Final Fantasy VII Returns To PC With One Click To Boost HP Feature

By Spencer . July 4, 2012 . 12:05pm

media_bike_bigA long time ago Eidos released Final Fantasy VII for PC. Now, Square Enix owns Eidos and oh Final Fantasy VII will be re-released for PC as a digital download on the Square Enix store.


This version of Final Fantasy VII has a few modern features like achievements, 36 of them for hardcore fans to collect. Casual players can use the character builder feature to instantly increase your HP, MP, and Gil to the maximum. Final Fantasy VII also supports cloud saves so you can resume your game from any Internet connected PC.


Final Fantasy VII for PC doesn’t have a release date, but Square Enix says it’s coming soon.


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    Interesting, I’m kind of curious what the achievement list will be like, although I don’t know if I’m really in the mood to play through Final Fantasy VII again at the moment, but maybe next time I’ll consider this version >w<;; Wonder if there'll be any other updates~? 

  • Crevox

    cloud saves, mmmmmmmm

    • Surprised there are not more “Cloud saves” puns in this comment section. Or article, for that matter.

      • Setsuryuu

        Surprised? I am disappointed. xP

        • Testsubject909

          Oh, I for one know that I wouldn’t be able to Bear it.

    • LynxAmali

       Cloud saves?

      Who does Cloud save again?


      • Anime10121
        • OatMatadoQuatro

          It’s because Sephiroth gives dis pear


          • Anime10121

            LOL Video downloaded! That was hilarious :P

        • Testsubject909

          You know. I am still very amused by a theory that has surfaced.

          You see, this theory is based upon an analysis of the FMV or cutscene where Aeris gets stabbed. The theory is as follows, that Aeris was not killed by the stab but simply paralized from the wound to her spinal cord as the blade might not have actually caused a killing blow or a heavily critical blow to her mortality.

          The theory is as follows, that given proper medical care, Aeris could have possibly easily survived…

          So… How did Aeris die according to this theory? Drowning.

  • Xapth

    There are some really great fan mods out there for the original PC version of this game, I wonder if they will be compatible with this one?

    But yeah, those screenshots really show how appealing the world of FFVII is… I shouldn’t be bringing this up here but all I can think about is how amazing a remake would look on current/next gen technology.

  • Would buy if it has a new translation.

    • Same here.

      • OatMatadoQuatro

        Didn’t the original PC version fixed the issues from PS1 version

        • Scrooge_McDuck

           The typo, yes. The mistranslations are still there.

  • Eilanzer

    more and more FF7…please…make it rest in peace =.=”

    • Tom_Phoenix

      More and more FF7 hate…please…make it stop. =.=”

      •  I really don’t think that’s necessarily “hate”. I love FF VII, really fun game, and yet I think they should move on already, instead of coming back to it. I’d much prefer them to keep focusing on new games instead.

        • leadintea

          SquareEnix milks ALL their games and you rarely hear anyone complain about the constant FFI, FFII, FFIV etc. remakes and compilations, but when it’s FFVII, everyone complains that they’re doing it too much, even though this is the 3rd release/port of the game compared to the older FF games.

          Don’t get me wrong, I really couldn’t care less for FFVII, but the fact that people constantly whine about the fact that they keep coming back to it and not about other FF games definitely seems like there’s a LOT of bias against FFVII whereas the other FF games can get off scott free.

          •  Absolutely, but that happens because this game was basically the one who “started it all”, by emphasizing this trend from SE to coming back to what was sucessful, by creating related projects and later on, remakes. Any type of whining, for me, is condemnable and unnecessary and is never justifiable, so I am in no way trying to defend anyone who complains about the game, but it just didn’t feel to me like the original writter of this comment was hating on FF VII, and rather expressing something I also feel.

            And I certainly don’t hate FF VII, much on the contrary, I like it. But just as it pains me to see them constantly coming back to the glories of old, with many other FF titles and other SE games, it also annoys me to see them doing that with this game in particular, despite the roman numeral attached to it’s title ;)

          • Testsubject909

            All their games?

            ALL their games?

            Alright then…

            Where’s my milking of the Chrono series? Where’s my milking of the Romancing Saga series? Where’s my milking of the Mana series? Oh that did get many games but it stopped quite abruptly back on the PS2. What about Live a Live? How about Bahamut Lagoon? Or Front Mission? Or Xenogears. Oh I know we had Xenosaga but Xenogears is to me something else entirely and even if we count Xenosaga, that ended on the PS2. What about Parasite Eve? Oh yes, you might say Parasite Eve 3 (or rather Third Birthday), but that was technically an upgraded port of a cellphone game.

