Zen United: Our Intention Is To Keep The Persona 4 Arena Delay To A Minimum

By Spencer . July 7, 2012 . 6:57pm

persona41Yeah, Persona 4: Arena is region locked for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. That’s the bad news. On the plus side, Persona 4: Arena will be released in Japan, North America, and Europe this year.


"It’s always our intention to keep the delay between US/JP and EU to a minimum and we appreciate people’s patience," a representative from Zen United, the European publisher of Persona 4: Arena explained to Siliconera. "We don’t have an official release date to confirm at this time, but we hope to be able to do so soon."


Zen United hasn’t set a release date, but Persona 4: Arena is slated for 2012. The European release will have an option to switch between Japanese and English too. They’ve been discussing the idea of an EU region limited edition on Facebook, as well.

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  • Luna Kazemaru

    Ugh here we go.

  • GameWinner

    Isn’t the only the thing have to do is slap a Euro ratings sticker on the case and be done with it? If it’s the same as the American version, why is there a delay?

    • M’iau M’iaut

      As i understand the Euro laws, they will at least need to do French, German, Spanish and Italian language support. When at most the US release will need English and French (for Quebecers).

      • TiredOfMyOldUsername

        I think they only need to have french support when they have a branch in Quebec other then that they only need to have a french booklets.

        • mirumu

          That’s been my experience. Whenever I’ve bought PS3 games from Canada they’ve sent what looks to be a US disc or something very close, shrink-wrapped together with an extra copy of the manual in French.

          • Testsubject909

            Well, typically when a game is released in the US, it’s actually in NA. So yeah, what you receive makes sense…

            Well, if where you got the game from is from Quebec or a shop close to Quebec since not every games you’ll find in Canada will have dual language booklets and cover.

      • revenent hell

        They have to translate for  four languages? Thats…..no wonder the games take so long to be released….

      • Romored

        It doesn’t always happen. Several games are left in English only (like BlazBlue CC Extend, for example, even though the other episodes, like CT and the first CC, were in multilanguage, or almost all the jrpgs published by Ghostlight and NISA/Koei). In many cases, the reason why they can’t give a proper release date is just because the distributor hasn’t decided it yet or there are some arrangements to be made with the licensor or other third parties (Sony, Microsoft, and so on).

      • Ladius

        There’s no such laws, in fact the vast majority of Japanese games coming to Europe have only English texts. Funding Multi 5 or Multi 3 localizations would be unprofitable for most games, sadly.

      • amagidyne

        Were that the case, we would hardly get any games at all.

    • mirumu

      Maybe they’ll add text for the various EU languages. German, French, Spanish, Italian, etc, etc. I could see that taking some time at least.

    • Zonic505

      PAL (Europe version) & NTSC (US version) are different. NTSC transmits 30 frames per second with each frame made up of 525 individual scan lines. Meanwhile, PAL transmits 25 frames per second, while having 625 individual scan lines. Also, PAL runs at 50hz via power supply while the US runs at 60hz.

      To put it simply, PAL format runs at a slower rate, meaning they have to convert the game to their format in order for the game to run smoothly. A bad conversion, which sometimes happened w/ older games, means the game is slower. A good example is Sonic The Hedgehog on Genesis. If you look at the video below, not only is the game slower, but so is the music.


      This link also explains some stuff: http://www.wisegeek.com/what-is-the-difference-between-ntsc-and-pal.htm

      • mirumu

        All correct, but it’s become less relevant with modern consoles. PAL and NTSC are fundamentally different ways of representing color more than anything, but only when using analog signals.

        Digital HDTV does not use NTSC or PAL, and I haven’t seen a TV that can’t manage 60 frames per second in the last decade.

        • Isn’t the NTSC PS3 crippled and will NOT play bluray or DVD movies encoded in 50hz, even if your TV would accept it?

