Phantasy Star Online 2 Will Launch In Full This Week

By Ishaan . July 2, 2012 . 9:00am

Phantasy Star Online 2 will launch on July 4th in Japan, Sega have announced. The free-to-play game is currently in open beta, and will receive additional features such as a Frozen Tundra area and new costumes when it goes into service. You can watch a new trailer for it below:



The development team will continue to add new features to Phantasy Star Online 2 beyond its initial launch. Last month, they showed off a few examples of this content in the form of new weapons.

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  • Istillduno

    Body, ready, ect.

  • jello44

    I wish Sega would announce a English version. 

    • Rune

       With recent Sega downsizing and sticking to digital, I’m unfortunately not holding my breath unless it gets picked up by another company.  

      • Therpgfan

        The client has a language option in it’s configuration settings. Just waiting on anything about that.

        • I would also like to add that Sega of America has been teasing an anouncement for PSO2 like crazy on their official Phantasy Star Universe facebook page. They have been going through Phantasy Star history each day and teasing with words like what does the future hold and in their most recent one they even said that they’re sure most of us saw through what all this actually meant (going through phantasy star history up to PSO2). And they say that this week there will be more “messages”

  • Great news.  PSO2 is the most fun that I’ve had in an online RPG in years.  I absolutely love the hunter and the combos they can do.  Hopefully we’ll see the game get a release in the West before too long. =)

  • I’ve been playing this almost non-stop with some friends since it went into OB.

    It is easily the most fun I’ve had in an MMO in years. I highly recommend anyone who is curious about it to give it a go. It’s not that hard to get past the language barrier if you are unable to speak Japanese, as there are translated menus on most of the big PSO sites. Also, there is a fairly large English community on Ship 2, blocks 20-22 (or so).

  • Josh Strange

    If this game ever does see the light of day for an English version i hope it doesn’t turn out like PSU did with the HUGE content gap, i don’t mind a little content gap but if the gap is 3 years apart…then that’s a problem. 

  • I really love that blue outfit that they showed in the trailer~ It’s cute. <3

    • riceisnice

       The outfits in this game are Futuristically Fashionable.

      • I just wish you could customize the colors a bit more… I wasn’t too happy about that with the character creation. XD Needs more colors~

        • I must agree! The out fit in the picture was my favorite. Wanted it red but with the green highlights that don’t go away it looked a bit… off.

        • Radiosity

          Given that costumes are (in some part or all) going to be part of the pay-dlc stuff I’d assume you’ll be able to purchase colour packs and things.

  • Luna Kazemaru

    One of the best MMO’s i have played since tera and blade and soul the ammount of time i put in obt alone is longer the alpha alone.

    • How is Blade & Soul? I’ve been looking forward to that game since it was first announced.

      • Luna Kazemaru

         its pretty good been playing it since beta i don’t know what ncsoft is up to but the game needs to get to NA. I can link someone streaming it right now if you want to check it out.

        • Ooh~ Yes, please. <3

          • Luna Kazemaru

    steparu is the one normally streaming MMO’s from Korea and Japan so yeah good place to get in on games like that.

          • Thank you~!

  • That was… fast @[email protected] !! I hope they don´t block ips :(

    • Luna Kazemaru

      We will have to find out doesn’t look like it IMO there is a language option on there so yeah maybe not.

    • I’m in the US and I’ve been playing open beta with no problems (outside the having to look up kanji every so often >.<)

      • Im in Mexico and i´ve been playing also the open beta ( struggling also with some kanjis lol ) but who knows what will happens about the overseas access later :(

        • Ah I see. I’m hoping that since there was none in open there wont be for for the full release.
          *crosses fingers* I doubt they will suddenly lock the game down buut there’s always a chance (  ._.)

    • Radiosity

      Why would they? They know there’s a big overseas market for it who will happily pay them for playing the Japanese version, they’d be stupid to block them. That and there ARE ex-pat players in other countries who I’m quite certain would be very upset if they were blocked from playing just because they happened to have a foreign IP.

