Okami HD Coming To PS3s In November

By Spencer . June 19, 2012 . 4:27pm

imageFamitsu confirmed an early rumor that Okami is the next game on Capcom’s HD remaster list. Okami Supreme Edition has upscaled 1080p graphics and support for PlayStation Move. Okami HD will be available on November 1 in Japan for 3,990 yen ($50).


First print copies include a code to get a 127 page eBook, which you can view on a PS3 using the PlayView reader. Okami HD will be exhibited at Capcom’s Summer Jam event.


Update: Capcom USA confirmed Okami HD will be released in North America as a PSN download for $19.99.


Update: You can watch the first trailer for the game here.

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  • Please let this be a good HD remaster, I’d kill for a good HD Okami~

    • “Kill” is such a strong word. Which lazy HD remaster hurt you?

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    Holy crackers! That’s awesome!
    Would motivate me to buy a PS Move, honestly…

  • XYZ_JolteonZ980

    Is it called Okami HD or Okami Supreme Edition, Im confused?

    Regardless hopes it comes west, though I bet it would be a DDL only title. I would love to experience this in beautiful HD since I missed it on Wii.

    • British_Otaku

      The name is “Okami Zekkie-ban, which we’re translating as Okami Magnificent Version for now” according to Andreisang. Okami HD gets the point across better however, that it isn’t a sequel and is a HD remake.

      Don’t forget to consider the Wii version, as much as they gimped on the credits (outside Japan), it is pretty cheap.

  • I hope this is true. I loved Okami on PS2 and would experience it again in HD, brighter colours like on the Wii and maybe have a good excuse to buy a PS Move controller.

  • Solomon_Kano

    Yes. Yes! YESSS!!


    calmed down edit:Seriously I literally screamed when I saw this. Good thing my mom was home to hear me! xD
    With that said…. I agree with @ShinkaRaioh I hope it’s good HD remaster. A REALLY good HD remaster that would do the game some glorious justice. Or adding it in this case.

  • Joom

    I’m buying this no questions asked. I’d buy it on Vita too if they were to port it. I missed out on this last gen and I won’t make the same mistake twice.

  • Freaking yes!
    Will be pre-ordering this as soon as possible.

    Unless Capcom doesn’t bring it stateside, in which case they’ll have confirmed everyone’s fearful suspicions that they have absolutely no idea how to run a company.

    But hey, it’d be extremely out of character even for Capcom to do that! So here’s hoping for the best. :D

    Edit –
    From SE’s latest post, glad to see Capcom didn’t dissapoint. =)

  • Spirit Macardi

    Is it going to have any new areas, items, or anything else? If not, I’ll stick with my PS2 copy. Better graphics alone isn’t enough to get me to re-buy what I already have.

    • Mago Iichi

      I can’t stand these hd rip offs.I can see if you’ve never played the game, which I highly doubt, but adding hd to an old game doesn’t make it more appealing or anything.

      • Solomon_Kano

        I never played the original, so this is great. If you already have it, there’s no incentive to buy it, yea. That doesn’t make it a rip-off though. The point in these remakes is more to introduce games from last gen to another audience. If people who already owned them buy them again I’m sure the publishers aren’t complaining, but that doesn’t seem to be the goal.

        • Mago Iichi

          I call them a ripoff because these companies sell these games at full price, for example, Nintendo sold Ocarina 3DS and Starfox 3DS for the same price of a new 3DS game.

          • Solomon_Kano

            And? Were you expecting them to be budget titles? Nintendo rarely even allows price drops on their games, it’s no surprise that they’d sell a remake at full price. On top of that, Star Fox and Ocarina are really examples of remakes done right. They added more than updated graphics.

            As for other publishers, remakes never come in at $60 (full price) and they’re usually collections of several titles. Whether they’re old or not, getting 3 full games for less than the price of one new one is far from a rip-off. Could you get them cheaper on their original system? Probably. But, if people did that, there wouldn’t be a market for these titles in the first place. If you don’t like them, cool, but they certainly aren’t rip-offs.