            What about Brave Fencer Musashi? What about Erhgeiz? Oh man would I love another 3D Fighting Game featuring Final Fantasy characters. What about Threads of Fate? Or Vagrant Story?

            Now… that said. I’m not sure if I’m happy or unhappy that Square obviously isn’t milking all their IPs… On one hand, I want to see more of these. But on the other, I am glad that they’re not being driven down into the ground.

            I suppose, again, what I’d really want in the end is a spiritual successor at best. Something to continue on with it’s spirit, it’s feel and gameplay elements, but with enough freedom to be it’s own thing and experiment as well…

            But that ain’t ever happening, not this console generation anyways.

            edit: PS. I found it redundant for them to go back to FF4. And I found the DS version to be pretty disgraceful. Having played the DS remake of FF3. It just… didn’t feel that good…

          • leadintea

             Calm down, I meant the FF series.

          • Square Enix has so many great franchises under their belt, it’s amazing how they simply don’t use them right, and when they do decide to use them nowadays, they end up…well….fucking it up. So in a way I wish they’d pick these franchises up….but knowing how underwhelming the 3rd Birthday turned out to be, I really don’t know if I trust their judgment anymore when it comes to reviving old classics.

            That’s why I look forward to future titles, more than I look forward to them picking up older franchises with some heritage to them, that gets my heart racing with expectations and nostalgia.

      • Eilanzer

        rather, I love this game but he was sexually abused/explored five hundred thousand different ways over the years.
        It’s time to move on … Or like i said…Make it rest in peace ( ̄ー ̄)

        • Testsubject909

          Let it end on a high note, take it’s place in the archives, in the history of gaming, be looked back upon fondly by those who lived through it, be explored by those who wishes to dive further into gaming and generally allow it to have it’s dignity without ending up becoming a cash cow that gets abused repeatedly to the point of turning a gem into a redundant yearly re-release?

          … *coughsFF4coughs*

          • Scrooge_McDuck

             I don’t see what’s the big deal. It’s not like the original copy of a game is unlimited and it’s not like every person has the means to play it.

      • Testsubject909

        I look at it more as desperation.

        Whether out of love or hatred, sometimes you want to see a good game be met with a respectful rest.

        Look at Earthbound for example, love that game to death yet I’m so very glad too that it got to rest on a high note and got to be completed as it’s creator wanted it to.

        But hey, not everyone’s in that mindset.

        For example. I’d love to see DMC just be laid to rest, and have a different IP be it’s spiritual successor, but some people just want a continuation of it.

        And we all know what happened with that.

    • Re-releasing the original game with marginal enhancements =/= churning out another godawful spinoff.

      Of course, if you’re one of those people who is up in arms every time a classic game is re-released on a new platform… I don’t understand you. Do you get just as pissed off any time a new edition of a classic movie or novel comes out?

      • Testsubject909

        New platform?

        Did you read the article right?

        They’re just re-releasing the PC version… Meaning, it was already on said platform (PC). That said, back in high school, I quite clearly remember a friend of mine, obsessed with FF7, who finished it at least three times on PC.

        • Solomon_Kano

          I don’t think he wasn’t referring to this title specifically with that statement, actually. It seemed more like he was saying that if he’s upset about this then he’d probably be upset in other cases of re-releases as well, not that this is actually on a new platform.

  • Rune

    My only disappointment is that it’s not at all likely going to get a Steam release which I’d prefer to have. :

    • I’m crossing my fingers that it goes on steam (._.  )

    • CirnoLakes

       If we keep bugging them about it, there’s no way they’ll turn Steam down.

      • Rune

        Considering that it has a microtransation within the game and looking at past endeavors in similar ideas (the whole hoopla with EA last year), it’s seemingly unlikely that Valve will let it pass as they have it.

  • gaiahatergaia

    Do no want. i excepted some boost in graphics and gameplay, not this worthless port with barely useful features. No offense to the fans though, if you’re planning to buy it, by all means, do so.

    • Ever considered that this release might appeal to people who have never played the game before?

      • gaiahatergaia

        Did i ever say people shouldn’t buy it? try reading the whole thing, it might do you good.

      • Testsubject909

        Just get the PS1 classic version on PSN that’s extra cheap?

        • Kefkiroth

          Apparently some people have yet to buy a PS3 or PSP. This is for those PC-only people (not that all PC gamers have only a PC).

  • ArtIristic

    Im probably one of those few in the world who hasn’t played FFVII.

    I feel ashamed :(

    • There’s no time like the present!

    • Riian

      There’s nothing to be ashamed of! I just recently bought it off the PSN about 5-6 months ago! I was only two when it first came out, so I never really had a chance to play the original. It’s definitely a very good game.

