Injustice: Gods Among Us Is More Like BlazBlue Than You’d Expect

By Kris . June 11, 2012 . 12:33pm

I went into Injustice: Gods Among Us expecting that it would play like a DC-skinned Mortal Kombat, but I was pleasantly surprised that Netherrealm is stepping out of their comfort zone. Instead of two punches and two kicks, the layout was a bit more like Blazblue with light, medium, and heavy attack buttons alongside a character-specific attack button.


Because of the light-medium-heavy setup, combos are much easier to string together than in Mortal Kombat. While combos were still pretty cut-and-dried, it was nice that attacks were a bit less obtuse. Light-Light-Light and Light-Light-Medium were both pretty simple combos that every character I played had. Specials also seemed to be a bit more standardized, with down-back and down-forward and an attack button performing specials for just about everyone. As somebody who’s always found MK’s inputs to be kind of annoying, I liked that I didn’t have any trouble acclimating to Injustice.


Then of course, there is the "character trait" button. Much like Blazblue’s "Drive" attacks, each character’s "character trait" is individual and supposedly built around their fighting style from the comic books. I was intrigued by how different the button got from character to character. Wonder Woman can change between her sword/shield and lasso of truth fighting styles, Batman summons little robotic bats that circle around him, and Superman buffs his stats for a while.


Batman’s robotic bats were of particular interest to me. A single press of the B button would call three out and they’d just circle around him. Pressing down and B would cause the bats to spin quickly. Being attacked during this would cause the bats to counter the enemy and knock them into the air. After using this, the robotic bat icons near Batman’s super bar at the bottom of the screen would refill one bat at a time, so I could summon a single bat more quickly, or wait for all three to return.


I also found it helpful that pressing B normally would simply send the bats towards the enemy without sending Batman into any animation. This meant that I could start a combo in a corner, throw the bats at the enemy to keep them in the air while Batman recovered from his last animation, and continue the juggle.


The game does bring one particular element from Mortal Kombat back. Pressing both triggers simultaneously will activate your character’s super if you have a full super bar. These are as over the top and cheesy as you’d expect. Superman uppercuts his enemy into space, flying after them until he punches them back down to earth. The game also has its own take on EX attacks, but at least in the build I played they were a lot safer than what you’d generally expect, activated by pressing RT when an attack connects with your opponent. Sadly, I didn’t get a lot of time to experiment with them, but it seems like every special can be turned into an EX attack with careful timing and a portion of your super meter.


Injustice puts a lot of emphasis on its backgrounds. Hitting your opponent with heavy attacks will cause things to break and dislodge, revealing throwable items like Bat-grenades or exposing wires to uppercut your opponent into. LB is essentially your go-to button for interacting with the environment. The Netherrealm rep I was playing with pressed a button in the corner of the fortress of silence to shoot a laser at me that dragged me into the Phantom Realm before spitting me back out. Some environmental attacks were character based. For instance, Batman will smash his opponent’s face into a nearby car when Solomon Grundy would just pick up the car and smash his opponent with it.


Stages are also divided into multiple parts, but you’ll have to use a heavy attack (A) and a specific direction to punch your opponent into the next area. The NetherRealm rep used forward and A to punch me from the edge of one part of the Fortress of Solitude through the Phantom Realm, resulting in some creature biting into Wonder Woman (my character at the time)’s neck. The area transition attacks are flashy, looking like something out of a summer blockbuster, with people suffering inhuman amounts of damage before landing on the ground of the next section of the stage.


Food for Thought:

1. Unlike Mortal Kombat, the game does not have a designated block button. You simply hold back while your opponent is attacking. This is quite possibly my favorite thing about the demo I played.


2. While the studio isn’t talking about the story at all, they say that there’s a good reason that the superheroes are called villains in the trailer.

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  • Guest

    Is that outfit what I expect to see from the upcoming Superman movie?

  • Herok ♞

    DC  character Blazblue, DAY ONE purchase.

    • Bentan

       about time!

  • Anime10121

    Thanks Siliconera, you have just made me add ANOTHER game to my Amazon Preorder account.  You must like to feast upon my poor soul and empty wallet :P

  • Brandonmkii

    Jeez, nobody likes Solomon Grundy do they? 

