• Tyler Sedrick

    what’s the chances of this becoming localized?

    • TiredOfMyOldUsername


    • WingsOfEternity

       Unless they confirm to dub the anime, never.

      • http://youtube.com/TsukuyomiRagna Tsukuyomi_Ragna

         FUNI picked it up already~ ^^

        • gophinobi

          And don’t forget that Toonami/Adult Swim will probably have to pick it up too. I haven’t seen too many game adaptations of anime get localized without at least airing on a network first

    • LynxAmali

       About the same amount of odds that a new Super Robot Wars game will come out from ATLUS USA.

      About the same amount that Gundam will become popular in North America again.

      I could go on but I think people get my point. Which is by terms, sad.

    • Testsubject909

      According to popular votes, the chances of this becoming localized are: Depressing.

  • XYZ_JolteonZ980

    Hopefully TRUTH is DLC, the best character second to AO, I wodner if they will use music from the anime, hopefully Signal Alert is in.

    • Higaki Rinne

      >the best character second to AO
      You best be trolling there.

  • DemonicX

    Would be nice if this came to the US.
    …But it won’t. =(

  • http://simplephilistine.wordpress.com/ Arla

    A shame we got the terrible PS2 Eureka seveN games but not the decent looking PSP game, the A.C.E. games featuring Eureka seveN, and we’ll never get this.

  • heartless141

    the models looks unsatisfying, and when producer release anime screenshots for preview, it worries me =/

  • Testsubject909

    Gah, seriously. Each time I see that title I think of the AO ESRB rating first before I remember that AO is just part of it’s title…

    I cannot be the only one who has that reaction.

  • Higaki Rinne

    >Ao crossdressing as Eureka
    I remember when this series had dignity. It was long time ago though.

  • Andar

    Personally, I always thought a number of Eureka Seven’s best moments centered around Charles and Ray. But maybe that’s just me.

  • Neon Koneko

    Hopefully I Will Enjoy The Game It’s Self

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