Final Fantasy III Job Changes From DS To PSP

By Spencer . June 10, 2012 . 11:14pm

imageNo, Refia your next stop is actually the PSP. Square Enix is preparing a port of Final Fantasy III, the 2006 DS version, for PSP. Final Fantasy III was also re-released for iOS devices last year.


Jump reports the PSP version will have enhanced graphics and a brand new option to play through the game using the original Famicom music. Sorry, if you were hoping for the lost Wonderswan version.


Final Fantasy III will be available for PSP on September 20 for 3,800 yen ($48) in stores or 3,300 yen ($41) as a PSN download.

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  • WHY… i Just want FF Type-0 in US :(((

    • Preach it, bruva. lol

    • Kevadu

      I do too but that really has nothing to do with this article.  It’s not even a localization announcement, it’s for Japan.  Given S-E’s aversion to the PSP in the US lately I doubt this will even make it over.

      • Tsuko85

        North America will probaly get a Vita version of Final Fantasy Type-0
        I’d perfer a PSP version more though, not many PSP games are 2 UMD discs long

    • Tsuko85

       I want Before Crisis Final Fantasy VII in US :(((

      • Wasn’t that a cell phone game? Would it be any good? O_o?

        • Tsuko85

           yea, watch gameplay of it on youtube, it looks freaking amazing for a cellphone game

          • Hmmm. If they ported it it could be fun. But otherwise I dunno…

    • A lot of people do Kenken… a lot of people do… SE just doesn’t care as I have said before. Even though Solomon likes to argue this point to hell even though it’s true. :/

      • Solomon_Kano

        • You know what I say is the truth. I don’t mean anything rude by it. You’re still decent enough unlike darkraiders who is unduly harsh.

          • Solomon_Kano

            Nah, it’s cool. But I mean, if you read my last comment, I did agree with you when you clarified that you were talking about SENA.

          • I read it. I just didn’t reply replying gets annoying when it proceeds for too long.

  • Finally! The gap between my FF1-4 for the PSP will be filled!

  • Go2hell66

    i love you square but this is just completely unnecessary

  • Wow, this is the most pointless thing ever. I find it hard to believe that most people that would care for this game don’t already own it on DS and iPhone.

    • At least it won’t run out of print now, I guess…? Due to the PSN version, I mean. Although I’m not sure it’s a good idea to charge full for a game that is about 6 years old, and that’s not even counting the original’s age.

      • Zero_Destiny

        It wouldn’t go “out of print” on the App Store ether. lol 

    • FitzpatrickPhillips

      Japan loves dem remakes and ports, mah dude.

    • “Why would they put this game on a new system for more people to enjoy why can’t they just play their original Famicom version”

      • How is the PSP any “newer” than the DS or the iPhone? Your comment makes zero sense.

        • Perhaps ‘new’ was the wrong word.  I guess I meant that this was new to the system.  I don’t see why that’s really a bad thing though; if there’s an audience with PSPs that could be interested in this particular game that may not have an iOS device or a DS, and the porting process isn’t gonna put Square too far out of their way, then why not?  

          • Oh. Well, it just sort of strikes me as pointless. DS sales were about 2x PSP sales in Japan. The number of people that own PSPs who don’t also own a DS is likely to be very, very low. Also, this game sold incredibly well on DS back when it first came out, so again, it just feels like there’s little point, since most people who would be interested in it likely own it already. We’ll see how it sells, I suppose.

          • porting is the new thing these days, easier then making a remake from the ground up. Probably trying to ride on the ps vita’s launch as well in in terms of digital distribution.  kind of sucks but it does give other people a chance to play.. now if only it was priced lower

          • TheBlackKnight3

             It often seems to me that in Japan, people are more likely to double dip with their well-received series, like with the various Monster Hunter ports that sold very well, Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2 Professional, Tales of series directors cuts, among other things. So it might sell well enough for what seems to be an afternoon’s work.

          • Tom_Phoenix

            I don’t expect it to sell much at all. But considering the miniscule amount of work they are putting into this port, even sales of a couple of thousand would mostly be pure profit in Square Enix’s pockets.

            @TheBlackKnight3:disqus The thing is, the reason why people double dipped for those titles is beacuse they included (a lot of) extra content that wasn’t available with the previous versions. 