          • mirumu

            Most Blu-rays are encoded at 23.976fps in 1080p, the rate of film all over the world. As long as they aren’t region locked, they should play fine. There are some rare cases where they encode at 50fps in 1080i. I honestly don’t know how those would play since I don’t have a US PS3, but given any PS3 can play 60fps at 1080i I’d be surprised if 50fps is a problem. DVDs are almost all region locked, so I wouldn’t expect any PAL disc to play on a NTSC PS3.

      • skugga2k

        Technically correct, but in this day and age PAL & NTSC is not relevant at all, because every game in every region will run at the same 720/1080p, 30/60 fps. The problem only exists on really old analogue televisions. 

      • Ladius

        This isn’t true anymore, though: we have passed the age of PAL games with black bars due to this kind of issues, and now games are displayed in the same way regardless of regions.

  • SirRichard

    Good of you to follow up, guys, though it’s not very promising all the same.

    To be fair to them for once, their limited editions tend to be fairly elaborate (Continuum Shift came with an artbook, mouse pad and a little Noel figure, for instance), so that’d be nice. Wouldn’t make up for a long delay, though.

    • M’iau M’iaut

      I know it’s considered just a place holder date, but if that 8/31 date, when the JP/US date is 8/7 — holds, would you consider that evidence of these folks ‘changing their tune’? Given that they do at least need to manage text translations that the JP/US version does not.

      • SirRichard

        If they managed that date, then sure, it’d show (along with Extend’s quick turn-around, however little they had to add) that they’re getting better at this. But only if they can manage it, or near enough given that it’s a place-holder.

        • M’iau M’iaut

          What has their previous practice been with languages? Do they just keep the english and and japanese and then sub or do they dub for each of the main Euro languages?

          • SirRichard

            They only translate the text into other European languages (French, Spanish, German and Italian), dub’s English or Japanese only. 

            Given the sheer amount of text P4A seems to have, I’m not expecting them to get it within a week or two of the other launches, hell even mid-September would be reasonable if they’re going for the same four languages. But unless they’ve been left out of working on the localisation as the game was getting ported (and if they were, it says poor things about how Atlus/Arc System view Europe), I don’t see a several month delay being called for.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            I fully agree with that assessment. As I noted in the previous thread, I do also appreciate understanding why there might be some measure of delay between the releases.

      • Ladius

        We will see, even if there’s no actual confirmation of them really releasing the game on 831, nor does that change the issue regarding introducing region locking to a region free environment.

    • Setsu Oh

       i hope it won’t be just glasses. i would have liked the p3 gun but i’m dreaming ain’t i? they even changed the  whole suicide thing when they realised the success it had overseas (i suppose: glasses and cardsare less awesome than gun to the head)

      • Nightmare637

        I think putting even a fake gun in a CE or LE would end in a lawsuit.

        People have sued for less.

        •  Bayonetta came with a model gun. :)

          • Nightmare637

            Then I stand corrected :)

            Thanks for the correction

          •  No problem! It was a pretty unusual bonus.

          • @santashi:disqus too bad the gun is badly painted and it’s not up to scale. It would have been the BEST preorder bonus EVER.

      • Alexander Marquis Starkey

        You guys might get that inflatable Axe that the Atlus PR was talking about. 

  • Nitraion

    [insert why the delay comment when the game content is same]

    • Setsu Oh


      • Nitraion

        yup I know but some people still complaint it…

      • Ladius

        Sadly that’s not the case, we don’t know if Zen will localize the game in either Multi 3 or Multi 5.

  • Samurai_Heart

    Are they actually adding several other languages as well? Has it been confirmed? Hopefully an official date is given soon, cause the way they’ve said doesen’t really bodes well.
    Hopefully it comes out soon enough that we don’t get our European asses handed to us online XD.

    • Setsu Oh

       i really hope they just sub it in other languages. dub would take months

  • MickyT

    Its nice to see this being followed up, but theres an awful lot of play in the term “2012”. Its also interesting that they told Eurogamer they were “hoping for” 31/08 but a short while later they’ve switched back to “Sometime in 2012”. It would be nice if they did manage to get it out sooner rather than later but their hit or miss record does not instill confidence.

