Monster Hunter 4 Makes Monsters Smarter And Terrain Aware

By Spencer . July 3, 2012 . 8:24pm

imageFamitsu has a few tidbits about Monster Hunter 4, like the game will have new weapons. However, the magazine didn’t reveal what these are. Felynes will also have a new use in Monster Hunter 4 which is also being kept under wraps. Players will be able to bring two Felynes with them. Confirmed details include a free camera and Monster Hunter 4 will have the most NPCs in the series.


The underwater areas from Monster Hunter Tri are gone in Monster Hunter 4. It sounds like this game is going to be all about altitude instead since you can hang on monsters and do different attacks depending if you’re higher or lower than a monster. Under certain conditions, players can cling on to monsters a la Dragon’s Dogma.


Monsters have in this game are terrain aware and will use the environment to their advantage. Players also have a mobile base in Monster Hunter 4, which online magazine leaks say is something like a caravan.

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  • I like. It’s nice to see developers focusing on making games more fun though use of improved enemy AI

    • MrRobbyM

      I’m usually al for this but after playing Tri, the last thing I want is SMARTER enemy AI. Ugh.

      MH4 will be terrifying.

      • Code

        I wouldn’t say monsters are a lot smarter in Tri, but what they did do is remove the large cool downs after nearly all monster’s attacks which pretty much all prior games had, and mixed it up quiet a bit more >w<~

        • zeta

          Im ok with those monster cooldowns makes them feel real.

          • Code

            The monsters still have cool downs, it’s just not as uniform as it was in earlier MH games which was basically “Attack, Cooldown, Retarget, Attack, Cooldown, Retarget”. All monsters basically followed this >w<; Even in Tri they do this sometimes, but individual moves monsters have have unique cooldowns uwu~ 

    • revenent hell

      I as well enjoy a smartish enemy,it makes the game more enjoyable to me since it makes me work for my kill

  • konsama

    Wow the caravan thing sounds quite interesting.

    • Peace Legacy

       Megaman Zero 4-esque caravan village base may be? With changeable ground texture and environment depend on region moved

  • smarter mons

    sounds good to me

    can we have smarter cats too?

    • neocatzon

      I know that feeling bro…

    • Sardorim

      Wait… The cats are supposed to do more than act as a distraction and heal me?

      • zeta

        buff you up and trap them.

      • Luis Enrique

         Trap-bombing felyne is best felyne.

  • i’m actually a bit glad that i don’t have to swim and fight anymore..even after 1000 hours on monster hunter tri, i still found underwater fights as a horrible chore.

    • d19xx

      Underwater missions generally sucks. It’s mind boggling why game developers keeps doing them.

      It must be some unwritten rule of game development that you need to make crappy underwater missions every once in a while or you’ll be branded as a traitor.

      • malek86

        I don’t even understand why. I know it’s for variety, but come on. They should focus on making sure the game is good by finding a balance first. Then they can think of adding variety without breaking that balance. And switching from ground to underwater controls is usually a pretty good way to break it. Even some incredible games like Super Mario 64 and Super Metroid were really annoying in the water sections.

        If developers want to make an underwater game, they can just make it all underwater and make sure it works by developing it around that. Like, I don’t know, Archimedean Dynasty or Sub Culture.

  • zeta

    that altitude has attitude.

  • YES! this is better.This is something that I wanted to hear.Much better than that atrocious trailer with rathalos in it(again!)

  • neetyneety

    I’ve never played a MonHun game before, but would this be a good game to start with (if ever it gets localized)?

    • malek86

      Well, considering it’s not even out yet, that doesn’t sound like a question anyone could answer now.

      I would suggest starting with MHFU though. It’s cheap as potatoes, and there’s even an english demo out there (although that can be pretty hard since there’s no tutorial… it’s a demo aimed at fans).

    • If you’re new, I’d recommend starting with Tri if you have access to that. If not, then Freedom Unite, but FU can be pretty brutal, whereas Tri is the most well-balanced game in the series to date.

    • Marcelo Henrique Chaves

      I actually thing the monster hunter portable 3rd is the best choice to begginers, i only played the PSP ones, but i think its the easiest one. And you finish it faster than the Freedom Unite.

  • Marcelo Henrique Chaves

    The thing i miss the most on MH, since i play alone, its smarter felynes and the ability to comand them.
    Like tell them to fight, run, distract, support(heal, buff, traps).
    But so far so good, the game is looking good.

  • Pythia Brixham

    Must… not… support… Capcom… But… WANT!!!

  • Spider-Man

    I really hope monsters react to EACH OTHER. Like in their ecology videos. There is no reason for a Deviljho and Diablos to attack me and ignore each other. :| 

  • i wonder will they let devil jho learn how to swim?

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