Trunks Charges Up For Dragon Ball Z For Kinect

By Spencer . June 11, 2012 . 2:16pm


Dragon Ball Z for Kinect was on display during E3 and Spike’s upcoming fighting game should tire kids out in October. When I briefly tried Dragon Ball Z for Kinect it felt like there were two "tactics." You could either punch at the screen like crazy to keep a combo going or follow on-screen prompts to perform a super move. I played as Kid Gohan and found taking a beating while charging up a Masenko worked out pretty well.


It’s pretty clear that Dragon Ball Z for Kinect isn’t trying to emulate Spike’s yearly Dragon Ball game. Actually, Dragon Ball Z for Kinect isn’t really a fighting game. I’d say it’s more like a Kamehameha simulator.


dbzkinect11 dbzkinect6


New screenshots for the Xbox 360 exclusive confirm Trunks and Teen Gohan as playable characters in Dragon Ball Z for Kinect.


dbzkinect14 dbzkinect1 dbzkinect2 dbzkinect3 dbzkinect4 dbzkinect7 dbzkinect8 dbzkinect9 dbzkinect10 dbzkinect12 dbzkinect13

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  • omeganeko

    Kamehameha simulator? same as my bathroom mirror then. It would be cool to see videos of this from the kinect’s point of view. 

  • Tom_Phoenix

    “I’d say it’s more like a Kamehameha simulator.”

    Considering how many of us were practicing our Kamehamehas while following the show, I’d say that’s the right approach.

    Having said that, as neat as that sounds, I imagine it will get old very quick.

  • Testsubject909

    I still have no idea how that plays but you know, a DBZ game for Kinect should be easy to figure out.

    Lean forward: Fly to your enemy (Run if on the ground)
    Lean backward: Fly away from your enemy (Run if on the ground)
    Lean Left/Right: Fly sideways (Run sideways) surrounding your enemy until you stop leaning.

    Punch: Punch your enemy
    Punch wildly like an idiot: Play a smooth animation of whoever you’re controlling doing a lot of punches that in no way emulates your own movement but instead just emulates the effect you want to happen on screen. A shower of punches.

    Kick: Kick your enemy, which should be counted as it’s own individual action that is in no way affected by punching, enabling both punches and kicks to happen at the same time.

    Punch while away from your enemy: Shoot out laser blast
    Punch wildly like an idiot away from your enemy: Rain down laser blasts on your enemy.

    Hold both hands up: Charge the big special laser attack of whoever you’re controlling.
    Punch both hands forward: Shoot whatever large special laser attack you charged up.

    Put both hands in front of you: Guard.

    Scream: Charge up your energy meter, both slightly regenerating your health, increasing your attack power and increasing your energy for laser attacks, said laser attacks do not stop working, but just grows weaker in attack power.


    On screen, your character zips by lightning fast, in some context sensitive situations in game, cinematic like moment might pan out (Lean forward to fly into an enemy that chose to fly straight up through the atmosphere, you get a quick short cutscene of whoever you’re playing with zooming up to follow them to the new setting). Your character, on screen, fights like he should in a DBZ anime or video game despite your own awkward actions. And you end up punching like an idiot while screaming, effectively emulating anyone who is emulating DBZ.

    And really, that’s all you’d need. Good presentation, translate the a-typical stupid stuff we do when we emulate DBZ into actual good stuff happening in a DBZ game and no prompts or quick time events because those… would ruin the pacing of just behaving like a violent screaming idiot.

    • Nitraion

      Scream: Charge up your energy meterO_o i wonder what volume is requirement i am not genius at screaming…

  • João Madalena

    Transform into super saiyan 3, scream for 10 minutes straight lol XD

  • Historiata

    Please tell me you also get to raise your arms in the air for a time in an effort to create a Spirit Bomb.

    •  Yes but you have to hold them up at least 3 episodes and it only has 1/3 chance of working properly.  A lot of enemies withstand it, so it’s kinda useless.

  • kazdamaz

    Booo *throws popcorn*

  • protofox

     its the same crap game we got last year. now with even LESS than before and now they make u stand up and look like an idiot while wearing yourself out playing a game we didnt like last year.please..give dbz back to Dimps..or whoever did budokai 1-3 or heck teknaichi 1-3…no more of this.. not to mention.. they know how poorly the 360 sales in japan are. u almost have to specially order it to get 1 now. so this is obviously a last ditch attempt in taking money from dbz fans  in NA, UK and other places where they know the 360 sales.

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