Soul Hackers For 3DS Has New StreetPass Powered Demon

By Spencer . June 20, 2012 . 2:03am

shacker19Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers has a bunch of new demons players can summon. According to Famitsu, there are around 30 extra demons in the Nintendo 3DS version that weren’t in the Sega Saturn release.


Nemecchi, a new demon in Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers, grows through StreetPasses. It starts off looking kind of like a wisp when it’s young and becomes a cat-like creature when it levels up.


Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers comes out on August 30 and includes the first trailer for Shin Megami Tensei IV.

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  • Julien_N

    Hum…so the demon grows whenever you encounter other 3DS users with the game, right? Hum…I am not sure such a function can be put to great use here given that there are not as many SMT players as in Japan, but it never hurts and is optionnal. Moreover, using the gaming device to power-up the demon is so meta, I am a sucker for that kind of concept. ^^

    • I know what you mean. The Streetpass is such a wonderful addition to gaming but is limited to the number of people who actually share the same titles – bar Nintendo 1st party titles – as you said

      • They’re definitely trying to push more copies with the Street Pass thingajamig. Social gaming is growing and growing in Japan, so I’d say street pass is actually something somewhat big there, or at least much bigger in comparison to the rest of the world. That’s why something like this is welcome’d by them, while we kinda expect this is entirely optional, knowing it won’t be easy to find someone with this game on a 3ds (assuming it’s actually released in the west, that is.)

        • Hopefully ATLUS is looking forward to raid our wallets….

        • Also, that trailer of SMT IV will also help, too.

          I know, since there is always a few articles dedicated at those offered by GREE and mobage showing how popular mobile gaming is in Japan. Most likely will be opitional; I can see this being implemented any future main Pokémon title on the 3DS.

          I just hope that the game is made available at least. All other features are just a bonus.

    • Roberto Armando Iraheta

      It’s even worse for me because I live in a small town too. :P

      • zeta

        then they should add a spot pass option too

  • keithmaxx

    Who knows, there might be smaller growth bonuses for SP with 3DSes that don’t necessarily have the game put in.

  • -Off topic-
    Sry 4 this, but I can’t seem to enter the OT….Can any1 help me plz?

    -On topic-
    You mean I hv to encounter ppl 3DS to evolve the demons?? But I don’t go out much D: I don’t even hv a 3ds T.T

    • Sweet Sui ♥

      *off topic*
      I’m having a similar problem to yours. The Open Thread doesn’t seem to want to load. Everytime I click on it, it says HTTP 500 Internal Failure. It’s like what happened yeterday/ the day before yesterday. We just have to be patient; I’m sure the issue will be sorted out eventually ^_^

      • I want to know who commented on my post tht will be hard to dig out the next day T.T Unless if we r having a slow spam day…

        Just a qtn, can you read chinese?

        • Sweet Sui ♥

          I think everyone’s having the same problem in that regard, so there probably won’t be too many new comments there until the situation is solved. You don’t have to worry about that ^_^
          And, no, I can’t. I always wanted to be able to though, lol. Why do you ask?

          • Nothing. You r just missing out the DeSu manga.

            And hey its back!! Long live the OT!!

          • Sweet Sui ♥

            Huh, that’s weird. It’s still not working for me T.T lol

          • Lo and behold, it happens again. It says server error….

          • Sweet Sui ♥

            Yep. I was able to get one comment on the OT before it unceremoniously kicked me off once again. Oh well ^_^” lol

          • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

            Me too.T_T It seems OT hate me today lol.

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      Lol.^^ I believe when this game come out, you will have yourself one 3DS there.
      And who knows, you will be able to meet some people using 3DS too when you are out taking a walk or even going to shopping.^^

  • Never done anything with Streetpass yet, but I hear unless you are in a big city it can be hard to pull off.

    • Tylor Boreas Makimoto

      I haven’t had a huge problem with this surprisingly, and I live in a relatively small town, but I can usually get a Streetpass a day.

      • Yeah regardless of the size of town you just need some people who like the 3DS.
        Thankfully I see people with it occasionally (though not sure how many will play Soul Hackers T__T) and hopefully my retro game store in town encourages the idea, they have gaming lounge setup for customers to chill out at.

  • Shane Guidaboni

    The best place to Street Pass in N.America is at conventions.

    • Definitely this. When I’ve been at the two most recent conventions in the area I live in, I was able to add numerous more people to my Mii Plaza.

