Why Is Aigis In Persona 4: Arena?

By Spencer . July 6, 2012 . 2:15am

Aigis from Persona 3, is a playable character in Persona 4: Arena. What brings the shadow fighting android to Inaba and inside the Midnight Channel?


It all began when a plane was hijacked, the first one in over ten years. Aigis is called in to help as a Shadow Worker. Since she’s an android, Aigis had no problem thwarting the criminal group and taking back the plane. Aigis confired that a certain passenger of interest is unharmed, but also notices a package is missing. Is this what the hijackers were really after? Aigis teams up with Mitsuru and goes on a hunt to find this dangerous package. Mitsuru, who runs the Shadow Worker squad Aigis works at, goes to Inaba searching for the cargo. When she arrives, Mitsuru meets other persona users


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  • Detrimont

    Why is Aigis in Persona 4: Arena?
    Because she’s the coolest Persona character created

    • Hmm? But her name is Aegis, not Shinjirou. Are you sure you are not confused? =V


    • Testsubject909

      Eh… I’ll fight on you that.

      Shinji’s definitely more badass.

      Junpei’s definitely more bro.

      Mitsuru’s definitely more swoon worthy to me.

      And that’s just within Persona 3. If we get into Persona 1, 2 and 4… Well, be ready for an all out war.

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      ….Because she is moe?^^ And also female rob/t? Japan loves female robot so much lol.^^

  • You know… I might actually buy this. Since news said story mode is going to be 30-40 hours, I may like this one. It’d be nice to know what happened after the events of the original game :D Plus, it is nice to see just how Inaba looks like. 

    :D Can’t wait! Definitely buying this one. I’mma fight all of you online baby! 

    • As a warning “Story Mode” in terms of game play is basically story boarding between matches.  I can get pretty repetitive and that “30-40 hours” is probably not going to be as fulfilling as you might hope if fighting games are not your thing.

      I enjoyed the BlazBlue story mode enough, but it was a tooth-and-nail effort towards the end.  And I LIKE Arc fighters.

      • Actually dood, fighting games ARE my thing. I’ve played through Tekken with all characters, I’ve played stories of characters in MK and etc. So I know what to expect in a fighting game. 

        I’m a big Persona fan so seeing the story unfold is a fulfilling thing for me :D it’s definitely worth every repeating match I’ll do.

        • Oh man, if you’re a fighting game guy, AND you like Persona, how could you have ever even considered NOT getting this game?  Arc Systems + Atlus?

          Admittedly I’m an Arc fanboy and I know Arc has some detractors, but they make such a clean fighting system, and … Persona!  

          It’s definitely a must-buy.

          • Exactly, bro! :D The only reason I questioned myself is because I thought it was going to be some rehash or something. But once I saw the animation, the battle system, the story and the characters and the fact that the story mode is going to be 30-40 hours… and the fact that it still has Mitsuru’s SULTRY voice… and everything else…. XD It makes me excited! 

            And by the way… I’ve played BlazBlue. :D Awesome! I liked it. Even my brother likes it too. I think the only reason we didn’t last much with the game: lack of online capabilities. The only local player we could play with was my neighbor but even he wasn’t available that much for fights. 

            But this game can go online right? :D so I’mma fight you online! hahahaha.

            Yes, getting this one for sure. 

          • Yep, this game will have online, and the servers are actually global so you’ll be getting world-wide match making.

            Arc polished and deployed an online play system in BB:Continuum Shift (I think it was CS), and in the one I’ve been playing, BB:CS Extend, the online features are great.  

            Global Matchmaking with options for local/ping/ranking and play-stage selection.  It’s going to be freaking sweet.  Can’t wait to swing some chairs with Kanji.

          • hahahahaha. Hell yeah! Now THAT is what I’m talking about. Getting this one and Persona 4 The Golden (yes, yes. I finished the first one but I’m willing to play it all over again because of the new stuff and especially…. SNOW!) XD Well APCP, looking forward to kicking some ass with you online. >:) You’d better bring it! 

            By the way… what system will you buy this on? I’m going PS3. 

          • PS3 all the way.  Go my pre-order in and everything.

            And Persona 4 The Golden is pretty sweet.  I’m loving the little improvements they made, like with the books, and Mary is pretty fun too.  I’m sure it’s just a trick of the Vita’s screen and the wide-screen aspect but I think it looks better than on the PS2.

