Demons’ Score Is More Like Square Enix’s Elite Beat Agents

By Spencer . June 7, 2012 . 1:14am


I played Demons’ Score yesterday and came off with a different impression of the music/battle game from Square Enix. While it looks like an on-rails shooter, but it plays more like Ouendan or Elite Beat Agents.


Notes appear when you’re flying through a stage and if you tap them on beat you’ll do a critical attack. These notes appear in chains and some have players double or triple tap. Other notes have players trace a moving beach ball reticule around the screen. Demons’ Score also has swords, which players have to swipe towards the direction of the blade and double notes where you have to hit two spots on the touch screen.


Demons’ Score also has a touch of wackiness. The stage I played put me in control of a girl with a huge afro dressed in a disco outfit. (Also, see the ridiculous costume above, you’re really going to fight in that?)


Demons’ Score is coming to iOS and Android devices this summer.


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  • Kefkiroth

    I hope there is a harder difficulty… the beatmap I saw on a video looked ridiculously simple, even for an easy mode.

  • “Also, see the ridiculous costume above, you’re really going to fight in that?”

    “Ridiculous” doesn’t even begin to describe it. She’s practically showing her underwear. Why do developers feel the need to throw in gratuitous sex appeal?

    • Go big or go home they say.  I suppose it is pandering in the most obvious form, but then again it’s just a game (and one that doesn’t seem to be made to be taken all that seriously).

      Taking another look, though the design is pretty bad even without considering how impractical it would be to fight in.

      • There’s already too many instances of “it’s just a game”, I’m afraid. If the consumers keep shrugging off such instances, companies will keep on doing it because they know they can get away with it.

        • It’s shrugged off because most don’t really see the harm in it.  Some go “Oh look, boobies”  others go “She looks like a stripper in medieval cosplay.”  All manage to go on with their lives unhindered.

          • What I’m saying is that there’s a lot of pointless pandering in modern media, and now some companies are following that trend just because it sells. It’s not harmful directly or individually, but it doesn’t benefit the industry as a whole in terms of progress and quality.

          • FitzpatrickPhillips

            In the way you’re describing it, it seems like pointless nitpicking then. If she was wearing full-armor that wouldn’t be hurting or benefiting the industry either. At least in one case, it’s eye candy. Sure, there I agree its a bit random for her to be wearing that for a rhythm game but eh.

          • @facebook-1786364591:disqus
            Actually, there could be a difference: By dressing her up properly, the developers can effectively say that they’re not going for a cheap form of appeal; it may even partially/indirectly mean they’re confident enough in their game to not pander to natural instincts.

            I’m not going to elaborate here on how this is harmful to women’s image, etc. Because what I’m not impressed with is exploitation as a whole in any shape or form, and sexualizing females in fiction are only a subcategory of it. Maybe the gameplay is actually good, but by taking the pandering route, the developers/company essentially sacrificed part of the game’s dignity – as well as theirs.

      • Setsuryuu

         Even I think we are getting past “it’s just a game” and right into “it’s getting old” area.

        …Perhaps specifically because, as you pointed out, that design is doing even the pandering part wrong! lol

    • boundries_san

      ….. Have u see Code of Princess MC???

      • I have. And I doubt my comments on her “outfit” design would be any different from this.

        • boundries_san

          Well i just showed that this kind of clothing has happened a lot there in Japan.^^

          If u remember Oneechan-Bara series also had those costume lol.^^

  • Looks lk a fun game to ply while going home….
    As long as ppl aren’t staring.

  • Peace Legacy

    I thought I finally managed to get over my thirst for a new Ouendan/EBA, then this article’s title just have to bring it up
    D-damn it *teary eyes*

    • Speedo Redempteur

      O … oo .. oooo …OENDAN !!!

  • canarinta

    >Bottom left picture


  • malek86

    I wonder if my Galaxy W could run this. Android fragmentation really is a problem…

  • neetyneety

    Did they display that other RPG included in their Sisilala Overdrive label? The one that’s supposedly worked on by the Wild Arms writer or something? I was anticipating some news on that, but all I see is this, Guardian’s Cross, some puzzle games, and FF Dimensions.

  • Ugh, can we get more games where the women don’t dress so slutty? I don’t mind a little cleavage but this is getting ridiculous.

  • Spider-Man

    I’m not bothered by her attire. I’m not one who gets offended by something as trivial as clothing. If you do, good for you. Don’t care for her attire? Don’t buy the game then. Don’t give them money. Don’t show support. You can whine if you want, but it won’t really do much. There will always be a group of people who will buy the game and give the company their money.

    Anyways, just read that this game is for the IOS, since it’s the first time I’m hearing of it. Ah well, there goes any interest.

    • revenent hell

      I am tirading a bit but it realy irks me when people get offended by attire of video game charecters.
      I agree 100% with you if people dont like it dont buy it but personally I  rather enjoy playing as someone who dosent look like they belong on the carebear count down.

  • komiko12

    A rhythm game disguised as a shooter? LOL

  • KK

    Reminds me of Elemental Gearbolt…just a little bit though. Shame it doesn’t look like it will be as deep or engaging. I would love to see this on PS Move or Kinect – make me actually want to use them.

  • Haohmaru HL

    now that we have Osu! version for mobile devices i don’t see how this will be needed

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