• FitzpatrickPhillips

    Fantastic freaking game. Like the playtest says, the humor, charm and style are the heart of the game and super well done. I was a “tad” disappointed that the combat wasn’t as in depth but I wasn’t expecting it. SOR is my favorite beat’em series and this is a well addition to my favs.

    Now all Suda has to do is release the Deadman Wonderland outfit and it’ll be perfect for me…

    • DemonicX

      Release? Wait..I thought all the costumes were already in the game?

      • FitzpatrickPhillips

        I thought they were DLC?

        • http://twitter.com/Giolon Giolon

          In the US and EU releases at least, all the anime and Japanese premium outfits are in the game already, available after you beat it.

          • KuroiKen

            In Japanese version they’re already in the game as well. As soon as you finish the game they open at the shop.

          • FitzpatrickPhillips

            AWWWH SNAP! :D

  • ZEROthefirst

    IMO the game is not worth the $60 price tag, it’s more of a feel free to rent it at your own leisure. The game’s fanservice and stupid fun, again this is my opinion and regardless I implore anyone interested in this game to rent it before you decide you want to spend $60.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000301072427 Mark Shaver

      I agree Completely. I don’t regret buying it at launch for various reasons, but it is in no way a $60 game.

    • Paradox me

      It’s only $45 on Amazon at the moment, though I won’t bite until it’s $30 or less.

    • thaKingRocka

      I think the problem with a rental for this game is that people will not stick with it. It has the problem of taking too long to really work well. You need to upgrade some combos and skills for the game to be really enjoyed. It’s a fault in the game design.

      I bought it for $45 from Amazon, and I would be just as happy had I paid 60. It’s a damn good game, and with some tweaks, it could be top-notch.

  • popyea

    okay, that settles it. I’ll play this game somehow.

  • Darkrise

    One of the best games I’ve ever played this year, though I do agree with the game not worth the $60 price tag, it’s just too short but still fun. I don’t regret pre-ordering it and I’m still not bored of it.

  • Göran Isacson

    Huh. So a game as simple mechanically as the street-punching beat-em-ups of yore, with a whole lot of modern graphical stylings and raunchy language. Funnu enough, the simplicity of it’s fighting system really does make it sound like your typical, awesomely stupid cult-horror movie: the chainsaw just needs to cut stuff up and wasting time on elaborate combos would just detract from the things the film-maker REALLY wants to show you. If, say Devil May Cry is a kung fu movie where the focus really is on displaying as many jawdroppingly amazing combos and elegant battles as possible, this is a gore-horror movie that isn’t really interested in what technique is used to kill the people in the movie- what’s important is that they DIE in over the top ways.

    • LynxAmali


      This is actually the best comment I’ve seen to describe this game.
      It’s pretty accurate.

  • http://www.geekrevolt.com/ DeShaun Zollicoffer

    Easily one of my favorite games of the year, I’ve already played through it 4 times.

  • Hoshi星

    I’d like a sequel please. Music is fantasic. Dialogue is crazily funny. Gameplay is simple and great. I love you Suda51/James Gun/Kadokawa/Grasshopper

  • SirRichard

    Definitely picking it up, I’ve been hearing pretty good things about it and Amazon have sliced £10 off it right out of the gate. That’s not very encouraging for its performance in sales, but I’m not complaining.

  • Cameron Ward

    i just recently beat this game and i really enjoyed it. i think at times Juliet could move a bit better, but overall, it was a blast

  • z_merquise

    I just beaten the punk-rock boss and on my way to the Viking-metal boss.

    So far, I really enjoy the game and like the previous Grasshopper games, gameplay is fun but not as polished as you expect but the characters, music, writing and presentation make up for it.

  • TheDarkEmpress

    Simply put this game is awesome. The combat is clunky only at first until you unlock some more moves, and then stringing becomes alot more fluid. These kind of games aren’t made to appeal to the masses….they’re treats for the dedicated fans. Anyone that’s liked one of Suda’s works will inevitably like every single one previous and thereafter. He has a very unique style and for some people it just works. I praise games like this…everyone tries to compare them to something and that’s where they make their mistakes…they say the game falls short when it comes to being a full-blown action game…who said that was the intent in the first place? And comparing a game like this or any “action” game to the likes of Bayonetta is a little unfair in my opinion…

  • Nemesis_Dawn

    This is the first game I’ve ever beaten the first day I had it and not been disappointed with it, at all. Such an awesome fun fun game. And the music is great. Hearing Arch Enemy’s “Nemesis” playing in the same game with Human League and Toni Basil is just mind blowing. I really hope it’s successful enough for a sequel or even a spin-off where you get to play as her sisters or her dad.

