Square Enix Game Asks Will You Help An Android Become A Real Girl?

By Spencer . July 9, 2012 . 12:45am

imageSquare Enix is giving the otome market another go with an upcoming iPhone and Android game called Otome Break. In this game, you play as a student who goes to school with three "auto mechano" girls or androids (the robot kind, not the smartphone OS!).


Otome Break is a communication game where players talk to the auto mechanos and help them become real girls. From left to right we have Virginia voiced by Miho Arakawa, Otome voiced by Ayako Uemura, and Supica voiced by Yui Horie.



Otome Break is slated for release in Japan this August.

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  • harmonyworld

    This is more bishoujo than otome.
    If it were an otome, you’d be a girl student trying to make a bunch android guys more human or something.

    • aoihana

      Don’t be so quick to dismiss it as an otome! I appreciate the bishoujo’s, too! (‘∀’●)♡

      Although it is seemingly a bit odd, I could see it being an otome if it has deep characters and backgrounds.

      An Otome game doesn’t necessarily need bishounen characters to be an Otome. Yes, that appeals to many females, surely, but so does a deep game focused on the characters and story.

      It’s a bit tricky, but it could be executed. Sounds interesting! (◕‿◕✿)

      • gaiahatergaia

        What aoihana said, i remember coming across a few Otome games with Yuri elements, heck, i’ve seen one with a yuri ROUTE.

        Also if you happen to follow the otaku material sales, Kimi no todoke is currently a top selling shoujo manga (Along with Bokura ga ita), and half the cast is Bishoujo, while on the other hand, there is only one male character that could qualify as bishounen (Kaze doesn’t count lol, he’s average).

        I find it funny how people associate everything Bishounen with the female market and everything Bishoujo with the male market. get real, people.

        I’m not even sure if anyone’s gonna read this lol

      • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

        Which is why i believe here, they are trying to use the “sister feeling” here to attract the girls.

        And if people said that Otome needs bishounen here, some Male oriented game also had all males player here.^^

        • gaiahatergaia

          By male-oriented game you mean Visual novels/Eroge? If that’s what you meant then no, there isn’t a single one that has an all-male cast or more males than females, because that totally beats the purpose of Visual novels/eroge.

          If you’re talking about Shooters/Action/RPG’s etc, then yeah, obviously some of the said genre will have all-male cast.

          But the same cannot be said for anime, take for example a Shounen sports anime, it’s a given that it’ll have an all-male cast, unless they’re trying to make it a fanservice sports anime, like Ro-kyu-bu, a basketball shounen sports which had a full cast of females, except for the protagonist.

          • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

            Umm… Absolute obedience there is all male cast for Yaoi fans here.

            And there are no such thing as no in VN world here lol and what do you mean her about beating the purpose of VN here lol. The one who play VN series is not only male here lol. Even female in Japan there plays VN.

          • gaiahatergaia

            Uhh, hello? Absolute obedience is a darn yaoi game, it’s a given fact that it’ll have an all male cast.

            No no, you see, Otome games are something, and VN’s/Eroges are something else, Although Otome games are visual novels themselves, i prefer separating them from the All-ages/15+ Normal visual novels and Eroges. 

            So yes, it’s obvious that females play Otome VN’s, that’s a given, and i never said they don’t play normal VN’s and Eroges either, but you said that VN’s have an all-male cast, which is impossible, unless you forgot to specify that you were talking about BL games, because Otome games and normal VN’s/Eroges have both male and female characters. with Otome games having more males than females, and VN/Eroges have more females than males.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            Let’s leave these discussions where they are. Nor do we need to present a laundry list of games ranked upon the number of girls versus boys, or who is banging who in them.

            That said, it is worth nothing that stateside and Europe, the audience playing VNs and VN-like games is currently skewing far more female. This would not be the first case where the ‘target audience’ in Japan is different from the actual audience elsewhere in the world.

          • gaiahatergaia

            I’m just stating the facts, some people clearly are talking funny stuff without knowing anything about the industry.

            “That said, it is worth nothing that stateside and Europe, the audience playing VNs and VN-like games is currently skewing far more female”

            Oh i beg to differ my good sir, so far there is barely 5 female-oriented VN’s, one of them is fan translated, 3 of them are by JAST, and another one the PSP, now compare that to the 1000+ something Eroges that were localized by JAST and Mangagamer, +the fantranslated ones, and the long list of the currently-in-translation games, and the 3 that came out a week ago, etc etc etc, the list is long. or maybe you made a typo and added the “fe” before “male”? Anyway, i’m not sure what you’re trying to say.

