It’s Motion Control Time? Power Rangers Kinect Game Coming To Xbox 360

By Spencer . June 11, 2012 . 2:01am

powersaNamco Bandai stealth announced a Kinect enabled Power Rangers Samurai game at E3. A demo station for the Xbox 360 game was tucked away behind the Tank! Tank! Tank! displays and it let players karate chop giant monsters to use the Samurai Megazord’s sword.


Power Rangers Samurai is slated for release in North America later this year.

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  • Haven’t watched power rangers in over a decade, but do they still do those weird poses as they power up?  That might actually be pretty funny to in person.

    *woosh* “Alright!* woosh woosh* “It’s time” *woosh* “to finish” *woosh woosh woosh* “you off!”

    Maybe you have to shout “IT’S MORPHING TIME!” at the screen.  Genius stuff, there.

    • malek86

      And then you have to get four other friends with you, and if you make a pose together you can create Megazord. Brilliant.

      •  Hey that actually would be pretty great.  Kinect could snap a photo (or take a video) and automatically upload it to the internet.

        • $733987

          And then Lord Zedd would figure out your secret identity from the video clip and promptly attack your neighbourhood with his putty patrol along with the 6th evil green ranger. Fun times ahead, yo!

      • Tom_Phoenix

        Too bad the Kinect cannot register that many people at once. =P

  • VietKnight

    If I remember correctly it was suppose to come out last year just never did when the DS and Wii version came out.

  • SirRichard

    This actually sounds like it could be quite fun, honestly. Kinect already makes you look like you’re trying to mimic the Power Rangers, why not just have you do it directly?

    • omeganeko

       I agree this does sound kinda cool. It would be awesome if the game used a lot of different series but it might most likely just be samurai.

    • Testsubject909

      Touche, but when I try to mimic the power rangers for kicks, I at least know some martial art to properly imitate them.

  • Klaus00


  • Göran Isacson

    My practical side tells me that they’ll just use the Kinect in order to represent the shows style of “doing attacks by drawing different kanji”.

    But my inner child hopes and wishes that what they’ll REALLY do is let you strike different poses to power yourself up. Because I would play that game. I truly would.

    • Hopefully not the Kanji-writing; the potential is too vast to be used on just that. Besides, they’ve already used that gimmick in Samurai Wii game. (DS version’s was more like “tap the radical”.)

    • Testsubject909

      My pragmatic, cynical, pessimistic, realistic side tells me…

      It’ll be a bad game… *sigh*

      • Göran Isacson

         … Yes, that is what MY pragmatic and cynical side tells me too. But darnit, my inner child just wants to dream. IT JUST WANTS TO DREAM.

  • As cool as it sounds on paper… I must admit that I’m not very confident about this yet. Power Rangers games – especially ones that tie into a specific series – hasn’t been paid a lot of attention and budget. One might find some assurance in the fact that it’s being handled by Bandai Namco, which deals with Tokusatsu games in their homeland as well, but… speaking as someone who keeps watch on those games, they don’t treat Super Sentai games much better either, if not worse. Ranger Cross, the 2nd previous game they released, was a really flimsy game, and that was supposed to be an anniversary release… And I don’t even wanna talk about that Gōkaiger DS game.

    • LynxAmali

      The Dino Thunder game was fun.

      I think that the Wild Force GBA game was fun for what it was too.

    • Testsubject909

      It’s a shame, it would be stupidly easy to create a good effective Power Ranger or Super Sentai game.

      Hell, you know who would be Perfect for it?

      KOEI… No, seriously. What other show do you know where the protagonist goes on to beat a whole bunch of minions only to fight one strong opponent and has uber finishers? You’ve got everything there.

      And with what they showed with DW7, they’d just need a good transition cinematic to go between the regular battlefield to being in a giant robot for a one on one giant robot vs giant monster duel. Duels which should be commonplace for long term fans of the series, just add destructible obstacles and whatnot to give the impression of being in a city space that’s properly scaled to your protagonist, zoom the camera in a bit closer to give the impression that being in your giant robot makes you look bigger and voila.

      And for Gokaiger, have all the different Ranger/Sentai teams as pre-battle equips that changes your L2 and R2 to Gokai Change into another ranger team.

      And have the Silver Gokaiger have as his first or alt musou be transforming into the Silver Gokaiger Gold Mode. And have him have a special where if you equip both Wing Rangers, pressing the L2 and R2 at the same time with a full musou bar would transform him into the Wings Ranger… well sentai, but you know what I mean!

      And why the special treatment? Faithfulness to the show. Plus, it would work. It really would…

      I’m making myself sad now.

      • The way I see it, the way Super Sentai/Power Rangers series are structured oddly leaves little choice for genres when it comes to translating them to games. Aside from brawlers, I can’t think of many alternatives that could work well. Not only that, the series always had a bit of unbalance in powers and upgrades across the teams, making only the Reds and Sixths/Extras well-equipped and leaving the rest largely generic. But, a game with all Reds wouldn’t look very varied, would it? Doesn’t help that a number of Reds tend to share some character traits, if not entire archetypes.

        My idea would be to just make a fighting game involving the giant mecha, preferably a 3D arena fight like recent Godzilla games. Because at least the Mechas look distinct enough; they just need to chip off unneeded bots or expansions – like, say, the unsightly Hyper GoseiGreat.

        That or just have Koei make Kamen Rider Musou already.

        • Testsubject909

          A straight up fighting game certainly would work… Sad to say, I think the last Power Ranger game I played and enjoyed was the original sidescrolling beat-em-up Power Ranger game…

  • It’s unfortunate that this isn’t for the original (Season 01 – 03 iirc) Rangers. If it were, I think this alone would get one of my friends to finally end his vendetta against the Kinect. xD

    • Godmars

      Yeah, I’d rather do the original activation moves for “Its Morphin Time!” than the new one. 

      • VietKnight

        The new Super Sentai Series Go-busters use the line “It’s Morphin Time!” except they don’t say it their watch does.

        • Godmars

           But we’re not talking about Sentai, this is going to be based on the current Western production which is Samurai. Which is brush stroking in the air. 

  • Testsubject909

    I’m not particularly happy about it, but I do understand the potential behind it… And yet, I have no hopes whatsoever still. Making a good fully functioning Kinect game is not something I’d expect of a low budget game, which this most likely is…

    There would be ways to make it work with the Kinect, or any motion control really. Though in my opinion the worst thing to do would be to put you in first person mode during the ground battles. Maybe during the megazord battles though, that could work in first person view. But first person view brawlers are pretty awkward looking, though it can be fun for a momentary lark…

    You know though, for the whole Drawing Kanji thing with your brush, I’d think the PS Move would work better for that. As such, I have the feeling that kanji drawing will not be a feature. Hopefully it’s more of a third person brawler battle game, as half the fun if you ask me is not being but seeing the power ranger fight. Plus I’d say there’d be a clearer connect to seeing your chosen power ranger fight, as opposed to just seeing colored limbs fling around on the screen from a stomach camera first person view.

  • Theofratus ‘Geese’ Lester

    I should’ve kept my mouth shut… ¬_¬

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