          • Mago Iichi

            It’s already a ripoff if you have the option of getting these games cheaper.Thanks for proving what I’m saying.
            I don’t care if the games got their fingernails and dolled them up.Making the graphics better does not make it okay to sell games from previous generations at the full price of a current generation game.
            Adding some small things like a boss rush mode, super guide like features and some added local multiplayer enhancements does nothing to change the core of the game.It’s still the same game.
            People still buy the cheaper games regardless if these remakes comes out.What you just said makes no sense, if there was no market for these titles, they wouldn’t have remade them or improved versions in the first place.

          • Solomon_Kano

            I’m not seeing how you didn’t understand that. If everybody bought the existing versions of these games… there would be no market for these HD versions. That’s pretty straightforward. Who would be buying these if everyone already owned them in their original form?

            Mind you, I’m agreeing that if you already own these game’s then there’s no point in buying them now. That said, what generation there from has no bearing on their value. 3 games for $40 when one current-gen game costs $60 is far from a rip-off. You keep saying for the price of a current gen game, yet these remakes are never $60 — the price of a current gen game.

            Again, if you feel it’s not worth the price cool, but for what people are paying it’s a good value. MGS4 was $60 when it came out. Getting MGS2, 3, and PW for 40 when they all cost $40 upon their original release is good value. Could you get them cheaper on PS2? Hell yea. But if you aren’t then it’s likely because you aren’t in a position to do so, and that’s the appeal in these HD ports. Anyone with a PS2 buying these is doing themselves a disservice, but these are a convenient and comparatively cheap alternative for those without. That’s it.

          • Mago Iichi

            People double dip all the time regardless.Just look at how many people bought the Dragon Quest 1-3 remake collection on the Wii.Japan loves the hell out of DQ, everyone owned those games, yet there was still a market for remakes.
            Also, what makes you think that if no one bought a old game from a previous generation, that there’d be a market for that game all of a sudden in a current generation? That makes no sense.
            And like I said, I highly doubt people haven’t played Okami already, unless you don’t own a Wii or never had a PS2, which again, I highly doubt, then by all means go spend money on a very old game that got all prettied up and costs more than what that very same game really costs now.
            Lastly, notice how the games getting these HD remakes are all popular games that sold decently at best.Why does there need to be a HD remake of those games? Why not a remake of an unpopular game? Why not a remake of a game a lot of gamers felt was unfinished and unpolished?
            Ripoff Milkzone is the answer.People will double dip, just like people will continue to buy on disc dlc.

          • Nemesis_Dawn

            Okami sold anything but decently. If anything, this is the game getting the second chance it deserves. Yes, I will be one of those who happily double dip, mostly for the improved graphics and trophies. However, you seem to be forgetting that the sales of Okami (and then, subsequently, Godhand) were responsible for Capcom attempting to close Clover down. Same with Beyond Good & Evil. That was remade in HD to give a good game with poor sales another chance.

            Don’t be throwing away facts and logic just because you don’t have a real point to make other than, “Argh! I hate HD remakes!”

          • Mago Iichi

            I’m throwing away facts and logic? Please explain, because last time I checked, when a game sells decently enough, it gets a sequel, which is what Okami got.
            Let’s not forget that it already got it’s “second chance” by coming out on the Wii.
            So the good game with a sequel didn’t sell well enough so it deserves a THiRD chance by prettying it up like a Barbie Doll with HD graphics?

            Do you see how flawed your own logic is?
            And here is a fact for ya, I don’t hate HD remakes, I just don’t like this trend of milkage that developers are doing.I can see if they were making another game in the franchise and wanted to gauge interest from gamers in that franchise by remaking the older games.
            But that’s clearly not the case with Okami.
            And congrats for double dipping, that does nothing but prove my point of why these HD ripoffs continue to be made.