            Was worth grabbing the Japanese version, even despite the fact that I read at a 5th grade level.

          • I see. Well, that’s pretty good. :) At least you’re armed and ready. 

            Sweet… so The Golden is good. All right, definitely getting it.

            :) Well dood, looking forward to some future fights with you. >:) you’d better bring it on! 

  • gaiahatergaia

    I’m gonna answer the title directly.
    Because Aigis is win, and she’s moe. that’s all you need to know.

  • That’s a no brainer question…  Obviously because she’s popular and cute and…
    *read post*
    Oh what…? A plane was hijacked? I guess I was wrong then… silly me.

  • Nirun Rangraengjit

    I don’t believe this… somehow, Aigis and Mitsuru are even prettier than before!

    • Chiupon

       They got older!
      and developed makeup application skills.

    •  They’re like wine. More delicious as they age. Mmmm.

  • Mitsuru: Aigis, you have a phone call. It’s an airplane pilot.
    Aigis: *Takes call* Yes, this is Aigis, what can I do for you?
    Pilot: We’ve been hijacked~! We need your HALP~!

  • GWTrinku

    Well, that explains the new tie.

  • Sardorim

    Strange that Yukari isn’t with Aigis. They became the bestest friends after the Answer. You know, after Yukari got over her jealousy since she was in love with the MC, and was willing to screw over everything if it meant saving and being with him again, and hated that Aigis was given the MC’s power and not her since she had nothing to remember the MC by.

    •  Not to mention she was bitchy as well.

      • Testsubject909

        I was about to post a wall of text but I’ll just keep it short.

        Yukari is useless in both story and gameplay. She baits in trouble and then shoves it into other people’s faces. She’s also unable to read any situation and kicks Junpei when he’s emotionally down from a great loss. She’s by no means friendly either and behaves quite selfishly and considering you need max charm to get to her, she’s highly superficial.

        In terms of gameplay and my own playthroughs on P3 Vanilla, she’s outclassed by all others. She’s an unreliable healer, Junpei being a more reliable healer and status effect remover than Yukari. She’s limited in her option making other partial healers (Mitsuru, Aigis, even Ken) be far more reliable and tactically useful options in comparison. And as such, is only a place holder early on and becomes ultimately useless in late game where, really, the one who you should rely on for healing is the MC as he gets all the best options (Salvation for example).

        • Zeik56

          I’ve used Yukari as my primary healer pretty much every time I’ve played P3 and never had any real problems.

          The MC may get the best healing late game, but making him your healer is such a huge waste since he’s also by far the best damage dealer in the game. The only time the MC should be healing is in emergencies.

          • Testsubject909

            Yeah, which is to say.

            Mitsuru and Aigis set on offensive with the backup heal when required with Junpei providing support along with Aigis with an opening Debilitate makes it that any battle shouldn’t require a mass healing.

            Which means?

            Yukari’s still a waste of space.

            When I say that Yukari’s outclassed and useless, I mean it. With an opening volley of buffs and debuffs, the rest of the battle can focus on a pure offensive. Junpei rarely requires healing and both Mitsuru and Aigis can handle emergency heals, with the appropriate setup you’ll rarely require a heal-all, even in longer battles, leaving you all the time in the world to dish out great offensive damage using the MC.

            Yukari, to me, is still nothing more than a useless handicap whose use is highly limited. Again, even Ken is a better option as he provides more versatility while also having the same mass healing abilities.

            edit: Allow me to get into details here, this will include a lot of strategical planning for the P3 Vanilla game, as this is all under the idea of their automated form. Latter Persona 3 games removes that aspect and from there, you can access all of their skills meaning that you can actively rely on their abilities as opposed to their A.I. settings. (In which case I’d still suggest Ken over Yukari by principle).

            Let’s get strategical now.

            Keeping in mind that the only tactics you should use are Knock Down, Full Assault, Heal/Support, Conserve SP and Do Nothing.

            Junpei is one of the only characters you can leave on doing whatever he wants. Somehow, his A.I. seems to be set to providing emergency healing to the MC when required, he is astsonishingly reliable on using a dis-charm on the MC as his priority making him a highly sought after reliable early healer, oddly enough. Junpei also heals himself automatically every turn which boosts up high his survivability. Also, his +10 all stat weapon can be gained a bit earlier then all the other without any need for grinding and searching for them, giving him an effective stat boost that just further facilitates his use in your party.

