PlayStation Vita Exclusives Sumioni And Orgarhythm Are Coming To Tablets Too

By Spencer . June 27, 2012 . 4:05pm

tegraAcquire is bringing two of their PlayStation Vita games to NVIDIA Tegra 3 devices like the Google Nexus 7 tablet. Tegra 3 versions of Sumioni: Demon Arts and the upcoming music x strategy game Orgarhythm are in development.


Famitsu has screenshots of the ports, but don’t have a release date for either title. Sumioni is available for Vita now and Orgarhythm is slated for August.

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  • Radiosity

    They can’t be Vita exclusives if they’re being ported to other platforms. Exclusive means to the exclusion of all else, after all ;p

    • kupomogli

      It’s an announcement that the games are being ported over, so currently the games are still exclusive. ;p

      • Radiosity

        Haha well fair enough I suppose :)

  • malek86

    Oh boy, the Nexus 7. Have you seen the specs on that thing? It’s a 12-cores GPU. Jesus. And for $200, I bet it’s sold at a loss.

    On the other hand, while the normal performances are great, the Tegra 3 has proven itself not very strong in the graphics department. I hope they’ll be actually going with the Tegra 3+.

    • 30sGamer

      Good thing about the Vita is that it uses mostly off the shelf high-end mobile parts, if I recall correctly. So the ports can go both ways.  There’s a few Square Enix iOS games that I would love to play with proper controls. Never felt quite right gaming on my iPhone/ iPad.  Even stuff like Dark Meadow or Infinity Blade.

  • jujubee88

    Are you freaking kidding me?

  • Well, Exclusive no more I guess


    Gosh, if it weren’t for Gravity Rush and Blazblue, I might seriously be regretting owning one of these right now…

    • kupomogli

      Why even list Blazblue.  It’s a port as well. 

      It’s got a decent amount of good games that aren’t ports though, that is if they’re something  you might like.  Uncharted, Unit 13, Wipeout 2048, Escape Plan, MLB12 The Show, and like you already mentioned, Gravity Rush.

      With Wipeout 2048, they also recently came out with all Wipeout HD content free as a downloadable upgrade if you own the PS3 version of Wipeout HD.  If you don’t own the PS3 version, the Vita upgrade for HD and Fury are $12.99 and include the PS3 versions, less if you only want the upgrades of HD and Fury seperate.

      There are also other good looking games coming out in the near future.  If you remember, the 3DS didn’t have anything good that wasn’t a remake or port until Mario Kart 7 came out.  Even now there’s still not much good on the 3DS, so users who own either console, or those of us who own both, are lacking games.

      • Good point, but it’s much more convenient for me to have Blazblue on the Vita (various reasons)

        And I see your point, but the “right now” at the end of my statement was because all the VITA games I’m looking forward to are 2013 or TBA releases, excluding Persona 4 Golden.

        I guess the big issue is that unlike the 3DS, which didn’t really have a lot of games announced before release, the PSVITA teased a bunch of good-looking titles, then almost immediately delayed most of them.

  • I’ve been keeping track of 3rd party Vita exclusives & so far this is what I’ve come up with, if I’m missing any please tell me.

    Army Corps of Hell
    Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation
    BioShock Vita
    DJMax Technika Tune
    Dynasty Warriors Next
    Little King’s Story 2
    Lumines Electronic Symphony
    Ragnarok Odyssey
    Shinobido 2: Tales of the Ninja
    Touch My Katamari
    Ys: Forest of Celceta

    • 30sGamer

      Silent Hill, CoD, Assault Gunners, that new Bandai mech game that escapes me, Escape Plan.

      There are quite a few 1st party PS3+Vita exclusives too: Warriors Lair, PS All Stars, that table pool game I can’t remember the name of. And 3rd party: Dragon’s Crown, Pure Chess, Malicious.

      And Lord of Apocalypse is only on PSP/ Vita – really wish that one would come to NA already. 

      Think there’s some VN and others that will never make it over to the West too.

      Right now, between the current library and my digital PSP back catalog (thanks to the ill fated PSP Go), I have more games than I’ll be able to finish in a year.

      • Raharu95

        Hey Hey. Let’s not Forget about Disgaea 3 Absense of Detention

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