Xbox 360 Shooter Ginga Force Is Soooo Qute

By Spencer . June 13, 2012 . 4:40pm

gingaforce3Qute, the makers of Eschatos and the WonderSwan game Judgement Silversword, has a brand new shooter for Xbox 360.


Introducing Ginga Force, a ten stage vertical shmup. Players can earn new equipment depending on their end of level score. Ginga Force also has a story mode to follow.


Ginga Force is slated for release on August 30. Since Eschatos was released as a region free game, I wonder if Qute do the same thing for Ginga Force.


gingaforce5  gingaforce1 gingaforce4 gingaforce2

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  • Code

    Ohhh something unexpectant! Never did play Eschatos, so don’t really know what to expect from Qute’s shmups, this looks like it could be interesting maybe o3o~ 

    • TrevHead

      Eschatos is getting a budget rerelease FYI

      • Mantiskilla

        It wasn’t all that expensive when it first came out compared to other imports.

  • superdry

    Nice!  I had a feeling Ginga Force would be a shmup.  I really enjoyed Eschatos (well, more Judgement Silversword, but still!)

    Regarding region-freeness…I wouldn’t hold my breath for it since G.Rev mentioned Microsoft discouraging making games region-free before Under Defeat came out late last year.

    • Aoshi00

      Yeah, Eschatos was really fun and has some dang good music, but it was
      very hard for me w/ limited credit (one could probably increase credit
      or unlock freeplay later).. not that I was very good at shmup in the
      first place..  it was a simple but intense old school shooter..

  • Belenger

    “Ginga Force is slated for release on August 30. Since Eschatos was released as a region free game, I wonder if Qute do the same thing for Ginga Force.”

    I’m sorry to burst your Bubble spencer, but chances are pretty much 0%, G-rev tried to make Under Defeat Region FREE on the 360, but Microsoft Japan pretty much prohibited the practice. Why? Because they are basically what Sony USA was on PS2 just a complete set of retards running the branch, same reason why team “XBOX” the ones that managed to get those licenses for japan got disbanded you know those cool fellows with the X logo on the head.

    G-rev said it themselves on Facebook and on an interview.

    So… T____T.

    • boundries_san

      Damn those people.
      Now they are forcing me too import this game.T_T

    • Aoshi00

      I like those funny ads by the Jpn Xbox team even though they were weird.. at least Jpn still kinda has Inside Xbox while MS got rid of the programs for the US and Europe.. I was so disappointed, those shows were fun and give people a feel of community, now we got nothing but stupid ads on the dashboard everywhere *.*..

      I got a Jpn 360 so regionlock doesn’t really affect me.. but it would be nice everyone could enjoy the games (guess 720 would be region locked too *.*).. a lot of shmups have been made available for other regions eventually though like Deathsmiles 2 or now Akai Katana, so you never know.. but this is probably very niche even for a shmup..

  • boundries_san

    This game looks good here.^^
    And does anyone notice that it seems x-box 360 seems to be growing into shmup console lol.

    • Godmars

      Yeah. Problem is SHMUPs have become $90+ games.

      Region restricted $90+ games.

      • boundries_san

        Thats why importing them hurts my wallet like crazy.T_T If only they bring more title here.T_T

  • neo_firenze

    Eschatos is freaking fantastic, I’m super excited about this! Didn’t know Qute was working on anything else, and in fact just last week I was wondering if they were kind of a one-and-done developer.  But I’m super glad to see they’re making more, and I will be there on day 1.

    I’m waaaay more excited about this news than a single thing I heard out of E3 2012… not sure exactly what that says ;)

  • Nicolas Caill

    Looks good, but the chara desigh is so-so imo.

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