            He has a great physical damage output and his fire abilities are best serve to strike weakness while his physical attacks are your main source of damage. Akihiko is another effective physical fighter but the strategy differs here. With Junpei, it’s all about his self-sufficient nature and his special attacks that dishes out massive damage. As well as a highly effective Ma-Rakukaja.

            Yukari’s primary uses are twofold. Garu spells and Dia spells. She’s also supposedly useful for her status ailment healing but… Quite honestly, the A.I. for her is just too random and unreliable. As I stated, Junpei oddly just seems set to prioritize the MC to a reliable degree but Yukari seems to have no priority, having experimented with it, Yukari just seems to randomly recover anyone’s status ailment without any sort of priority which does put you at risk. She’s a wild card.

            Healing works oddly too, when dealing with singular healing, it’s easy to calculate and understand who will get healed first. The priority almost always goes to the one with the lowest HP. To activate a mass healing though, the most effective means of getting to it is to have two or three, preferably three, characters at lower then 50% of their HP. Activating a mass heal without meeting that requirement is highly unlikely.

            (PS. I forget if Yukari might have a single buff skill, but even with that factored in, I still don’t see her as that viable of a character.)

            Even then, there are times when you will have three party members with less then 50% of their HP and neither Ken or Yukari will active a mass heal, making them both a risk if you honestly strategize around having a mass healer.

            Mitsuru, though a lot of people talk about her Marin Karin, will actually very unfrequently use it. Knock Down will make her focus only on damage, Full Assault brings the possibility of using her Ma-bufu spells, and in both cases of either Knock Down or Full Assault, she will actively use her Mind Charge.

            Mitsuru is the magical powerhouse of the team and outdamages everyone else in terms of magical prowess. Her status ailment attacks are of no worries if you use the appropriate tactics. Also, she acts as a dedicated singular healer and as singular healing is easily controlled, makes her highly reliable and far more efficient at what Yukari is meant to be (a high MA stat healer and damage dealer. Yukari is thus outclassed by a more reliable and more easily led character). Additionally, Mitsuru, if memory serves me correctly, has access to two different physical attacks which also makes her trump Yukari in all ways.

            Akihiko has a double damage dealing ability that only affects his regular attacks, he’s your HP efficient physical fighter with debuffs and he is also your only debuffer of all your group. Useful early on, but he’s a handicap in late game. Attack only doesn’t really outdamage physical skills and comparatively to physical skills that can attack multiple time and also do Criticals just like regular attacks or with a higher chance of crits, his regular attacks just seem a bit wasted but useful for those with a more cost effective approach.

            Lightning is useful, far more then fire due to the stun effect that can kick in randomly for guaranteed criticals and than there’s the debuffs… The debuffs though, as stated again, are only possessed by him and the MC, and with the MC gaining the ability to debilitate, it renders Akihiko somewhat useless in the support department, his slot better utilized by another party member who can provide a support spell. To me, Junpei outclasses him, despite the lack of an elemental attack that can provide extra effects, Junpei’s self sufficient nature with high damage versatile physical skills and a guaranteed supportive Ma-rakukaja that guarantees your support just makes him more useful.

            Ken, I don’t like Ken, but Ken is basically a more offensively minded Yukari. He has an instant kill spell which can come in handy and… That’s it. Aside from that, he’s roughly the same as Yukari, except he provides two different spells, Holy/Expel and Electricity. Mind you though, having Ken and Akihiko is redundant and if you rely on Akihiko, you’re probably better off not using Ken at all. Meaning that yeah, Ken is outclassed.

            Koromaru is a more magically focused version of Junpei. I actually forget if Koromaru might have a debuff, not that it matters, again, because Debilitate does the job making buffing support skills far more sought after. Koromaru’s focus is on agility which… if this was Nocturne, would make him a far more useful party member, unfortunately Ag doesn’t seem to boost accuracy and evasion as much, although Sukukaja does seem quite effective.

            As such, Koromaru is really if you want more damage out of your Agi fire spells, but even then, your party members outside of Mitsuru, magically speaking, should just be utilized to hit weaknesses as, again, the MC outclasses them all in terms of damage. Making Koromaru somewhat less useful and versatile. Although he does have Mudo instant kill spells which can be useful pending the area.

            Finally. Shinji.