      • ArtIristic

        To bad I don’t have a PS3. I should really save up to buy one. I only have a Wii, so I only have access to the early installments. 

        I don’t want to buy FFVII on PC, because I like to play on my big screen.

        • How about a PSP? The Vita will be able to play PS1 games soon as well.

          • Solomon_Kano

            “I like to play on my big screen.”

          • Kefkiroth

            The PSP 2000 and 3000 have video out.

          • Solomon_Kano

            @Kefkiroth:disqus True, but that wasn’t his suggestion. Considering he then mentioned the Vita, which doesn’t have video out, the implication was that he could play it on the handheld itself.

          • Kefkiroth

            @Solomon_Kano:disqus I wasn’t trying to suggest he should play on the handheld like Heehee, I’m just adding to what he said by saying the PSP has video out. 
            Considering PSPs are dirt cheap and you can buy FF7 on it for just $10, it’s probably one of the cheapest legal solutions.

          • Solomon_Kano

            @Kefkiroth:disqus Ah. Gotcha. You should tell that to Art.

        • Anime10121

           Please do yourself a favor and get a PS3 as it is an AWESOME choice to go along with Wii.  They were my two consoles of choice this gen (had a 360 but you can probably guess what happened to it, luckily it happened early on and I just sold the games I had, wasnt gonna buy another as it is the only console Ive ever owned to break just from playing it) and I couldnt be happier.

        • Kefkiroth

          You do know that you can connect your PC to a TV right? Though it is easier to do with a laptop for obvious reasons.

        • Kefkiroth

          You could make do with a PSP and video-out to your TV. 
          PSPs are dirt cheap nowadays, and FF7 will be only $10 that way and not like $100+ like the original PS1 version…

    • Testsubject909

      Honestly, after having played FF1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, X, X-2, XII, Legends 1, 2, 3, Adventure, Tactics, Tactics Advanced, 2, Crystal Chronicles, etc etc etc…

      Don’t be.

      There are far better games to be missing out on. But that said, if you do want to get some credibility and get some good FF games under your belt.

      FF 4, 5, 6, 7 and 9 are the way to go.

      Between FFX and FFX-2, pick one and go nuts. Both are great specifically for their combat system, the story on both end can be a mixed bag that will grind you in one way or another. For example, I for one prefer FFX-2 and believe that FFX-2’s story can stand just fine without having played FFX.

      XIII gets mixed buzz about it for good reasons, XIII-2, I have no opinion on as I opted to just steer clear from it.

      Dirge of Cerberus and Crisis Core are also good additional supplemental games if you do get into FF7. Dirge is a sequel with a different lead and Crisis is a prequel with a different lead. The gameplay is very different.

      If you have a gamecube and you’re looking for some good fun long term couch co-op multiplayer, look no further then Crystal Chronicles.

      And if you want to try your hand at a strategy RPG from Final Fantasy. Any of the Tactics games is fine, though if you want a more serious tone, go for FFT on the PS1 (PSN) or the remake for PSP.

      Finally, FFXII is… again another mixed bag. But it certainly is the Final Fantasy game that’ll give you the most bang for your buck, but again, split opinions so if you’d want to know more, look into it and determine more from yourself.

      I can inform you more about each of those FF games but… If just referencing them creates this wall of text, imagine what telling you more about the general setting and features of each of those will be like.

      edit: Also, if you want to ask me what game would be a truly damn shame for having missed out on?

      It’s Chrono Trigger. It is one of the great shining gems of JRPG, it’s on the SNES and everyone should at least experience it once if they want some good games under their belt when it comes to JRPGs.

      •  Ooooh, no honorable mention for FFVIII…that’s cold Test!  XD

        In all seriousness, its good to catch a post on the internet, that analyzes each installment for their individuality.  Great read, and recommendations.  

    • Solomon_Kano

      Eh. You’re not missing that much. It’s good, but certainly nothing to be ashamed about.

  • Chow

    [Generic comment about wanting a remake]


  • Riian

    I don’t think an actual FFVII HD remake would be a suitable investment for Square at the moment. For starters, they’d have to make brand new models and textures for just about everything and also render the overworld in 3D, then they’d probably have to remaster or reorchestrate the soundtrack, they’d have to replace every cutscene with a CG one, and finally, they’d need to build a new graphical engine to properly render and animate Sephiroth’s luscious strands of gorgeous silver/white hair.

    Heh. Sephiroth’s hair alone would probably cost them half their budget for the remake.

    Not to mention having to deal with the high expectations of 10+ years worth of fans.

