Gust Extending Ciel No Surge With World Pack Volume 2

By Spencer . June 18, 2012 . 12:39am


Atelier Meruru developer Gust’s newest series is Surge Concerto: Ciel no Surge, an adventure game where you help restore a mysterious girl’s memories. Ciel no Surge came out in April and a major update is slated for release on June 28.


Ciel no Surge World Pack Vol. 2 is a downloadable expansion that takes place after the events of the game. Ionasol meets Nei, a new character, and it sounds like there is a conflict between Parry from the Astronomy Group and Kurin from the Terrestrial Group. Since Ciel no Surge World Pack Vol. 2 picks up right where Ciel no Surge left off we’re going to leave out potential spoilers that led up to the events in this story.


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  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Man this news is going to make all VIta owner who own this game esctatic here lol.^^

    • Kevadu

      Hope they were playing the game with a Japanese account…even though Vita games can be played across regions thanks to the account restrictions there is no way to access DLC outside of your region…

      • Radiosity

        Of course we are ;p I switched to a JP account a long time ago because I knew Sony would eventually screw us over in some way and I wanted to be prepared. Enter the Vita and there’s the screwing I fully expected.

      • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

        I believe that should not be a problem for most Siliconera player here.^^ Considering most of us(maybe lol.^^) Even went to purchase Hatsune Miku Dreamy Theatre by creating Japanese PSN account.^^(even though i haven’t had my Vita here.T_T)

  • Ladius

    I wonder if we will have a chance to experience Ciel no Surge in English, the always online requirement and episodic plot could be a problem in our markets, not to mention NISA should provide a dedicated server much as Gust did for Japan (and that caused most of the game’s day one issues, even if, contrary to Blizzard with D3, Gust managed to solve them in three days :P).

    Maybe NISA could bundle ep.1 and 2 (2 will be free, afaik), but if Gust continues to build on it with new chapters the issue will still remain, and I don’t know if they would consider localizing text-heavy DLC episodes. Still, the game seems to be really interesting and I hope to see more of Surge Concerto in the future, one way or another.

  • Christopher Nunes

    Man Vol.2 is looking good!

    I really want this game to come out in the US! Ion is so cute and I would love to date her, such the game lets you, and I’m very interested in the story!

    GUST has to bring this over please! Take my money!

    • NIS America handles GUST’s titles.

      • SirTeffy

        GUST is now owned by Koei-Tecmo, so they probably have to work out a new deal if they want to release their titles, though…

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    Oh man, I totally forgot about this game. Sadly, that vocab looks a bit too hardcore for me at the moment.

  • I’m loving the new episode news for Ciel no Surge, but I was a little disappointed when I mistook the title at first glace as “GUST EXTENDING CIEL NO SURGE TO WORLD” lol.

    I really really hope this has a chance to get localized, especially since the new Vita is coming out in October =^_^=

  • Juuu

    I heard the game was a bit buggy on release. Did they manage to fix that up, or will fixes be included? Also, has anyone imported Ciel Nosurge at all? The initial announcement of DLC such as this REALLY turned me off, because it felt like I’d need to buy a year’s worth of DLC for the “full story” for lack of a better word. Did the on disc CnS content feel complete?

    • kactaplb

      Imported day 1, haven’t encountered a bug yet after their patch.

      The story was fine and had closure. I won’t lie and say it’s perfect, but not much to complain about. Vol 2 is free and future dlc pricing is very fair. No worries here, the game seems well planned for the future in mind. tbh, I prefer dlc episodes over a sequel, it’ll just give that much more life and flexibility.

      • Juuu

        Awesome! Thanks for the prompt and thorough response. I’m glad the patch helped it get off its original stumbling blocks. ^^ And yes, I don’t mind the DLC as long as the original story at least has closure. So you’d say not buying the DLC is basically the same as deciding not to just skip on a full sequel, I guess. I can deal. I’m jealous of your import-I don’t have the system, or the language skills, to play it. D: A localization would sell me a Vita.

        • Radiosity

          It had a pretty serious bug before the patch that could ruin your save completely, had it happen to me. Still not entirely sure what caused it but thankfully it hasn’t happened since the patch.

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