    • malek86

      “This is the first game I’ve ever beaten the first day I had it”

      This… does not sound like a good thing, at least in terms of length.

      • Nemesis_Dawn

        You can beat the game in probably 5 or 6 hours on normal, but the replay value is insanely high. Not only are there a ton of costumes and artwork to unlock, there’s also new enemies and items that only show up on the harder difficulties. Plus, you only are allowed ONE healing item on the Very Hard difficulty, so it’s worth a purchase if you’re either someone who likes to replay games you’ve already beaten or a trophy/achievement whore like myself.

  • smallfeathers

    I assume ‘Mickey’ plays because anyone who loves the movie ‘Bring It On’ will associate it with cheerleaders – all of the actors run around singing it during the ending credits of the movie.

    • Nemesis_Dawn

      “Mickey” actually had a video, back in the 80′s with the singer dressed as a cheerleader. I doubt the reference has anything to do with “Bring It On.” In fact, it’s presence in that movie is a reference to the 80′s video.

    • gouramiagogo

      Holy crap, are you like 12?  Or am I old for knowing that there was a music video for Mickey?

      • smallfeathers

        The song was released thirty years ago! I am younger than thirty.

  • Aoshi00

    Nice to hear so many good things about the game like the humor and charm. I hope it’s fun enough to go thru it at least 3 times to hear Tara Strong, KitaEri, and Hikasa Youko, unless you could just watch the cutscenes later.. plus unlocking costumes and such..

    Still waiting for my Premium Ed.. for those who could order from Amazon, it’s only $45 instead of $60, pre-order even came w/ a costume..

    • z_merquise

      Do you got the Asian version (Region 3)? I was looking for an R3 version of the game because I read somewhere that R3 copy of the game had English and Japanese languages. Not sure if that’s confirmed.

      Our country here only had Region 1 (US ver.) available so thats what I got.

      • http://twitter.com/mao2222222 MAO

        I don’t know about the Asian version, but I bought the Japanese (Region 2) Premium Edition for PS3, and I can confirm that it contains both Japanese and English language. However, in order to play with Japanese text and voices, you have to set the system language to Japanese first.

      • Aoshi00

        I only pre-ordered the Jpn 360 ver.. The Asian ver. should be identical to the Jpn ver most of the time. So if like MAO said, it should have both Jpn & Eng. text & voices depending on your PS3′s language setting (not sure if that’s the case for 360 as well). If that’s the case, I don’t think you could hear the Jpn audio while reading Eng. text, since text and audio go hand in hand, rather than option from in-game menu.

        I can’t wait, would’ve been playing it alrdy if I ordered from Amz US lol.

        BTW, the Jpn 360 ver. of No More Heroes 360 had dual audio but only Jpn text (while the subsequent PS3 Red Zone Ed. didn’t even have Jpn audio), so I didn’t even expect the Jpn ver of Lollipop Chainsaw would have Eng text at all..

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Street of Rage??? With a pom pom cheerleader holding chainsaw??? Suda51???
    I am so going to own this game lol.(Not to mention………… Deadman Wonderland Shiro costume,^^^^^^^)

  • http://twitter.com/mao2222222 MAO

    I just received this game yesterday. So far I’m enjoying it very much! As everyone has mentioned, the music and the crazy dialog are great. The gameplay is simple yet fun. I like the fact you’re allowed to replay the levels you’ve completed and collect zombie medals. The game only gets better as you purchase new combos and powerups for Juliet, making her a much more potent zombie killing machine. What I don’t like though is the instant game over when you fail in certain QTEs. Also, the loading is rather long.

  • Spider-Man

    She’s more like a ditzy version of DMC3/4 Dante.

    Waiting for the game’s price to go down since I do not have enough money due to all these damn games being released. 2012 will be the end of my wallet.