            Shinji is actually a very effective and powerful team member, he does eventually learn Power Charge which causes him to be able to dish out some incredible damage, he’s very self sufficient and honestly, I was using him before I used Aigis.

            So while yes, you can use Yukari if you really wanna. She’s still outclassed and outgunned by everyone else and since the game has an unreliable healing system factored in, it really doesn’t help her cause whatsoever.

            Now… When you’re playing Persona 3 FES or P3P. She THEN does become viable as a party member.

            But honestly. Even in that, I’d choose not to. I gave her multiple chances, experimented a lot with her, and in the end, it just felt like she wasn’t good enough to be a permanent member.

          • Zeik56

            There’s no way in hell I’m reading all that, sorry. I’m just going to say this, you seem to be approaching all this from the mindset of a min/maxer. I’m not one and P3 most definitely doesn’t require it. I wasn’t arguing that Yukari was the best character in the game, I was saying her healing gets the job done fine in any group that I use. I rarely had issues using her as my healer and she always fit well in any battle strategy I liked to use.

            I wouldn’t even necessarily deny that Ken is the better healer, but I don’t like Ken, so if I’m going to settle on a static group (rather than switch around between everyone) it will always always be Yukari over Ken. (Except in The Answer, since Metis/Junpei/Ken was just too good.)

          • Testsubject909

            Eh, fair enough.

            It wasn’t just min maxing though, it was also cooperation of the A.I.

            Yukari just isn’t reliable and whenever I use her, I’m forced to ignore her Mass Healing abilities and think of her as a single character healer for my strategies to keep me safe, which ultimately made her similar to Mitsuru and Aigis, just less proficient at a diversity of things.

            Plus I really disliked her character. Superficial, bratty, drawing trouble to herself and then shifting it unto her friends (Junpei and the MC), as well as beating Junpei when he was down for his emotional loss.

            Top it off with how unreliable I found her in battles? Yeah. My party was MC/Junpei/Mitsuru/Aigis or Shinji.

            And yeah. I dislike Ken too.

          • Zeik56

            Well that was kind of my point, I never had any real issues with her mass healing skills, she always seemed to accomplish that role fine for me. The worst I can say about her in that department is simply that she gets Mediarama kind of late.

            Although I admit I accepted the limitations of the AI pretty early, so I knew when I could rely on her for Media skills and when I had to take inititive. But I never had a battle go poorly simply because she didn’t heal when I needed her to.

            As far as her character goes I won’t go into that much since that’s entirely personal preference, but I liked her for the most part. More than most of the other females in the game to be perfectly honest.

    • Chiupon

       MC’s peen must be made out of gold!

    • Testsubject909

      I prefer to think of “The Answer” as not the primary canon and more of an optional canon.

      That said. I’m replacing The Answer with Shadow Workers as the main canon.

      That and. I never did like Yukari much so I didn’t care for her moments. And since Aigis here is with her max rank Persona. I’ma take it that they really did just cancel out The Answer.

      • Sardorim

        Shadow Workers doesn’t seem like it started up right away. After all, The Answer happens right after the Journey so it could still easily fit. May also have been a good reason to get the Shadow Workers started up. I mean there are still some that want to bring the MC back as well, which would spell trouble for the world.

        Though if he returns I feel bad for Yukari since after the Answer she was working towards moving on. The MC just dropping back into her life might be too much for her.

  • Xapth

    Aww, Aigis…

    In P3FES, the social link with Aigis was my favorite. It didn’t matter that she wasn’t human because the bond they had was so strong. At the end of P3 The Journey, I almost wanted to cry when she was holding the MC as his consciousness started to disappear, while she came to her own realization.

    Then once you play The Answer, you really see how strong her feelings for him were.


    I’m still hoping that the MC ties into all of this somehow… C’mon, Elizabeth!…

  • Radiosity

    It’s just as well I wasn’t overly interested in this. I found out last night that Atlus in their infinite idiocy are going to go down in history as (I believe) the first ever developer to region lock a game on the PS3. Meaning no imports unless you happen to have a Japanese PS3, which I don’t (because it’s never been necessary with the lack of region coding on every other game ever).


    • Luna Kazemaru

       Go take it to open thread of you going to get mad over it.

      • Radiosity

        Or you could shut up if you’re going to be an idiot? That works too. I wasn’t getting mad, merely stating an opinion. If you think that was getting mad you should probably work more on your own social skills (quite apt given the whole social link deal in Persona).