          • Solomon_Kano

            I see that you’re ignoring people’s replies to you. Several people in this string of comments, myself included, said they didn’t play Okami. Capcom themselves will tell you that Okami wasn’t successful. As @Nemesis_Dawn:disqus said, it’s poor sales along with God Hand are what ultimately led to Clover’s demise.

            “a very old game that got all prettied up and costs more than what that very same game really costs now.”

            Do you expect them to do work on these games and release them for the bargain bin prices they go for now? That doesn’t even make sense. Of course it costs more than what the 6 year old PS2 version does. If they re-released it as is, you know what it would cost? 10 bucks like every other untouched PS2 game on PSN. They’re charging for work done over the PS2 release. If it’s not worth it to you and others, then don’t buy it. Your perceived notion as to its value doesn’t make it a rip-off though.

            This game, like Nemesis also mentioned, got a remake for the same reason Beyond Good & Evil did. It was considered an under-appreciated gem from last gen. The Wii release was also done for the ability to squeeze some more money out of a title that didn’t do well initially. Capcom recognizes that, in spite of poor sales, the game was reviewed well. Another case of a series that didn’t do that well getting a remake is Konami’s Zone of the Enders. Those games were overshadowed in their initial release and are getting a second chance because of a small but vocal fanbase and Kojima’s desire for a sequel. Not because of popularity. They’re giving a good game another chance. Why not a remake of a game people thought was unfinished and unpolished? Was that game well reviewed? Did it find a fanbase in spite of poor sales? Is it a cult hit? Those are the things that led to Okami’s re-release.

          • Mago Iichi

            Like I said, you’re paying more money for an old game than what the game costs already.That makes it a rip off, this is a fact.
            All this unnecessary garbage like whether the game deserves a remake or not because of sales is irrelevant to the fact that paying more for something than the actual cost is a ripoff.
            I’m done debating this as this seems to just go around in circles.

          • Solomon_Kano

            If you say so, bud. Even though you’re the one who brought whether a title was deserving into this in the first place…

            From you: “Why does there need to be a HD remake of those games? Why not a remake of an unpopular game? Why not a remake of a game a lot of gamers felt was unfinished and unpolished?”

            If you were paying 20 to have on PS3 what costs 10 on PS2, I’d agree with you. But the work done for the improvements made, whether they’re of any value to you or I personally, justifies a higher price. That’s it.

      • FitzpatrickPhillips

        HD Remakes are usually there for those who haven’t played the game in the past to get the chance, and almost always exist to do that and introduce gamers to the eventual new game in the series.ZoEHD lead into the new ZoE. Sly HD Collection lead into Sly 4, etc.

        That said, I never played Okami back then either.

      • SirRichard

        I can see if you’ve never played the game, which I highly doubt”

        Let’;s be fair here; Okami wasn’t exactly a million-seller on PS2 nor Wii, it’s not exactly unfeasible that it went under a lot of radars. Given that, it’s surprising that they’re doing it at all.

    • More than fair, but this is still a more available (anymore) copy to those of us who were too late acquiring it. I grabbed a Wii copy, and was saddened to discover that you could -only- play with the new Wiimote controls.

      What they’re doing here on PS3 is a nice way for us latecomers to enjoy the game in its original (and superior, according to my friends anyway) control scheme. HD and trophies are simply sweet, sweet icing. :3

      • Spirit Macardi

        Well of course. I’m not saying this shouldn’t have been done, but if they want to appeal to existing fans as well as newcomers then they’ll need something more than better graphics and trophy support.

      • British_Otaku

        It was an odd choice to limit the control options for Okami Wii when RE4 Wii had every option under the sun and all of the bonuses from the PS2 and GameCube.

        It was good after you learn that there is a rhythm to strikes depending on the weapon though and I hear that Japan changed the controls back for strikes to a button.

  • I hope they release it on Wii U too cause touchscreen controls would be perfect for this game.

    • zweii

      These kind of comments can get you banned from this site.

