Persona 4: Golden Bonus Features Include Persona Music Live Concert Videos

By Kris . June 9, 2012 . 8:35pm

While my time with Persona 4: Golden at E3 didn’t allow me an opportunity to try out any of the new story content (I played a little bit of the “Yukiko’s castle” dungeon, and the load times were amazingly quick), I was particularly intrigued by some of the bonus content I got to see.


The bonus videos in the game were under the “TV Listings” option on the main menu, and were one of the only parts of the game that used the touch interface, according to Atlus PR manager Aram Jabbari.


There was quite a selection of videos available that would unlock as you played through the game, and Jabbari told me that “outside of a few licensed commercials,” the US version of Persona 4: Golden would retain all of the bonus videos that the Japanese version has.


The first videos that he showed me were from the Persona Music Live concerts, performed in 2008 and 2009. I was only able to watch a bit of a live performance of Persona 3 FES’s opening song, but the video was specifically re-encoded to fit the Vita’s native resolution and looked and sounded very nice.


The game allowed you to watch anime cutscenes that you’d seen in the game as well as the PS2 and Vita intro videos. The cutscenes I saw were in Japanese, but I was curious about the US cutscenes with the new voice actors. Like the Persona Music Live videos, the cutscenes were all redone to fill the Vita screen. Interestingly, the video player allowed videos to play in the background as you searched for another one.


Jabbari also confirmed that the previous voice recordings would be remastered for the Vita version.  Persona 4: Golden will be available this Fall for Vita

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  • Shadowman

    Huh. I wonder what Persona 4 arena offer? I hope a live concert too.

  • XYZ_JolteonZ980

    Nice additions I didnt know it had.

  • Herok ♞

    Nice to know that in this day and age we can still get bonuses that aren’t dlc

    • Sardorim

      Shhhh… Don’t be so loud! Do you want EA or Activision to hear you? I once knew a guy that tried to speak out and let me tell you, what they did to him wasn’t pretty at all.

      • Ow….wht they did to him?

        • Sardorim

          Ever heard of 4kids? They sent him there for reconditioning.

      • Herok ♞

         Let them hear, I don’t even remember the last time I bought one of their games so I am safe.

  • Metalsnakezero

    So much to look forward to for Golden. 

  • Opn

    im confused….did they re record all the lines or not?

    • Dokurochan

      Only Teddie and Chie would need to re-record their lines due to the switch in voice actors but everybody else would only need to record the new content.

      • Christopher Nunes

        Did they state why they couldn’t get Chie and Teddie’s original VA from the English dub for the Vita version? I quite like both Chie and Teddie’s voices as is… oh well, better get use to the new voices.

        Any clips of them yet?

    • takopako

      they did re-record the lines. i am assuming, though,  that they mean that the lines from the ps2 game that are being kept are being remastered to a higher sound quality that fits the vita’s speakers. that way, i guess it doesnt have that crappy “this is a port” sound to it.

  • RmanX1000

    Im buying a Vita for it. 3DS aint cuttin it anymore.

    • Vadim Merzhey

      3DS still has Soul Hackers and Shin Megami Tensei 4 ))

      • AuraGuyChris

        And Devil Survivor Overclocked.

        • Christopher Nunes

          Ah, Devil Survivor Overclocked! ^_^

          Haven’t beaten it yet, but kinda lost resolve to finish for letting a certain character died since they believe they are the cause of the incident. Next playthrough… plus it’s damn hard too! But I’m going to beat it!

          I love my 3DS and can’t wait to see more awesome games for it, like Kid Icarus!

          • I think you just have to keep talk to her when the oppurtunity arise…. And talk her out of suicide…

            But yeah, frm the vids and comments I’ve seen, she is outright suicidal……

          • Christopher Nunes

            Actually is was one choice I shouldn’t picked… which was my original choice but for some reason I second guessed myself and picked the other option.

            Apparently picking “Demons were already here” was indeed the correct choice to save her… I screwed up so bad and I save sometime after it in fear of dying in battle. I should’ve looked online first… now I have to beat the game and star over NG+… it looks like I’m getting the Yuzu Ending which I don’t want for the first time as I want my MC movement speed to go from 4 to 6 (I believe) instead of 5 from the Yuzu route.

