Dead Or Alive 5: Hands-On With Virtua Fighter Guest Characters

By Spencer . June 7, 2012 . 4:32pm

Behind closed doors, Team Ninja had another demo of Dead or Alive 5 with Virtua Fighter guests Akira Yuki and Sarah Bryant available to play. Before I got started, Kohei Shibata from Tecmo Koei explained some of the game’s new mechanics.


Instead of memorizing combos, players need to know where danger zones are in Dead or Alive 5. These spots are essentially stage traps that deal way more damage than a wall hit. If you can shove your opponent into a car it might explode. Kicking the other player *into a helicopter* hurts even more. However, a regular kick can’t launch an opponent that high into the air.


This is where the Power Blow comes into play. You can use Power Blows after you’ve lost 50% of your health. Tina, Akira, and Sarah’s Power Blow command is down/back and punch + kick. After you input the command your character has to charge for about two seconds and during this time you’re completely vulnerable. If you manage to pull a Power Blow off you can do a "stage super move" and Shibata demoed what happens in the Circus stage. He hit Bass through the clown’s mouth in the center of the stage, which is actually a cannon that shot Bass out.


When you’re really low on life another move called a Critical Blast unlocks. Hit an enemy with this and you’ll stun them for a few seconds – just enough time to charge up for a Power Blow and send an opponent flying into a trap. The Critical Blast to Power Blow combo almost sounds like a comeback move a severely wounded player can do to turn the tide of a battle.


Shibata also confirmed Tag Mode will be in Dead or Alive 5 and then challenged me to a fight. I picked Sarah as my character and she has lightning legs. Sarah can hit an enemy with a flurry of kicks, a rising knee, and a good old flip kick. Shibata swayed out of danger when I tried to grab him, but I suppose that’s not Sarah’s strength anyway. She’s a fast and her long legs give her a bit more reach than other fighters.


Akira, just like in Virtua Fighter 5, is a steady fighter that deals a good amount of striking damage. I think he’s a bit too slow and linear for my taste, so I went back and stuck with Sarah. Even though they’re from a different universe, the Virtua Fighter guests look like they fit in with the Dead or Alive 5 crowd.

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  • Darkrise

    I’m… Having some weird thoughts from this first pic. Oh wait yeah, I’m hyped for this! Day 1 Baby! Day 1!|0

  • doubleO7

    Wait…Bass? Has he been confirmed yet? I don’t recall hearing anything about him yet.

    • Sakurazaki

      He was shown on a screenshot on IGN

  • Jezzy

    Not a fan of comeback mechanics, but I’ll certainly give the game a fair chance.

    • raymk

      No one is a fan of them but doa always had comeback mechanics especially with the insane amount of damage counters used to do lol.

    • HotDunk

      Powerblow isn’t really a comeback mechanic. It only seems that way because of the 50% health criteria. In the previous demo build you could do it at 100% health, so this is honestly better. But they’re extremely risky to do and an opponent can survive multiple power blows and even has options to minimize damage.

      • Symbol de Au

        Not really. This means that the person who has lower health can do it but the one who has more can’t. It wasn’t a comeback mechanic before but it is now.

    • Nitraion

      The most annoying is when your oppenent is 40% health and you in 55% health XD
      but i kinda like it…..

  • Hoshi星

    I’ve watched some matches at the ign stream during the e3 and I liked what I saw. I can’t wait to play the final version. And we better also have a limited edition of this game in America as well.

  • Speedo Redempteur

    doable only at less than 50% health
    2 sec charge
    totally vulnerable
    can miss ( since you need to target a specific part of the level )

    OK i can live with those powerblow look like they won’t change the balance much but are an intrestng addition.

  • XiaomuArisu

    Its DoA baaaabyyyy!
    ops wrong game.
    Im glad tag mode is still there it was the only reasom my  brothers or friends played with me.(They hate fighting games)

  • Nitraion

    Aoi next please i have personal affection for her :3

  • I think they should call it DOA vs VF. it’s gonna be a crazy game :D

    • Guest

      nah not yet. It’s too heavily favored in the DoA sense for that due to the stages. Would need to be balanced more

      Put in Ryo Hakuzi, Hotsuma and Lan Di though

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