  • Roberto Armando Iraheta

    And there you go. Can we all get a grip now?

    • MickyT

      “There you go” what? This is non information its simply a re-statement of what we knew before the whole region locking debacle, i.e. Zen united would publish the game sometime in 2012

    • Ladius

      As stated in the other thread there are several issues at hand: the first is the precedent of introducing regional locks to PS3 and the potential consequences this could have on the import scene for games that aren’t released in all markets (or aren’t released out of Japan), thus forcing people to avoid playing some games or buying multiple systems just to enjoy them, like some people did for X360 thanks to its software region lock, and many did in the previous generations for PS2, PS1 and the likes (barring modifications and swap disks). If you actually read what people were saying you would have seen that Europe having a potentially huge delay never was the only issue with this whole situation.

      • revenent hell

        I think most people “get it”.
        But the prodominant factor of “I cant import the game to play it faster” is what is focused on more than say :”I bought a limited edition Japanese ps3 and now I cant play this game if I buy it from my territory? WTF” <–example.
        I personally dont think this will become a trend with games in generall BUT if it does I still think it would be exclusively to world wide released games if such a thing happens.
        I do get why people are upset over this game being region locked on a region free system..But I realy get why ATlus would do it none the less.
        Honestly though I think after all thats happend in terms of this game…It probably wont becaome a trend. Far to manny people have been greatly upset by this move and I think companies want any money at the end of the day rather than none

      • Roberto Armando Iraheta

        This isn’t a precedence, but an isolated incident that people are blowing way out of proportion. People need to calm down, unless it happens again, which it probably won’t, there is no reason for concern. Not everything is going to be the next gaming apocalypse.

  • heartless141

    alright, i’ll give them a chance, give us a kick ass CE and all is forgiven. :D

  • JustaGenericUser

    Well, the release date is unknown so we don’t know for sure if it *will* be 2012. Oh well, at least European fans can import instead of having to pray for a game that may or may not come.

    Oh wait.

    • Nightmare637

      Your Sarcasm is both unappreciated and in poor taste.

      seriously try to act like an adult.

      • Ladius

        Any “adult” interested in Japanese games would be worried of a precedent that could cause a repeat of the situations we saw for most of the history of gaming thanks to region locks, though, at least if they don’t like wasting money to buy a Japanese PS3 to put side to side with their American and European ones just because they want to enjoy the games they legitimately bought.

        • I hardly think a niche Japanese 2D fighter is going to set a precedent that more (specifically larger) developers are going to follow, to be perfectly honest.

        • malek86

          Honestly, I think you are giving both Atlus and yourselves too much importance. I don’t think many developers will see this as some sort of eye-opener, and I’m also not seeing sales dropping dramatically because of a few people who don’t want to buy the game out of principle.

          In six months time nobody, be it a company or a customer, will even remember about this anymore.

          • Ladius

            If this precedent moves other publishers to region lock their games you can be sure that this situation will be well remembered by those affected. Of course everyone here is hoping that won’t be the case, but no one can be sure about that as of now.

            Other than that, I’m used to politely speak my mind and act upon my words and beliefs. If it isn’t enough to change anything so be it, but not even trying will always be worse in my book.

        • Nightmare637

          I’m not saying they woulden’t just that sarcasm doesen’t help the situation at all and makes you look like a child.

          I myself though will buy this game regardless of Region locking, Don’t get me wrong I’m aware of all the issues this precedent could cause(Being the proverbial Pandora’s box if you will) But at this point in time I don’t see it as a problem, now if other games begin to follow this trend I will voice my overall concerns on the subject but for now I will wait and see what comes of it.

    • Setsu Oh

       hence the region lock. i don’t mind myself. the time of ps1 and its two years max between releases  has come and gone. now i suppose it will arrive around the holiday max.

