New Fate/Extra CCC Details About The Game’s Alternate World

By Spencer . June 27, 2012 . 2:46am

imageMarvelous AQL is finally talking about Fate/Extra CCC again and the PSP game takes place back in the computer world. Something strange happened and Tsukumihara Academy is different. The player character, either a boy in a school uniform or a girl wearing a sailor suit, is looking for a way to escape the world. Players can pick Saber, Caster or Gilgamesh as their Servant in the beginning of the game.


Leo is also planning to escape and he has his servant from Fate/Extra with him. Rin returns, but she isn’t a hacker in this game. Fate/Extra CCC makes her a magician while Shinji Mato is a skilled hacker. Shinji is working with the student council on a way to escape. Rani is confirmed to be in Fate/Extra CCC too, but it’s unclear what her role is.


Fate/Extra CCC is slated for release this winter in Japan.

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  • DanteJones

    Huh, its interesting that they are even changing some details about the characters from the first game. I’m hoping it will feel like a whole new “game” rather than just a different story path, if that makes any sense. :)

    I’m still a little bummed that Archer and Caster didn’t get their profile pictures updated (like Saber’s, not including their new costumes) but its really just me nitpicking. 

    Looking forward to this!

    • Xerain

       I’m thinking now that it’s an alternate universe telling of the same events. This was my first exposure to the universe, but from what I understand they downplayed the magical elements and focused just on Technology. So this might be a “what if there was magic in play as well” scenario that results in things being very different..

      *spoilers for Extra*

      And if that’s the case this could be a direct sequel, depending on what your character’s ambiguous wish really was at the end of Extra. If it was an impossible wish, perhaps the world was altered into one where it is possible for that wish to come true?

      • Eh I though he *SPOILERZ* wish to find out the truth abt himself?

  • Rammon

    isn’t Archer a servant a pickable servant?

    And the sailor uniform is like akiha’s :P

    • XiaomuArisu

       Dont worry mr.Unlimited blades works is still a pickable servant.

      • neocatzon

        Oh, that’s assuring

    • LynxAmali

       You can still have your Ultimate Bromance with Mr. Caladbolg spam.

      So, don’t fret.

    • Triplicity


  • Caster~ I’m looking forward to my love telling me to praise her and rub her ears again! =w= *nosebleeds all over self*

    • XiaomuArisu

       Im looking forward to my servants getting english text XD
      Caster ftw….saber too….and archer….maybe gilgamesh…

  • Huh, Shinji seems to have more of a role in this one. Also Rani <3

  • I hope we will get Satsujinki as an enemy servant this time since we already got Arcuied last time =p.

    • No love 4 Aoko Aozaki? Alice Kounji?

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    See the cute M.C pics.^^+ Caster in the new outfit….. HNGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

  • Speedo Redempteur

    Rani returns ?

  • So tis the Heaven Feel route 4 F/Extra eh?

  • Nickie

    Okay Aksys! Do I need to take a picture of my retail LE AND DDL version again to show my support?! God as my witness I WILL purchase both versions again! If you don’t localize this know this you will have a girl crying her eyes out! Do you REALLY want that on your conscious?! Hmm?!

    On a side note; I really, REALLY hope that the males have a more romance feeling this time around. Archer’s was kinda a let down and Saber and Caster were the only ones that were really clear cut that ‘I love you’ and all. Gilgamesh gives me the feeling that he’d be yandere or extremely jealous and possessive …which is just oh so yummy to me. =d

    • Luna Kazemaru

       Let the game come out first ok lol.

    • I hope you also made this post over on their forums.

      • Nickie

         Ohohohoho~ but of course! I’ve been posting fanatically about this and Agarest: Mariage to them whenever new info is posted and just when ever my urge for it spikes. XD

        But I need more help with people urging them for it on the forums! T^T Get over there people and join with me!

  • Gilgamesh as my servant? Oh. My. GOD! Leo, Rin, Shinji and Rani make a return, cool cool. Really liking the sound of this one!

    • LynxAmali

       -That redesigned Rani

      NOPE. NOPE. I’m not okay with this. Not at all.

      I do like Shinji’s redesign though.

      • Wish they made it more Indian/Egyptian-ny.

    • Chiupon

       They’re all wearing school uniforms! Hnngh, Rani looks super cute!

    • Levin_Scorpius

      School students actually wearing their school uniforms to school?!?! What is this madness!?

  • In my first playtrough I will pick Saber right away, I so loved that character. My second playtrough is going to be with Gilgamesh.

    • Hope you can live through the second playthrough. And try not to get trolled by Golden Pikachu.

      •  Lol, I have no idea what you mean with Golden Pikachu

        • I heard some1 call him dat and it got stuck….. Just lk all the jokes abt GC, Hiimdaisy P4 and stuff.

  • fayt255

     I really hope this gets localized, I liked Fate/Extra a lot. I do have concerns with the Vita getting in the way of PSP games though.

  • gangrelion

    What happened to Emiya Archer? At least he is in the game, but you didn’t even mention him. By the way, Gilgamesh is a Archer too, it’s strange to have two playable servants from the same class in the same game.

    • ZEROthefirst

      Archer’s still in the game, he was confirmed as a useable servant long before Gilgamesh was even announced to be involved with this.

  • NorthernPatches

    Loved the first, so I surely will love this one.  I know its a long shot for a NA release but I can dream can’t I!?

  • I have the first one and definitely want this too. Localize please! >_<

  • Christopher Nunes

    Finally some more info on Fate/Extra CCC! ^_^

    I have the first one and I loved it to death, and I’m currently writing a Fate/Extra fanfic with my own take on the MC and Caster as the Servant, and I want to buy this game when it comes out! Regardless if it’s localized or not, but I want it to be localized!

    This is starting to sound more like an alternate universe more than a re-telling of the same story with the same character but a different story path. I agree with Xerain with that regard and the theories that Xerain came up with.

    I really look forward to more info and when the game comes out! It’s going to be great! :D

    Also it’s nice to see the old cast returning again from the first game, but under different situations. Rin’s now a true Magi, and like Xerain’s theory about a “what if” alternate universe where mana still exist is very possible now.

    By the way, why did you neglect to pick Archer in the article about who could be picked at the start of the game?

  • Quinton Cunningham

    I’ve purchased the original THREE times now. (Regular edition UMD, Collector’s Edition and a digital copy for my Vita) Needless to say, I hope this gets localized.

    • Christopher Nunes

      Only got the Collector’s Edition and Digital Copy (currently for my VITA) of Fate/Extra  and I look forward to getting CCC as well, and will get the game still even if it’s not localized.

  • Sounds very, very interesting. I love the original game and I hope this will also be localized. If not, I’m definitely going to learn Japanese for the sake of playing this. 

  • PizzicatoSpirit

    Hearing more/new news about this makes me want this so badly lol. 

  • Visa Vang

    I’m only getting this for the figma. You know how the Saber Lily figma is soo~ damn hard to find and it is expensive as hell. Virgin Saber will be quite a catch!!

  • sherimae1324

    i Want BERSERKER and ASSASSIN servants!!!!! >_< grrrrr…..

    • Nah, I’d prefer Rider or Lancer….’Sides, Berserker=Screaming all the time. But Assassin is possible…..

  • Historiata

    So that means no Holy Grail tournament… Wonder what they’re supposed to be fighting here then?

    • ENEMIES? Virus? Your friend tht being hacked/infected?

      • Historiata

        Given that noone is able to leave as well, I wonder how similar it will end up being to “The Thing.” Har har.

  • The Servants here are still the ones from Fate/Extra except for the costumes right? I prefer Saber being King Arthur rather than Nero though. 


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