Final Fantasy III Hits More Smartphones With Android Version

By Spencer . June 28, 2012 . 4:41pm

ffiii_an3Once the most obscure entry in the series, Final Fantasy III is everywhere now. It’s already available for Ninendo DS and iOS devices. Square Enix announced a PSP version for September… oh, and there’s an Android version available right now.


Final Fantasy III is compatible with Android version 2.2 and costs $15.99 on Google Play. I wonder if that Android microwave can run this…


ffiii_an6 ffiii_an5 ffiii_and ffiii_an7ffiii_an4 ffiii_an2

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  • malek86

    I have to wonder how many sales Squenix will manage to get with this. Even if it’s worth $16 (your call), that’s still much higher than the average paid Android game. Even on iOS, pricing something above $8 is something of a risky proposition.

  • Warukyure

    If they’re releasing this on the Android for half the price of the PSP version, whats the point of even completing/releasing the PSP version. And from the looks of it, its almost the same thing as the iOS version. Kinda of a waste :/

    • Not everyone has smarphones yet. Or else don’t want to use them for gaming.

      Square has a general principal that they want no audience unable to enjoy some version of all their Final Fantasy games. 

      • Barrylocke89

        That still doesn’t quite explain the pricing though.

        •  Its a port of a full 3D game. Its worth substantially more than some chump Droid app game.

          • Barrylocke89

            …but this is the exact same 3d game. I’m confused by what you mean. It may have a couple new features but from it seems as if both versions are both based on the iOS version, which is based on the DS version.

  • “This app is compatible with all of your devices.”

    Oh I doubt that Square Enix.

  • Anyone know if this is compatable with the Xperia Play’s control scheme?

  • Darrel Daley

    I’m sick of this version. A HD with 2D sprites would look awesome!

    • Guest


      A fully realized 3D open world version using Luminous Engine for PS4 featuring lifelike character models would look more awesomes

  • Guest

    *Waits for the NGage version*

  • Mildra

    Whenever I hear the cry for FF to got “back to its roots”, I wonder how people would react if the franchise started using vancian systems like in 1&3?

    •  FF I is actually really fun, and dare I say, better than both FF II and III. 2 and 3 are perhaps the games I like the least in the franchise (which is not to say I dislike ’em).

      And the thing I dislike the most about III is the characters in this updated version….I wish they’d keep quiet like the characters in the first game, seriously, or like the main party in the original, NES version of FF III. The game looks much better in 3D, but the main characters are so painfully stupid…can’t stand ’em honestly :x

      • Mildra

        Sadly for me, the presence of vancian magic (or ‘charges) is enough to kill a game for me. It’s why I can’t get into suikoden as much as I want to, as well as most old-school PC RPGs 

        •  Totally understand that, some things just work best for some I guess. I wouldn’t take these claims from people wanting the series to go back to their roots that seriously, as in, wanting the new games to actually use the systems that the initial games used.

          I still think FF VI had the best group of characters, and I kinda wish they’d make the new characters as interesting as they were in that game….and use the job system from FF V, which are elements from old games which work nicely to this day (more so than the vancian magic/charges systems :D)

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