New Persona 4: Arena Character Exhibitions Show "Myriad Truths"

By Spencer . June 26, 2012 . 1:02pm

If you played Persona 4 on PlayStation 2 some of these special attacks should sound familiar. BlazBlue developer Arc System Works adapted magic and skills so they work for a fighting game. Kind of neat how Yukiko’s Agidyne is a straight attack while Maragidyne, a spell that hits all foes, can scorch a player in front or behind her.


Each character has a brand new super attack like Yu’s "Myriad Truths" and Chie’s "Galactic Punt."


Yu Narukami


Yosuke Hanamura


Chie Satonaka


Yukiko Amagi


Kanji Tatsumi


Naoto Shirogane

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  • MrJechgo

    Chie: “How could I lose to Yosuke ?!”

    LOL, that just made my day ^^

    •  Alas, so much for the Critical Hits To The Nads months ago, eh, Chie?


    Now that’s an awesome name for a Attack, lol

    •  Move name alone suggests Kanji is darn manly straight.

  • leadintea

    I wish Fitzgerald had used a slightly different voice for Chie… She’s a good VA but something about her voice for Chie throws me off.

  • Nirun Rangraengjit

    They all sound alright. Even Fitzgerald (though i still miss Rooney).

  • Herok♞

    Well the looks to be coming along nicely, I like how the characters have videos to show their various strengths.  

  • DongT

    atlus usa: masters of the hype

    •  Sounds like a special/super combo name in this game.

  • RmanX1000

    Cant wait to get this!

  • revenent hell

    OK so how come some vid’s flicker on here and some vid’s dont? It has nothing to do with youtube since Videos there play fine….ugh I have to go figure this out befor I develope epilepsy

  • Damnit… I’m torn between Chie and Tatsumi.  Kung-fu or bro fists…

  • Code

    rar, can’t wait, looks great >wA<;;;

    • No offense, but BB is not complicated at all, so it’s a good thing lol. 

      This game is like a GG Lite with a bunch of recent KOF mechanics, and Personas. DODGEROLL, SHORT HOPS, AND SUPERCANCELS? GG STYLE BURSTS? Pre-ordered.

      • Code

        Yeah I know BB isn’t that complex, but surprised me how much P4A has going on considering it’s demographic I figured they might keep it more simplistic, but they really aren’t cutting players any slack with all these mechanics owo;; But it’s a good thing >w<; That being said I'm a little intimidated because I see a fair amount of horizontal 2 button inputs, and given I STILL don’t have fight stick, those are so hardd nyaaa >3<;;

  • Natat

    The best part about instant kills is that Fog plays when you hit them, makes it totally worth it. So looking forward to August!

  • Beautiful.

  • Valkenhayn

    Tip: The first moves in these vids are called R-actions. They take HP to use but is a good way to counter because most of them make youinvincible to most moves for a while, leaves you open if you miss though…

  • I’m glad there’s dual audio now, although I’m going to miss Elizabeth’s dub voice.

    •  Dude… Mitsuru and Elizabeth share the same english voice actress…

      • Mr_SP

         Not helpful if he’s playing the game in Japanese.

  • Yu_TheKing

    My want for this game just amplified. Gonna hafta main Yu and Yukiko. (even though I now imagine her as a female Byakuya)

  • Love Kanji’s move names. I was there was something named like

    Renovating Your Ass.

    I guess Ass Whoopin: Tatsumi Style is the
    closest we’ll get.

    Though The Manseries: Brofist trumpets manly beefcake epicness. Who says he likes dudes with it? >XD

    • Göran Isacson

      Exactly, I can’t see Kanji liking dudes with his fist, I don’t think he’s into that level of kink.

      He loves them with his lips instead. Alternatively his penis, if he ever get’s REALLY brave.


      • …He loves them with his lips instead. Alternatively his penis, if he ever get’s REALLY brave. ;)

        If Shadow Kanji has a Shun-Goku-Satsu type of move, I think that would be what’s he’s doing to his opponent with the screen blacked out. Prolly something synonymous with a super move named, Renovating Your Ass: Type 2.

  • … Looks like I’m maining Kanji.


  • Zonic505

    Anyone else notice that Chie’s title changed from “The Carnivore Who’s Discarded Womanhood” to “Spunky Dragon With Deadly Legs”? How….random, though it was the 1st thing said about Chie in the E3 trailer. But still. Wonder why the title change.

    • miju

      The on-screen name has always been “The Spunky Dragon with Deadly Legs”. Even in the E3 gameplay videos, it’s been that. “The carnivore who’s discarded womanhood” is just a tagline the announcer says along with her actual title, such as “The body of a child; the brain of a genius! The 2000 IQ Killjoy Detective – Naoto Shirogane!” for Naoto’s intro.

      • Zonic505

        Weird, because in the E3 trailer, her title was “The Carnivore Who’s Discarded Womanhood” (check at :44)

        Though I recall hearing you can customize your title, so that might explain it.

  • Steven Higgins

    God I HATE Chie’s new VA! She sounds so whiny, which is a shame because her voice was my favorite in Persona 4.

  • No P3 characters yet? *waits*

  • It’s hard to watch Yu Narukami fight without me thinking about Ichigo.

  • Göran Isacson

    The Man Series: Brofist. Gotta admit, that’s a hilarious name for a special finisher.

    As for the rest of them, what do you think Yosuku’s “power-up” move does? It’s been a while since I played the game, so I don’t remember what  Sukukaja does.

    • Jahmere Durham

      It enhances his speed and his dash becomes a teleport. In short, It makes an annoying character even more annoying….

      • Göran Isacson

        Ah, never fear. No matter how fast he may be, he cannot escape the Trial of the Dragon. It runs at the speed of JUSTICE.

  • Just Kanji and Naoto having a lovers quarrel day. nothing to see, move on. (You don want a HAMAOOOON with BROFIST combo, do you?)
    Yosuke evaded his critical hit to- *OH MOTH- THUD* or not.

  • *Yukiko in-RPG*
    “I Am. Thou.”
    *Yukiko in-Fighting*

    >BrofistI dont know if that’s the most epic translation, or the weirdest.

  • dahuuuundge

    I don’t like how the super move slap a huge character cgi right in the center of the screen.

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