Whoa, Gunblades Are In Etrian Odyssey IV

By Spencer . June 11, 2012 . 1:10am

imageAtlus announced a new class in Etrian Odyssey IV that uses a gunblade as their primary weapon. These adventurers have skills like Flame Drive, which deals slashing and fire elemental damage to an enemy. Accel Drive slashes a monster and ignores defense attributes.


Both of these "drive" skills cause the gunblade to overheat for a certain number of turns. Players can reduce this by using attacks like Slash Edge and Impulse Edge, which also recovers a bit of TP.


Even though we have a partial skill list, we don’t know the name of this Etrian Odyssey IV class. Atlus calls the gunblade wielders "???" on the official site.


Etrian Odyssey IV comes out on July 5 in Japan.

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  • TheFoolArcana


    Still a dumb idea over a decade later. Oh well, Atlus is making this so I’m sure it’ll be good.

    • XGriever

      Gunblades are awesome.

    • Lunar_Outcast

      Hey, still not as dumb as the Keyblade.

      • Hey I think that both Keyblades and Gunblades are cool.

  • malek86

    I thought the whole point of a “gunblade” was that you use it as a shooting weapon, and if the enemy gets too close or you run out of bullets, you at least have a last-resort melee weapon. Kind of like a rifle with a bayonet on the muzzle.

    So I could never understand why Squall seems to use his gunblade the opposite way. Maybe he likes the thrill of getting close to the enemy.

    • Actually, Squall (and to that extent what’s-his-name rival) uses the gunblade as a buff to their offensive power…or so I’ve heard. The theory is that when you click the trigger, you give the blade a small burst of power which increases the potential damage you can do.

    • Vivian Mai

      The FF8 gunblades never shot bullets. Rather, you press the trigger, and the blade vibrates to increase power.

      That’s probably why they were always referred to as a difficult weapon to master, because it doesn’t shoot bullets, even if you’d expect it to.

  • Gunblades eh…
    I still wonder why…Why made a new weapon type like that?
    I mean…There’s already a weapon that can shot + slash/stab at the same time…
    Bayonet it is….Ashley the Knight Blazer FTW!!

  • Crevox

    You guys should show the little mini pic in higher res in the article itself…

    • Click on it

      • Crevox

        On the homepage, you can’t get a higher res of it.

      • Exkaiser

        He means the image used as a preview for the article in the index.

        I agree, they should show the full versions of those images in the article- since they often don’t link to the image sources.

  • Awesome, the Final (i believe since the game is almost out) Class and i like the look and their abilities but…Why is it saying their gunblades? the abilities and skills make it sound like the Sword that Nero uses in DMC4 not Squall/Lightning/Weapons from God Eater kinda thing so i don’t get it.  Maybe they are but from what i’m reading its not too clear

    • Exkaiser

      Squall’s gunblade didn’t shoot bullets. Each pull of the trigger sent a vibrating charge through the blade that increased damage.

      Honestly, these are more like the Switch-Axes from Monster Hunter- just without the switching- if those vials are any indication. The overheat mechanism is similar mechanically to the Switch Axe’s dual-form mechanism.

  • So, the blonde protector now has a dark-looking armor and wields a gunblade?
    That would be a nice development on my Etrian adventure logs ^^

  • Reno Evangelista

    It might just be because of the black guy with cornrows, but this reminds me of War Magi. Hopefully they’re a bit more useful.

    TO THOSE WONDERING: There have been weapons such as swords with guns built into the hilt, but for all of history these have been incredibly impractical, inaccurate and inefficient to produce. The “gunblade” that this article seems to be referring to is akin to Squall’s weapon, which was more of a weaponized vibrator.

    So just imagine that this class is the conceptual equivalent of Dark Hunters with more armor: carrying giant sex toys into the battlefield where they “overheat” and then need time to “recover.”

    • Shane Guidaboni

      You’re ruining this for me. 

      • Ruin? It doesn’t even make sense!

        • neetyneety

          Well, at the very least, I applaud him for being able to incorporate sex toys into what you’d think would be a completely unrelated discussion.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            Last time it was political assassins. That one made even less sense. Unless you consider Dracula to be equivalent to JFK.

          • Reno Evangelista

            Why you keeping track? lol.

            I admit the last one probably lacked logic because I don’t really follow Castlevania as a series, and so to me it just sounded like he was avoiding the label of “metroidvania.”

            EO, on the other hand, is one of my favorite contemporary series. It’s quirky: the bondage class and the pandas as combat animals kind of cemented that.

            Forgive me for making it a bit quirkier. I wasn’t aware the other fans had such CoD style realism in mind while playing their murderous orange cloud simulators.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            @facebook-100001769899351:disqus I keep track of many things on this site, the trials of being a mod.

            I have no doubt of your passion for the topics you write about, but remember, just because someone does not draw immediate lines between Simon Belmont and Guy Fawkes does not make one a player in search of murderous, CoD styled realism.

            Please be quirky. Just be aware SE is a place we may take note of that.

  • CrimsonalCore

    Well, hello there, sexy! And I meant those gunblades. :p

    •  Squall’s Gunblade will be forever a classic, Lightning’s blade is the rockiest

  • Jonathan Keycross

    “…Behold my gunblade!”
    “…Behold my gunshield!”

    Contrary to what I thought when reading the term “gunblade” in the title, the character designs and descriptions seem to indicate that their weapons don´t shoot bullets at all and their charges work very similar to the melee weapons used in FFVIII.

    Still, bayonets seem to fulfill a better role and seem to be a much cheaper alternative. Or, you know, just hit em with it as a bludgeoning weapon…

  • Pichi

    In love with the designs. The armor and weapon just match.

  • What’s with Japanese people and the word (if I can call it one) “accel”?

    • Exkaiser

      It has a cool shape when written in katakana?

  • Hmmm, that guy on the far right looks vaguely familiar…

    Oh wait.

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