        • Luna Kazemaru

           ‘I found out last night that Atlus in their infinite idiocy’

          Yeah that’s not sounding upset in anyway or form. I don’t have to shut up at all I don’t want to see the comments turn into nothing but crying over something atlus  ‘MAY’ have not pushed on the game in the first place but if you want to act like a child and call me an idiot we can go the sh** posting route just fine,

          • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

            T_T Man why does it seems that nowadays, more and more of this kind of people just pop out from everywhere. Well at least Ishaan ban hammer is doing the job but, this is just sad.T_T

          • Testsubject909

            Makes me want to start making custom M:TG cards. Ishaan would be a planeswalker I’d imagine. Don’t know what his first effect would be, but the second one would certainly be a -1 or -2 cost that Exiles target Permanent (Basically Banhammer). It still leaves to question what his + effects would be and his ultimate effect too… As well as cost and starting loyalty counters.

        • LynxAmali

          You DO seem slightly mad about it.

        • Banned. We have a no tolerance policy about insulting other people around here, so no warnings for you, I’m afraid. This sort of thing should be common sense.

    • Alexander Marquis Starkey

      Actually Japan can’t import either. The game is region-locked in all regions. Why? Don’t know, grape vine says to prevent one country cannibalizing the others sales, Japanese importing cheaper from America, Europeans importing cheaper and earlier from America

    • malek86

      To be honest, we already have an article about the region lock. There is no need to post this in another article.

  • OatMatadoQuatro

    “It all began when a plane was hijacked, the first one in over ten years”
    How did Aigis know that? Has she been flying for the last ten years?

    •  Probably that explains to why in the game she has thrusters or boosters upgrade.

  • Shadowman

    The question is why isn’t Koromaru ain’t on this game. Aigis is still awesome.

    • Testsubject909

      Koromaru’s busy being the mascot for Shadow Workers I guess.

  • Quesion is the following: What about P1&P2?

    • LynxAmali

      Considering when the time they take place in, considering the year Persona 3 and P4 take place in…..

      • cj_iwakura

        I’d be okay with that still.

    • Zeik56

       Despite claiming that they’re all canonical they’ve clearly tried to keep the two generations of Persona separate. At this point I don’t expect them to ever truly mix the two.

  • Because we need two female robots to fight each other ala Terminator.
    *Read article*
    Nvrmind then. So anti shadow robots now working for crime fighting too? Guess they need a job after all.

  • dahuuuundge

    I know fighting games like these usually tell their story through still character portraits and a static background, but watching Aigis and Mitsuru’s mouth open and close without any regard to lip syncing just feels weird. I rather the character portrait be completely static like in the original Persona games.

    • Dantis

      Me too.

  • Göran Isacson

    Sooo, what’s a Shadow Worker in the first place?

    • leadintea

      Apparently it’s a group of Persona users Mitsuru assembled to fight shadows.

      Silhouette: http://i550.photobucket.com/albums/ii404/pjca/P3Q.png

      Notice some familiar ones? Cause I think I see Junpei, Yukari, and Fuuka…

      • Göran Isacson

        … Badass. Even if Junpei could stand to lose the cap… I have to admit that I’m intrigued by the hair-curl to Mitsurus left as well, and the trench-coat guy in the foreground.

        • ThatBlackGuy

          Those may be some of the Persona 1 and 2 cast, which would be awesome.

          • D-Rev

            Yeah, one of the characters to Mitsuru’s left looks like they have the same hairstyle as Eikichi.

          • Chiupon

             I think I see Katsuya. T:

          • JazzWithAttitude

            And he have that “necklace” too
            He is Eikichi o/

            sry for bad english xD

      • Elemiel

        I hope these people are mentioned in P5 (heck, I hope they’re connected to the plot).

        • Chiupon

           I hope they /are/ the plot!