    • gaiahatergaia

      Plus as far as i’m concerned, Square enix never did something female-oriented.
      They should stick to the final fantasy series ;p

      • All the pretty Bishonen (and Bishojo) characters they’ve been putting in their games don’t appeal to women?

        • gaiahatergaia

          Just because they put them in there doesn’t necessarily mean they’re female oriented. and it’s not like every character in final fantasy is a Bishounen, you know?
          Wether they appeal to them or not is another story, since i’m sure the Final fantasy series does have a female fanbase, although nothing in comparison to the hardcore otaku gamers, but they’re there nonetheless.

          • Then I have to ask how you determine whether a game is “male-oriented” or “female-oriented” to begin with.

          • gaiahatergaia

            That’s irrelevant to the topic though. how about you tell me how you determine wheter a game is “male-oriented” or “female-oriented”, then we’ll talk.

            and Like i said earlier, something that appeals to an audience doesn’t mean it’s targeted at them. take for example, the Precure series, it’s a Shoujo/Magical girl anime for little girls, yet somehow it has a fairly big male fanbase. it’s just an example though, i’m not even sure if that counts, but you get the point.

            And if you go by the “If it has Bishounen then it’s female oriented/Appeals to females” standars, then that’s assuming pretty much all the games/anime/manga/Eroge/Visual novels are female oriented/appeal to females, which is impossible, and we all know that. you don’t need me to tell you that.

            Just saying, yo.

          • @google-9c3afe7b596752a504dc9c78f113593c:disqus

            “That’s irrelevant to the topic though. how about you tell me how you determine wheter a game is “male-oriented” or “female-oriented”, then we’ll talk.”

            Uh uh, that’s not my responsibility; that’s yours. Because if I remember correctly, this is what you yourself said earlier:

            “Plus as far as i’m concerned, Square enix never did something female-oriented.”

            Your implication, your explanation – simple as that. The reason I’m asking is because you seem to imply that Square-Enix makes games only for male audiences, and I’m not entirely clear on what you’re getting at. I mean, there are age ranges within the male demographic too, you know. Like, little kids, young adults, middle-age, etc.

            I know some creators/publishers have a target audience in mind when they make certain games, but in practice, that target audience might just become irrelevant. Just look at Pokémon; that’s a franchise that players of any age or gender can enjoy, even though it was built on Shonen story tropes and quite obviously so. Or Dynasty Warriors games that I know for sure has a lot of female fans. Or Atelier games for the same reason. These aren’t Square games, but valid examples nonetheless. If you want Square-developed titles, there is – aside from Final Fantasy series – Front Mission and Dragon Quest, the latter of which in particular obviously enjoys large popularity in Japan, undoubtedly across various age and gender ranges.

            That’s just games we’re talking about here; there’s much more to be said about, say, Manga titles. Shonen Manga titles, for example, also enjoy popularity among girls as well as grown-ups of both genders. Why? Not necessarily because they like the entire work, but because they like some parts or elements of it – Bishonen fangirls or fight-scene fans, for example. Same with games: Some are drawn to titles because of art style, some by game mechanics, some by writing.

            So, with that said:

            “if you go by the “If it has Bishounen then it’s female oriented/Appeals to females” standars, then that’s assuming pretty much all the games/anime/manga/Eroge/Visual novels are female oriented/appeal to females, which is impossible,”

            That’s not my point at all. What I’m saying is: Target demographics are only a vague generalization for the sellers’ side (in that they have general expectations on who they want to appeal to), and pretty much irrelevant for the consumer side, because they’re completely free to pick up whatever they want or have interest in. Which is why I can’t make out what you meant by “Square enix never did something female-oriented”, because you’d need to know their intentions to make that statement, and even then, it’d just be a useless trivia for the consumers.

          • gaiahatergaia

            You seem to have missed the whole point, my good sir.

            And what you wrote in that whole paragraph is what i’ve been trying to say all along.

            Look, The final fantasy series are clearly male-oriented, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t appeal to the female audience, and it doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a female audience, it does, that i’m sure of. But you’re trying to convince me that a game or an anime might appeal to the female audience/targeted at them just because they have Bishounen, which doesn’t make sense at all, this might not be relevant to the topic, but i’ve watched and read extreme hardcore hentai with Bishounen characters, does that mean they’re there to appeal to females? 

            To make things clear, what i meant by “male-oriented”, is that the main target of the series is the male audience, but that doesn’t mean other demographics won’t enjoy it, whether it appeals to them or not is another story.