            By comparison, all this port contains are slightly more polished graphics and the ability to play the game with the original Famicom music. Somehow, I don’t think most people will find that to be a substantial enough difference to justify double dipping.

    • Well, I care about the game and don’t own a DS or an iPhone, but I do have a PSP, so….

    • MAO

      I wouldn’t call this pointless, but it’s definitely an extremely late port. I don’t own a DS and iPhone/iPad, and I haven’t played the original either, so I’ll be getting it. Still disappointed that it’s not a 2D remake though. :/

    • Anime10121

       I agree with you Ishaan, and throw in the fact that III (especially the remake as most people I hear dont generally like the added “personalities” given to the characters) is generally one of the worst liked entries in the series.

      I am well aware that it sold well on DS but that is more than likely attributed to the fact that it was the first time it was ever remade since the original III on Nintendo.

      I play Final Fantasy games for the story so entries like III and V (although I have beat both) never really interested me.

    • SetzerGabbiani

      FF III is my least favorite.  I hated the magic system and how the jobs were implemented…I daresay after you’ve played FFV, FFIII is kind of unplayable….just my opinion.

      • kylehyde

        I kind of agree, certainly FFV was the perfection of the job system. This sytem  made FFV one of my favorites games on the series. Too bad that is very underappreciated for many people that call themselves fanatic of the series.

      • I know I certainly couldn’t go back to III after I’d played the IV remake on DS. They’re worlds apart. I’m not sure how much more than III I’d like V (I’ve never played it), but I’m willing to give it a shot. I’ll wait for the eventual remake though.

      • Joanna

        Maybe I’m weird, but I actually liked the old magic system. It makes mages (in my eyes) actually worthwhile to use on regular mooks. Whereas in the new FFs, I rarely use mages because I try to save the MP for the big boss.

        Also, I felt FFIII DS’ job system was way more balanced than V’s. In V it punishes you for jumping around too much from job to job, whereas III didn’t do that, so I actually preferred the job system in III (and I played V before III, just never finished it because I changed jobs too much and it really messed up my stats and progress became really tedious so I stopped playing about ~10 years ago). I mean, why give the player all these cool jobs if you are going to force them to play with only a couple least they spread their stats too thin and are then unable to progress.

        Story and character-wise though, V is a lot better. In fact, I think V has one of the best casts in the entire series.

    • Tom_Phoenix

      And even for those who haven’t bought the game yet, this port hardly has enough extra stuff to justify buying it over the cheaper DS version.

      The only people that might potentially see this as a worthwhile offer are people who only have a PSP and don’t want to get a DS. 

      • If that’s who this game is aimed at, then I would have to say that is truly pathetic. If we’re at the point where a large publisher like Square Enix feel the need to cater to the minority of petty zealots who won’t buy non-Sony systems, it is a sad state of affairs. :/

        • Tom_Phoenix

          To be fair, it’s not impossible for someone to legitimately not like the DS library and thus have no reason to buy a DS.

          Having said that, those people definitely do not represent the majority. The DS library is so enormous that, really, your tastes would have to be EXTREMELY specific for you to not be able to find at least a few games of interest on the platform.

          But frankly, I don’t think Square Enix is porting this game specifically for people who don’t want to buy non-Sony systems. I think they just see this as an easy way to squeeze out some extra cash from the work they’ve already done.

          • Yeah, squeezing the last bit of cash out of it probably is the intent here, agreed. PSP’s on its way out, so Square aren’t going to be giving it any meaningful support. At the same time, that significantly large userbase is still in place, so it doesn’t hurt to put a few effortless products out there and see if anyone bites. All the larger publishers appear to be doing the same on PSP, aside from Namco, who are actually still putting out some of their key anime titles on it.

    • Crevox

      Don’t be so ignorant, some people have PSPs and don’t have those systems

  • Barrylocke89

    Wait, the DS version can be found online for about 18 bucks, and the iOS version (which iirc already has enhanced graphics) can be downloaded for 16 bucks….so why??

    I like Final Fantasy III, but this is a weird choice and I’ll be shocked if it actually makes it to America except maybe as a PSN only download (And if it DOES, they’d better charge 20 dollars tops. It’s not like they’re going to redo the script for it)

    • Kefkiroth

      Umm… PSP has enhanced graphics AND buttons. :o
      And iirc FFIV: The Complete Collection is $30, so I’d imagine it’d be the same for this version, or even less since TCC has After Years.

