Why DmC Devil May Cry’s Dante Is Part Angel

By Kris . June 8, 2012 . 3:02pm

Unlike the old Dante, who was part demon and part human, DmC Devil May Cry’s Dante is half-angel and half-demon. This is reflected in the game’s combat, too, where you can switch between demon and angel forms, each with their own moves. So, why did Ninja Theory include the half-angel part?


I asked Ninja Theory’s Creative Director, Tameem Antoniades, this very question at E3. Antoniades told me that Capcom had rules about which parts of the Devil May Cry canon Ninja Theory could change in their reboot.


For their part, Ninja Theory wanted Dante to be something special, like nobody else on Earth—almost like a secret weapon against the demons. Because the world is run by demons who throw their weight around, Dante being an angel makes him special.


At some point in DmC Devil May Cry, Dante is recruited by an organization of freedom fighters called “The Order,” who are attempting to free the world from demon occupation. The Order assigns one of their members, Kat, to be Dante’s guide and aid him on his mission against the demons.

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  • AzureNova

    Ah I see. It all makes sense now =P

  • Well, that’s actually a better reason than I was expecting. I suppose that makes sense, and I guess I can kind of understand why they wanted to do something different. But I liked when he was half-human, because it created an interesting dynamic of Dante being caught right in the middle of the human/demon struggle.

    But this is really a reboot, huh? I’d been confused on whether or not this was a reboot or just a simple alternate reality-type thing, but now that I know…

    I’m not sure I understand why a series that is only about, what, 10 years old needs a reboot, but I guess I’ll just have to deal with it, LOL.

    • Solomon_Kano

      Well, it didn’t need one. Capcom wanted one is all. So long as it turns out good, then I’ll be fine with that. It is a pretty young series to be getting a reboot though. I mean, the last one is only a few years old.

      • Testsubject909

        It’d be a bit like suddenly having a reboot of Demon’s Souls for 2014….

        I’d give whoever would be making that game this look:

    • ZBaksh386

      Thing is, most reboots are alternate universe since they are not meant to fit together.

      Nolan’s Batman does not fit up with Burtons batman etc.

      • I guess what I mean about that is whether or not the reality depicted in DmC is going to completely replace that of the old games, becoming the new canon. That’s what I’m worried about.

        • ZBaksh386

          The thing is noone really knows that since capcom is keeping their options so they havent ruled it out yet.

  • Spider-Man

    I’m not too bothered by the reboot like I used to be. Design and whatnot didn’t bother me. It’s the Angel part that irks me. Dante’s humanity is what makes him stronger than full blooded demons. Demons have superior physical strength and have magical ablilities but they lack something very important; a “heart”. Humans have the willpower to succeed dispite impossibe odds, demons don’t.

    If Dante was not half-human in the original canon, he would have never been able to defeat Vergil. Vergil was far more skilled in using his power but rejected his heart so he was relying on only half of power. When two people have the same level of power and the same basic nature the one with more skill (Vergil) is usually going to win.

    But whatever, nothing we can do about it now. I’ll just wait and go through the story when I rent the game. Hopefully it won’t be as painful as DMC2 and DMC4’s story.

    • pressstart

      I concur. Being half human, half demon wasn’t special enough for DmC? Oh well.

    • epy

      Having a heart or anything positive like that does not fit with this generation of gaming, where everything has to be cynical, gritty and hard boiled. I’m actually glad all the fan backlash had such an effect, or we could have ended up with a moody brat torn between his angel and devil side and reminding us every minute of it.

      • Testsubject909

        It’s a weird phase in gaming. But at least there’s variety where you can find it, with a lot of nonsensical fun happening around if you care to find it.

        I want to go to my friend’s place and play some co-op Kirby Return to Dreamland now.

  • Adrián Benítez

    cause the new Dante is Little Nicky XD

  • Wasn’t he already different from anyone else on earth in the original series while being part human? That explanation confuses me, but at least it’s a valid explanation. I’m still interested to actually play the full game and as I mentioned in another post (on a different DmC story) the game has enough of my attention to warrant a purchase (maybe not at full price though).

  • SirRichard

    From the footage I’ve seen, it seems to play like God of War with a scoring system instead of Devil May Cry (although Dante moves faster than Kratos when not attacking, there’s that), which I don’t have any problem with as I quite like God of War. I just know the scoring system being so open is going to drive me up the wall, but then grade-based scoring systems tend to.

    It’s looking absolutely gorgeous, too, and generally much better than early looks at it hinted it would be. Here’s hoping Ninja Theory have gotten things right this time around.

    Though I swear to God, if I try to walk off a ledge two-inches above the ground and Dante just leans forward flailing his arms and trying not to fall instead of just stepping down, I’m throwing the box out the window.

  • Sperium3000

    The problem in this is that Dante still looks like a normal human. Shouldn’t he have more angel or demon characteristics?

    • PK212

      Kinda like how in Jak II and 3, when he was in his Dark Eco mode he got horns and when he was in Light Eco mode he grew light blue wings (among other physical changes as well)? That could be pretty neat if done properly.

      • Solomon_Kano

        Doesn’t look like NT will take it there though, barring some late game transformation. I mean, he’s half-demon half-angel but he only has a Devil Trigger. Nothing special from his angel half? That would’v been cool.

        • Testsubject909

          The angel part might just be his human looking appearance as a sort of “We humans were built to resemble god so therefore we are good by nature and holy from creation, which is reflected by the touch of the angel within him” and all that crap.

          Which I would argue against. I’m pretty sure that if anything, by our very nature, if given free will, Angels would pretty much despise us.

          Angels are built to be perfect and what are they tasked over doing? Looking after the pet project of God who built us and is, according to certain scriptures, preferring us over his perfect creations… It’s really no wonder that some angels rebelled and became demons.

          edit: That said, I read in passing one iteration that stated that Uriel gave us science against the will of God and got punished for it, yet God never took science away from us… Weird.

          • Solomon_Kano

            You know… now I’m going to be really disappointed if they never get into anything regarding angels in this new universe. It just has too much potential now.

      • ZBaksh386

        i think the controller has a button design to switch between angel and demon dodges so he might get a angel form later.

        fist bump on the jak and dax reference.

    • Stephen

       He probably has no demon form because his transformation looks like the old Dante, either as a throwback or to please the fans. Probably if people didn’t complain about the new Dante so much he’d have a normal demon for for DT.

      • British_Otaku

        Are you really saying that we (meaning people not pleased with the design choices for Dante) should be held responsible for this Dante not having a transformation with horns or whatever you expect?

        Capcom have yet to throw us a bone. >_>

    • Kris

      I’m curious about that too. But we’ve seen that demons can take human form in the trailers, so I think Dante might have another form outside of the white haired one we’ve seen in his Devil Trigger.

  • Shadowman

    I still like the half-demon half-human dante but this one maybe cool :/

  • A little bit foul-mouthed for an angel don’t you think?

    • Testsubject909

      Half Angel.

      I’d like to correct you on that…

      Because full angels being foul-mouthed perverts who use their panties like guns are awesome…

  • Cjs0511

    His mother was an angel and his dad was a demon…plot hole solved

    • British_Otaku

      It’s a shame that instead of this, we heard it from the horse’s mouth that he wanted to change it, he had permission to change it and thought that fanfics with half-demon, half-angel heroes were better than fanfics with half-demon, half-human heroes.

      • Christopher Nunes

        You said Half-Demon twice… I take it you mean Half-Angel?

        • British_Otaku

          Right you are. Mathematically, it is still the same. :P

          Thanks, Christopher.

          • Christopher Nunes

            No problem! ^_^

    • Red9ro

      Would be cool if his father was the angel and the mother, the demon.

  • Solomon_Kano

    Oh. So I suppose this world is full of half-human half-demon hybrids then?

    I hope the game says something deeper than that, because that’s a pretty boring reason for making him part angel.

    • Kris

      The world is filled with humans and run by demons, I’ve got a feeling that Dante’s angel side will hold more significance as we learn more about the game. I can’t help but wonder what we’ll hear about Vergil…

      • Solomon_Kano

        If Vergil gets a mention, I’ll be damn excited. I do hope that they tell us more about his angel side as the game goes on. At the same time, that sounds a bit off for a game called Devil May Cry, but who cares.

        • Kris

          Well, there’s been some speculation as to the identity of the man in the mask in the recent trailer…

          • Bentan

             its Jester!!!

          • Solomon_Kano

            Or is it Arkham?

          • Solomon_Kano

            You know, I haven’t seen the recent trailer…


            Eh. I don’t think it’ll end up being Vergil. If anyone from the old DMC, I’d sooner say Sparda himself. Though the villain’s line does kinda imply that Sparda isn’t around anymore, so there’s that. If it’s Vergil, that’d be very cool. A Dante and Vergil that work together? I’d like that.

  • Levin_Scorpius

    “When a mommy Angel and a daddy Demon get very very drunk one night and end up doing who knows how many sacrilegious and sinful things, they…”

    O-oh, that’s not it? Well, their reasoning isn’t as terrible as mine would have been in any case. I was expecting something a little more meaty than this, but it’s not that bad I guess. A little lackluster though.

    • British_Otaku

      Both your “quote” reasoning and Tameem’s are blatant retcons. So there isn’t really much difference in the long run.

      You would think being a demon fighting demons or being in a group against demons would be something… Or being half human, half demon from the get go… Oh well.

      He could have done either of those and had some magic/weapon/MacGuffin give him the Angel Mode. It worked for Jak from Jak and Daxter. >_>

      • Kris

        It’s not a retcon if it’s a reboot!

        • British_Otaku

          Sorry, Kris and Levin.

          Looking over what I’ve said, I used the term “retcon” despite knowing that this is an alternative universe reboot. Blame, the original project being a direct sequel for me doubting anything they say continuity-wise and treating it as all of the above.