            Anyway, the whole point is, while fantasy is obviously male-oriented, there is no doubt it has a female fanbase, same goes for alot of anime/manga/games, it can go the other way around too, Kimi no todoke, if not for the male fanbase it has, wouldn’t have sold 2 million copies.

            EDIT: and yes, i stand by my point, Square enix never did something female oriented, if you can prove me wrong then go ahead and do so.

            And let me explain further so there is no confusions here, what i meant by that, is for example, the genre Shounen, what is it’s main target audience? boys of course therefor it’s male-oriented, but it’s a given that there are female viewers of the genre.
            same goes with Shoujo, the main target is girls, therefore it’s female-oriented, but there is no doubt it has some male fans.

            But you’re trying to tell me that Square enix’s stuff is female-oriented/appeals to females because it has a bishounen character, and that’s as ignorant as they come, You think i’d go watch a shoujo anime because it has a pretty girl? you think i’d read a shoujo manga because one of the girls is a cute loli? You think i’d buy an otome game because the protagonist has a big chest? You think i’d play a puzzle game because a background picture has half-naked girl? No, everyone has standars.

            so yes, Square enix’s games are male-oriented, whether they have a female fanbase or not is another story, and i never said they didn’t.

          • @google-9c3afe7b596752a504dc9c78f113593c:disqus
            You didn’t read my posts clearly, did you? I’m not saying Square’s games are decidedly “female-oriented”; I’m saying that the idea of “target audience” is an unreliably vague idea to begin with, which is why I’m questioning how you can even be dead-sure that Square have only made “male-oriented” games. You can’t exactly make that statement without at least generalizing, if not stereotyping, especially in this day and age where gaming’s userbase is expanding into both genders, and users have complete freedom in what they want to pick up.

            I got your point the first time that peripheral audience and target audience aren’t the same. What I’m asking is: How do you determine that, for example, RPGs are “male-oriented”? (Subsequently, what makes a game “female-oriented”?) You keep saying “obviously male-oriented”, but you don’t explain why. (And no; tautology doesn’t count here.) At least I explained why I don’t consider target demographics that important. This is important here because games they’re a medium that combines multiple others: music, writing, drawing, in addition to gameplay mechanics. Usually, not everyone picks up a game liking the whole package, and even after completing the whole game, it’s not a guarantee that they’ll like the thing entirely. Most people like various fractions of a work first, then decide from there. That’s the point of my initial mention of Bishonen characters, but you focused on a single example and lost the bigger picture. And don’t go generalizing people with “Everybody has standards”; even discounting how fanservice and Moé are being used as bait for Otaku, I’m pretty sure some people have gone through with an event where they purchased a product mainly because their favorite artisan’s working on it. It’s all about elements, user.

            (Of course, I’m well aware that the industry considers the userbase a male-dominated field and tries to build their products around that idea, but that’s not entirely true in practice, is it? They don’t always think straight and often end up with stereotyping the userbase – some of EA’s ad campaigns come to mind – which is another reason why I can’t readily take their “intended audiences” seriously.)

            If you’re gonna keep saying “I stand by my point” without explaining why/how, knock yourself out. But just keep in mind that you’re not earning any credibility that way.

          • gaiahatergaia

            Yeah, Square enix’s games are nowhere near being “female-oriented”.

            I’ll tell you why i think it’s male-oriented.

            -It’s a known fact that the majority of gamers are male.
            -Final fantasy have a shounen setting.
            -Shounen-ish caracters.
            -Shounen-ish story.
            -Shounen-ish action scenes.
            -Heavy RPG, grinding and long gameplay.
            -Most of the time male protagonists, so that the player can relate to em.

            the list can go on further, but that’s the least i can think of right now, before going to bed.

            Also, you don’t need to be experienced with games and the otaku industry to know that square enix’s games are aimed at the male demographic, and the “Bishounen” excuse doesn’t really work.

            “I’m pretty sure some people have gone through with an event where they purchased a product mainly because their favorite artisan’s working on it”

            Heh, just earlier you were saying that it appeals to females because a character is a bishounen, and now you’re using the “favourite artisan” card? get real dude.

            You keep asking me why i’m dead sure they’re male oriented, how about YOU tell me how they aren’t? 

            and i do realize that there are people that would play/watch anything regarldess of the content and demographic, but the majority does have standars, i know i won’t watch a shoujo anime just because it has a cute girl in it. 