      • domonkun

         Uhhh, you could play with the buttons on the DS version too. In fact, I preferred it.

        Are you talking about the optional Famicom music? Actually, it might even have a new dungeon or something. Hmmm…

        • Kefkiroth

          Like I said, it will have BOTH enhanced graphics and buttons; iOS and DS lack one of the two.

      • I doubt they had to redo the graphics all over again. They definitely have the data resources from the DS version already, not to mention the rather recent iOS version. They probably just need some adjustments in scaling and resolution, and a bit of optimizing. The available buttons are also exactly the same as DS version’s, barring the touch-screen.

        • Kefkiroth

          The same textures/models will still look better on PSP hardware, not to mention the article actually mentions enhanced graphics, so we could see a bit of a change. Of course I never meant to imply anything too drastic.
          And I meant that this PSP version will have the enhanced graphics of iOS (though that could change with the PSP’s lower resolution), AND button advantage that the DS has. The DS and iOS versions lack one of the two.

    • Two words: TV out.

      Seriously, that’s enough for me. I didn’t cave on the DS version… but I’ll probably cave on this one. (:

  • Kefkiroth

    The 2D PSP version should’ve been the DS version, and the 3D DS version should’ve been the PSP version in the first place. The current PSP game looked and played nice, while the DS game played and looked awful… I wonder why they didn’t take advantage of the PSP’s hardware for the 3D version in the first place. 2D graphics would’ve been fine for the DS(I personally prefer nice-looking 2D over garbage 3D).
    EDIT: Epic fail, I was thinking of FF4…

  • Carlos Daniel Flores Loreto

    Alright, now I’ll finally have FF1~9 on the go.
    Considered buying it on DS, but now I think Ill wait.

  • badmoogle

    Good thing for those who haven’t yet played the game and also have a PSP.

    Personally i’m fine with my DS version so i’m not going to double dip.

  • imaguni

    Not to hate on III, but I can’t call this anything but a strange move (unless I’m feeling harsh), especially after re-releasing the game on iOS.

    • Exactly my thoughts.

    • komiko12

      Hehe. They’ve released it on Nintendo, Sony and iOS platforms. FF3 sure is a fickle game.

      Maybe it is to make FF3 known to other people. It is one of the most unnoticed FFs.

      • imaguni

         That’s a good way to see things!

  • ragnarok989

    I’m about 90% sure this was a quick port just so they can have FF1-10 playable on the Vita soon…

  • badmoogle

    Improved graphics + quick port = Don’t really mix.

    • malek86

      The improved graphics were already in the iOS version though. A quick port shouldn’t be too hard.

      • badmoogle

        Good point.

  • Ouch, hefty price for a game that’s ported to a last-gen handheld and has been out for years already… is the iOS version that expensive as well? oO

    • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

      Shouldn’t come as a surprise though, FFI and FFII (PSP versions) were released at the outrageous price of 30 USD when for slightly less than the individual price you could buy the anthology on the GBA. Sometimes it’s like they just want to give people reasons to complain~.

      • I’m just wondering why they didn’t port it to the Vita, I mean, they already implemented HD graphics and touch control schemes for the iOS version, so imo they should have ported it to both the Vita and the PSP as digital downloads with prices like 10-25 bucks.

        Also, the iOS port doesn’t even cost half as much (14 Euro in the EU apple store, converts to roughly $18) …so yeah, Squeenix’s marketing decisions confuse me. But who knows, maybe they are a bunch of Ms and like being complained at or something. :>

      • Tsuko85

         30$ isn’t outrageous considering that they were polished perfectly and both of them each have a dungeon exclusive to the PSP versions

  • kevinposta

    Naturally, I’ll get this for the sole fact I always wanted to have a complete collection of FF1-9 on a console and FF3 kept missing sony consoles.
    That and this game will be a lot more enjoyable to me on the PSP than the DS, simply due to it being my preferred handheld :p

  • maxchain

    It’s got “Final Fantasy” in the title, but it’s on the PSP.  Which way will Square Enix go on a US release?  Place your bets!

    • Solomon_Kano

      Same way as Type-0…

  • Muggshotter

    Yo, what? PSP (or rather, Vita) is just shining with dat Final Fantasy now.