          I still see it as a project with a great deal of unnecessary changes and ideas which could be better suited to a new character (rather a new character than accepting the name Dante being stamped on Dino… Dante in Name Only) or game project without expectations for certain features, personalities and all.

          It is fundamentally similar and intends to reuse some ideas (Vino – Virgil in Name Only and such) so it comes across as more of a threat.

        • Testsubject909

          That said.

          Dante this time around could’ve been a dog instead of a human, not even related to angels or demons. He could’ve been fueled by ogre blood, be some vicious ogre wolf dog. They could’ve used an entirely different mythology too, like Hindu. And the dog could’ve been genderless. And the enemy could’ve been vampire aliens. And it could take place on a moon surrounding Jupiter. And it could’ve been a puzzle game. And it also could focus entirely on story over gameplay. And it could’ve also be on the Apple and Android market instead. And Dante could’ve been called something else entirely like Jester Lester.

          Jester Lester the genderless Ogre Wolf Dog fighting against Vampire Aliens in the world of Hindu Gods living on the moons surrounding Jupiter in a full blown puzzle game.

          It’s not like they need to respect the original premise and story is there?

          … Did I take this joke too far?

          edit: On a side note… I’m now curious if what I just wrote would work… Hmm…

          • Kris

            If Capcom gave the go-ahead, and the combat was still interesting, I’d still buy that DMC. But then again, I also liked dreadlocked Bionic Commando, so perhaps I don’t get as enraged about change as some people…

      • Levin_Scorpius

        You cannot retcon something that is a reboot that is also suppose to be set in a parallel universe. My quote reasoning was basically a joke of what would be a bad explanation. Not meant to be taken seriously. 

        On further elaboration, the half-demon/angel dealio is something that may or may not end up working for the game in the long run. If it actually factors in to the plot (it already factors into the gameplay) and it works well in the story, then its a plus. On the other hand if it just makes Dante the Second more Mary Sue-ified or just plain outright doesn’t work or lacks any effective importance, then its a negative.

        Just because it worked for Jak (I’m taking your word on this here, haven’t actually played it myself) doesn’t mean it would work here. Just because thing X could effectively use plot device Y doesn’t mean thing Z could use it as well. 

        Really, despite the fact that gameplay is definitely the most important thing in a game, if something exist without the help of or against the story, it will reflect badly on it. So in my opinion having the half-angel thing from the get go is a much safer way to go and easier method to pull of since this is a reboot instead of something that would require the assistance of a professional writer.

        • British_Otaku

          I address the retcon/reboot stuff in the below post besides how I was similarily joking that “When a mommy Angel and a daddy Demon get very very drunk one night and
          end up doing who knows how many sacrilegious and sinful things, they…” and “For their part, Ninja Theory wanted Dante to be something special, like
          nobody else on Earth—almost like a secret weapon against the demons.
          Because the world is run by demons who throw their weight around, Dante
          being an angel makes him special.” both say “we made him half angel because…” on face value. Till we know whether being half angel means anything in this universe.

          So far, we have the director saying that it is intended to make him special, so at this point till we have any proof of it adding to the story. It makes adds to his Mary Sue qualities. :/

          I was just throwing up a proposition for maintaining fundamental characteristics. We have had weapons attached to abillities in DMC games before (Yamato in DMC4), though yes a “power up from left field” would be harder to work in that “he is half angel”.

    • Testsubject909

      I don’t think that Angels are capable of giving birth to new Angels.

      Plus the thought of a Demon defiling an Angel’s very perfect nature to force them to bear a progeny doesn’t seem to me like it would be a very natural and enjoyable birth. Hell, I’d almost see it like a tumor on the shoulderblade exploding in a huge gory mess to give birth to an unnatural crossbreed and direct insult to the face of god, though whatever half angel portion it would have would immediately be rejected and cause said progeny to become a deformed demon of sort. As whatever angel part would immediately be deemed fallen, and thus the creature itself would be a full demon either way.

      In most original holy scriptures… That certainly seems like what god would do.

  • That’s funny. I don’t remember anything in the previous games that suggested the world was (or had been for millennia) under the control of demons. Sounds like they were trying to make it more cyberpunk with their reboot.

    • Freesun4

      What do you say? When I started DMC3 the city was already in control of demons and to make it worse they ruined Dante’s pizza! XD

      • More like, the city was overrun by demons. There wasn’t anything suggesting that demons controlled human life in that game, in fact it seemed to suggest that their appearance was linked to the tower and normally Dante was just called to handle infestations.

    • Guest

       More like Illuminati

  • dahuuuundge

    Because being the son of Sparda is nothing special at all.

    • AnimusVox

      Of course not.

  • Nathan_GreeneIV

    I was actually hoping for a more elaborate reason for the change of race. I need the game to have a better perspective of whats going on. 

    • ZBaksh386


  • Christopher Nunes

    Could’ve you at least tell us if the Father was the Demon or Angel and the Mother was the Demon or Angel? I like to know a little more on his heritage, but the explanation could’ve been worse… they could’ve stated they made him half-angel because they wanted to and had no special reason for it.

    Still… they could’ve elaborated more on it, but let’s see what the story has to offer on that.

    So what are the qualities that make Angels… well, Angels? Like how Demons have superior strength and magic abilities but lack heart, and Humans have amazing willpower to overcome any odds no matter how impossible?

    • Kris

      Sparda is a Demon, Eva is an angel. We haven’t seen any angels in the game yet, so we don’t know what they can do!

      • Christopher Nunes

        Well that explains it… thank you very much!

        Though why the lack of Angels in this one though?

        • Kris

          I’m not sure yet! It’s probably something they’ll address in the full game.

  • ZEROthefirst

    That didn’t answer anything except they made Dante special from the demons now, instead of humans.

  • Part angel huh?
    With how much of a potty mouth and an attitude problem he has, besides reminding me of a punk rocker that tidbit of news also reminds me of a certain pair of foul mouthed,perverted, exiled angels with attitude problems.

    • Testsubject909

      Big difference here is that these are full angels.

      Speaking of which, it would’ve been far more interesting if Dante was a full angel himself and became a fallen angel due to his nature, not being a full blown demon just yet, only being halfway through his damnation and still having access to both powers as he floats in limbo, still able to find redemption though skimming close to eternal damnation and a transformation into a full blown demon.

      Which would’ve also been, pending which texts you read, more mythologically or theologically accurate.

      • Precisely why I alluded to them, also I posted this apparently around the same time someone mentioned the English dub of Panty and Stocking over in the Open Thread. Reminds me, need to go finish the series so I can get prepped for the dub.

        Also the Fallen Angel bit might have been more interesting than what we have now,but we shall see.

  • Roberto Armando Iraheta

    This sounds like a bad fanfic. >_>

    • M’iau M’iaut

      Bad fanfic should make it perfect for silconera. You checked out the open thread lately?

  • Dylan Anantha

    I really hope they give Not-Dante some decent dialogue at least, his lines in the trailer consisted almost entirely of swear words.

  • Rocket D

    Okay, I’m not saying if this game is going to suck or not. I’m not saying much of it in terms of gameplay for I didn’t get much of it. I can’t give my full opinion about this game without experiencing it either. I can say that I’m not liking these unnecessary changes. That, and Ninja Theory’s relentless arrogance about rebooting the series.

    For one: What wasn’t special about Dante already? He was the son of a demon who faced against his own kind to save humanity. He was a child of both demon and human and was in-between these existences. He was the son of Sparda. Every demon knew his name and sought to get revenge by any means against his SONS just because they held his blood. In DMC4, based on my poor memory, they were worshiping Sparda. Worshiping a DEMON because of what he did for humanity. How is that NOT special? Dante didn’t need angel blood to do what he did from 1-4. Not to mention NT didn’t answer the question in detail. They don’t have to but if you plan to explain origin of race it starts with the blood (parents, circumstances, ect) As far as we all know Dante was born from a cabbage that was drenched in demon and angel blood from a battle field.

    Second: It seems so weird for Dante to be choosing a side like “The Order”. No matter if you go by DMC 1-4 or this new reboot this is very out of character. Based on what I’ve seen of this reboot he’s a rule breaking punk living how he wants and fighting to survive (because apparently he’s so “wanted” that the city itself wants him dead). So what is he gaining by willingly joining an organization? It think if anything like DMC 1-4 even if Dante is fighting for a greater cause he’s doing it on his own terms and alone. He may aid those along the way and what he and others want may come together as a single goal but he never actually takes sides. I haven’t seen the game or story enough to know how this pans out but right now it’s very OOC.

    Second point (con’t): So what, this Order is supposed to be like in DMC 4? The Order of the Sword? Again, was this change that necessary? Same thing, different name. It’s funny how NT wants their reboot to surpass the original yet they feel they have to reference back to each one that made the games. (example, the Nero influenced battle style) To add, again Dante helped out but he never chose a specific side in DMC4. In fact, his involvement was a personal one more than anything.

    Third: Still trying to figure out why Ninja Theory needed to reboot the story this much in the first place. I’m not saying change is bad. Change is good because it encourages growth in fans and companies but I don’t really feel like this is even DMC. It’s more like some Alt universe crap. The worst out of all of this is NT and its attitude to me. I wish they had a more humble attitude and respected the original creator more.

    As usual I wrote a book long opinion. TL;DR:

    What’s the point of these changes story wise again?

    • eilegz

      well its called a “reboot” for a reason, a very unecesary, uneeded one i would add… i rather have dmc 5

      kinda like the Lord of the shadow too where i prefer iga castlevania…

      • Testsubject909

        I would rather have Bayonetta 2.