      • Chiupon

         Let’s try guessing! Going from the first full silhouette.
        1. Lisa Silverman or Yukari. The silhouette is facing the back, with hands folded in front, similar to how Lisa stands. The hairstyle flips outward, so it could be her strange clips, or yukari’s flared out hair.
        2. Hard one. I’d guess Tatsuya or something.
        3. The upward styled hair seems indicative of Eikichi.
        4. Katsuya. The parted hair and glasses. Could very well be Tatsuya, though.
        5. Obviously Mitsuru!
        6. I’d like to guess Fuuka, but I feel like she’d retire from that kind of thing.
        7. Junpei. I don’t think he’d give up on being a persona user. This one, along with Mitsuru, are definite.
        8. I’d guess Akihiko, but the body is too narrow in the upper regions — Akihiko is all buffed out now, so it’s unlikely.
        9. This one could be Akihiko. The facial proportions are just sharp enough, and the upper body is wide enough.
        10. No idea! Maybe Jun? The silhouette is feminine towards the waist and very narrow, with broad shoulders. The hair length is just androgynous enough to match the waist.

        there’s also the possibility of the non Akihiko, Junpei, and Mitsuru silhouettes being original characters. 6 of the silhouettes appear to be facing backwards, as well.

        • Total_Overdose

          I agree with most of your predictions, but I would change a few things.

          Yukari seems a more likely option for #6
          Fuuka seems more likely for #10
          Based on their outfit, I think #2 is more likely female. I’m thinking Maki or Maya.
          #1 is hard to identify but I think it’s definitely a male. Maybe Jun?
          #9 is probably someone other than Akihiko. I’m thinking Reiji.

  • Brimfyre

    Here’s a better question:

    Why isn’t Rise playable?

    And just so I don’t get pegged as a hater.  I can’t friggin wait for this game.  Only game I’ve looked forward to all year.

    • JazzWithAttitude

      Because her persona don’t have attack skills ¬¬

      • Brimfyre

        If they can make up a new robot girl that has the same headgear as Super Grover they can come up with a clever way to give Rise Fighting Powers.

        • Rentekabond

          That’s not logical at all. One of them (Rise) is already established as not having any fighting abilities. The other is a completely “new” character. The situations are completely different.

          • Brimfyre

            Yeah I have a feeling when Rise DLC comes out in the next few months, a lot of people will be eating their words.

        • Zeik56

          There’s a difference between “could” and “should”. (Or even want.)

          They absolutely could make Rise a fighter if they really wanted to, but they also absolutely should not because she’s not supposed to be a fighter and they clearly don’t want to make her a fighter either.

    • Testsubject909

      Fuuka’s also not playable for obvious reasons.

      Because both Fuuka and Rise are support characters.

  • True Answer: “Well, she’s a combat android and a popular character, and this is a Persona fighting game, so… uh… Yeah, we put her in.”

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    …….. I never knew Android can age here lol.^^ As Aegis looks more mature here and prettier.^^

    Can’t wait to play this game here.^^ Aigis and Labrys is probably going to my main here.^^(Double Persocom launch……uups wrong series.^^)

    • Testsubject909

      Think of it as hardware upgrades. With the years, funding, experience and manpower under Mitsuru’s possession, they may or may not have placed some time into looking in powering up Aigis, not to mention that Aigis did have some parts of hers damaged in the final battle she was involved with in Persona 3.

      Upgrading her seems quite likely.

      • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

        That sounds not cool enough here.T_T

  • Hinataharem

    Omg their mouths move!

    • Testsubject909

      And again, your avatar’s icon seems to match perfectly with your words.

      • Hinataharem

        It would be great if I had a different avatar for every post….

  • Brandon001

    damn, with the amount of story, i’m surprised Arena’s entire story hasn’t been uploaded to youtube

  • Yamaneko22

    I still hope Metis will be present in some way…

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      Indeed.^^ To have three great android will be so fulfilling here.^^

  • I truly wonder whether this Shadow Worker group is the connection to P5 that this game is going to have? Other than that, I’m just excited with all the news about this game. Already have it preordered so now I just have to count down the days till it releases. 

    •  Oh, yeah. Let it be Shadow Workers will have a role in P5. that would connect the game with in-continuity to P3 and P4.

  • wouldnt the p1/p2 ep people be far stronger as 1.they are all able to wield multiple personas  and 2. an extra decade of battle experience

    • RablaAndrews

      They all have the Wild Card, so in a way, yeah. 

      That ability seems to have become a rarity since Philemon dissapeared and Igor took full charge.

  • Shadowman

    Is it me or is Aigis just rockin in that flight attendant outfit?

  • Keyshawn Cable

    Yes, the p1/p2 people can use multiple personas, but up to an certain extent.They can only use personas of certain arcanas, while Minato & Yu can use personas of all arcanas.

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