  • KHSoraKeyBlade

    I’ve already beat it and it was so much fun. I wouldn’t go as far as to say it is better than No More Heroes but damn it is real fun. I loved the humour and especially the colourful rainbows everywhere when you sparkle hunt 3 or more zombies xD

  • LustEnvy

    “the gameplay isn’t really the heart of Lollipop Chainsaw”

    In other words, the gameplay is mediocre as hell. Thanks, I’ll pass. I already knew this game was gonna be crappy gameplay-wise.

    • Nemesis_Dawn

      Translation: “I don’t have to actually play something to know I don’t like it.”

      • LustEnvy

        I’ve played all the other Suda games, and they were all crap to me. Just reading up and watching the gameplay tells me plenty.

        Like you have to play every game to know you will/won’t like it.

        The article admits that the gameplay isn’t it’s strong point. I’m playing games. If gameplay isn’t up to snuff, I want nothing to do with it.

        It’s a typical Suda game. Lots of style, but lackluster gameplay. I’ll never understand Suda’s popularity, at least for games. They should make anime or movies instead.

  • KuroiKen

    A pretty much accurate review, though, it’s a little more “black” on the game then needed. It’s not that bad.
    And the starting line that the game is “like it came out of early 90s” looked like an accusation or something. I, personally, like games of 90s(from the start to the end) much more than current games. More and more I’m playing those old games, instead of playing something new. Even now they feel so fresh…

    If I have to say something about Lollipop Chainsaw as a game, I’ll have to say – it’s fun, but very short. Then again, it’s AT LEAST longer(about 12 hours of gameplay on slow pace and normal mode) than current shooting games made by westerners(6 hours of gameplay, yeah). Suda did make it look pretty original(well, not considering so much references to old movies and everything else), with those rainbows and a chainsaw wielding girl in pink clothes.
    Also, the japanese voice acting for the game is immensly better than english one(that’s why I bought the japanese premium edition of the game, of course). There are two voices for Juliet, and of the two I think Kitamura Eri’s voice is the best fitting one for her.

    • Nemesis_Dawn

      First, I don’t see how you could get 12 hours out of your first playthrough unless you were going back to levels and grinding for combos. I beat it in about 5 or 6 hours.

      Second, the English voice acting is what makes the game as awesome as it is. Every single voice is perfect. She’s a blond American. It makes no sense for her to be speaking Japanese. Eh. I guess people prefer what they prefer, but I do NOT understand how anyone could not love the English voices…

  • imaguni

    I’ve been loving the game so far, I’ve just completed Stage 3. It is a TON of fun and hilarious and the music is great. The biggest surprise was the objectification of Nick, to be honest. I was expecting Juliet to be the biggest target as far as objectification goes and I feel that the game makes quite a few jabs at the audience the game seems like it was supposed to attract: drooling hormonal dudes of all ages. Kind of a “joke’s on you” sort of thing

    Surprised by the repetitive comments. It… is a hack and slash game, after all, and the game has a variety of ways to allow you to get to the zombies. So far, I haven’t had any major difficulties beyond a few frustrations with Zombie Baseball but I haven’t been bored once..

  • Learii

    what the L1,L2,R1 and R2 for? (ps3 buttons btw)

  • darkfox1

    Love the Fist Of The North Star reference in the first stage lol was well played.

  • Repede91

    Finished it today and immediately went back for another play through. This is what I wanted from Shadows of the Damned, that game just wasn`t Suda (or Mikami) enough for me. I would love to see Lollipop get a sequel, NMH2 improved on the first one in many areas.

  • http://www.facebook.com/pokefreaks Nay Aung Latt

    It’s been a while that I re-play a video game for a second time as soon as finishing it. But, I’m having a blast playing the game and watching the cut scenes while being dressed as Haruna. :)

  • Valtiel Ikari

    Everything in the article makes me want this more, I love old school beat em up (I manege to download Street of Rage Remake full before sega demanded to bring the links down), the world need more of this type of games!

  • Brimfyre

    Reminds me a lot of the good Evil Dead game that came out on PS2, except not as boring after a while.

    It’s been a while since I’ve had a game that is this hard to put down. It really doesn’t do anything new, but I love playing it and can’t stop.

  • isfuturebright

    Whoever played Shadows of the Damned and is now playing this. How they compare to eachother? I found SotD to be desapointing (simple combat and story). Is this any better?

  • http://www.facebook.com/anastasia.rustenholtz Anastasia Rustenholtz

    The rainbow trail actually says “Juliet” if you look closely. Totally something a girly-girl would do to one of her favorite things.

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