      • XypherCode

        Uhhmm he’s not actually saying this game SHOULD come to Wii U and not PS3. He’s just saying that setup could’ve been good for the game as well.
        I have a smililar comment below and I’m still gonna buy it for my PS3.

        • What Xypher said as a PS3 owner I have no objection to it coming to a console I already own, I was just stating that the touchscreen controls would work well for the drawing parts on the Wii U as well as the Vita. When people get banned about comments similar to mine it’s when they start trashing consoles, and disrupting the peace. I meant to do neither as I’m a peaceful guy, and I adore my PS3. Sorry for the confusion.

  • harmonyworld

    This’ll have to come after I get Kaizoku Musou

  • Domii

    Hell yeah!!! Now bring that sucker overseas will you Capcom…

    • XYZ_JolteonZ980

      already announced for us via playstation blog

  • Already have the game on Ps2…but who knows i might it get it…just because 83

  • grevlinghore

    90% percent of me screams “YEEEEESS”, but the other 10% percent is like “Naaaaaw” because this could mean I have to buy the PS move kit!

    • Solomon_Kano

      It’s just Move compatible, most likely. Capcom wouldn’t be foolish enough to cut a majority of the Playstation userbase out of owning this title.

    • Nemesis_Dawn

      90% of games that use the Move also allow you to just play with a controller. Considering this controlled best on PS2 with just a Dual Shock, I would seriously doubt Capcom would take away the regular control option.

      • grevlinghore

        Maybe, but I would have liked to play with move. I played Okami on Wii and freaking loved it (who needs dodges anyway?).
        Anyway, it turns out that this HD rerelease probably won´t be awesome enough for me to want to buy the game again :p

  • WyattEpp

    Finally, something other than J.S. Joust and Stardrone to play with my Move!

  • MrOrpheus

    I would I love it if Capcom decided to do a Vita version as well. I feel like that with its touchscreen and portability, the Vita would be the ideal platform for Okami. I’ll still probably get this if it comes out over here, though.

    • Solomon_Kano

      Speaking of Vita, y’know, I wouldn’t be mad at Capcom if they wanted to port Okamiden…

  • MrRobbyM

    So Capcom isn’t giving up on Okami?!


    The resolution whore in me is very happy.

    • British_Otaku

      Okami has gotten pretty good representation actually. Okami (PS2, Wii, PS3) and Okamiden (DS) for games. Cameos in Tatsunoko vs Capcom (final boss is sourced from Okami) and Marvel vs Capcom 3 (Amaterasu is playable).

      Of course, Devil May Cry had it good too till… Well, I’ll stay on topic.
      Capcom hasn’t given up and they better provide if they are going to do actual games, ports or sequels. Okamiden wasn’t up there but it was great.

      • MrRobbyM

        True true! I just think a new, home console Okami game is long overdue. It had a decent size fanbase and the first game looked beautiful I can imagine a new, HD game would be amazing. I think an HD remaster is a good sign that it’s possible.

  • epy

    Great news but I remain skeptical until the quality of this HD version can be confirmed. Too many lazy HD editions lately, including Capcom’s.

  • Kitestwinblades

    Its honestly one of those games that never look dated.
    The clever move would be to port this to Vita with the touch features but what the hell… they added Move XD close enough! I’ll take it lol.

  • As long as it isn’t like the RE4 “HD” edition, I’ll buy it!

  • Oh, wonderful! Glad I waited for another remake.

  • Code

    Ohhh this is kind of unexpectant news o3o; Okami was a wonderful game, and I think an HD remake would be really sharp uwu; It’s really nice to see this, although on the other hand it’s rather bitter sweet knowing Clover is no longer around to benefit u__u’ Although at least on the plus side, the world has Platinum games now, so it all panned out >w<;

  • Solomon_Kano

    Holy fudge. I missed Okami on PS2 and never bought a Wii, so this a godsend. A godsend, I tell you!

    Edit: So excited I posted twice in the same article!? Um… lol.

