into his reviews/previews. Every time I read one, I suddenly get the urge to play whatever he his talking about. I’M WISE TO YOUR TRICKS, KRIS. 

    (Seriously though, I can’t wait for this game, despite some minor concerns I may still have)

    • That’s cuz Kris is talking GAME MECHANICS, notice not a word about story, just why you should actually PLAY this game… good work Kris, excellent analysis bruv!

      • Kris

        @DanteJones You guys are both too kind!

  • Alex Sargeant

    Haha. It’s not blood. It’s oil!

    I don’t remember if Nanoblade got away with that too..

    • rowsdower

       Nanobreaker? They didn’t, it looked like strawberry jam.

    •  it’s actually not oil either, it’s a stream of nanomachines held in a containment solution that happens to be red, they pretty much said that in MGS4 just with bigger words.

  • Syltique

    That sounds great.  the focus on parries and timed button presses is exactly what I was hoping for.

  • l777l

    Kris, is stealth a serious element and option in this game?

    • Freesun4

      Looks like an option for normal encounters and apparently very important when Raiden is in a weak state

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