      • British_Otaku

        There still plenty of games reaching Japan/PAL regions or North America without going anywhere elsewhere for decades or ever. Even games which ONLY go to a single country in PAL regions.

        This isn’t one of them, but it isn’t ideal to have a lock limiting your games regardless.

  • Dantis

    Anything past August and the game is dead.

    It’s just a fact.

    • Setsu Oh

       not really, its genre protects it. that and do you realize it is a fighting  roleplaying game? the first hybrid of its kind? others were roleplayingames with fighting segments(kof kyo, samourai spirits rpg….

      • MickyT

         Its as much a “hybrid” as BlazBlue is, i.e. its just a fighting game with a large story component there are no actual rpg mechancis as such, you might as well say its a hybrid of fighting game and visual novel. And I agree with Dantis, if this is any later than August then its up against major fighting game releases like Tekken Tag Tournment 2, Dead or Alive 5, hell even the digital Guilty Gear re-release. And thats just in its own genre, theres lots of other major games coming out in September and October

        • Ladius

          Yeah, and that’s really sad because the game will be hit by those of us who will pass on it because of the region lock AND by those who will get it so late they will pass on it because of other fighters (and frankly, if P4A looks great, the same could be said of the extremely packed and rich Tekken Tag Tournament 2). It’s really sad IndexAtlus had to use this game as a test case for PS3 region locking, it really didn’t deserve it.

          • Setsu Oh

             to me if the ttt2 has the same sheet as t6 that is to say the blackmail of customisation items (you HAVE to play the broken arse mode to get the money to buy custo) well if it is the same thing or something else like that, i’ll pass on it gladly just like i passed on t6. i pass hours customizzing my chars if i have to play a broken horrible mode they never had right to begin with……well they did it ok with tekken force too bad they made it 3d. i played and finished the horrible mode in tk5 and i swore to myself: never again.

        • Dantis

           Yep. I’m already getting DOA5 over this as it is.

          The region lock might not have dropped sales in the US, but it’s killed them in the EU.

          • Setsu Oh


          • Dantis

             Why has it killed them in the EU?

            Because virtually everyone currently screaming “BOYCOTT P4U!!! BETRAYAL!!!” is European. The only hope Zen has to save it is to release it as quickly as possible.

          • Setsu Oh

             i don’t get why they want to boycott zen. they just need more time to add more languages right? or did i misread? it is not like ten years ago when one had to wait YEARS for some titltes to get totheir contry?
            what there isn’t enought games to be released before the release? they ‘ll go so bored they’ll try to kill themselves?
            i don t get it. when disgaea one was released in euro, it had the jp language striped out of it. it was basicaly a cd while the us version was a dvd.
            why are they crying for?zen isn’t atlus so ordering atlus(us version) if they are in euro will kill zen(never heard of it before so supposed it is small enought to feel threatened by those orders)
            did i miss someting? it is the same content,  nothing will be taken off. why all the barking(not diminishing here, i actually like dogs very much)

      • Dantis

         It is not a fighting roleplaying game.

        I don’t even know why you’d think that. :/

        • Setsu Oh

          which fighting game has freaking 40 hrs of single player goodness? plz. :) enlighten me. :):) its been done before but not to that length hence the category ¨^o^¨

          • Dantis

             I very much doubt that it will actually be forty hours.

      • revenent hell

        I have no choice but to agree with Dantis and MickyT here.
        This isnt a first of its kind game..I could even give a wiki link of fighting games and alot,even though many are not localised, are a merging of story element ie:visual novel/rpgish  and fighting game.
        This game has a story line akin to its mother games but in terms of playability its a fighting game with a large story aspect.