    Guess I could start pull another Dissidia soon, this is good news (despite owning a DS)! And the Famicom music option is just wonderful, the Dissidia 012 DLC made me like the 8-bit tunes in a funny way. ;P (That game owes me so much…)

  • Oni123

    Won’t buy the PSN version but i would buy a hard copy if they make one, just to add to the collection =)

    •  That’s really the only reason I’ll be picking this up as well.

  • Well, that’s great news for whoever doesn’t have this game yet. Got the DS version. To be honest, it’s one of the weaker games in the franchise, and I really don’t like the way the characters redone for this 3D version. The game is still fun and it’s worth it for any FF fan. I’d still get it if I didn’t have the DS version already.

  • I wish they would get the DS version of 4. I love that Chibi 3D.

  • Umar Jaeger


    happy i am now today

  • Eh I have the DS version, it is okay but probably one of my least favorite numbered entries (besides the MMOs I ignore).  Play it for the novelty of the “lost game” “First Job system” and the debut of Moogles.

    • AJ

      Yeah, there are games that are grind fests, and then there’s Final Fantasy III.

      (My wife, however, put about 250 hours into it and beat the game senseless. I am both in awe of her and scared of her.)

  • Speedo Redempteur

    FF4 would have been a much better choice..

  • Tien Ron

     that’s lazy and disgraceful….

  • Misty Dawson

    … Still waiting for remakes of FF5 and FF6. ._.

    • konsama

      FF6 is my favorite game, so i don’t know if it would really be a good idea to remake it. Especially if they are gonna cliché their characters even more and get them “stuck” in that facet. I liked that about FF6, except for Terra and Locke, all characters were quite unique.

    • MrRobbyM

      Same here ._.

    • Yeah I do prefer a voiced home console version of FF6 or a 3DS version. 

  • Tsuko85

    Seriously Square Enix?
    The DS version of Final Fantasy III was horrible
    Give us a version of Final Fantasy III that is like Final Fantasy I,II and IV for the PSP
    Better yet give us a 3DS version of Before Crisis Final Fantasy VII
    that’s the only Final Fantasy VII game that hasn’t made it outside Japan
    Square Enix the least you could do is include a version of the 8bit Final Fantasy III as a bonus that’s unlocked from the start

    • i liked the ds version….

    • pitch that to square enix.

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      And here i thought FFIII for DS is great classics and tons of fun to play.^^

  • awesome! plz let it come to the west on umd! and where is that ff 13 game for psp?

    • mikedo2007
      • Type-0 not O. Sorry.

        • amagidyne

           I’m sure it was just a typo.

          • Probably but correcting never hurt anyone.

          • Sakurazaki

             I laughed.

      • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

        The article is a mere rumor and it never made it past that point. Right now, it’s not out of the question to assume that the localization might’ve been dropped altogether~.

        • mikedo2007

          Well it’s too early to assume. I would like to know if it’s still in production or it’s no longer in production.

  • Pichi

    Not much to double dip for. Maybe they’ll be more extras later announced.

  • mikedo2007

    I’m OK with this news, but why not Vita, that system needs help in Japan.  If they had made this for Vita (it could make use of the touchpad), then the system would sell well in Japan.  I was going to buy FF3 on Android (it’s out in Japan, not yet in US), but the PSP version makes me not want to buy Android.  But I still think this should’ve been a Vita game, the Vita needs help.

    • It’s Sony’s fault technically that Vita isn’t selling. They didn’t drop the price.

      • mikedo2007

        Well that also, but I still think if they release this on Vita, it’ll help the system greatly in Japan.  Also I check the Vita game they have in Japan, I know a few that sell well in Japan while in US there are many games that appeal to western audience.  So I think FF3 on Vita could help the Japanese Vita sales greatly.

        • It’s not their job to sell the Vita. That’s Sony’s job. Square’s job is to make sure their own games sell well. And an FF3 remake on Vita wouldn’t do anything significant for the system anyway.

          • mikedo2007

            I think it would’ve helped the Vita, remember the Bandai Wonderswan, I believe it did so well in Japan because of Final Fantasy 1 and 2:


            Another reason for the WonderSwan’s success in Japan was the fact that Bandai managed to get a deal with Square to port over the original Famicom Final Fantasy games with improved graphics and controls. However, with the popularity of the Game Boy Advance and the reconciliation between Square and Nintendo, the WonderSwan Color and its successor, the SwanCrystal, quickly lost its competitive advantage. They were discontinued in 2003.”

