Street Fighter X Tekken Partner Characters Have No Life Bar

By Ishaan . June 22, 2012 . 10:00am

Capcom announced Street Fighter X Tekken Mobile for iOS devices last week, and today, they’ve released a few more details of the game, confirming that it will play similarly to Street Fighter IV on iOS. Here’s a screenshot with the control layout:


The “P” button punches, the “K” button kicks, and the “SP” button is context-sensitive and performs different special moves depending on what direction you tap it in conjunction with. Tapping SP makes Ryu do a Hadouken, but forward + SP results in a Shoryuken. Finally, “X” tags your partner in or performs a launcher attack.



Partner characters in Street Fighter X Tekken Mobile have no life bar of their own. Instead, they have a Partner Gauge, and hitting this makes it deplete faster. Once it’s gone, the partner character tags back out, and the Partner Gauge needs to replenish until they can be tagged in again. Thus, the goal of all matches is to beat the primary character you’re facing. However, while the partner character is tagged in, the primary character can regenerate some health.


Street Fighter X Tekken Mobile will be released sometime this summer.

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  • Zertan

    The idea is interesting. Just not sure if it’s a good idea or bad.

  • Brimfyre

    iCade support please please please.  Would be Godly if Capcom made their iOS game iCade compatible.

    Knowing them though they have their own version of the iCade in development called CapCade  that costs $200 where you will have to buy each button for it separately, and won’t support regular iCade.

  • revenent hell

    I do like this idea but I think instead of constantly porting the game to new devices they should probably fix the current system games befor this. That would be nice

    • Ty Austin

      They are working on it, they’ve released several patches so far and openly said they will be taking a closer look at some of the main mechanics of the game (time, health, tagging, etc.)  I’m sure the iOS version is worked on by a separate team anyways.

      One thing worth mentioning about the iOS version I hope they implement in the supposed update, the removal of the Pandora time limit.

      Besides, the majority of the ‘issues’ people have, are simple things that reside in all fighting games.  They aren’t issues, people just need to learn to actually play the game. 

      • XiaomuArisu

         Hadoken combined with knifes crash the game…I wouldnt call it simpleXD

        • The amount of people who actually encountered that issue make it negligible.  I myself have actually never ran into the glitch, and I play the game a lot. 

          You don’t encounter Rolentos as often as you’d think, and the knife attack isn’t even a very good move, making the chances even smaller it will collide with a fireball.   Doesn’t make much difference now that they fixed the glitch anyways.

          Marvel had several game breaking issues when it was released, yet we didn’t see nearly as much hate.  People find every reason to complain about SFxT because of the bad press around Capcom and DLC.

          • BadenBadenPrinny

             It’s simply because Marvel is supposed to be broken. While with SfxT, at first the game seemed promising but as time went on it was starting to lose it’s appeal ever since the reveal of gems and Pandora; the latter not being much of an issue at all since it’s not exactly the most useful of comeback mechanics. On the moderate number of streams that I see, the tournament numbers for the game have been dropping along with the fact that the fgc is not exactly pleased with it being at evo

          • XiaomuArisu

             So if I understood you correct you said:”Rolento glitch is not so bad because they arent many rolentos.” But what if you where a rol player?No knife?
            I like cap(Dragon Dogma ftw!)But SFxT doesnt interest me.Almost every SF character are copied from SF4,no real surprises like they promised.
            My reaction was yay tekken yay cole and yay kittysXD

        • revenent hell

          and thats when I stopped playing it…..I was so pissed

  • O.O

    *Whimper* where is android…..where is-*snif* android dammit!!!

  • zero254

    More time outs……

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