PlayStation Vita Firmware 1.80 Adds Support For PsOne Classics

By Spencer . July 3, 2012 . 1:03am

vi12You’re going to be able to play Final Fantasy VII and other PsOne Classics on PlayStation Vita soon-ish. Sony Computer Entertainment Japan added to the E3 announcement that PsOne Classics will support will be added when firmware 1.80 is released.


SCEJ says the firmware update will be released sometime this summer.

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  • WingsOfEternity

    As a person who owns the Vita, I’m rather confused to why PSX support wasn’t a feature already available at the time of the Vita’s launch because PSP already had 100% PSX emulation

    • Yeah, this sorted of boggled the mind for me.  Now the machine is even more of a beastly RPG depository with the added support, though, so hurray for that.

      • omeganeko

        I agree I’m still playing disgaea 3 (badly) and i have like 3 more psp rpgs i need to complete. Then i’ll have to download ff7 and res 3 again. I love the vita.

    • Kevadu

      Maybe because the Vita isn’t a PSP?  Emulators take effort to write and there are so many things going on leading up to a new platform’s release is it really that hard to imagine that this wasn’t their highest priority?

      • WingsOfEternity

        The Vita isn’t the PSP but it is the successor to it. Is it wrong to expect the next gen device to retain  most (improved) features of it’s predecessor?

        Edit: “Emulators take effort to write”
        The code is already there for the PSP, all that was needed is to port the code.

        • Testsubject909

          Well, consider that the way that they made the PSVita from the grounds up was to facilitate the workload of developers to better advantage themselves in the eyes of third parties.

          As such, outside of some aesthetical aspects, I’d imagine that the Vita has little in common to the PSP tech wise and software wise.

          edit: Basically, complications that gets in the way of “just simply porting the code”.

          At least, that’s my guess.

        • Kairo Fujima

          officially, the reason why it wasn’t released with PS1 compatibility was because there were still some bugs with the progams that needed to be fixed, hence the very long wait period that we had to go through.

  • SupaPhly

    omg spoilers! :[

    • TheInternetNomad


    • MrRobbyM

      When a game is more than 5 years old, it’s past spoiler territory.

      On that note, Tidus is imaginary, Mario saves Peach and the lumberjack saves Little Red Riding Hood.

      • Safros9

        Actually there’s always people who haven’t played a game series, want to, and then decide to. And perhaps they may start off with an older game. So it doesn’t exactly seem fair to say that “When a game is more than 5 years old, it’s past spoiler territory”. FFVII is excused from that, of course, but I can’t say that X is since I have plenty of friends who play FF that don’t know X’s ending. Maybe VI, it’s become rather widely known that Kefka is evil and that he “destroys the world.”

        • MrRobbyM

          I know, that”s fair. But if you haven’t played a game that’s five+ years old, people shouldn’t have to always have to put up spoiler warnings everywhere. Just avoid discussions of the game as best as you can. If I feel like discussing the ending to an old game on a forum and someone calls me out for spoiling it, they’re the ones at fault.

          • Andar

            I think the issue here then is that this wasn’t a discussion about any particular games until they were mentioned. And the one picture at the top of the page is hardly a spoiler for anyone who doesn’t know its context.

            Honestly, sometimes whats makes a spoiler so bad is when someone points out that it IS a spoiler. Until then it’s just wild speculation.

        • Testsubject909

          Believe it or not, but recently this year I was able to find a blind LP of Final Fantasy 6.

          It was amazing to listen to a grown up gamer exclaim great amount of surprise and disbelief as the entire world was getting burned to death in front of his eyes.

          Not many games has the balls to make a world, make it live, and then kill it halfway through the game and then have you trek through it’s scarred remains.

  • Haohmaru HL

    lol finally vita sellings will at least be above abyssmal

    • Solomon_Kano

      Because a library of 10+ year old games is going to sell an expensive system? Oh.

      • AceWildCard

         PSHHH~ YEAH!…No… :(

  • badmoogle

    Finally some good games for Vita. ;)

  • No ps2 classics huh? Oh well…

  • If PS1 content will be the reason the Vita makes any “huge” turnaround in sales, then it will be a very sad turn of events for Sony.

    That being said, I can’t wait for this come so I continue playing FF7-9 on my Vita. :D

  • TheInternetNomad

    uhhh but i want it nowww.. sony should give everyone one free PSone game for making us wait lol

  • CirnoLakes

    Oh yes yes yes. I’ve been waiting for this.

