Analogue: A Hate Story Is The Darkest Visual Novel I’ve Played

By Spencer . June 13, 2012 . 5:54pm

screen-introAnd since the game’s title *is* Analogue: A Hate Story I shouldn’t have been expecting anything light. I saw the game at E3’s IndieCade, which is "set" in the 25th century. Your mission is to investigate what happened to the Mugunghwa and you’ll find out by digging through the logs from dead crew members.


The game starts with a DOS prompt and after a bit of typing you’re introduced to Hyun-ae, a lonely AI who you can talk to by clicking on options like "yes" or "no." While the presentation is barebones even for visual novels, the plot is engaging because Analogue: A Hate Story is a grim reimagining of Korea’s Joseon dynasty. That just adds to how dark the PC game is.


Visual novels don’t demo as well on the noisy show floor, but after briefly seeing Analogue: A Hate Story during E3 I wanted to find out more about it. You can too by downloading the demo and if you’re into story oriented games (and like lots of reading!) check it out here.


screen-choice screen-maid

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  • I bought the game on Steam a little while ago and it’s very fun. The story that you have to uncover in game was dark and twisted, but not to the point where I would have to stop playing or anything. It’s a short game, but do try it. C:

    • AnimusVox

      Ah so it was localized. Might I ask about how much it’s going for?
      I’ll be getting a PC soon and am looking at some games to start off with.

      • Well, there wasn’t much to be localized, since it was written by Christine Love. She was also behind Digital: A Love Story: 

        The former is about $10.

      • mirumu

        The game is US$10. It was released in english, the author is Canadian.

  • Alphabet Soup

    Glad to know this game was on display at E3.  I have yet to play it (don’t think a Mac port exists. :( ) but I’m always happy to hear of visual novels gaining more exposure.

    • mirumu

      There is a Mac version. The game was released on Windows, Mac and Linux from day one.

      • Alphabet Soup

        Sweet, I can check it out! Thank you! :)

  • LunarKnite

    Very cool to see this was at E3. I enjoyed Digital: A Love Story very much, and thought Christine Love should get more love for her work. Just need to find time to get around to playing this one.

  • mirumu

    I played the game when it was released and really enjoyed it. It deals with some sensitive topics, but does so an a really interesting way. It also subverts the mechanics of visual novels to some extent.

    The soundtrack is great too, and I ended up picking up a copy.

    According to the developer, Christine Love, there’s some additional content on the way sometime in the future. More costumes and Steam achievements supposedly.

    • Tsuko85

       What system is this on?

      • mirumu

        It runs on Windows, Mac and Linux. It’s on Steam, but you can also buy directly from the official website. System requirements are fairly low I’d say as the engine is just Ren’py.

      • revenent hell

        I believe its a PC game…Im begining to think I should swallow my “Ugh” and just give in and become a PC visual novel player since im begining to think im missing out on some great things by not doing so.
        and only 10usd…I think its a buy I have been semi converted?

        • Exkaiser

          Considering that the PC is where the majority of Visual Novels live, you would probably be missing out on some of them, yes.

        • And there isn’t really any reason not to, since it’s really quite comfy to play VNs on the PC, since you only have to use the mouse (a wireless one makes things even more comfortable), all shortcuts on the keyboard are pretty much optional and those games really run on almost any PC, so no need for any expensive upgrades just to be able to play the newest VN. ;>

        • ..oh and did anyone mention the huge library of tons of free games made via ren’py? :>

  • puchinri

    I’ve been interested in Christine Love’s games for a while, so I’m eager to check this one out; it’s also pretty cool that it was at E3! I hope she’ll get a ton more support and love~.

  • This game is amazing, highly recommended.

  • canarinta

    I think Christine Love’s works are pretentious.
    I’ve played them all, and my favorite is Digital, as it didn’t force anything on me.

    Not Your Story on the other hand utterly destroyed any character development at the end.
    “Our teacher is so tense, we should fake a students death to lighten him up” And DID force it’s “lessons” on me.

    Analogue is the picasso of VNs. Is it a library simulator or what?
    “WOMEN WERE TREATED BADLY” “YES OR NO” Repeat for a couple hours.

    • Can’t speak for Analogue, but I second your opinion on Don’t Take it Personally. The story was really interesting up until the rather bizarre and silly “moral” was thrown at us. It didn’t ruin the entire experience for me, but I was pretty disappointed about the climax of the tale.

      Digital however was just really engaging and totally left field in my opinion. Got a lot of points for me just for it’s originality.

  • Locklear93

    I really loved this.  It was the first title for which I bothered to do the whole “recommend to your friends” thing on Steam. It’s definitely very atypical as a VN, between the log reading and having only two characters, but I wouldn’t count either of those things against it.  It’s extremely interesting, and I found the endings surprisingly satisfying, for how limited the scope of the VN is.  Analogue is good enough I’d buy it for non-VN playing friends to get them to try the format.

  • Speedo Redempteur

    I just enjoyed the game music first ..I also loved that the presentation is slick and well done …
    Reading those mail and finding out what happenned was really intresting ..i just wish well …i have a wish but that would be spoilers …
    Anyway this game is really well done

  • kactaplb

    whats the su pw? she never told me the pw!!!! adsfdasfsd

    edit: nevermind, guessed it

  • Go2hell66

    Lol maybe i missed something but i played through the demo and i didnt find anything remotely dark, not even anything you could call sad, if your talking about a “dark” game i’d expect something like Chaos head, at any rate i was pretty dissapointed with the demo doesnt look like something that would hold my attention for long

  •  Ahahah, Try some vn`s from “Innocent Grey” or nitro+ ^^Sick sick games, but soo good <3 (I`m talking about you Saya no uta)

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