        I was pretty sure that, a few months after Bayonetta came out, that a lot of people accepted the idea that DMC was over and that Bayonetta was it’s successor.

        On a side note, I’m wondering what you call the fanbase who prefers the pre-Iga Castlevanias.

    • Kris

      As for point 3, Capcom is the one who wanted the reboot. They pitched the concept to Ninja Theory. Ninja Theory came up with some ideas under Capcom’s guidance. It’s really not exclusively NT’s game, Capcom is working with them pretty closely.

      • Testsubject909

        Capcom has recently and is now working closely with them, to be specific.

        Originally they just gave the IP to Ninja Theory to do whatever, when all the backlash happened and Ninja Theory, possibly, proved unable to finetune the fighting system to be on par with minimal expectations, they called unto Capcom or Capcom stepped in, don’t know which.

        Since then they’ve been working closely. It makes me wonder how Capcom will view Ninja Theory as possible long term business partners…

        • Kris

          But they… didn’t. They’ve been talking about the fact that this is a joint project since Gamescom 2011 I think? Before that, everything we heard was universe-related rather than gameplay related. It was always a “Capcom does good gameplay, Ninja Theory does good storytelling” thing.

          • Testsubject909

            Hmm… I was pretty sure that this was a situation where Capcom left everything in Ninja Theory’s hands and then only got involved afterwards. I was pretty sure I saw an article here too that stated that Capcom was called in to help with the Gameplay at some point.

            I’ll need to do some double checking when I get more free time.

    • Testsubject909

      Second Point:

      Typical Hollywood action movie trope and message about how the lawful route is good and that joining it means that there’s actual good in the depth of the heart of the seemingly anti-hero protagonist or whatnot and blah blah blah goodness.

      There’s a good reason why I’m stating that, to date, Ninja Theory’s premise and story is unoriginal. It’s because it’s so unoriginal I’m actually currently planning out what the story will be like in the back of my head, including all possible feasable twists that have already been done before.

      Their only chance lies in a good presentation. When telling an age old story, the best thing you can do is tell it well, damn well. It’s worked out for a lot of games, and a lot of movies and books and stories. But here, they’re bogged down by a previously established continuity, and that’s a very big hurdle to go over.

      I hope they prove themselves capable but, as I’ve previously stated. My path with this game is cynical pessimism. And I’m also not going to be purchasing this game. Instead I’m opting to hear what everyone else’s take on the game will be.

  • Mod Balushi

    being a a demon and human is not special? i dont know guys but i think having a human heart and being a demon is better, i know it’s not originel but it’s way better then demon angel shoujo crap 

  • Blackhowling

    Well I came on here to say my peace on this game, but everyone on here has already made my points for me. So keep up the good work guys I’m just gonna sit back and read the great comments

  • daizyujin

    Well I know I sometimes have a reputation for being negative but frankly I am going to wait to judge as Ninja Theory is a very competent developer and people need to have a little more faith.  If this game is even half as good as their last few games, it will still be something special.

    • Testsubject909

      I prefer to take the cynical route here, as the graph given by Zero Punctuation’s Yahtzee.

      Expect crap, be pleasantly surprised if proven wrong, or smugly satisfied if proven right.

      As opposed to:

      Expect good, be disappointed if proven wrong, all is well if proven right.

      That and, honestly I’ve seen nothing yet that makes me feel good about what’s coming. Gameplay’s better now, yeah, but I’m still not moved in any way towards buying it… I mean, between Anarchy Reign or Metal Gear Rising Revengeance or DmC… I’m going with Anarchy Reign or MGR:R.

  • M’iau M’iaut

    Guys I want to take the time to say thank you for making my mod life much easier with this thread. See it is possible to speak of both the ills and good of a controversial topic without plumbing the depths of our worst inner fanboy. 

    As a reboot, the old line DMC fan can treat it as non-existent, just as comic fans do with every new reset of their favorite hero. Fans who enjoy NTs style of gameplay — which let’s be honest is no small number — can enjoy more of a type of game they like.

    Of course the story is batsh*t crazy. It’s a video game!

    • Testsubject909

      Ah. Like how Spider-Man never made a deal with Mephisto…

      Never made a deal with Mephisto… Yup…

      edit: Or how in the original X-men comics, Professor Xavier never had the hots for Jean Grey… Never had the hots for her… Ever…

  • I think this entire thread of comments is very telling. 

    In recent times, something I’ve noticed is that comments about DmC Devil May Cry in articles that are about its combat have been largely positive. I see so many comments from people that were skeptical before saying they’re now willing to give the game a chance and that some of the new ideas are neat.

    On the flip side, a different set of people seem to come charging in every time there’s a post about the game’s new world and story and characterization of Dante. All of these people seem to have nothing nice to say about the game.

    So, from what I can tell, basically the reaction to this game has gone from:

    Everyone: This game sucks, Dante crap, the combat will be terrible, Tameem killed my dog blah blah


    Half the audience: OK, Dante’s personality is kind of growing on me…
    Other half: This game sucks, Dante crap, the combat will be terrible, Tameem killed my dog blah blah


    Even more people: OK, the combat looks good, too. I’m willing to give it a chance.
    An increasingly ineloquent minority: This game sucks, Tameem killed my dog blah blah

    So, apparently, combat was the MOST important thing and Ninja Theory could never get it right etc. Now that the combat is shaping up, I suppose to the folks that like to complain, combat doesn’t matter anymore, and the game sucks wholely because it’s not Devil May Cry 5.

    • mikanko

      It could also be a case of people who initially complained about Ninja Theory not being able to do Devil May Cry’s combat justice don’t see a need to chirp in every topic about the game, and have since moved on!

      Just sayin’~

      • Kris

        Oh my god, mikanko’s back! :D
        Stay a while!

        • mikanko

          I don’t know I went anywhere, I just don’t see fit to comment as much~  I haven’t been able to play the video games I want to as freely lately, so that probably has something to do with it.

          I do recall being a rather vocal detractor of this game last year, and my opinions haven’t really changed.  Only reason I said something now is I do believe that saying Ninja Theory won’t be on par with the standard previous entries have set when it comes to game mechanics is still a valid opinion to have.

          I suppose that people who just want to hate for the sake of hating will choose whichever argument is easier for them to grab hold of, and I guess that’s what Ishaan’s alluding to.

          • Kris

            I completely understand. While the combat isn’t up to the standard of 3 and 4, it’s still pretty damn fun, and according to some Capcom reps I talked to, Capcom working on the combat directly. They’ve also got 7 more months to polish it! I highly recommend trying the demo whenever it drops. 

            However, I do believe that the people Ishaan’s talking about are just hating because things are different, which is a bummer. I hope those folks will at least give it a chance!

          • mirumu

            I think you’ve hit the nail on the head right there.

      • M’iau M’iaut

        Prepping for CoP with that avatar, no doubt! D*mn ya it has been old home week as of late. Big chops to a true vet!

        Don’t make me up and mod ya! Ishaan made the biggest mistake of his life!

        • mikanko

          I’ve had this avatar since the month Guardian Heroes was released on xbla~

    • Nathan_GreeneIV

      I really think the reboot is a good thing imo because it attracts new audience. 
      Like I bought castlevania Lords of shadows without knowing the other parts of the series. Thus, here I am now, played most of the metroidvania series thanks to the reboot Los.
      I’m a fan of the Devil May Cry series and I’m gonna point out that this reboot is alright by me. Seeing something on a different view of things is not always bad. 

      • British_Otaku

        I don’t understand how this game gathered your interest and how a few trailers about a hypothetical DMC5 wouldn’t. It isn’t a set of new consoles, it isn’t an evolution of the combat system, there isn’t a change besides disregard for prior canon.

        Lord of Shadows is as I understand on the PS/360 while most of the other games this generation are on the DS plus in a 2D Metroidvania style. They are existing independently, this is going for the same crowd who want the same genre with the same IP but not attempting to use the same IP in a familiar enough way.

        Megaman to Megaman X moved to a new universe and clearly evolved on the formula. See: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8FpigqfcvlM

        • Nathan_GreeneIV

          I already seen egoraptors stuff man. I’m saying I’m trying out the game out for the story. Nothing more nothing less. Besides I have all the other dmc games except for HD collection cause im out of money.

          • British_Otaku

            Everyone’s seen something from Egoraptor. :P
            Thought it was great at showing how gameplay can evolve with stages and mechanics making completely different projects (with the same fundamental – Jump and Shoot) fresh and a respectable alternative. I don’t see this going a Megaman X route with more mechanics and stages built around it or a Mario Kart route, so it just looks like a redundant project.

            Though yes, if you are targetting it for the story, regardless of how it won’t fit and will be different without much defining aspects. I don’t have more to say.

            Hope you enjoy it with the other games in mind and perhaps as an independent project if you can.

          • Testsubject909

            “Everyone’s seen something from Egoraptor.”

            Zelda’s my what? ZELDA’S MY WHAT!?

            Sorry, sorry, just had to…. YEAH LEMONS!


            Anyways, on the story, again with the period of time I dub as damage control, they made the statement that it was an alternate universe, as such providing them more leeway to explain their creative liberties and use of artistic license. As such, what with this being an attempted reboot, a lot of people should consider it an entirely different canon.

            The Mikami Timeline and the Tameem Timeline, if you will. Though, as anyone could guess, my expectations of the latter one is pretty low, while my views of the first one is that, it’s complete and thus am quite satisfied seeing it go… Or rather I would be satisfied seeing the series just never come up again. Or at least give it one generation gap before trying a revival.

        • “there isn’t a change besides disregard for prior canon”

          That’s a pretty big change! The art, setting, and story are nothing like the prior games. The combat is similar but different. And you can’t say it isn’t an evolution when they haven’t shown the combat system in its entirety yet.