  • AndyFe

     Tomba to go My life is complete!

  • Great, more “soon” talk. 

    I really enjoy my Vita but Sony’s stay quiet approach is not helping them sell this console. 

  • FINALLY. Took them long enough :D But I’m happy! 

    Sweet. Now I can play Jet Set Radio on the train AND play some Tomba! in school SUH-WEET! ;) 

  • SirRichard

    About damn time!

  • Herok♞

    Good I had few ps1 games I wanted to play on the go with the extra vita memory.

  • Zetsomaru

    PS2 classics, anyone?

    • After playing mgs HD on my vita, it is more than capable of playing ps2 classics.. DAMN IMAGINE THAT RPG LIST :D

      • Solomon_Kano

        Not necessarily. Mind you, MGS HD took another 8 months after the HD collection came out on consoles to port it to Vita. That means getting PS2 games to run on the system probably isn’t a sure thing. It would be awesome if they make it happen though.

        •  To expand on what Solomon_Kano begun, just because a form of hardware is more powerful than a particular system, doesn’t guarantee the ability to emulate it.  The PS2 contained a very radical and unique form of architecture, and even though its been surpassed, their hasn’t been anything this side of the electronic world that resembles it in the slightest.

          With that said anything is possible, but if I was a vita owner, my concern would mostly be on the Vita making a name for itself, and standing on its own two feet.  Additional features and capabilities are always welcome, but I presume most people bought a Vita to play Vita games, I would think most owners would want Sony to focus all their resources and energy on making the Vita lineup as robust and appealing as possible.    

          • MoriyaMug

             Strictly speaking, it’s possible for any system to emulate any other system, regardless of power on either side… simply by way of CPU state replication. Of course, that’s utterly useless for most practical purposes. I agree, though. I’m more interested in seeing the Vita stand on its own. I wouldn’t complain about seeing some PS2 classics show up, but I’m fine with the actual Vita (and a couple of PSP) games I have.

  • GibbRS

    I just hope most of the PS1 classics I have will even work on the Vita, as it’s not a “full support” type of thing.

  • revenent hell

    I feel bad for Vita owners…The recent game releases are more aimed toward 3ds and whatnot there dosent seem to be alot of games specifically aimed for the Vita. Hopefully that will change threwout the summer.
    I am getting a 3ds soonish I just hope a game comes out for the Vita I cant help but want ..even though I like saving the money for not buying the device I do kind of want one there just is not a game out yet thatt gives me insentive to buy it.

    • DarthSithZero

       No problem pal, The Vita is a slow burner but soon we will get Call of
       Duty Black ops Declassified, Assassins Creed Liberation, Persona 4
       Golden, Ragnarok Odyssey, Silent Hill BoM and later in the year or 2013
       Playstation All stars battle, Sly Cooper, Bioshock?, New Killzone, Sonic
       all stars racing and many more.

      • Testsubject909

        I’m still waiting on Dragon’s Crown, Phantasy Star Online 2, the next Ys and quite a few other titles that were announced in Japan.

        • DarthSithZero

           What happened to Dragon’s Crown I haven’t heard anything since E3 2011,
           Makes think it’s or will be cancelled and that’s a shame because the PSV
           will lose good games that desperatly need it

      • revenent hell

        I would like to bring the both of you to some forums I regularly go to …constantly reading “why isnt (inserttittlehere) on the Vita or coming out for the Vita?” is going to make me tirade on some poor person soon. I was slightly feeling bad for Vita owner because the way the above people make it sound its as if their are zero games coming up for the thing/none for it and being as I dont own one I can hardly claim one way or the other how it is though I do remember I bought my psp specifically for one game and it took me quite a few years to actually build a decent library of games up for it(though my DS still has more than the psp) and that one game came out a long while after the psp’s release…
        Anyhoo I do feel bad for the game shortage as of now for the owners I just realy wish people wouldnt beg so much on forums about it…Ok ive entirely complained way to much sorry im having a moment here forgive me I just went to three different forums and those where the first threds I noticed…once again I apologise.

        • DarthSithZero

           The reason why so many people is begging for games it’s because
           They’re desperate ‘cuz they bought a $250-$300 Device and the content
           It has to offer doesn’t look that good as Sony promised and that why some
           people thinks the PSV is not worthy or was a bad inversion.