            Is there another route I can choice besides being Yuzu’s route… or having the character died locked me into the Yuzu route?

          • Joanna

             I’m pretty sure Atsuro’s route should still be open (him and Yuzu should always be available iirc). I actually did Atsuro’s on my first playthrough. I rather liked the ending. It had a certain open-ended interpretive part at the end that I thought was nice. :)

          • Christopher Nunes

            Sadly I’ve pointed out the negative points of his idea with the Demons and I think I’m on… shoot it’s been a while… the 4th or 5th day so far and I didn’t bother to look for his friend which is making it harder and harder to go down his route and be locked into Yuzu’s route.

            Though I’m kinda confused on her route with going against the… “other enemy” part… or fleeing from them at first. What is the better ending of that option?

          • Joanna

            Are you referring to the escape mission with Honda?

            mild spoilers

            You aren’t suppose to escape then. If you do it leads to an early bad end. Which will force you to reload your last save.

            At the end of day 5 (I believe) you will get the option to talk to certain characters. You will know it’s that part because it takes place at night. Talking to one of them will then lock you into that route. I don’t know if saving Keisuke is required for Atsuro. I saved him cause I didn’t want to kill off anyone. I don’t think pointing out his plan’s flaws will lock you out though. Perhaps I’m mistaken, but I swear I heard Atsuro and Yuzu will always be open no matter what. You should at least get to the route decision part of the game to see if you can do Atsuro’s. Although truthfully, anyone but Yuzu is a pain to do on the first playthrough because only Yuzu’s route skips most of the hard bosses.

            edit: Looks like the SMT wiki is telling me if you don’t save Haru, you will be stuck on Yuzu’s route, which is weird because saving her should just be required for Gin’s route. :/ Ah well, I still say you keep playing till the end of day 5 to see if you are indeed stuck in Yuzu’s route.

          • Christopher Nunes

            Alright I will, thank you!

      • RmanX1000

        Yeeeeaaaahh…. Not enough reason for me to keep it. Plus P4G comes out first.

  • siliconera should be renamed to the persona news network for the time being 

  • PizzicatoSpirit

    Oooo this should be interesting to watch the Persona Music Live concerts because I have the Persona Music Live Band CD.

  • Zonic505

    The more content I hear is being added to this, the more I can’t wait for this to come out.

  • Raze

    Bonus Vid??
    I wonder….Will we see the Bro-hug scene and rolling Cabbachi in NA/EU Ver??

  • Alexander Aubert

    NOT A DLC!!???? GREAT!!!!

  • neetyneety

    Now will people shut up about this being a lazy port? It’s pretty obvious now from all the work and bonus content that Atlus added that they’re seriously improving the game to make it superior to the PS2 ver., and to give those people who already finished it all the better reason to play through it again. (ofc, I’ve heard from others that it’s a very lengthy game, but those were the same people who told me that they had multiple playthroughs)

    I myself haven’t played it yet, and I was planning to get the PS2 ver. one of these days, but Atlus has thoroughly convinced me that it’s worth holding out for this ver.

    • canarinta

      I don’t think watching videos of a concert I’ve watched before is proof of their effort.

      [spoilersdontworkhere]The other stuff they did are, though[/ormaybeimwrong]

      • Alexander Aubert

        you can find so many of their effort in the game by other contents

        • canarinta

          …there’s only 2 sentences in my post.

          That’s what ai said in the 2nd sentence

    • Ryan Baer

      The single best way they can give me reason to play again: Dual Audio. Being able to play through the game again with the original voices will give me more motivation than any other feature will.