          • British_Otaku

            If they were truly going to disregard prior canon, they would probably be more daring… Go for a different genre or gameplay style. Compare the Mario and Luigi RPGs and Paper Mario RPGs. Look at my Egoraptor link.

            Two types of Megaman which are jump and shoot can coexist as X doesn’t usurp the classic story, has new mechanics and a game built around them.

            Here it uses the same names such as Mundus, Dante and Vergil. Has the lead as a half demon “wisecracker” (I hesitate to say this :/) who slays demons for a living called Dante. And a combat system which is too similar to be called out but too different (no lock on modifier, no taunting being the two buttons removed from the get go) to be considered an evolution even if combos get crazy.

            The stages have a gimmick (not in a negative sense, sorry, no better word off the top of my head) where they move but nothing truly becomes of it. It hasn’t been shown to close outside of cutscenes when you leave an area and never pushes you in real time to change how you play as you lose room to fight in. The platforming isn’t a new function for Devil May Cry either.

          • I don’t see your point, though. If you’re still arguing that they should have made “Devil May Cry 5,” I think we’ve established why they didn’t do that. This  argument seems like it’s going round and round and circles at this point. They chose not to make DMC5, and instead decided to go with a reinterpretation instead in the interest of keeping the series relevant. It’s as simple as that.

          • British_Otaku

            Replying to:

            “I don’t see your point, though. If you’re still arguing that they should
            have made “Devil May Cry 5,” I think we’ve established why they didn’t
            do that. This  argument seems like it’s going round and round and
            circles at this point. They chose not to make DMC5, and instead decided
            to go with a reinterpretation instead in the interest of keeping the
            series relevant. It’s as simple as that.”

            I’ll probably leave you with this comment and attempt avoid looping.

            First, the original franchise is still relevant reflected within adaptations to manga, anime aside from crossover games still coming. This means that there shouldn’t be a need to push for relevancy. Attempts to make a character like MegaMan or Mario more relevant, led to separate universes which don’t live off the same blood like Paper Mario and Battle Network or threaten the original.

            Second, I don’t want DMC5 and one other post directed to you claimed that “one of my other options for how they could advance the story for
            DMC, is leaving it alone” whether that be through closure or letting it rest outside crossovers like F-Zero has done for a generation.

            It feels odd to discourage sequels, but to someone treated with X for over a decade, Y is not a welcome member.

            Before, you or someone else probably repeats the “It’s not a sequel, it’s a reboot!”. I point you to the first point where it address why it wasn’t necessary and how game “reboots”, the second point which address how a sequel isn’t necessary and finally…

            X: 2D Mario, Megaman, Classic Castlevania, classic Devil May Cry, Metroid

            Y: DmC: Devil May Cry.

            Z: 3D Mario, Battle Network, Lords of Shadows, Metroid Prime

            In comparison to other games which get reinterpreted, often even with the help of other teams (see Donkey Kong Country and Metroid Prime), this game is sitting on the same genre, extreme combat hack and slash and general same style fights then cutscene. It is sitting on the same cast (Cino? – Cast in Name Only) and universe as well.

            So it is between trying to become something else (Z – Different, could be separate universe, could be an evolution into a new genre, homages to original material) and being exactly the same as the original concept (X – Basically like Sonic 2 and 3, more of the same). Of course, none of my code letters have to be good or bad games, but being Y makes it hard to see whether it is a bad X or a bland Z.


            I still think the game would be more welcome and under the “Of Angels and Demons” name I made up earlier. A new IP hack and slash with Bayonetta and Devil May Cry elements or a Devil May Cry which isn’t Devil May Cry but has Dante when he is young but it isn’t Dante and it has extreme combat but no taunting, no Nero, no Vergil but some Vino and so on.

            As I see it, expectations are going to kill this game but I’ll wait.

      • Testsubject909

        Castlevania is a whole other beast.

        It’s a long time series that has undergone a variety of transformations and has had many games that seem to lack elements from one another that people would immediately think would be what makes a Castlevania.

        (Hearts from candles and the likes? Nope, sorry, not every Castlevania has that… A good rocking soundtrack? Nope, sorry, again not every Castlevania… Castlevania is the final stage? Nope, again not every Castlevania. You begin in Castlevania? Not in the original games you don’t, nor in some of the recent ones either… The final boss is Dracula? Again, nope, some finish with Death or finish with some out of nowhere alternate villain. You play as a good guy? Actually there was a Gameboy Dracula game where you played as a chibi Dracula, sure it was a parody of itself in some ways but it is still taken as a part of the series. The game is original into itself? Lament of Innocence was declared a copycat of DMC and a lot of people refused to play it because they felt it wasn’t Castlevania, yet ultimately it’s story is still taken into canon and whatnot.)

        In the end. Castlevania Lords of Shadow respected the entirety of the lore of the original Castlevania (Even being a very entertaining parallel to Iga’s Lament of Innocence, both being a story of beginnings. Play one and you’re spoiling yourself the other. It’s that similar), a timeline that a lot of fans dub the Iga timeline, despite the fact that this includes games prior to Iga’s influence, such as the original Castlevania. A lot of the fans complaining about Lords of Shadow also seem to have began their times during the Metroidvania era, an era which was declared originally by the initial Castlevania fans as a detriment to what made Castlevania so special.

        If anything, I’d see Castlevania as in a similar situation as Final Fantasy. Gone for so long that it’s fanbase will be damned if they do and damned if they don’t due to so many different iteration of the game and gameplay and different takes on the story, albeit in different time periods…

        I’d also like to note, there was a playable female Belmont in the original timeline, but she was knocked out of Castlevania lore canon.

        • Nathan_GreeneIV

          I know my friend. I’m just trying to point out that just because its different doesnt mean it’s bad. 
          I actually liked leon belmont from LOI with the whole story of how EVERYthing started.

          • Testsubject909

            Yeah, definitely get that.

            I’m just saying. Two entirely different beasts we’re dealing with here. Plus the remake pretty much held the fort of the previous timeline, remaining quite faithful in terms of it’s lore and story to date.

    • Have you forgotten that Tameem’s team gets the hate because of their smug attitude?

      • M’iau M’iaut

        Smug attitudes are rampant among developers. Perhaps it is the arteest in then a’speaking. I have spoken against such behavior myself in the past, but it does appear these folks have been getting the message. Notch is held as a god, yet has behaved as a d-bag in ways far beyond anything Tameem has shown.

        • Testsubject909

          Some developers have shown good restraint or humility and care towards fellow workers and I highly respect these people. To lose oneself in blind pride is to immediately shut down certain gates of inspiration and understanding of the world around oneself which will ultimately affect your own craft.

          Confidence and humility can go hand in hand, though a lot of people seem incapable of connecting it mentally. And with success comes greater chances of an inflation of one’s ego, which in turn can become catastrophic pending what events may yet come.

          It doesn’t mean a person can’t bask in the glory of their hard work, know the importance of your position in the industry and whatnot, it just means, you need to be able to step back and get your head out of the cloud and get yourself off your laurels.

          • Guest

            Then you got guys like that indie developer that said “Japanese games suck” or  the Platinum Games director who tweeted “our game is nothing like Ninja Gaiden 3 that game was garbage”. 

          • Kris

            I actually asked Inaba about that quote when I met him. Man has good taste! XD

          • Oh Phil “Stinking” Fish yeah good thing I only own a PS3. Seriously for Tameem and team their “humility” is just a defense mechanism because they have pissed the consumers hurting chances of them attaining the 2M copies they have been aiming for. That’s damage control 101 for you. He is not in anyway sincere.

          • Testsubject909

            On the first one, that’s a rather harsh generalization that lacks any tact.

            The second one… I’d unfortunately need to agree on that opinion and at least it was directed at a singular game, though I’d agree it’s pretty damn harsh and blunt.

          • Kris

            Having met Tameem, he didn’t come across as smug at all. I think it’s very easy to take a single line you see in an interview and make that your entire impression of someone. 

          • Testsubject909

            It’s how most of the social world works. It’s hard to tear down a negative viewpoint. I tend to be able to disassociate certain aspects though. A guy can be a nice guy while also being an ass. It’s pretty damn easy since I’ve a few friends like that.

            For example being a racist elitist while being a nice guy is possible, because I’ve seen it before.

            As such, I don’t deny that Tameem might be a nice guy. But I’m ignoring the fact that he was an ass either.

      • I haven’t seen anything but humility from them of late. They’re proud of their craft and they have every right to be. I see no “smugness,” just people on the Internet blowing things out of proportion as always.

        • Guest

           “Dante’s not cool anymore” comes off as smug to many fans

          • But it’s true. Dante isn’t “cool” anymore. He came off like an ass in Devil May Cry 4, in no small part due to the fact that we’d all seen his flippant routine several times before and it was starting to get old. If people think that’s being “smug,” they’re taking things a little too personally. 

          • Guest

            It’s only true in Tameem’s opinion; however him stating that when he’s not the original creator is sure to piss off many in the fanbase and as such, they would consider it a smug remark whether you agree with him or not.

          • Speedo Redempteur

            except that dante is STILL cool.. Do date he was well received in ultimate marvel vs capcom , nobody complained or did anything about his character , his moves or his attitude.

            Fact is : dante is popular enough to fit into these roles easily .. so the whole argument that he doesn’t fit nowadays is deeply flawed from the start..

          • @google-de34a60f3ec491c5a6e0d11e801b678e:disqus Marvel vs. Capcom is a whole different affair. The focus isn’t squarely on him in that game. He’s sharing the spotlight with a whole lot of other characters. 

            It’s a very different thing to have him be one character in a fighting game with two dozen others and to have him in his own 15-20 hour game where his story and personality and underlying principles would come under scrutiny.