    • I totally agree with you buddy. :) I’ve been a fan for a long time, but I don’t expect them to make something that could rip their budget apart @[email protected] Is it only going to be available on their SE site? Is there one for Steam yet? O_O

    • MrRobbyM

      FFVII remake on luminous engine. It can happen.

      *runs away at the speed of light*

    • Rocket D

      I’m so glad someone actually mentioned this because I had the same thought since the news of FFX’s HD release (whenever it’ll actually happen I don’t know, still waiting!). This explains one of the many reasons FFX was chosen for a HD remake over FFVII. There’s not much to do with it compared to FFVII (same with FFVIII and FFIX). And like you mentioned fans will find something to dislike about it and it may cost them more many to remake than they can gain from it because let’s face it: fans are too hard to please these days even with the stuff they ask for.

      • Rhayve

         Um… you do realize that the FFVII remake that fans want is a full graphical remake for our current gen and not just the same game upscaled and optimized for 720p and 1080p, which the FFX HD release entails, yes?

        • Rocket D

          To be honest I don’t know what the FF/SE fans want in terms of a remake as a fandom because everyone desires something different. Some people actually want just a remake, literally. No changes, additions, alterations, ect. and others want some change with the remake (like a new take on the battle system, added story to connect other titles, a trophy/achievement system and character growth system like this PC version will have, ect.). See what I mean? I’ve seen a lot of what people “want” but not of what’s possible and that’s a remake that will satisfy all fans. It’s impossible at this point although I’m not doubting if they DID remake it that it would sell if by only name alone. They may stir up issues though like FFXIII. It sold on it’s name alone but when a  majority of people played it they were unsatisfied from it’s story and apparent flaws (I personally loved FFXIII but I’m not blind to it’s flaws).

          My only point to my comment is that it’s easier for them (no matter how people want a FFVIII remake with alterations/additions or not). Regarding FFVII being remade it would be a lot more difficult and time consuming than say updating FFX which is already 3D rendered with voice acting and a decent engine for it’s time. I wasn’t really trying to dictate what people want because I’ll be honest the FF fans are so indecisive that I’ve grown not to care. I am not trying to sound mean and not attacking your response or anything (I know toned typing can vary). I’m just being realistic. And you know how fans want “FF the way it used to be?” right? Well, SE is starting to deliver that and people complain about that too. I personally applaud them for trying to be different than cling to the past. It’s not working 100% in their favor right now but one day. I think SE needs to care less about what fans want and more with what works. Just because a lot of people want something doesn’t make it a good idea. Like the saying “everyone can want something that’s not good” like a remake they wouldn’t know how to approach due ot mixture of demands.

          You have a good point though, I’m not disregarding what you said but merely explaining my previous comment. I apologize for my tl;dr response. I’m very wordy as my account’s short history will reveal.

          • Solomon_Kano

            I’ve said several times that a remake would never work because the fanbase could never even agree on what they want out of one. I’m glad somebody else actually realizes this. Thank you lol.

          • Rocket D

            No problem, I always felt that way too lol I wish more people realized this fact then they would be more understanding as to why some companies do what they do these days. I don’t know what people expect SE, or any game company for that matter, to do when nothing pleases fans anymore or demands divide fans.

    • Solomon_Kano

      Thank God some people actually think this way. Too many people are asking for a remake and not realizing the cost of it, blindly stating that it would save Square from any financial failings. Thinking about what it would cost just to get the game remade, that’s simply not true. Mind you, beyond that monetary investment it would also take a massive time and/or resource investment on their part (as, presumably, the more they allocate of one, the less it would take of the other). Not to mention, as Rocket says below, that the fanbase would never be able to agree on what form they’d want a remake to take in the first place.

      So, yea, agreed. It would be a poor investment.

  • Not to mention having to deal with the high expectations of 10+ years worth of fans” <- Agreed completely. It's always a slippery slope with remakes.

    • Testsubject909

      This doesn’t look like a remake though. Or at least it doesn’t seem to be poised to be one. Feels more like they’ll just re-release the same product but with the two listed additional features.

      • Solomon_Kano

        She’s not saying this is, she’s quoting Riian.

        • Yeah for some reason it didn’t show up as a reply even though I was posting it as one (o.o; )

      • I’m kind of glad (don’t hate me those who want a remake) that they haven’t made a remake. I mean on one hand its a nice thought but on the other hand I enjoyed the game as it was and like looking back and thinking “Ah that was a fun one”. I felt that the movie Advent was a nice closure and send off for the game too.

  • MrSirFeatherFang

    I wonder if this one still has the midi soundtrack, since that’s how the Eidos PC port was (first time I played FFVII was on it hehe). Unfortunately my PC was crap and it stopped right before I left the Gold Saucer (after I beat a certain boss).