    • Locklear93

       Nope. :P

  • This definitely makes the game more appealing than any other preview I’ve read. I was already going to pick it up as the DC fanboy I am (primarily to master The Flash and dominate online… a dream that will probably not occur, but whatever) and this article gives me great hope that it is a good purchase idea. Sure, there’s still a year before it comes out and any number of things can change, but from the build that’s been previewed, I’m sure it will be a crowning jewel in my fighting game collection.

  • Tales_of_Master

    It wasn’t mentioned in the article, but Flash’s “character’s trait” is to slow down time, which sounds broken as hell. All in all, can’t wait to play the game. My only concern is that the clashes or the “combo breakers” well get old fast and interrupt the flow of the game, but according to Ed Boon they’ve already accounted to that, so I’m all hyped up for the game :D

  • Could this game be more tournament-worthy than MK9?

    Netherealm Studios should make the next BlazBlue game!

    • Göran Isacson

       If I started typing out all the “no’s” I’d want to respond to this suggestion with, I would never stop. As such I’m just going to hope that you’re ironic, and say that I’m not a big fan of this idea. MK is MK, Blazblue is Blazblue, there’s pretty much no way in hell one side would be able to do the other justice.

    • How is MK9 not tournament worthy? You know what I’m going to stop right there, don’t want to cause a dispute among since we may have two different opinions on the matter.^_^

  • Sperium3000

    The fact that NetherRealms is actually trying to make this game not turn out as Super-Hero Mortal Kombat pleases me. I’m intrigued and I look forwards to character reveals in the future.

  • Göran Isacson

    Interesting choice in set-up, but very appropriate considering it puts focus on their super-powers and how to use them in good ways as opposed to just making it about combos and button combinations. Also, I have to speculate as to what Batmans super attack would be: Maybe a flashback to the Batcave where he studies his opponents skills and devices the perfect anti-that-particular-hero-trap, and then lures his opponent into it? Because… that’s about the only super-attack I can imagine for him.

    • Solomon_Kano

      Calls in one of his various bat-gadgets? I seem to recall him having some sorta armored suit around the Batcave at some point or other. That’d probably be effective against most of the roster. If not that, then I can’t picture anything unless they’re willing to give him a specific attack for certain members of the roster (like Kryptonite for Supes and whatnot).

    • Tales_of_Master

       Batman’s super was already revealed. It’s a combination of punches that ends with Batman stringing his foe upside down and delivering a missile kick to their face.

  • Bentan

    supermans Astral Finish!

  • Solomon_Kano

    Not to be anal or anything, but minor corrections: Fortress of Solitude and Phantom Zone. Unless, and it’s possible, NetherRealm changed the names themselves.

    In any event, I’m liking the sound of this. I was scared that it might end up being MK in DC paint (not that I dislike MK). I always like games where there’s some interactivity with the environments but… I dunno. This game’s system sounds like it could get old after you’ve played each stage a few times. But perhaps the exact hiding spot of each usable item will change? Guess I’ll have to wait and see.

    • Kris

      Oh god, you’re right. I’m sorry, I was really tired while writing this! I’ll try to edit that stuff shortly…

      • Solomon_Kano

        No prob.

  • revenent hell

    Oy is this going to be one of those story lines set in a parallel world where the good guys are the bad guys? Or is it “something takes controll of hero’s and turn them god complexed to rule the world” type things?
    Even in fighting games I like a story that dosent scream been there done that.

    • Guest

      Its hard to think of any other way than those two

      • revenent hell

        hmm yeah I suppose so….but then on the other hand it kinda makes me want to play as the charecter not the super hero then,I think that would be more fun in a sence

  • neetyneety

    So it feels like a combination of DC, Blazblue and Dead or Alive (the emphasis on using the environment to your advantage)? God, the only thing missing is they add Spiderman/Iron Man (yes, I know they’re Marvel) and I really would be willing to buy a PS3 for this!

  • Haohmaru HL

    if you gonna play an american fighting game
    you gonna have a bad time..
    they just can’t make a good fighting system

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