          • Testsubject909

            I don’t think that’s the ideal example you could’ve used here.

        • Testsubject909

          Methinks that this is more of a reaction to the initial slap they got from the fanbase, damage control if you will.

          At first, initially, they certainly seemed self-confidant, smug and behaving as if everyone would gladly follow them along, Tameem also displayed in an interview a rather disdainful view of the fanbase and that bit him up the bum. Since then they’ve been trying to bend over backward to appease the fanbase.

          So no. I don’t see it as a natural humility but rather similar to a person being caught red handed and attempting to make up for it afterwards.

          That’s my interpretation of the events as I followed them from day one.

    • Tan Wei Lun

      haha hmm. well, as a player who likes and have played SOME dmc but is not a die-hard fan, im sure i represent a large number of players like me when i say i don’t mind this game changing the canon of series, since we’re, again, not die-hard fans. :D

      • Testsubject909

        Don’t say that please, I’m not a die hard fan myself.

        I only partially played DMC and watched a friend finish it. My first DMC was DMC2, and I personally enjoyed it, unlike a lot of die-hard fans. And I played DMC3 and didn’t find the difficulty so hard as so many other people whined about and I skipped over DMC4 though a friend of mine has it and I have watched people play it.

        And my point of view is pretty damn clear I hope. And it’s definitely not the same as yours.

        • Tan Wei Lun

          haha yeap i totally agree. i feel the same way for resident evil myself. as i’ve said above, i think i represent a lot, but not all. there will be exceptions, like you to dmc as i to re. :D

    • Speedo Redempteur

      So tired of the defenders using the same ( old bad ) arguments against people who trully care about dmc.
      2 things :
      -“the feel of 60 fps” > the main problem is that the game is not ( and cannot play ) the same as before ..fluidity IS the most important when it comes to action .. santa monica understand this , (GOW4) , platinium games/kojima production too ( MGRising ) ..People are accustomed to a degree to control and fluidity otherwise you play for smashing buttons like ashura wrath battles.
      Nt can talk all they want this will be a valid complain NO matter what happen afterward ..it will be nothing but a step back

      -” the battle system ” > Another problem is that i don’t trust Nt for a good battle system . Their 2 previous titles were crap on that aspect … Now the impressions are being positive BUT from the videos available , it’s crystal clear that some of the harder moves in Dmc are being pulled off with no difficulty to the point that keeping your combo score high ( a challenge before ) seems like an everyday game.
      Your average reviewer doesn’t care ( they most likely never play this game long enough to put all the mecanics to use anyway ) but again this reboot showed me nothing to appease my fears .. DMC was more than the signature attacks but more the way you use those attacks

      Dante style , look , attitude, backstory ?? i don’t care .. Across all this obvious facade is the truth that for me this game is hollow. To those saying” Give it a chance”, all iam answering is : release a demo ..Sadly my hopes are not high so i’ll be surprised perhaps .. BUT untill then there are legitimate complains that CANNOT be ignored.

      • Testsubject909


        *looks over towards Bayonetta and the upcoming Anarchy Reign and Metal Gear Rising*

        Might I suggest just doing what most action game fans are doing and go follow Platinum games and Mikami?

        • British_Otaku

          We are more or less stuck with Platinum Games and Mikami.
          At least, until Itagaki comes back with a new project, he made a one button, sideways held DS Ninja Gaiden a great project and when he left/got less influence on Team Ninja, the projects got drastically worse.

          Looking forward to their Viewitiful-Joe-Okami-Pikmin-esque Project P-100 as well.

          • Testsubject909

            From Itagaki, weren’t we supposed to get something called Devil’s Third or something? What was it called again…


            Yup, Devil’s Third.

          • Splintee

            Damn I thought it was lupin the 3rd no joking really

          • That was two years ago when I heard about that and saw a trailer for it, I know the tsunami and earthquake fugged up things a year ago but it shouldn’t be taking this long.

        •  Correction, Platinum Games and Kamiya. Mikami just helped with direction for one game (Bayonetta) and actually was in lead as director for another (Vanquish), plus he has his own videogame studio, Tango Gameworks (which I hope is working on something by now) and also credited for the Resident Evil and Dino Crisis series, along with helping out with Grasshopper Manufacture on occasion. Kamiya usually gets credited with Devil May Cry and Viewtiful Joe with  Inaba (who seems to get the least amount of love) getting most of the credit on Viewtiful Joe,Okami, and Phoenix Wright, though those two are usually involved on all projects for PG.Though the Grand Poobah around them parts would be Tatsuya Minami, I don’t have a damn clue where he came from.

          • British_Otaku

            Fair point, I tend to have the names all blur into my head as “people who made (or was part of the creation of) every Capcom game (or started a movement/series) I loved in the last decade or so”. I do recall seeing S. Mikami running around on Vanquish as a support NPC.

            I hope his Zwei project turns out well.

          •  I’m going to be honest, it’s hard trying to keep up with who worked on what when it comes to videogames, anime/cartoons, and tv shows, because even though there’s one of two people of note for that stuff, there’s plenty of hands that go into it.

          • Testsubject909

            Thanks for the correction. Also, didn’t know about the Tango Gameworks bit. Well, learn something new every day.

        • Speedo Redempteur

          Do not worry i completed bayonnetta already and i was extra happy .. and i’m already following MGRising and all the 60fps actions games too

          NT , release a demo or i’ll buy used .. DMC4  came with a demo with a huge boss fight in it and a good aspect of what it was … Can you do at least that ?

          • Testsubject909

            I’ll need to eventually get around to playing some DMC4 for all it’s mixed reviews I’ve been hearing.

            And if a friend decides to purchase DmC, though it seems unlikely since they’re in the camp of sighing in despair and just being solemnly silent as if at a funeral, then I’d probably play it to check if it’s any good.

            Otherwise, there are far too many other games that are guaranteed purchases for me and not enough money for me to extend to uncertain purchases or experimental purchases. Add to this that I’m not emotionally or mentally behind this reboot, that reduces down the odds that I’ll buy this in the near future to a near zero.

            Though my own desires and pursuit towards general objective truths leads me to want to at least experience it at some point in time, though in the meantime I’ll have to go with observation and gathering data to better determine a general truth without direct involvement… Which might work out better, since, for example, I can’t make out the difference between 60fps and 30fps in gaming as I tend to show the same competent level of skill in either cases, even if I can see the visual differences I just don’t feel the difference in gameplay. But again, that’s just me.

            As for the more in depth technical working of a high octane action game, I don’t really study it to the point of being pro-like or nigh-obsessively like I’ve seen some highly experienced gamers out there.

            Though it doesn’t negate the opinion and thoughts of those who’re on a more casual level in contrast to those as it helps to level out the final product in general. Though quite honestly, the method of observation in order to determine a final product’s objective scoring or quality is a rather extensively lengthy one. Though people tend to do this on a subconscious level and… I’m sorry I’m having a hard time focusing. There’s a romantic comedy playing on TV and it’s pretty damn distracting.

          • Splintee

            Umm Guyzzzz I’m playing NES,SNES,PS1,PS2,Xbox,PS3,GBA,NDS,3DS……
            But I still don’t get the 30fps or 60fps or whateverfps…..
            Why the fps so important on game???
            I have a rental service on console and I don’t see any customers complaining about the fps what they most concerned about was the gameplay and story or character designs…
            I know I come from a 3rd world country and I know I’m an Idiot from those fps Sh*t stuff but is it really the fps you care about it’s like “Dude I got this DMC 3 it’s really cool” and the other guy said “What it’s not running on 120fps check this Super Hyper Deluxe Tetris it’s running on 2400000fps” is it really the fps the measurement of a good game…….???
            God I don’t really get the western’s way of thinking……

          • Speedo Redempteur

            @Bernard YangaYou’re mixing everything First : the Frames per seconds is essential ..if everytime you’d take an action you’d see a lag you’d be annoyed … what matters FIRST is that your game is fluid you shouldn’t have slowdowns or at least not during the action and not regulary.. That is important for every enjoyment ..Not the problem HERE for dmc is that it’s 30 fps When a good 3d fighting game should have 60 fps … why ? 60 is better .it offer more fluidity and feel smooth ..a lot of possibilities are open when you have more frammesYou can’t cheat fluidity in a action game or a fighting game .. when you play much much a game you start gettinig a timing right you can do a lot of things that’s how it is in competitive play … ( any fighting game nowadays)Dmc is special because we’re accustomed to this fluidity and OTHER develloppers still offer this feature because it’s better for everyone really..You can check some very nice combo videos that are only possible because of frame cancels that you can do because of the 60fps …Now dmc emulate this things by making every automatic resultilng ( so far )  in a weak copy with no challenge what so ever to make this combo metter stay high Second : Fps is not the mesurement of a good game BUT if you’re playing Skyrim at 10fps , no matter how fun you game is , if i’m watching a slideshow this game isn’t good. so yeah this is really importantThird : the western “way of thiking” you’re speaking of doesn’t exist … Dmc is the only action game on the market that focalise on combos that isn’t 60fps …and guess what it’s made by a western devellopper.All the previous DMC are 60, bayonnetta is 60fps , ninja gaiden ( except ds &vita version & 3 ) are 60fps ..heck god of war: Ascension is 60fps ..should i continue ?Conclusion : what matter is contant FPS, but for fighting/actions games 60fps is better without a doubt

          • Testsubject909

            I wouldn’t say all the previous DMCs if I were you…

    • British_Otaku

      I have seen this progression of support and to it’s credit. It does look like a good game (in comparison to NG3), but if it was called something like “Of Angels and Demons” and not attached to something that has expected abillities, tropes, design, controls and mechanics.

      I would be behind the project aside from being iffy about why they changed their mind about “smoking then not smoking” or his design but that’s probably a kneejerk reaction to reading the fundamentals of the character on Wikipedia.

