Cinders, A Mature Visual Novel Based On Cinderella

By Ishaan . June 25, 2012 . 11:30am

Indie studio, MoaCube, have released a visual novel for PC and MAC, titled Cinders. It’s a story about four women and how they became what they are, inspired by the Cinderella fairytale. MoaCube say Cinders tries to tell a story about growing up, balancing dreams with reality, and being independent. Here’s a trailer for the game:



Cinders is heavy on decision-making. MoaCube have included 120 decision points throughout the story, which let you help shape the main character’s personality. The game will also have different endings based on your choices.


Cinders costs $22.95 on the PC and MAC, and you can buy it off of MoaCube’s official website. A free demo of the game is available to try out as well.

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  • aoihana

    I’m really interested in the more mature theme of this VN, growing up, shaping intro the person you will become, good or bad, and discerning your dreams from your reality. 

    I love when there’s that interaction, that ability to shape your character and decide their destiny, and the 120 decision points really indicates the deep characters! 

    It’s very stylish, almost dream-like, interesting! (◕‿◕✿)

    • Testsubject909

      I find it odd that just a straight up retelling of the original fairytales would be seen by today as very edgy and new… despite how it’d just be going back and just using the original text.

      But I digress. I’m curious to see what this novel will end up being like in the end… And which iteration of Cinderella they’re basing themselves off of to begin with.

      • Tom Grochowiak

        Hi, one of the devs behind the game here :).

        Cinders is not as much a re-telling as it is a dispute with the Cinderella trope. It uses elements of the fairytale (mainly Perrault’s and Basile’s versions, but also the Disney one), like the stepmother, her daughters, the fairies. But tries to spin its own tale about facing expectations, gaining independence and who is left a victim in the process.

        • Aoshi00

          Nice art.. always intrigued by a diff. take of a fairytale, like Alice Madness Returns (bought the artbook).. just watched Snow White and the Huntsman too, quite a beautiful movie :)  Any chance this would end up on PSN or XBLA?  Not sure what their policies w/ VN is..  I like VNs too but prefer to play them on consoles..

          • Tom Grochowiak

            Nope, I don’t think there’s a chance for a console release :(.

          • Aoshi00

             That’s too bad.. but I would give the PC demo a try :)

  • Alphabet Soup

    Always glad to see devs outside of Japan take on the visual novel genre.  Love the art style too.

  • LunarKnite

    A visual novel, an indie game, and a new take on an old story? Sounds like just the kind of game I love supporting.

    • Guest

      Visual novels are indie and I’m willing to bet this isn’t the first VN to take an alternate look on Cinderella. I know there’s one for 3 Musketeers and one for Alice in Wonderland etc..

      • LunarKnite

        Not necessarily. Pure visual novels may be, but I group games like Phoenix Wright and other such games with a high story to gameplay ratio in the visual novel genre for easy brain processing.

        As for the other ones, I didn’t know that, I’ll look them up, though I’m not the biggest fan of those two source materials you mentioned. Despite being a guy I appreciate the Cinderella story more. =P

  • M’iau M’iaut

    As much as l like what I see, $23 is an awful steep price for a blind buy, regardless of a demo. There are plenty of indie VNs/sims out there to be had in this same $20ish price range. I do think the indie side is where the VNs are going to be at, but rather high-end pricing is not going to be great for expanding the market. Especially given that so much of the potential audience will be coming from the sub $5 phone game/app market.

  • Jonathan Keycross

    I downloaded and played the demo, it was an interesting retelling of the story. There are many options and they do feel like there are consequences for every choice.

  • Guest

    Needs 3D graphics, preferably Unreal engine, machine guns and multiplayer. Also, their hair is too long and not enough muscles. Needs to either be bald or have buzzcuts.

    • Tom Grochowiak

      Damn. I knew we went wrong somewhere…

    • Göran Isacson

      Pff, this isn’t some inferior example of one of those cliche-ridden, unimaginative and stale FPS-games. It’s an inferior capitalist Western pig-dog example of glorious Nihons Visual Novels!

      Of course it still needs a bland and utterly unengaging male main character surrounded by bizzarely willing women, a barely-even-fiteen year old little sister with ambiguous feelings towards her older brother (and by ambiguous I mean she wants to bone him, a bipolar childhood friend who’s hitting him one second and hitting on him the next, a ninjarobotclonemaid that has no feelings until she figures out she wants to bone him, and a psycho villain who wants to kill him, THEN bone him, so I guess some complaints are valid… but for different reasons than your reasons. BETTER REASONS GOSHDARNIT.

  • KuroiKen

    Well, I’m totally NOT a fan of non-japanese visual novels, meaning I pretty much don’t care about this.
    Also, I’d better import an old VN from Japan(some are just about 20$ now, with the cost of import), than buy this. Old VNs(about 1994-2003 years of release) are much more enjoyable than new ones as well, sadly. Or maybe I’m too old for these new moe-typed PC VNs(pretty much fine with console ones, somehow).

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      Well new Type moon VN is not a moe style though and it is a very heavy story based there.^^

  • Testsubject909

    If at some point, one of the women in that game chops off her toes. I’ll know right then and there that they did indeed base it off of the original Cinderella story.

    edit: Obviously… For those who don’t know. A lot of your childhood fairytales are actually based off of some really screwy stories… REALLY screwy…

    • Tom Grochowiak

      No chopping of toes, but you can poison your own stepmother ;).

      Also, chopping toes comes from the Grimm version, which is very popular but not the original one. The story itself goes way back, with versions by Charles Perrault and Giambattista Basile being the oldest known European tellings of this fairytale.  

      • Testsubject909

        My bad, I was under the impressions that the Grimm version was the original one.

        • Tom Grochowiak

          Yeah, when we did research on the story for this game, we were surprised to learn how old it is too. It goes way back to ancient China actually.

          • Testsubject909

            Guess that means we’ll be in for a few extra surprises in terms of it’s story elements due to that.

  • Has anyone played the VN called Jisei, At first glance I thought it was a Japanese VN , but i’ts not. because the art and the story is something you see in a japanese visual novel. 

  • Go2hell66

    needs more anime

    just sayin…

  • Really like the look of this! Rather broke at the moment but will bookmark it and hopefully buy it when I manage to get another job. :)

    How many endings are there, by the way, if that isn’t a cheeky question?

    • Tom Grochowiak

      Four main ending paths, each with several possible outcomes.

      • Great, thanks! Looking forward to getting it. :)

  • Alexandra Cordes

    This… looks… AWESOME. Now to save twenty bucks…

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