Resident Evil 6 E3 Demo Walkthrough With Leon, Chris And Jake

By Ishaan . June 7, 2012 . 6:22pm

Capcom have released footage of all three Resident Evil 6 demos at E3—Leon, Chris and Jake. Each one is about 20 minutes in length, so you’re in for a long ride. Check them out below:










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  • Luna Kazemaru

    Lol the Youtube comments…Sound like what I’m going to see here in abit can’t wait to real all the QQ from people. Anyway Chris and Jakes story modes look pretty good but I think i’m going to start out playing Jakes story mode because he is a new guy and the fact he fights somewhat like wesker with out all the warping crap. Also what is up with all these sweet jackets in this game….Leon…Jake..sherry so much swag.


    I’m really loving all three types of gameplay, looks very intense. And that’s what I love about new Resident Evil games they are intense. Not to mention game looks fantastic.

    3, 2, 1…  time for complains. “Where is my horror, this game sucks, I’m not buying it, I still must say it is not good, where is my old school gameplay, why this is it like this not like that, etc.” And how many people bought Revelations which was back to series roots? Yeah, everyone went and bough Operation Raccoon City which is pure 3D person shooter.

    P.S.: I hope those rumors about collector’s edition, that includes REs from 1 to 4th HD are true.

    • Jose Mossel

      Actually Revelations sold enough for them to want to release another R.E. title on the 3DS

    • idofgrahf

      Revelations sold half a million copies, not bad for a handheld game considering raccoon city sold 1.5 million across PC, xbox and PS3. So plenty of people liked the old school gameplay and its even on a handheld with a 4 inch screen size to boot. RE6 game play is not bad, though if they are going to do the whole action instead of horror rout, they might as well go all the way like left 4 dead with tons of zombies and dead island with rpg like leveling. But the screen tearing is very noticeable, graphics from the demo, while far from ugly is hardly cutting edge like BF3, but at least its a zombie game with some semblance of a story which is pretty rare.

    •   Revelations was the best Resident Evil in a long time. Graphics like RE5, camera and aiming like 4 and 5, dodge move of RE3, the classic box is back(where you put your itens), the terror is back and, for the last: ENEMIES DON’T DROP AMMO AND MONEY AND STUFF. Why RE6 is going the wrong way? Damn you Capcom!

  • AzureNova

    Not to say that 4 & 5 weren’t good, but this is the first Resident Evil game I’ve been this hyped for in a while, and hopefully it won’t be the last =^_^=

  • First I was looking forward to this game, then I saw Leon’s QTE-tastic demo and felt like the series was dead and now I’m watching Chris’ demo and I wanna play this game with my SO. What’s wrong with me

  • Okay, so when I first watched the gameplay for RE6, I was still interested and excited for it. Then I watched an IGN preview that gave off the impression that the game was going to be as badly made as 5 (when it came to the co-op heavy focus and terrible AI for the partner in single player), but after watching these, I must say that I’m once again interested. I’m going to wait for a demo, because 60 dollars is a lot of money to be spending, then I’ll have a better idea of whether or not I wish to buy this game around launch. However, I am glad to see that it looks like a ton of fun so far and I hope that it won’t turn into another version of RE5 (co-op wise) for me. 

  • Wow, that countdown at the last video was epic. xD “Fifteen seconds…” *bam bam bambambambam* Also, these guys are hilarious. And Liam Nelson. Genius, whoever said that.

    I also love how RE characters still ask people who are clearly not okay, “Are you okay?”  It’s great. Love you, Leon. Combat looks good. Options are nice. Still not scary, but it’s tense. So I guess that’s good enough, considering what RE has become – this catastrophic outbreak.

  • Jose Mossel

    So much screen tearing u_u” The environments do look nice though

    • MrRobbyM

      I noticed that too. Hopefully it’s something they can fix before release or it might even be fault of streaming it and then uploading to youtube.

  • Chris Lane

    I heard one of the reviewers who got to play the game thought it was the worst experience with RE he’s ever had. Then again who knows, I can’t really tell until I play the game myself. I hope he just had a bad experience and isn’t right about it being bad. I’ll have to try the demo before I decide to buy this.

  • Happy Gamer

    I was not excited about this game at all until I cleared my mind and just tried to look at it as a good zombie shooter and I have some excitement. Alot of people forgot about the fantastic little title called “Resident Evil Outbreak” which I had so much fun with, yet lasted so little. It was a fantastic coop survival game. It def felt more like the original game. You felt helpless and ammo was low, and when you get separated at one Alot of people complained that the game didn’t have proper communication tools other than ingame calls, but it is precisely why I loved it and felt more real life…like everyone was panicking and just babbling vs. “hey go get that key and wait for the zombies after the cut scene.” via voice chat or something.

    I hope this game brings back some of the coop excitement back from elements of outbreak and not just a partner that shoots with you.

  • Brimfyre

    RE6 is kind of a Sausage Fest .

    • MrRobbyM

      Not if you have someone else play with you. If not, it’s as much as a sausage fest as RE5. You know, with the camera behind Chris’s rippling biceps all the time and what not.

      • Tan Wei Lun

        funny that you mention his biceps. apparently they’re not that big as they were in re5. either capcom wants players to feel less inadequate about their body or chris has gotten REALLY lazy. :D

  • Leon: I used to kill zombies and ganado, and then I took a stick to the head by a zombie.

    I wonder when the argument about the 3 guys among fangirls will break out….. But srsly Leon look old but Chris looks abt the same as RE5!? Chris gotta be older than Leon, am I ryte?

    Did I just saw an upgraded Kipepeo in Chris vids!? And all those mooks are ZB!? They can turn into an giant arm(s)!? Hoooo-Boy. And is tht me or Chris slim down his muscle?

    Sucks to be Jake. Wht with a huge-ass tyrant tht wants his blood with or w/out his consent.

    • Jonathan Keycross

      As far as I understand, RE6 is a prequel of RE5. So it makes sense Chris doesn´t look older while RE4 happened years before RE6 (In Leon´s case).

      Edit:My bad, my googling skills are failing me lately. Thanks Ankur Jain!


    I guess Leon was a clone like Solid Snake after all.

  • Rohan Viajar

    I kinda don’t like the  HUD
    bahh.. I can live with it guess.
    (leon’s I mean)

  • Tan Wei Lun

    if they made leon’s gameplay more like re4, very suspense-y i think the game would be perfect in my eyes. we get a bit of action a bit of survival horror. :D

  • Kynbros

    Nice I can’t wait!!!

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