      NG3 doesn’t earn acclaim due to disregarding fundamentals, just because this doesn’t have a five on the end, doesn’t mean it should get a free pass as an original project. We didn’t praise NG3 for being an original project without Itagaki and co.

      • I’m of the opposite mindset, frankly. What more could they have done after Devil May Cry 4? Why even bother stretching that story out further and further when the market these days consists of an increasingly large number of people who haven’t even played the previous games? What benefit is there?

        You could say that releasing the HD Collection to get those people “caught up” is a solution, but really, it’s not. Not many people have the time or desire to play through four previous games, just so they can play the new one and understand what’s going on. 

        Capcom want DmC to be more popular and more interesting. That’s why the reboot is happening. I can’t say I cared for the “story” of the previous games at all, to be honest. While it was entertaining to watch in the moment, it was a a bunch of nonsense at the end of the day, and Dante himself was an extremely two-dimensional character.

        The reason this game is interesting is because they’re calling it Devil May Cry. It’s because it’s a reinterpretation of something old. It gives you the opportunity to spot all the differences and see how two different developers can have two very different takes on the same underlying concept.

        • Testsubject909

          Well you know my views here.

          When a series is gone past it’s time. Don’t try to revive it. Provide it with a successor. That way you can change as much as you want, capitalize on part of the fame and franchise’s name without directly connecting yourself to it’s full expectations and avoid causing harm towards the fanbase while simultaneously enabling a larger fanbase to grow without being harassed by the older fanbase.

          But of course, this sort of concept hasn’t been utilized often and so nobody knows the exact logistics and numbers as to the success of such an attempt from a business viewpoint and nobody would want to be the first to try this with the possibilities of great monetary loss…

          Well, except for some niche companies, like what we’ve seen with Odin Sphere, but those statistics probably aren’t collected with that view point for a variety of reasons.

          edit: Also, this is another reason why I don’t care for the thought of a continued DMC era. It’s gone. We’ve moved on, as it stands now the standard to me is Bayonetta and other action games beyond that.

          Though, my opinion and views matters little, revivals and capitalizing on the popularity and fame of older titles are to be expected in any entertainment market, whether theatrical, literature, cinematic or whatnot.

        • British_Otaku

          As for what they could do with the story, thus far we had four games with the chronological order as DMC3, DMC1, DMC4, DMC2 iirc. Going with the broken order, they could have easily made an installment between any of these if they truely fear DMC2. Ultimately, each of them sold millions on their own and I don’t see why “DmC: Devil May Cry” would largely outsell if DMC4 (over 2.4 million sales by mid 2008) just from being a reboot.

          DMC4 was the fastest selling one yet, without a HD collection to catch everyone to speed. MGS4 (it has even more awkward entry plotwise than DMC by a mile) also gained interest with people who had never played a single one (my intro to Snake was the Smash Bros trailer among others).

          We have many franchises which have considerable numbers hopping in ten (Fire Emblem) or more installments late despite hardly any localisation for projects in general.

          And one of my other options for how they could advance the story for DMC, is leaving it alone. I’m a bitter Megaman Legends 3 fan but I have seen series which have been ended well and closed (Megaman Battle Network) or left alone for some years before coming with a new project on new technology.

          On the note of Dante being 2D as a personality, some would say that you are missing the point of the character if you look at him otherwise. He was intended to be the embodiment of cool and stylish, but his appeal is supposed to hit in a different way to Duke Nukem but there is some fundamental similarity. What we will see here isn’t likely to be complex, it just happens to be a completely different take on something that was well received and set in stone.

          If this reboot was to come after a true fall of the franchise and/or go in a similar direction with the characters it would be accepted. If it was a fresh style like 3D Mario games from 2D Mario ones, it would be accepted.


          This project doesn’t take enough risks but takes too many risks. It is a separate idea but the same idea. It sold well enough that it doesn’t make sense for this to exist especially under Capcom’s Keep-Sequel-Simple-Keep-Sequel-Same syndrome.

          • “I don’t see why “DmC: Devil May Cry” would largely outsell if DMC4 (over 2.4 million sales by mid 2008) just from being a reboot.”

            1. Because it’s an entirely new story. Everyone gets in on the ground floor.

            2. Because they feel new Dante would be more relevant or relatable by today’s standards than old Dante. Whether or not they’re right we’ll only find out after the game is released, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they were, considering old Dante was basically a piece of cardboard.

            As for your point about waiting to reboot something after it’s fallen far enough, I would strongly disagree. When you want to make something more popular, you try to do it while it’s still relevant. You don’t wait for it to collapse and people to stop caring before you make changes. Being pro-active is a good thing. 

          • British_Otaku

            1) Devil May Cry is not known to be one of the franchises which demands knowledge of prior titles. You are more or less thrown into battles punctuated by beyond the impossible cutscenes whether you go DMC or DmC. It isn’t jumping into UC Gundam or something with jargon.

            2) Their choice to change it Dante was flawed from the beginning if you judge the initial reaction. It is largely calmed down due to them slowly working on the character (no smoking and cleaner look) besides less people being willing to claim disapproval where it is accepted or arguments are disregarded as “White hair! Get over it!”. Someone who was considered relatable enough to get four games, an animated series (dubbed as well) and crossover game entries ranging from Marvel vs Capcom to Project X Zone.

            I don’t like the “wait and see” approach when normally a sequel/successor doesn’t upset the audience on announcement. Of course, I don’t mean Dino (Dante in Name Only) is guaranteed to lose or should have all of this support but classic/cardboard Dante has all of this support now.

            Reboots still don’t have a place for me in video games but making a reboot when the iron is hot as they say, just upsets people who were expecting the next part of the story especially from a company which doesn’t shy from sequels. In fact, Keiji Inafune said that they used to have something of a “sequel only policy”, though I guess I do see some reboots like this as a sequel in an odd direction due to how it composes itself.

            Source: http://www.plughead.net/keiji-inafune-capcoms-sequels-only-development

          • @British_Otaku:disqus While I agree fully that Devil May Cry doesn’t have much of a story in general, the point is that putting the number “5” on the next game wouldn’t have helped matters any. A number indicates continuity, and that turns off people that haven’t played the previous games before.

            As for the old series getting four games and an anime adaptation… why wouldn’t it? The trend for any successful entertainment product is for it to branch out into other forms of media. However, being successful then and being successful today are two very different things. The times have changed, the audience is more diverse, the development budgets are higher. 

            Game design decisions are made with all of these factors in mind, and that’s why the series is being rebooted. Because its owners feel that it may not give them enough of a return on their investment in its traditional form.

            And sure, the Dante has evolved throughout the creative process. I’m sure some things came from fan feedback, like the smoking as you pointed out. But again, I’m not sure why this is relevant? Of course fan feedback has a bearing on Capcom’s games. They’ve admitted as much on several occasions. 

            The point, however, is that beyond the minor details, the new Dante is still Ninja Theory’s baby. It’s still their vision, and it hasn’t been compromised, and clearly, Capcom believe there’s value to be had in that.

        • MrRobbyM

          “What more could they have done after Devil May Cry 4? Why even bother
          stretching that story out further and further when the market these days
          consists of an increasingly large number of people who haven’t even
          played the previous games? What benefit is there?”

          I wholeheartedly agree. It’s good to end things while they’re still good. A fine example of this would be Spongebob. It was funny the first few seasons. After that it slowly started deteriorating until it became something else that barely resembled the original season. Poor Spongebob…

        • Guest

          I think the same thing with God of War III and lo and behold we got more God of Wars..

          • Precisely. Look at God of War: Ascension. Who asked for it? Does anyone even care about Kratos’ past that far back? Certainly not from what I can tell.

        • Tien Ron

          i couldn’t agree more 

      • CudaBiro

        NG3 really isn’t an apples-to-apples comparison. One of them is reimagining the story from square one. The history of the world, the background of Dante has been tweaked or changed entirely. NG3 is a continuation within established canon.

        • British_Otaku

          Both games are getting judged off expectations from prior titles, due to carrying the same name. Between being an explicit reboot or simply a sequel without the top staff from before, both seem to result in products which don’t respect fundamentals.

          This game does get some freedom thanks to the word “reboot” which seems to be shielding it from criticism. Until it becomes established or defines itself, it will be compared to canon.

          Sorry to bring out anime, but basically the manga (original series) is the primary canon. Anything that an adaptation  from another group does will have to respect the original work or it will be considered flawed or not right. If it is close enough with relatively cosmetic differences or amusing changes, it could be considered secondary canon. This could happen with an adaptation which becomes particularly large/popular or whatever.

          The original Devil May Cry series is primary canon and this will have to work it’s way up to be called secondary canon at best. >_>

          Sorry if I rambled a bit over something that should have been shorter.
          Didn’t even mention how I feel about projects which are apparently within the original canon, say Guitar Hero’s later games despite having a different team or NG3 despite the story and combat going in the wrong direction completely or Gyakuten Saiban 4 (Apollo Justice) which was canon on introduction but seems to be slowly being seeped out of the canon with installments focused on the characters who were poorly used or written in that game.

    • l777l

      You don’t necessarily have the percentages right, nor the exact development. Just take a look at your intial stage, “everyone” clearly is an exaggeration, and the other stages don’t fare much better. Speaking for myself, I never doubted that the combat would be of adequate quality. But the character design is terrible, which is a view I’ve consistently held. And the story doesn’t exactly seem promising, either. That being said, I dislike DMC 3’s juvenile Dante as well. But he’s still better than DmC’s Dante, apparently. I much preferred DMC 1 and 2’s version(s) of Dante.

      Capcom is doing a remarkably poor job with their characters. These erratic changes are merely one kind of example.