  • Triplicity

    So, I wonder if they’re going to put the credits in this time?

    • British_Otaku

      The Wii version in Japan had credits so they probably solved it, then the trailer that Capcom Unity just released.


      Shows visuals like the Wii version which tones down the water colour look, making it more colourful yes, but different to the original game.

      • Triplicity

        I always thought the graphics were a personal preference thing (and that the “style” of the PS2 graphics was a limitation of the system, haha), so I’m good either way on that.

        I did not know that the Japanese Wii version came out after the US/EU/AUS ones though! It’s on Capcom USA then: We shall see…

  • mirumu

    Capcom have released a trailer for this which includes some side by side comparisons with the PS2 version. I was going to stick with my old PS2 copy, but after seeing the video the visual improvement is a lot better than I’d expected. I’m sold.


    • British_Otaku

      I know I’m going to get bagged on for saying this but… it looks like the Wii version. They chose to reduce the water colour filter look… As I was introduced through the Wii version, I’m not completely against it (till I get my hands on the original).

      Still a shame that the “true” version again is the original version.

      • mirumu

        I never picked up the Wii version myself because of the Wiimote-only controls, but after having a look at some video it does look more like this new PS3 version in terms of color. At the same time though the paper texture and ink lines really disappear into the fuzz on the PS2 version.

        The PS2’s analogue video output stage was notoriously bad leading to poor contrast and colors looking quite faded so that may explain at least some of the discrepancy. The Wii’s component output was quite a bit better. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried playing PS2 games on one of the early backwards compatible PS3s (using HDMI), but the colors tend to look much richer.

    • Solomon_Kano

      That trailer has disappointed me. Not because it looked bad, but because it made me realize what I missed out on on the PS2. Now I’m even more hyped to play this.

  • XypherCode

    I really thought that it’s coming to Wii U with the touch screen and all. That sounds like a lot of sense.
    But still I’m happy they’re doing an HD version for PS3. Can’t wait to get this :D 20 bucks ain’t that bad :)

    • Solomon_Kano

      There was a fake list of Wii U launch titles from a while back that had an HD version of Okamiden listed and I thought that was a sensible port, but that turned out to be nothing. Too bad, that would’ve worked nicely.

      • XypherCode

        Yup I remember seeing that somewhere. Yeah too bad though. You could’ve drawn the commands more precisely with the stylus or fingers. Who knows maybe this’ll be a multiplatform HD remake if Wii U comes out :))
        Still getting it on my PS3 though. I enjoyed the PS2 and Wii version so I’ll enjoy it too on Move. Who doesn’t want Okami in HD?! :D

        • Solomon_Kano

          Yea, it’s still possible that this version could show up later on the Wii U’s eShop or whatever they’ll call it. That would be good. It didn’t get the attention it should’ve last gen, so let’s hope that’s rectified now.

  • CirnoLakes


  • KHSoraKeyBlade

    Any word on a European release? I’ve only played the PS2 version briefly and never played the Wii port. I definitely would love to pick this version up if I could.

  • joe ling

    YES !!! Never play this but I heard great things about it. Cant wait.

  • Yes! Now I won’t feel retarded when I try to draw a straight line =^_^=

  • Darkrise

    $19.99 for HD version!? TOTALLY WORTH IT!

  • KuroiKen

    You know, I can upscale the game to 1080p myself, Capcom…with a PS2 homebrew programm that let’s me do just that. How about you RE-do the graphics?

    • Nemesis_Dawn

      Why are you being so negative? You act like you’ve never seen an HD remaster before. Don’t pee on people’s parade. The fact that a game like Okami is getting a second chance, at all, should be celebrated, not mocked.

  • I won’t pass up on the chance to relive this beautiful game :)

  • I got this on my Wii Already so I don’t need it, BUT

    People who’ve never played this before and are interested?

    BUY IT, and if you can preferrably with the Move, makes the brush strokes easier to pull off

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