  • Yay~~!! Can’t wait to see all the new stuff. I haven’t gone that far into the quests since I have very little free time *sigh* But it’s fun to play! I am hoping for the translation soon so my friend who plays MMOs with me can enjoy all the dialogue *crosses fingers* 

  • The core gameplay is excellent, but I feel like the quest structure needs to be addressed some.  The only way to unlock newer quests (and eventually newer areas) is to do special orders which involve going back and completing certain missions under a strict time limit.  This would be all well and good if the levels weren’t completely randomized each time.  You can get screwed by enemies that won’t spawn at a quick enough pace, exits that are much farther away than you can reach in a suitable amount of time, Emergency Codes (this game’s randomly generated in-quest sub missions) that are very difficult or can’t be completed quickly enough, etc.  Even if you work hard to keep your character’s level and equipment current, there’s still that element of luck that’s hard to get over.  

    It’s off to a good start, though, minus that nagging complaint.  Here’s hoping the full launch is a success.

    • Radiosity

      Those emergency codes can be complete arses at times, like when you get locked in a prison with a bunch of enemies till your teammate(s) can get to you. It adds to the tension but they can happen at some really bad moments sometimes.

    • KuroiKen

      did you know, that you can actually SKIP emergency codes and still get S rank? S rank only depends on deaths and number of enemies killed, afaik, so if a Dark Ragne spawns and you don’t have time to kill it – then DON’T.

      • I know, I know, it’s just hard to tell sometimes what the requirements are for just completing a mission vs S-ranking it.

        I managed to complete Forest Free Explore in just under 11 minutes (no small feat for a level 7 hunter!) but I apparently avoided so much combat before getting to the boss that I only got a C rank.  It was kind of frustrating, I wish it did more to set benchmarks

        • KuroiKen

          Sorry, I can’t sympathize with your problem. I, for one, understand everything pretty well, due to knowing the language. Yes, I know that sounds like showing off, but seriously, the game’s text is not that hard, unless you don’t know a symbol in japanese, of course.

          • ……Seriously? What was the point of your reply again? That doesn’t even have any sequential context within its own conversation. And beginning a reply with “Sorry, I can’t sympathize with your problem” takes a certain brand of inconsideration.

          • user KuroiKen misses the point, uses yet another opportunity to brag about extensive knowledge of Japanese
            In other news the sky is blue

  • KuroiKen

    The game’s great, I’m playing the open beta, and it’s very good.
    Will play the japanese version till the end, since I’m not interested in any english version of it.

  • kupomogli

    Will buy on Vita day one.  Really though, if this came to the PS3 or 360, I’d get it.  The original Phantasy Star Online was designed with consoles in mind, and while it works a bit better on PC because of hotkeys and such, I much more prefer playing games on console.  Would buy this day one whatever console it came out on and would still buy the Vita version day one(as long as it’s localized which is a high probability being that it’s not hacked yet and there are few games on the console so more sales.)

    • Radiosity

      Well, technically you won’t be buying it day 1, it’s free to play. You’d be able to purchase other bits and bobs like the premium subscription but otherwise it’s free.

      • I’d actually prefer it be sold if that meant we could get a single player campaign like in the original PSO.

        • Radiosity

          Who knows, they might decide to do some bundle thing with the Vita version that you can buy.

  • Zetsomaru

    That last monster looks suspiciously similar to the Jinouga from MHP3rd. 

    • Spider-Man

      I thought the same thing!

  • Onizuka Gio Hikari

    Lol i just logged out i am very excited to see such news :3 i love this game so much!!! 

    I’m on Ship 2 (blocks 20-13) name is “Onizuka” for anyone who would like to join ^-^

    • Nice to see lots of people from here on Ship 2. Name’s Aurora. I will keep an eye for you :D

      • Kefkiroth

        Most of the English community have decided to jump on Ship 2. Same username “Kefkiroth” for me by the way.

        • KuroiKen

          Ship 2. Name’s “Kuro-chan”

  • Kefkiroth

    Already? Wow, it was just a few months ago when closed beta was going on.
    Can’t wait for the Vita version…
    Playing the open beta right now, and it’s pretty awesome. A decent knowledge of Japanese will get you far (like in character creation), but you can still have a lot of fun here without it (thankfully there are English guides).

  • Solomon_Kano

    I didn’t even bother to log into the beta yet and it’s already ready to go? Sweeeet.

  • This game looks sooooo good! I really hope the Vita version gets localized sometime in the future :3

  • Happy Gamer

    I know people hate subscription games and how it is an old model, but many people fail to realize that F2P games have numerous amounts of micro transactions that many of us say that we won’t buy but do due to the fact that they often outweigh free items and the stuff u earn within the game. I hope this game doesn’t follow many of the F2P game’s model (esp Korea MMOs) and follow more of the Guild Wars model

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