    • revenent hell

      Realy? The release date for the US is august 7th,or at least thats what the wiki says,I think its more fair to say anything past October and the game would be dead I mean at the least it takes a month to fully expierience the game and the servers are world wide I think even within the time of other fighters being releases the SMT/Persona series has a fairly strong following in Japan so it’ll probably still be getting played them if no one else.But I think the games playability will depend on the netcode if its bad……..In my mind thats what breaks a game for me(enter KoFXIII)…
      Alot of SMT fans want this game even ones who dont like fighters so even if the release is a month or two past the US I dont think it’ll be all that dismal for the game.

      • Dantis

         I mean the EU release, not worldwide.

        • revenent hell

          Oh I know. I’m just saying the servers are worldwide so even if the EU copy goes past august,wich I think for any ones peace of mind shouldnt be,there will still be players playing this game in other countries so its not quite so much a loss of a game if you know what I mean.
          Playing people online is not limited to region in this game.

          • Tekken Tag Tournament 2 releases in September, so does DoA5, that’s what he’s saying.

  • Hinataharem

    In a perfect world, there are no “regions” and everyone gets the same game, at the same time.


    • Setsu Oh

       in a perfect world we all speak jp.

      • British_Otaku

        That doesn’t resolve the issue of game regions stopping you from playing a game in a language you may understand though whether it is text heavy (probably you know the language, game series well or have an FAQ) or the most region friendly game since Pong.

  • Keitaro004

    Really? Region locked for the PS3 too? I’ve never seen a PS3 game being region locked before, as it’s region-free. Strange

    • Setsu Oh

       i guess its because it is both a matter of price being highedr in jp, and that 2 publishers need money. zen does euo so they would lose money if people imported

      • Atlus already explained why. There’s an article on it. 

      • Ladius

        Yeah, and those isssues have been the same for all the publishers that worked so far on PS3 for hundreds and hundreds of games. Problem is, only Atlus (Index, probably) decided to push such an anti-consumer move as regiona locking for those reasons.

  • Setsu Oh

    i dont get why it would be late in the uk.

    • Alexander Marquis Starkey

      It’s because there has to be extra code done for localization in PAL territories. When games are localized, the dialogue and text isn’t only thing that needs to be done. Thing is Atlus was late getting P4A to EU so Zen was already behind when it was announced, and now they’re trying to get the localization done quickly without mistakes that could break the game, plus there is the EU version Netcode that has to be calibrated for the EU infrastructure. 

      • revenent hell

        Thank you for stating that. I wonderd myself why EU games seemed to take so long.

  • Prinnydoom

    Thats weird because I’ve seen info that it comes out 31st august. And now what its delayed ughhh -_____-

    • Nightmare637

      Theres no “confirmed” Release so as far as anyone knows it could still be released that date or near that date(of course I don’t really understand how it’s done in Europe so my opinion may not amount to much in the greater scheme of things)

    • British_Otaku

      Most dates you see at the end of a month tend to be placeholders as the store may know that “August” is an aim but have no idea otherwise, so they go for the latest day. Similarly, there are sites assuming the Wii U will release on the last day of the year, simply as they are 100% that 2012 is the plan and the database only accepts dates not “Winter 2012”.

      • M’iau M’iaut

        Same with first of the month and first of a quarter dates. Companies need to generate their own skus (item numbers) and prepare for things as simple as wall and warehouse space.

        But placeholder dates are often done with input and expectation from the publisher. So that could easily be the time frame the company expects to have their product on shelves, but aren’t yet at the stage of a specific day.

  • A limited edition would be great. I loved their Blazblue ones (sucker for artbooks!). I don’t mind a delay as long as I know it’s coming. I would have waited for the UK release anyway since it’s been announced but I’m not a fan of region locking.

    • revenent hell

      I think most gaming people are suckers for the artbooks:) I am at any rate. Lately the LE’s for europe have been pretty nice I think given that,if I lived there,I wouldnt mind the wait to much.

    • .

       I still have the Blazblue Noel nendoroid they gave with their BB CS limited edition; Zen United added some good swag. Kinda sad I missed out on Arcana Heart 3’s limited edition too.