           On the other hand I think developers doesn’t trust in the Vita they don’t think there games will sell well, Or they don’t want develop games for the vita  because they’re lazy and takes more time or doesn’t have interest at all,  Or could be the PSP Piracy Incident because no one wants to work hard to  make games for someone else to get it free.I’m not that desperate like most on the people right now I only have 4 games (Got my PSV in March 30) Modnation Racers(came with Latin American   bundle), Rayman Origins, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, MGS HD Collection and I have a great time with them plus I have a Xbox that get my entire attention  on the videogames. 

          • revenent hell

            I realy have no idea what the issue is with the Vita but it never feels good to feel like people wasted money on a system….I know this feeling well myself when I first got the psp there where so few games I actually wanted for years I felt like I had wasted money on it…Surprisingly within the last few years is when my stock of games increased…I hope this is not the case with the Vita if/when I get one myself

  • ZEROthefirst

    Not bothering with FFVII up there, but I’ll be sure to get Tomba! and some other good games instead :D

  • Brandonmkii

    Maybe it’s me, but seeing as every other sony console plays psone games, I was really never in a rush for this to happen, if ever. It’s cool that IS happening though, but I just don’t see the need for people’s complaints that it “took so long” for it to happen.

    • Solomon_Kano

      Same. I played them on my PS1, my PS2, my PSP, and now my PS3. I’m glad they’re coming, but it wasn’t really something that I was dying over. I suppose if there are any Vita owners that don’t have a system capable of playing PS1 games that it’s nice for them.

      • Testsubject909

        I was never in a rush for them to get the PS1 compatibility.

        All it means to me is that I’ll be able to transfer over Symphony of the Night to my Vita. So that’s an extra something for me to do on it.

        Might also transfer Silent Hill into it.

        • Solomon_Kano

          I’ll be transferring FF7/9 and Xenogears. Maybe Wild ARMs 2. It’ll definitely give me some extra stuff. Not that I’m done Gravity Rush yet, but more stuff is always good.

    •  A few reasons:
      1 – Playing PS1 games on a 1080p 40″+ tv looks a lot worse.
      2 – I want to play games like FF7, FF5, etc on portable more than I do on a console.
      3 – I no longer have my PSP (as I am sure many other people have done similarly).
      4 – Some of the PS+ free PS1 games are PSN titles, which means you aren’t going to be playing those on a PS1/PS2, only if you have the original disc.

  • KuroiKen

    Well, okay, Vita(lol, typed Vista first time) now has support for PS1, okay, but, Sony, tell me, when is it going to support GAMES? Well, I’m in no rush to buy your console and all, but…I’m kinda tired of whine of my friend who bought it already. Sry for questioning a hard question.

    • kupomogli

      Should be questioning Nintendo the same thing.  It’s been over a year and there’s a better variety of good games on the Vita than there are on the 3DS. Not like either system has many good games at this point, but Vita having less games does not mean Vita has less good games.

    • sherimae1324

      People seem to forget the Vita has only been out since February(Western-wise),
      I can’t name a single system that had a solid good library full of original titles early in its life. ^_^

    • Testsubject909

      Well, checking only the games that are coming soon.

      Sound Shapes is coming for August, Ragnarok Odyssey is coming for September. Silent Hill Book of Memories is coming in October, so is Super Monkey Ball and Zero Escape and Assassin’s Creed and Persona 4 Golden.

      No idea when Little Big Planet comes out. And many other large releases still has unsure release dates, like Dragon’s Crown or Phantasy Star Online 2.

  • DarthSithZero

     I was expecting something like PS1/2 Support I’m pretty sure that the Vita can
     handle most of PS2 games, I will like to play my PS2 Classics one more time

    • Solomon_Kano

      Thing is, they’ve never said there would be Vita support. Nevermind if the system can handle it, that’s something Sony’s never even talked about.

  • Solomon_Kano

    This is the same vague launch window as before, but at least we know what update it comes with. I guess.

  • AceWildCard


  • YES! It would be cool if you could transfer the saves too, cuz I wanna finish Grandia and FF7.

  • Settsuo

    I’d go with my portable FFVI, Vagrant Story, and Tomba thank you.

  • venomz09

    lame…..ps1 is fine an should already been built in.

    what everyone really wants is ps2 support…..hell even ps3 doesn’t have this…apart from the original ones.

    sony sucks.

  • zer0ne

    Hope that Vita firmware will support PSOne games transfer from PS3, similar to PSP transfer from PS3.

    [email protected]@b

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