Sol Trigger’s Story Is About Killing A God

By Spencer . July 5, 2012 . 3:51pm

Sol Trigger, one of Imageepoch’s upcoming PSP RPGs, is set in the distant future in the shining city Kaiserhald. The city rose to power by controlling "sol" an energy source that has the power to make miracles. The Sol Trigger group is opposing the Machine Church, which wants to harness Sol energy using twisted technology and the source of "Sol" is the nation’s citizens.


At nine years old, Cyrille (shown in the still) is the youngest member of the Sol Trigger group. She’s a genius when it comes to using Sol. She’s still a kid with a sweet and innocent personality that actschildish at times even though she bears a heavy responsibility.


Sol Trigger comes out on October 4 in Japan.


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  • I’d love for this game to come over on the PSN for my Vita and limited physical release for PSP fans. When I watched that opening video in the last article my hype went – wait for it – OVER 9000! 

    This game needs a localization. :D

  • Xapth

    Imageepoch, your swan song PSP title looks amazing. 

    Look at that badass protagonist, he looks like a fusion of Leon Magnus and the Male Protagonist from P3.

    The story sounds like it has great potential, I’m just hoping it doesn’t become a well-stitched mesh of JRPG cliches… but no, I’m really interested.

    If it gets localized (along with a digital release), I’d love to see how it looks upscaled on the Vita. THE PSP IS NOT DEAD!

    • cj_iwakura

      Well first they’d have to finish localizing Black Rock Shooter…

  • epy

    Killing a god in a JRPG? Never done that before…

    • MrSirFeatherFang

      I just wanted to say that I had to read your post several times before I realized you were being sarcastic lol

  • MrSirFeatherFang

    meh, I’d rather eat one

  • Vampiric

    I want this game localized

  • Now the story look a bit lk FMA Brotherhood (City ppl as powersource) + SMT +GC.

    Hmmmm, will the kid live through the game? And Is Sol =Soul?

    • LynxAmali

       If you mean pronunciation, yeah.
      It is the same.

      Do have different definitions though.

  • Solomon_Kano

    I need this localized. NAO! Seriously, I don’t care for Imageepoch but this looks really good.

  • revenent hell

    I think a DD release is entirely plausable but I think any form of physicall release would be nill, Xseed purdy please?
    I wont beg Nisa as im no longer waiting for BRS…its taken to long and thus ive lost interest.

  • Oh dear me… Had a fangirl moment of that screen shot|4 *sigh I’m still a sucker for that type of character design… At any rate my psp is ready!!! (✿❛◡❛)ノ

  • idofgrahf

    It looks interesting although its getting a bit old. Japan and its god complex (does Freud have a name for that too?) Anything from Xenoblade to Dragon dogma to the older xenogears and xenosaga, god eater etc, gods are dying left and right so it begs the question, are they gods or not?

    • .

      Its a common enough trope, I agree with you. Funny, I was reminded that I learned from the Bleach manga that there’s a term for god killing which is “deicide.”

      I find I like plots more along the lines of ‘god making.’ There’s quite the heady satisfaction of destroying all those that oppose or consolidating all warring factions. Its easy for the ‘god killing’ tropes to skip right past whether the implications of killing a deity have any repercussions, their usually just a good/evil scenario. ‘King making’ or ‘god making’ on the other hand let’s you explore things like divine right and things like the strong preying upon the weak and such…It’s all in the writing though, I’m sure you can make a good rpg with any trope, that’s why it gets used so often.

  • “Gets on knees and starts praying for localization”.

    • Ravage27

       *joins in*

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Killing God???

    SHADOW HEARTS.^^ Godslayer.^^

    • SMT series?

      • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

        That too.^^ But that one is kinda different there as not all time, we will fight “God” however Shadow Hearts final boss will always be one kind of a god except the third series.^^

  • Alphabet Soup

    I would love a localization!

  • Fer Carlo Cartagena

    English PLEASE!!!

  • Looks very cool. I cannot wait to see the full game when it releases later this year. That and I really hope that a possibility for localization is much higher here than with some other games. 

  • l777l

    I’d buy an English UMD version, at regular prize.

  • Cyrille looks lk loli Rise or loli Yui LOL.

  • Göran Isacson

    Now here’s something I’d find interesting: if some of the citizens who gave up their Sol were “volunteers”. Perhaps they were so poor that they, in exchange for compensation, offered their Sol to the Church. Perhaps the game could talk about how higher classes prey on the lower classes by creating a situation that puts the poorer citizens into such despair that they only see this as the only way out. Perhaps the game could discuss how these rebels can rebel if the people are so indoctrinated that they can’t imagine a world where the Machine Church does not lead them. Perhaps the game could actually make it so that the Machine Church has been so nestled into society that bringing them down might possibly cause the collapse of society.

    I say perhaps because this game may go there for all I know, but I in my heart I’m waiting for the Machine church to be pure evil, all the citizens to be totally okay with overthrowing it, and everything will end hunky-dory. I’ve been burned too often to wish for anything better than that.

  • Japan and their “God killing game”, not surprising lol

  • If this gets Localized and a Physical release for all us westerners that are still in love with our psp. then i think i speak for most of us when you’ll deff have my money for 1 of these.

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