  • Doesn’t say anything other than “reassurance” that EU is gonna get it someday…. 

  • Crevox

    THE zen united

  • Victoria [Rokuso3]

    Region lock in EU means this game can’t be played with US/Japanese PS3’s… But, it can be played with PS3s from ANY country in EU, right?

    Because if this is region-locked per country, I’ll refuse to buy it. I won’t pay 70€ for the Spanish version for a game whose UK ed. will cost 20€ in a couple of months.

    • ivanchu77

      It can be played in any european country and also in Australia, don´t worry

    • Monsley

      I understand the pain of seeing brand new games priced at 70 euros very well! However, I’m pretty sure it can be played on consoles from any European country
      over here, since region locking usually applies to bigger areas/video standards
      and not to single countries. :)

  • SeventhEvening

    What I’m curious about is the Asian version. Is it also region locked? I live in Korea and usually buy Japanese or Asian region titles because that is what is locally available to me. I was planning on just buying an Asian region copy of the game, but if the region is locked out, I can’t do that. That means I have to wait two weeks for the US version to come out, then pay a higher price to have it shipped to my country, and then I have to wait two weeks for it to arrive in the post. 

    As excited as I was about the game, I probably won’t bother now. I’m getting shafted because I have to wait longer to get a copy of the game and have to pay more for the privilege, which, ironically causes the loss of a Japanese sale anyway. What boggles my mind even more is that I usually buy Asian region titles because they have Korean instruction manuals, are exactly the same as the Japanese region version, yet cost even less than the US version, and generally come out very close to the Japanese release. Why is ATLUS afraid of market cannibalizing on this particular title, when virtually any Japanese title could be imported from an Asian country if the consumer was really that interested in saving some money?

    • sakushi

      ASIAN HK ver cost less then US ver and it is same region as japan .
      and it is the same as 
      Japanese ver comes whit 
      instruction manual .Japanese  can import form thear.

  • In times of worry, put your trust on Zen United ^^

    • Dantis

       To screw it up?…

      Although in their defense, we got CSE fairly briskly.

      • Nitraion

        Pipe down man i see your recent comment….
        you’re anger became disappointment and then become hate for this game
        Just do something else to throw you’re anger…..

        • Dantis

           There are other people complaining a lot more frequently and a lot more violently than me, chum.

          I wouldn’t worry yourself over it.

          • Nitraion

            Okay you’re right i’m wrong champ

          • Dantis

             But… There is no right and wrong… You didn’t contest anything I said…

            Thanks for calling me champ though. It makes me feel like a winner. :)

          • Nitraion

            @Dantis:disqus yup winning is important after all…
            i never see someone giving hard backfired effect because stupid marketing reason.. i guess you send them massage past article about atlus “reasoning”
            is like they read comment from here….. decision is important after all

          • M’iau M’iaut

            @Dantis:disqus Let’s agree to end this particular chat thread guys. 

            Because on SE everyone’s a winner!

  • M’iau M’iaut

    Just a threadwide note here, lets TRY not to rehash the debate here that already got us 500+ repeating comments and counter-comments on the last thread. Do notice some nice conversations regarding this EU release specifically and Euro releases in general. Have even learned some things from friends across the pond. Thanks all.

  • Dantis

    I actually think the saddest thing to come out of this is that it seemed like Zen were hoping to kick up some interest in the EU for Persona. Note that the P4U EU site is PersonaEurope.com not P4AEurope.com or whatever.

    Because of this though, they’re going to lose a ton of sales, and depending how long it takes them to release it, possibly even more than that.

    Which is unfortunate, because ignoring the fact that they’re a very unreliable publisher (And their PR is not even close to someone like Ghostlight), they don’t actually deserve any of this. They had nothing to do with it whatsoever.

