Over Ten Minutes Of Dragon Quest X

By Spencer . June 22, 2012 . 12:35am

After Nintendo Direct, there was a lengthy look at Dragon Quest X. It seems like Square Enix covered their bases with Dragon Quest X, which appears to have Dragon Quest IX style character customization, social spots like customizable houses, and plenty of fields with familiar monsters. The Wii’s swan song for Japan will be available on August 2 with two hours of "kids time" free play each day.

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  • Mago Iichi

    FFXIV seems to sell okay in America if it hasn’t been shut down yet.FFXI was successful enough in America too it seems.

    DQX might come to America with subscription fees just like the games I mentioned.

    And I will not be buying.I’ll just go play Phantasy Star Online 2 instead.

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    I don’t know here.^^ But it seems that this one does look interesting and they also provide us 2 hours of free play each day. If i played them and see this game is worth the subscription fees, I will consider paying them each month lol.

    This game part about customizing our own home really attract me here lol as i really sucker for those thing.^^

    • $30632660

      So you would essentially pay 50 bucks to test 2 hours a day of the game or play it for only 2 hours a day to see if the game is worth the subscription fee for you or not?

      So what happens when you find out it isn’t? Gonna continue to play those 2 hours a day? Or you gonna trade the game in, wasting 50 bucks on a game you can’t even finish because it’s a mmorpg?

      • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

        Well……… i can maybe give them as a give for my friend? As i am a big fan for DQ series, and i do see that the this game way of playing is almost the same as DQ 9 here except we can move during battle.

        And who knows if the sub fees quite cheap there? I maybe can get used to this one lol.

        • Guest

           This game = no cinematic attacks

          • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

            Cinematic attack?

          • Guest

             Because its an MMO and in a persistent world the attacks are all real  time so they lack the cinematic camera flair of DQ VIII, IX, and DQM Battle Road Victory.

          • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

            Ohh…..tx for the info here.^^ But is that something so crucial? As i am kinda attracted to this game lol.

  • y’know, I really wonder if they had thought of making this a straight up traditional DQ game from the start. All the ground work is there, it just has to contend witht eh slapped on online-focus.

    I really don’t know whose Idea this was, and again, once the trailer got past the character creation and cutscene montage. . . it goes all down hill, and I get that sinking feeling in my gut. Yup, the effects of that subscription fee and the limitations are piling up. . . I’m also not surprised that the combat looks like your average MMO game. I dunno about anybody here, but that lack of polish has been the thing that really hampers any excitement I could have about combat in a game that is mostly composed of it.

    anybody really gonna buy this game for $50 to play it only 2 hours a day?

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      But isn’t that battle method the one that makes this game still a DQ game?

      Well, maybe this game is not for everyone here. Hell i won’t even be suprised if this game does not come out of Japan lol considering, how the state of online game nowadays.

      Not to mention DQ series has always be a strong in Japan but not really outside of Japan here.

      …….I am thinking of buying this game though.^^

  • SetzerGabbiani

    It actually doesn’t look bad, after watching the whole 10 min. 

  • harmonyworld

    Aw man, now I want to play it!

  • kool_cid414

    So you can play as a human?

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    ok kool I’m game I bet we will see this state side on the wii-u

    can’t change your skin color as a human :/

    • revenent hell

      Hmmm in reality im kinda pale lol so I tend to give my charecters I can create darker skin tones ,since id like to see the sun and get a color other than casper one day,are you sure the person playing the game in the vid just chose not to do so ? It seems odd to show the skin tone option unless it can be changed…

  • zeta

    I shed tears out of awesomeness for this game

  • revenent hell

    If its made as a standard RPG if it gets localised here I will buy it. But if its still an online mmorpg I will not. For 50+$ and a work schedual that I have its just not worth it for only 2 free hours…..But online games like this have never been a fad to much in the states so i’ll be curious to see if A) it gets brought over and b) how exactly they will implement the free time if it does….
    For any online game I kinda think there should be an offline single player story mode where you dont have to pay to play online. Frankly alot of online games cost a good deal and most fans of a series would love to buy the game but for the online play/pay aspect. I think if they just  let people have a single player story mode more of these types of games would sell better ,especially in the States,with paid online as an option. I can honestly say if more online games had a solo mode id buy them but being as they dont…
    Personally im not a rabid fan of online games,as much as I used to love FF I never bought theirs,I play games to avoid people not to conglomerate with them,so I get miffed at things that try to bring others into my peacefull gaming world,well mainly since most games are going more and more with the “online” aspects. Its not insentive if anything it just makes me think “Please stop”…and I drifted into a tantrum sorry

  • I wanted a nice offline DQ like DQ9. I loved playing DQ9. This being online still annoys me.

  • platomaker

    Can’t wait for this to be remade for the 3dsxl. If it isn’t then it should be.

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