      • My simple point is, there are far fewer complaints now than there were before, and that of the people that are still complaining, there are very few that are able to construct their argument in a coherent manner. Most don’t seem to have much of an argument beyond “lol, this game” or “ew, Tameem’s face on the HUD” or other similar nonsensical remarks.

        I think it would be fair to say that DmC has come a very long way.

        • l777l

          “I think it would be fair to say that DmC has come a very long way.”

          Well, it has come a very long time. That indicates a good reason for people to stop complaining. Capcom is not going to change the direction. Silence does not necessarily mean agreement.

          • True, but this is the Internet, where people have the capacity to whine endlessly. This is why I also pointed out that I’m starting to see a lot of positive comments about the game now. People are genuinely starting to think it looks good and are willing to give it a chance.

          • l777l

            “True, but this is the Internet, where people have the capacity to whine endlessly.”

            There’s no “but”. Some have the capacity to voice disagreement and chose to do so over long periods of time. Others have the capacity and chose not to, which includes those who still disagree but don’t see enough reason to voice it (because the direction won’t be changed). Others like the game in its current form. There’s a whole sprectrum of opinions. It’s comparable to the controversy over Resident Evil’s direction. It’s rather safe to assume that many people like DmC in its prospective form, and the same goes for Resident Evil. But I don’t see the monumental shift that you seem to see.

          • Testsubject909

            If you ask me, a good portion of those same people who’re giving it a chance and gave it a chance early on has been hammering those who’ve disagreed with the game.

            It’s interesting how quickly the resistance came too and how much they’re trying to constantly bash the fanbase on the head.

            As you stated, the central point was the gameplay, and yet most of the supporters are trying to push those who dislikes DmC as focusing only on Dante not having white hair and poking constant fun at them.

            Nobody likes to be egged on and have their statements ignored so, again. I think they just fled because they were tired of having to deal with counter-fanatics.

          • @Testsubject909:disqus I don’t believe this for one second. The people who were able to construct their arguments properly and explain why they didn’t like the game are still very much here. It’s just that a lot of them seem to be willing to give it a chance now.

            My point is that the people with logical complaints either seem to have stopped complaining, or seem to be willing to give the game a shot. Either way, that says a lot in the game’s favour because it’s starting to win people over, little by little.

        • Testsubject909

          If you ask me, I think they got tired of it and just opted to no longer come and check the articles related to it because they long made up their minds on the subject and have nothing else to add.

          It’s hard to erase the negative statement that Tameem has done towards the fanbase and community, the base story of Dante is still a much less original one then the original premise of DMC, the aesthetics that I can’t say, it’s a matter of opinion, but again, Tameem’s narcissism didn’t sit well in a lot of people, and combat, the centric issue to a good DMC game, has been hotly debated and most likely listened to by Ninja Theory and Capcom, forcing their hands to put more time and effort into fine tuning the product until it met player’s standards.

          I think with the passage of time, and more games coming, a lot of fans either gave up, or just moved on, knowing well that all their whining wouldn’t stop this. Of course, they’ll come out of the woodworks again if the final product ends up to fail expectations of those who’re giving this a chance.

      • Tien Ron

        i disagree with that statement about the design i think it’s great. japan cant think of anything open minded like this and im glad they gave it to NT, the boring old white hair and red cloak thing is so overused and should be a troupe itself.
        his attitude is real is more caters to actual teenagers and how they rebel the old Dante was a typical Japanese character that has been done many times. 

    • Guest

       Well to put it like this: there’s this whole hardcore community based around DMC combat much like the fighting game community has deeply invested time into studying and mastering the rate of which the hit frames and animation play out. Like, I could never come to understand the workings of some of the name definitions of certain frame attacks in Virtua Fighter and Street Fighter but apparently there’s this whole scientific breakdown of it that is crucial to winning competitions at high level mastery gameplay. Now since DMC has actually had such competitions since the gameplay is basically like a fighting game engine, it’d be like taking the 60fps gameplay of SF or VF and then cutting it in half which would be a major WTF to the fighting game community.
      So while this stuff just goes over the heads of the average casual gamer that has no idea of such things, its a very important factor within the hardcore gaming fanbase.
      Its like, I could play Tobal 2 and classic DMC very casually and probably 95% of the people did too but probably very little people knew about “just-frame attacks” which are based on distance and timing and having the game be at 30fps wouldn’t allow such split second micromanaging changes in twitch motion gameplay.

      • mirumu

        I know what you mean. I never got into DMC to that degree myself, but I have friends who did and talk about the game in those terms. Very reminiscent of the fighting game community. They wrote off the reboot long ago, and when I ask, don’t appear to even be following news of it any more. They represent a small market undoubtedly, but it’s a market Platinum Games appeared to claim with Bayonetta from what I’ve seen.

      • M’iau M’iaut

        I think what we are asking (at least as far as posting is concerned) is an understanding that this is not your father’s (or your DMC). It is called DmC for reasons. One of those reasons is that this is indeed a different game with different structure and even style. Treat it as such, it is not trying to be DMC5, nor should it be judged as to whether or not it is DMC5.

    • MrRobbyM

      The last TO should have been “my dog is still dead”.

      I lol’d. Literally.

    • Splintee

      I my honest opinion I think NT’s mind was push the DMC series to the western audience….
      So I think that the western player have the positive feedback on DmC…
      Capcom get NT cuz they are developers on the west….
      also the majority of DMC’s sale are from the west…..

      I also think the DmC will have a nice sale but I’m expecting the series will become like the Silent Hill series(you know from eastern to western)..

  • The combat is still at 30fps. It will not be appreciated by those of us who have been accustomed to the slick 60fps and the game’s style system is Tony Hawk-esque so it turned from a man’s game to a child’s game.

    • M’iau M’iaut

      Children’s games can be da*n fun things. 

    • MrRobbyM

      Pokemon and Mario are fun, yo.

      • Do you know sarcasm? And yes Pokemon and Mario are fun I even play Digimon which is a game for 10-13 year old kids. I’ll say this after playing HD colletion how could I possibly play a blatant downgrade. DMC has set a standard and if DmC can not surpass or even be on par with those standards why should I give it a chance. The game’s Tony Hawk-esque style system is a way to make kids feel “Hey you can score SS by doing the same moves over and over again” in DMC spamming the same moves don’t raise the style gauge.

        • MrRobbyM

          I’m sorry. It was hard to read that as sarcasm after reading your other…ahem, intelligent comment on the other DmC article.

          Also, “if DmC can not surpass or even be on par with those standards why should I give it a chance”

          Because it still might be fun? You know, like the Pokemans and Marios and what not.

          As much as I tried avoiding saying this to not come off as rude, I simply can’t hold back. This is coming from a guy with Flynn from adventure time as his avatar.

          • British_Otaku

            Even with the MLP craze going on, people still judge on old usernames or avatars… >_>

            Also if Pokemon’s next title did something outlandish (it could be big or small), which no other title has done or at least after a point. It wouldn’t be called a good Pokemon game. Losing “night and day” hurt some of people’s interest in the 3rd Gen. It could be choosing your gender for you or changing the fundamentals of how battles work (something that has pissed off some FF fans in recent games).

            Once, you take a name. You have to live under it.

          • Seriously insulting a person because of his avatar how low can this guy get. As I said before Devil May Cry has set a standard in terms of gameplay. And the Pokemon analogy you use is already null since Pokemon has set standards as well and for each installment they maintain and improve on that standard not downgrade it. For every Pokemon game introduced a new mechanic is introduced to enhance the gameplay experience on top of the standard gameplay it has to offer no removal of features and downgrades. Devil May Cry has a standard 60fps and the style system that doesn’t hold your hand. 

            And unrelated Flynn is a character from Tales of Vesperia so you have to research first before you insult a person based on his avatar. 

          • MrRobbyM

            I didn’t insult your avatar. I just thought it was funny you said “it turned from a man’s game to a child’s game” while your avatar is from an arguably children’s show. I did not insult you or your avatar by mentioning it. Sorry about that. Also, excuse the incorrect name. I was just talking about ToV with a friend so it was an easy mistake to make. Again, my apologies.

            Each Pokemon game isn’t a reboot, but this is. DMC has ended, or hell, maybe not. This could be treated as a spin-off in the future if Capcom wants to. Weather they do or not is another discussion. This is DmC, not DMC. This is something DMC fans have to keep in mind. I’m not defending Tameem for any remarks he has made, there’s no excuse for his actions(well, almost no excuse), but this is the truth. I wouldn’t call you out on your rants about DmC if you didn’t word them in an immature manner. Your previous rant in the past DmC article was even worse. Even @British_Otaku:disqus pointed it out.

  • pogrebinskyy

    Sooo…being half demon is normal now? Man, guy should at least try to come up with good arguments… 

    • CudaBiro

      In a world where demons are already running the show and not just trying to take over, it’s probably not that special.

  • E15

    This question is out of sheer curiousity but if he’s Half-Demon Half-Angel,
    Why does he look so.. human? (aside from when he uses his devil/angel trigger)

    • Easier to animate? (lol)

    • Testsubject909

      Common topic for fantasy in general. Angels are meant to be perfect, so our misconception of that concept is that they’re supposed to be extremely beautiful human looking creatures while in reality if you bother looking up their physical descriptions in religious scriptures, Angels are, to us, extremely screwed up looking creatures… Odd to say but, the angels featured in Bayonetta would be closer to what Angels are meant to look like… Except that you should add more wings and more heads… It’s pretty screwy when an angel with 18 wings and 6 heads is meant to be a powerful perfect angel…

      Screwy as all hell…

      The spawn of an angel and a demon would never amount to a human looking character. So as someone who enjoys mythology and theology, allow me to say, this does not please me.