    • SirRichard

      That’s an interesting tidbit, actually, but to what end? Even if it’s a roaring success, I don’t see Persona fighting games becoming much of a common thing (revisions of them, sure, this is Arc System Works). Do they plan to expand out of fighting games, do they hope to get a hold of Persona 4 Golden as well?

      • Dantis

         That is what I’m wondering. I don’t know if I’d rather have Ghostlight or Zen publishing to be honest… I like Ghostlight a lot more, and you just know they’d do an awesome LE, but man, they are slow.

    • Actually, I think their PR is excellent.
      The set up and attend loads of events – aren’t afraid to interact face to face with their customers and are really open.

      I’ve been to both of their community sessions, and they’ve been great fun.
      Their FB pages are also second to none…

      • Dantis

        Their Facebook pages are terrible… They don’t respond to ANY fan comments or questions…

        How are they second to none, exactly?

        • They’ve always replied to my questions – and quickly.
          I particularly like the fact that they attend events in person and actually spend time talking to you – they’re really friendly and obviously love their games.

          Their last two community sessions have been great fun, I’ve got to play some solid Persona Arena sessions with them. They have a much more personal approach to the bigger events like MCM too – their stand is like a place to hang out – not like some corporate shop front, which I really like…

          • Dantis

            I’m sure the community stuff is great if you can go to it, but nothing happens out here in the East Midlands (For obvious reasons), so it doesn’t apply to me.

            Maybe they’ll prove me wrong, and get the game out promptly and with the free preorder CD that Japan and the US get (In which case I will sing their eternal praises!), buuut, honestly, I’m somewhat skeptical.

            I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

  • thaKingRocka

    I would like to play it sooner rather than later, but I haven’t yet finished P4, so maybe I should wrap that up first. Lemonade!

    • Dantis

       I mean this is the thing, right? There’s always something else to play.

      In the end it depends whether Zen can deliver P4U before TTT2 and DOA5.

      • thaKingRocka

        Right, but playing through P4 and P3 seems pretty helpful for the enjoyment and understanding of everything happening in P4: Arena. These games are not just something else to play in this case.

        Also, P4A is not in competition with those games, so I don’t see the timing mattering much. The 3D fighters don’t really interfere with the 2D fighters the way they do with other 3D fighters. Those who prefer 2D will grab P4A regardless. Those who like both styles will likely grab all eventually. Even then, TT and DoA titles are not heavy hitters in the fighting game scene. They tend to just come and go.

  • Nitraion

    The Karma for decision to making more profit turn to be disaster…
    Write that to your History atlus…..

  • .

    I’ve always liked Zen United’s LEs. Blaze Blue CS got an artbook and noel nendoroid; I think Arcana Heart 3 had an art book and extras I think…It was also a physical copy, unfortunately Aksys couldn’t get that but to be fair I think Arcana Heart may not have the fan base big enough for it to have been profitable?

    Although there were delays of the release I imported of BBCS (very long) I did get a response whenever I sent an email so I still do like this company.  

    • Dantis

       I’ve tweeted them about two different things and been ignored on both.

      Perhaps I should try Emailing them?

  • MaruluGames

    If they make a collectors edition with a figure and an artbook I would not mind waiting an extra month or two.

  • Guest

    Edit: Disqus messed up.

  • I’m not too bothered, even though I’m in the EU. I’m sure they’ll release something cool for a collectors edition – they always do.

    In the mean time, I’ll just go and play at their Community events to tide me over until release day. I think there’s another due in like a couple of weeks or something.

  • 31st December at 11.59pm

  • Craig Mcleod

    I’ll believe it when I see it.

    On my Shelf


    Untill then, I do not believe.

  • I wish people would stop buying rights and then sitting on them. Especially with something that’s region locked.

    If they spend all their energy on releasing something for facebook and significantly delay the console release I will have a conniption.

  • I’m sick of people buying rights and sitting on them instead of releasing things in a timely fashion. Especially for region locked titles.

    And if they release something for facebook but neglect the console release I will have a conniption.

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