  • brian yep

    “opening song”
    That song?
    Closest video I could find to that one with “NAZI DANCE” and “ticking f**k” since that one appears to be gone from youtube. ;-;

    • God, I love the Persona 3/4 misheard lyrics videos. The one that’s gone, the other FES opening one, that was the most amusing one. :>

      I also like “CALIFORNIA POTATO POWEEER!” I like to randomly yell that while doing some silly magical girl poses. 8)

  • So glad they don’t appear to have fallen into the trap of using features just because they’re there (ie, the touchscreen). Can’t wait, less than two weeks before it’s here (including shipping time, the worst part) :3

    And video rewatch mode means I’ll be able to rewatch Yukiko’s castle over and over mwuahaha… uh, I mean I’ll be able to rewatch all the awesome cutscenes whenever I want which just happens to include Yukiko’s castle, yes. *cough*

    • Giving additional control options, just because the possibility is there, doesn’t necessarily mean falling into a trap. I think for turn-based RPGs touch controls are a complementing feature and as long as they are optional everyone would be pleased, right?

      I would have really liked touch controls (as it usually means less cramps in my tender hands. ;>)

      • Oh sure, using the option isn’t bad in itself (Tales of Innocence used it for shortcut commands very well for instance) but too often people use things to excess just because they can. Something like Ciel no Surge that was designed to use just the touchscreen from the outset is fine, but just randomly assigning things to the screen when they worked perfectly fine on the normal buttons is annoying.

        Though as you say, if it’s an option that can be selected or deselected at will that’s absolutely fine, I just don’t like it being forced on me :)

        • I don’t like having things forced on me either, but since most games I play do exactly that, by forcing me to play with normal button control (or even worse, keyboard control with no option of using a controller for most PC games) – If I had the choice, I’d play everything with touch controls or just using the mouse. ;_; 

          So that’s why I’m very much supporting multiple control schemes. I’d be displeased as well tho, if the normal control scheme would be dropped in favour of using touch screen only controls. But having options is always nice.

          • I fully agree, choice is always the best… uh, choice :) It’s sad that choice seems to be one thing lacking in a lot of games now. Squeenix are one company that REALLY needs to get with the times on this particluar issue, they still have that phobia about giving the player control of the audio (come on Square, other games have had options to control SFX and BGM for decades, seriously).

  • Freesun4

    The Persona Music Live concerts? Just how big is the Vita?

    • The physical version isn’t an issue, they can make it as big as necessary to fit any files on. The download version though… dunno, suppose it’s possible they could always do a game and extra content separate deal so anyone with a smaller memcard for the Vita isn’t screwed by the size of the download.

      On the other hand though, if you bought with the intention of downloading games then you should already have a 16+GB size memory card, if you’re purchasing physical copies (like I am) then a smaller memory card isn’t an issue anyway. That’s the logical side of it, but since Sony doesn’t operate on logic and decided that hyper expensive proprietary memory cards was a better idea than just using high quality SD cards I suppose this argument goes out of the window.

  • Nerroth

    A few of the clips surfacing from E3 show some of the extras being discussed here:

    Something not related to anything in particular; over on the Japanese P4G site (, if you click one of the characters shown on the teaser screen, that person will show up on the main page of the site proper. Also, each day in the run-up to the Japanese release has an audio message from a different character; the latest as of this post is from Yukiko.

  • cj_iwakura

    If it has the live performance of Heaven from Live in Akasaka Blitz, that’s a system seller. Amazing stuff. (Importing that DVD costs more than this game!)

  • Crevox
    • FES was a re-release of 3 on the same system at a later date with some extras and the extra scenario. This is a total reboot of 4 on a completely NEW console with a TON of new content much like P3P on the PSP. It’s not the same principal at all.

      • Crevox

        Actually, FES came out before this post. It even mentions that “you won’t get FES’d.”

        This is not a “total reboot”, this is a port. FES had “a TON of new content” as well. It’s the same thing.

        Besides, read the press release. It specifically states:

        “We are today able to announce that at no point in the future will we announce the release of a “FES” version of Persona 4. The very finest, most definitive version of Persona 4 will be the one released on December 9, 2008.”

        • “This is not a “total reboot”

          *shrug* call it what you want, I still don’t consider it the same. I don’t care either way, more P4 is a good thing, don’t give a toss what any article or even the devs might’ve said when the Vita wasn’t even known about. It was a good opportunity to a) get some more cash easily and b) release an even more awesomeified version of one of the best games ever made. I see no problem here.

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