            I do agree that Sony needs to reduce the price on Vita, but having a well-known series on Vita could help the console do well in Japan.

          • That was a very, very long time ago, back when the market was a different place and competition wasn’t as fierce. These days, that isn’t the case anymore, and a port of a remake of an older Final Fantasy, which has already been released on the best-selling system of all time, would make little difference.

            Now, the HD version of Final Fantasy X might help matters a little more, but it remains to be seen how much, as that game is multiplatform on the PS3 as well.

          • mikedo2007

            Yeah true, but I still think FF3 on Vita would’ve been a good idea.

      • badmoogle

        You are halfway right.
        Sure it’s Sony’s fault but it has nothing to do with price.The reason why Vita is currently on life support is because it doesn’t have games people actually want to play with it(with very few exceptions).This shows how much unprepared Sony was for Vita’s launch.Someone would have guessed that they would have learnt a thing or two from the 3DS launch.
        And what’s worse is that judging from Sony’s presentation at this year’s E3,the future of the system looks quite bleak.Their last chance is TGS.

    • I’m just wondering why Square doesn’t bring Type-0 for the Vita.

  • Man am I hoping in vain for an English release?

    • The Japanese version has an English Language to choose on, i know this because Im playing it right now :)

  • Tom_Phoenix

    I haven’t gotten around to getting the DS version yet, since I currently don’t have a DS. 

    That said, this doesn’t really convince me to change my plans, since it is probably the laziest port Square Enix has ever done. Slightly more polished graphics and the ability to play the game with the original Famicom music? That’s it? Frankly, that’s hardly worth the higher price tag and worse medium that the game comes on.

  • While I nothing against the idea but if this games comes to the west, it’ll make me think “Why didn’t they use this time to bring Type-0 over here?”

    Not even for the PS Vita or a HD re-release on PS3 like Monster Hunter Portable 3rd?

    • Solomon_Kano

      Simply put? Type-0 = higher cost, higher risk.

    • Relytgninroht

      I thought they already confirmed that they were working on a localization of Type-0. 

      • Solomon_Kano

        Sorta. People took a comment in the Ultimania that they were working on a Western version to be straight up confirmation that we’d see it localized. Working on could’ve been anything from early stages like translating the script to who knows what.

        Considering nothing was ever said about a localization outside of that one tidbit, I don’t think it’s fair to call that confirmation.

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      Why the sudden Mon Hun there??? This is SQ while that is Capcom lol.

  • Theofratus ‘Geese’ Lester

    I can’t take it anymore… >o<'

  • RaineNythra

    Poor FFV. It will never get a remake ;_;

  • noctis_nox

    SE the king of ports. :P

  • Solomon_Kano

    I’d lament that we’ll never see this version, but whatever. I’ll just buy the DS version when I get a 3DS.

    • MAO

      The Japanese version of FF, FFII and FFIVCC on the PSP allows you to switch between Japanese and English language anytime in the game. If FFIII also includes English language, we can just import the Japanese version. :)

      • Solomon_Kano

        Oh? Well, I really hope they don’t drop the ball here then. I’d definitely download it from the JPN PSN if it follows that trend.

  • Sergio Pinheiro

    The only FF i never played.
    Probably will i never will…In PsP.
    But S-E is so crazy these days then why no?
    FFTZ já tem data de lançamento?? (have release date??)
    Dont undestand portuguese?
    Well i don’t understand S-E, we have a tie then. 

  • Levin_Scorpius

    So… these are the PSP screenshots, right? Because when I heard “enhanced graphics” I was kinda expecting there be, uh, ‘enhancements’ in a sense other than higher resolution/ bigger text. Was I being over expectant since this is just another ‘Square Enix likes shiny slips of paper with numbers on them’ port?

    Yeah, anyway, even if this manages to make across the pacific, I’m probably not gonna buy it since I have a ton of now-useless/undesired games I want to get rid of. 

    Also what is up with Shiva’s half-spoon half-fork hands? I’d imagine it be hard to put together that ridiculous outfit with those abominations.

    • Relytgninroht

      I believe that those are images from the iOS version. The aspect ratio is wrong for a PSP- those shots are 4:3 rather than 16:9.

      • MAO

        The bottom 4 images are from the PSP version. They are the same size as PSP’s screen resolution (480×272 pixels).

  • So… Squeenix! Where are those FFV and FFVI remakes?

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