    • Splintee

      I think if smoke some weed then his half-angel part will appear….
      Cuz he will feel so HIGH!!!

  • Gyro Zeppeli

    I’m sorry, but Dante is NOT his name. His name is DONTE DA DEMON KILLAH

    • MrRobbyM

      Funny DONT is in his name.

  • LustEnvy

    People STILL bitching about this? Lol.

    • Testsubject909

      Of course. What else would you expect?

  • I’m not a huge fan of the plot they’ve come up with, but yeah dante’s new personality doesn’t have to be as big a douche as we initially thought and it might be quite interesting.  I still have my doubts about the overall combat/platforming design they’re going with and the only thing that’ll really ease that doubt is a full demo.  The problem is not just the frame drops and the new combat options it’s really the fact that they want to change the pace of the levels but they arn’t making the most obvious change, making dante’s normal run and jumps faster and more horizontal for quicker transition and movement.  It’s a problem I’ve been complaining about since they showed off one of the first trailers for the gameplay and I haven’t seen a significant improvement.  

    Maybe it’ll feel better when I get my hands on it, but while NT has been working to improve the image they initially created they have not been willing to go all out  I think.  I would like to see that. 

  • l777l

    Really. I think Dante is part moron and part moron.

  • Guest

    Where’s his mom then And where’s Virgil and Nero?

    • ZBaksh386

      the masked guy in the e3 trailer could be either Vergil or nero.

      since they turned eva into a angel and she has been referenced alot more than she was in the old series so im guessing we might see her in the game.

      • For a split second I thought you were talking abt Evangelion lol.

    • CudaBiro

       I think it’s best they actually try to keep some of the story under wraps so people can at least be surprised, don’t you?

    • MrRobbyM

      Don’t you mean Vergil?

  • ZBaksh386

    i think him being half-angel was something they shuld have kept under wraps better.

    i rather have learn this in the game itself.

  • Testsubject909

    Dante being an angel makes him nothing special, we’ve already seen this. Way. Too. Many. Times.

    What I would have felt would’ve been a bit more interesting would’ve been the same half-demon half mortal Dante though entrusted with some divine power of sort if they so desperately wanted to keep in the whole divine angelic aspect to his combat, in which case there could’ve been many stories to write around it.

    His mother for example was written in a way that made her seem very loving, and her connection to her son always felt, to me, like what was keeping his moral compass right, or rather an element thereof. For all we’d know, it could be her mother parting with her powers to provide it to her son, or even just going against the will of the heavens and entrusting her son who would be deemed by the heavens as evil by his very nature, providing some great gravitas.

    There’s dozens of other ideas you can toy around with in this scenario… But half angel half demon? That’s lazy and easy and lazy…


    Well. I’ve stated long ago I’m past hoping for originality from them… So, it all falls to presentation and pacing now… Or maybe they’ll figure out some other twist to put in there that’ll feel fresh or something… I certainly hope so. Because freedom fighter ally to human half angel half demon rebel doesn’t really click with me.

    • CudaBiro

       They’re both tired tropes by this point. And I can guarantee, that I’ve seen more half-monster/mortal heroes than half-demon/angel heroes.

      • Testsubject909

        Not disagreeing with that.

        I’m just stating that one stereotypical trope is more entertaining then the other.

    • Tien Ron

      well just because they stated he’s half angel don st just make it black and white. stop assuming you know what their thinking and wait for the game to come out.
      it don st matter what idea comes out because most are tropes used over and over originality is becoming harder and harder to come by.
      i can garentee if this was capcom doing this game with the excate same idea no one would bat an eyelid.

  • Testsubject909

    You know. The way I see it, all the complaining forced Ninja Theory’s hand to put all that much more effort into fine-tuning the game’s combat system to be up to par at least. So you know, I’d give thanks to the whiners at least instead of blaming them like yourself.

    So if you ask me, their bitching meant everything here. It’s your bitching and everybody else’s bitching about them and attempting to force them all into a stereotype of mindless whiners that’s the problem.

    You’re never going to solve underlying issues and tensions by just being a blind hater. Whether it’s blindly hating the product or blindly hating the haters who hate the product without a care as to whether or not they have a reasonable complaint…

  • I got bored.

  • mockturtle

    Half-demonic and half-divine. Where have I heard that before?

    Oh yeah, Bayonetta, who’s half Umbra Witch (dark) and half Lumen Sage (“light”). The time-slowdown thing in DmC I could chalk up to trends in game design, but this? Come on. Ninja Theory themselves said they wanted DmC to compete with Bayonetta (which is hilarious on a number of levels), but this is getting ridiculous:


    • Time slowdown in an action game… Oops God of War 2 and Kingdoms of Amalur already did that. How is that a trend or innovation?

      • Super-Sayian

        well actually jak and daxter did it too, and they had light and dark, which imo is basically demon and angel, but of course its just eco. lol

        • MoriyaMug

          I wish I could say I’m shocked that people are so dogmatically closed-minded… but I’m not. It does amaze me, however, how people can be so cataclysmically whiny about a video game. I’ll judge the game on its own merits, when it comes out. These so-called DMC “experts” need to get over themselves in a huge way.

  • Guest

    I’m at your house I knocked on the door but no one answered. I brought games and pizza and everything too. So pissed…

  • People have just gotten tiered of watching this horrible train wreck.
    We have better things to do plus we already know how bad this game will be… heck with the leaks slowly beign proven true we already have an idea how dissapointing the story will be…

  • Göran Isacson

    Thoughts so far: not so hot on the angel-twist until I’ve seen where it goes, enemy and boss design is kinda bland and the forced platform sections look dull. BUT, it seems that wonders of all wonders they DO have a fun fighting system in here, somewhat easier than the olden games but I can live with that.

    Really, right now the only things I’m ‘eh’ about is the parts of the game where you don’t fight, and that’s not a lot in a game like DMC. Call it an ever cautious optimism: it looks like there will actually be fun fights here, so even if my worst suspicions comes true about Dante and the story I’ll at least have that. A 6-7 game, if I dare hope.

  • If Ninja Theory is known for their “superb” and “original” storytelling, why did NT get the half angel and half demon plot from Little Nicky?

    • How about waiting for the game to come out instead of taking a single quote out of context?

  • Paul Rodriguez

    I would not buy this game even if it dropped to $5.  It does not deserve
    a spot near my Devil May Cry games, or any other games for that
    matter. What is with the world and enemies? Nothing about this game
    reminds me of Devil May Cry. What is this? http://img59.imageshack.us/img59/6685/dmce3201218.jpg Tetris world? Tron world? I don’t know.

    • MrRobbyM

      “Nothing about this game reminds me of Devil May Cry”

      That’s because it’s not DMC. It’s DmC.

      Go figure.

    • Super-Sayian

      atleast someone has sense.

  • Splintee

    DMC: Devil May Cry….
    DmC: Devil may Cocaine….This Dante it really looks like a drug addict……
    I will try this game but the character…..
    If Hitoshura comes can he rearrange this man’s face….

    • AnimusVox

      Haha you know somethin, I noticed his eyes look….weird…like they’re big.
      I’m not trying to nitpick but this has been bothering me for awhile lol.

      • MrRobbyM

        You were saying?

        • AnimusVox

          Except this game isn’t an anime.

          • MrRobbyM

            Oh boo.

            I’m just joking around.

          • AnimusVox

            Lol hey if we’re gonna compare big eyes, might I suggest Toru Honda of ‘Fruits Basket’?

        • M’iau M’iaut

          Are you actually claiming she’s NOT on something?

          • MrRobbyM

            …*comment on the year*

            Along with Miss Yukari!

  • ToshiChan

    I, for one, will be mature enough to say the only reason I hate this game is because of the new Dante and how it is not my Dante.

    I will also be immature enough to hate this game for said reason.

  • GWTrinku

    Can we just wait for the game to come out and be played before we write it off?
    It could very well be a REALLY GOOD GAME with it’s own merits as opposed to fanboy upsetting trash.
    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not fan of the druggie look this Dante is sporting but come on let’s not complain about games we’ve never played like a bunch of idiots.

    • Super-Sayian

      and what if it doesn’t and it turns out to be trash? if that happens then they win cause they have our money and thus supporting their ill gotten ways of ruining franchises, its best to wait till prices drop or rent it b4 buying that way they may get money but it won’t be the jackpot.

      • Tien Ron

        it’s part of the official series it don st matter what you think there is going to be more of this Dante. 
        this type of devil may cry will definitely goes well with teenagers.
        i like this reboot it’s new an fresh 
        i love the old dante but he caters too much to Japanese audience 
        so im glad there is one that caters to the western side of things.
        well done ninja theory 

  • Umar Jaeger

    im a hardcore fan of Devil May Cry. i hated this game since the beginning. but … i’m kind of tired of the hate … there comes a time when it just becomes pointless and not worth the effort. i still however cant bring myself to buy this game. i Don’t think i ever will even if it’s the best game evar created. but, i do hope it turns out to be a really good game though

  • Guest

    its part bullshit looks like glorified silent hill with ninja gaiden go figure ninja theory smh

  • Super-Sayian

    seems like ninja theory is just trying to sqeeze milk out of an famous franchise even if the plot, design or even charisma doesn’t even make sense.. pass I’m not supporting this game, if you want to give this game an try at full price go ahead. enjoy wasting you or your parents hard earned cash on an half a** game.

  • I don’t understand why everyone is hating on this game. I have been a fan of the “Devil May Cry” series for a short while, but come on, this game isn’t released yet. I’ll admit, I would defiantly buy this game, not at full price, but my money would go towards this title, and almost everyone that’s bitching about this game…you know you’ll buy it anyways. My friend does that with alot of games, “Oh this sucks, I won’t buy it.” -game’s release- He buys it. :P

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