  • Tenno Seremel

    So, they never did a remake. Again :}

  • malek86

    They said it will be exclusive for Squenix’s online store, which is weird. I imagine they wanna attract customers to their service, but releasing it on Steam would be a better idea overall, I believe.

    • Testsubject909

      They probably want absolute control over their property while also attempting to rack in full profit from it and draw people towards their online services by using FF7 as bait.

      Speaking of bait, I’d imagine the game got zero graphical upgrade, so really it’ll probably just be the same repurchasing FF7 but with tacked on cheevos and an edit mode to change the variables of your stats.

      … Basically. I ain’t biting.

  • Anime10121

    Heh! Soon for Square Enix means a year and a half from now.

    Although I wont be purchasing it anyway because I already have FFVII and the “enhancements” dont really add anything to the game.

  • OatMatadoQuatro

    Those are some cool images

  • CirnoLakes

    Oh my goodness, I feel so special! The thread I made in the open thread section became an article!

    (Wholly a coincidence, I’m sure. But cool nonetheless.)

    I’ve got to say some things, while the graphical update may not be huge, it appears to even be mildly there when just looking at the cutscenes, in the 720p trailer, they do look mildly better than the original. I’m pretty confident that this will be a solid port.

    And that makes me happy, I hope to see more jRPGs on the PC. Also, they need to bring this to Steam and maybe some other services as soon as possible. You know, even though I’m more of a Tales and other jRPG fan, I used to dream of things like a really good port of Final Fantasy VII coming to Steam. I thought it was unrealistic, but it was a fun thought. Now it actually looks likely to happen. I’m looking forward to it.

  • Covnam

    This is the only core traditional FF title I’m missing from my collection (and I did play it on the PC), so I’ll definitely be picking this up, I just hope that it does come to steam too by the time “soon” turns into an actual release date. I like having my digital purchases as consolidated as possible.

  • Wasn’t really expecting this.  Now, if they could just get all their other Final Fantasy games on PC, I’d be one happy camper.  Already have them, but would happily double dip if the opportunity came along for some reasonably HD-a-ma-fied Final Fantasies on my laptop. =D

  • totally weak no way in hell am i supporting this. as a die hard fan this is a total insult. i dont care about a remake even, just leave this game alone UNTIL the day you feel you want to remake/remaster it … not give some remedial ‘add-ons’  … god :( :( :( :(

    • I’ve never played it, nor do I have a PSOne, PS2, or PS3. I can appreciate them releasing it on PC since now I can try it out and maybe I’ll like it or maybe not. Either way, they’re not trying to ‘insult’ you.

      • its not the fact that they releasing it on pc, though it was released on pc long ago nor is it the fact that new people get a chance to play it. its all well and good , im glad new people will play it.

        but you have to understand how fans feel about this game. how long we’ve begged for a remake/remaster anything. to re release it in this fashion. with tacked on features … its sad … this game’s name has been used enough …

        **END FAN RANT**

        anyway you really will enjoy it, fantastic game.

  • dcs

    They should have added hard modes, not stat booster nonsense.

    • Agreed.  This has to be one of the easiest RPG’s I have ever played.  And it doesn’t take long to level up or overpower common enemies, so I don’t see the point of this at all. 

      Harder difficulties would be amazing, as of now I just try to avoid as many encounters as possible on playthroughs.  I admit it is tedious at first but it makes for some very challenging and compelling boss fights, that force use each turn effectively.  Add that with an active battle system configuration, along with maxed out speed, and you have yourself more of a survival game than an RPG. 

  • Göran Isacson

    Saving anywhere, kinda cool. A button that makes the game easier… not so sure if cool. I can imagine it’s for the people who just wants to power-blitz through the story without really bothering with level-grinding which… I don’t really know what to think of.

  •  Cloud saves. I see what you did there.

  • Jack Oz

    Congratulations you stupid fans, you got your worthless remake, now let us REAL GAMERS play GOOD GAMES instead of this overhyped trash. 

  • Jack Oz

    Congratulations you stupid fans, you got your worthless remake, now let us REAL GAMERS play GOOD GAMES instead of this overhyped trash. 

  • All these added features are nice and dandy but what about the flaws of the original port? Will the music remain in MIDI format or will the new release feature CD Audio quality tracks from the original PS1 release? Will the translation errors be fixed? Will the resolution be updated? () Maybe some optional filters or software upscaling like the PS emulators do? Anything? No? That’s what I thought. Then I recommend everyone download the FF7 Remix (which is a collection of fan mods enhancing the game, found at ) and forget this cash-in.

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