      • Julien_N

        Isn’t there some kind of glitch or design oversight where you cannot register more than 10 Miis at the same time, and you have to refresh your plaza, check the new entrances and use the Mii’s ablilities in the games (this one is not mandatory but otherwise there are lost) before being able to register 10 new Miis? At a recent convention I went, someone I know told me about the issue as we weren’t able to register each other before checking our plaza…and now, I have even fewer reasons to take the device outside (the others being that the console is frail and I tend to move by running fast no matter what, and some people like to steal items…)

        Or maybe it only affects European (or French) 3DS because there are some jerks at NOE/NOF… XD

  • SolidusSnake

    Cool, you can never have too many demons (especially Beelzebub <3), but I do hope that the streetpass functionality is optional and that you can fill up your compendium without it.

  • Vampiric

    please localize this…….

    we only have 3 and 4 in america

    • I assume 3 and 4 is Raidou?

      • WizardoftheBlueOrder

        That’s correct. Devil Summoner 3 is Raidou vs Soulless Army and Devil Summoner 4 is Raidou vs King Abaddon. (Soul Hackers is 2)

        • Vampiric

          yeah we need 2

          • And one! Japan did get a re-release not too long ago (I think). I’m not sure how much people would look forward to it, but I’d like to play it.

          • Vampiric

            on the psp

          • Vampiric


  • neetyneety

    It always saddens me to see news/info about Streetpass features for games, simply because they’re so under-utilized in my country (I’m definitely sure that there are at least 5 people in my town who have 3DSs, but apparently even walking around for a whole day doesn’t get a single hit).

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      May i ask where do you stay? Who knows our city is the same here lol.^^

      • neetyneety

        Haha, I doubt it. I live in the Philippines, in the Luzon region~

        • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

          Lol i am currently staying in Singapore lol.^^ It is not so far here.^^ Considering both of us is still on South East Asia.^^

          • neetyneety

            Haha, yeah, I guess so. It’s always nice to see people from the same general area who share the same enthusiasm in videogames.

        • zeta

          I also in the philippines I have a weekly 22+ miis streetpasses. search for pinoy-n forums and in facebook look for pinoy3ds group. also a definite way to get streetpass is go to anime/toy/comicbook conventions in a mall near you.

          • neetyneety

            Whoa, really? I’m guessing you’re in Manila though, here in Lipa, I can count the number of active gamers. I do get a few hits whenever I go to popular malls and such.

            Anyway, thanks for the helpful advice, I’ll look into those~

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    This is a good addition here considering more third party has also utilized this Street Pass system.^^
    While this may not be really effective outside of Japan, i am still quite happy here considering i can sometimes find people who bought the same game as me here.^^

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    thats bloody epic mate!!!!

  • It’s very exciting to see so much being done with the Streetpass feature of the 3DS. Now, I just really want an announcement of a localization for this game. It looks amazing and I really want to add more games to my 3DS collection.

  • revenent hell

    The street pass aspect bothers me simply because for my area I swear no one besides myself ownes/owned a DS system and trying to “Tag” someone when DQIX came out was impossible, after three months I gave up..
    Personally id rather not use the Street Pass anyways I play games to avoid my fellow man not to get closer to them(fighting games aside) or be dependant on them having a system I have to level up somthing in my game
    I just think outside of Japan this wouldnt be a viable option for many people,I mean I live in a tourist town that gets flooded with people from all over the world in summer and I couldnt tag not one person…. I totally have no problem if this is left out if/when the game gets localised here:)
    If I lived in Japan though I would probably think it was a pretty neat thing to have.

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      Why don’t u try to go to some anime or game convention there?^^
      I believe many people always Street Passes each other there.^^ Or you can just try to bring your 3DS everywhere you go. I believe you wil be able to tag someone there.^^

      • revenent hell

        As true as that is after three months of carrying it arround everywhere I went I kind of got annoyed with doing it….and to go to conventions id have to travel a good distance,at least 4 hours to and 4 hours from, so its kind of not worth all the effort to me gass costs way to much money for that in my mind and honestly id rather not take that amount of time off of work. There are precious few of any gatherings that take place anywhere near me and most times its only for a few hours and they tend ot be over befor I can get there,do to work.
        But im also just not a fan of the streetpass thing for here, in Japan more people have the games and system here im practically the only person I know who plays Persona or DQ….It just boils down to how well populated an area is and out of that how many people play the games….While conventions are a beutifull option they arent realy viable for me as of yet but mabey in future I might actually take time off work and go to one.

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