            Also, i strongly believe that the target demographic is very important, since the developers/studio when making an anime, think of what that specific audience likes, and what fits the criteria, it doesn’t always work, but when it does, the result is a drowning in cash, and i believe the Monogatari franchise is a good example for that.
            and another reason why it’s important is because most of the time, the animes for specific audiences follow the same pattern, for example the Shoujo genre, it’s always romance, girl falls for guy, gets to know him, he falls for her, another guy appears, crap happens, over the top melodrama, and then happy ending. it’s gotten kind of predictable. and last time i checked, only a small number of boys would actually watch/read that.

            Anyway this post is getting long, i told you why i think they’re obviously male-oriented, why don’t you go ahead and tell me why they aren’t? and make sure you give me something reasonable. I’d apperciate if you don’t forget that this argument started with SQUARE ENIX’s games.

          • gaiahatergaia

            @DrakosAmatras:disqus You see, What you think or what you care about doesn’t really affect how the industry works. 

            “RPGs are made for people without any specific gender in mind” You seem to lack knowledge when it comes to the gaming and otaku industry, my good sir. That kind of communist crap doesn’t really work.

            Also you clearly don’t know the difference between “Main target audience” and “Consumer”, the target audience of square enix’s games are male, and even most consumers are male. whether female consumers buy/play it or not doesn’t change the fact that the game was targeted at the male audience.

            do you actually think a company of any sort would make something that appeals to the majority, for the minority as a main target? Nope, not gonna happen.

          • @google-9c3afe7b596752a504dc9c78f113593c:disqus
            Okay then, I’ll ignore other media for now and just go back to the initial point you made.

            The rest of the points are in the file linked above, but I can’t help but wonder about one of the points you made: That being an RPG makes a game “male-oriented”. If you’re implying that RPGs are inherently a male-oriented category, that is just completely off. Given Square’s long list of RPGs, of course you would think they only make games for males. RPGs are only one of many style of presenting a game – simple as that; there’s not gender bias in it. In practice, I’m pretty sure ladies are capable of handling statistics and number crunchings too. Same goes for grinding and long game times; it doesn’t take a person of a specific gender to tolerate those. What matters here is the interest and investment, not gender.

            In short, I’d argue that it’s not “Square Enix never made anything for females”; rather, it’s “Square Enix makes lots of RPGs in a market with a lot of male customers”.

          • gaiahatergaia

            This argument is completely pointless, you keep proving my point yet you try to make it sound a bit off.

            I’m not saying being an RPG makes it automatically male oriented, but hey, if you think otherwise then how about you give me an RPG targeted at the female audience? i’d like to see you do that.

            sir, how many times do i have to repeat it? Wether other demographics enjoy a specific franchise doesn’t change the fact that that franchise was targeted mainly at a specific audience, if for example, a Shounen anime has a female fanbase, doesn’t mean it’s targeted at the female audience, it’s still male-oriented. same goes with most titles in any format.

            giving me a random article on the internet doesn’t change a thing, trust me.

            This is irrelevant but, you mentioned something about Parasite eve, right? If you’ve played the one on the PSP (the recent one), You’ll see it has alot of fanservice, Aya gets her clothes torn off fighting those tentacle-ish monsters, +all the gore and creepy crap, doesn’t sound female oriented to me.

            basically your point is “this demographic doesn’t mind playing a game that was made for another demographic”
            and my point is “wether for example, a girl watches a shounen anime doesn’t change the fact that the anime was targeted at boys”

            The only female-oriented games i can think of right now are Otome games.
            i’d be more than happy if you could tell me if i’m missing anything <_<

          • @google-9c3afe7b596752a504dc9c78f113593c:disqus
            Last time I’m going to repeat this: I don’t care about target demographics, and I don’t assume or define what kind of people each game was made for. There are games tailored specifically for males, I don’t deny that. However, labeling the RPG formula as made with a specific gender in mind is completely ridiculous; it’s just a set of tools. My point isn’t “There are/aren’t RPGs made for a specific gender”; it’s “RPGs are made for people without any specific gender in mind”. Which is why I also find it hard to believe that Square has never made anything for the female audience; it’s not like statistical turn-based battles are made with males in mind either.

    • Y’know… just because otome’s in the name doesn’t mean it’s an otome game. It just means “Maiden” or something like that.

      • gaiahatergaia

        Yeah, “Otome” does mean “Maiden”.

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      I think here, they are trying to attract female using the “oneesan” feeling here as the girl player here will feel that they had a little sister there who wanted to become a human but is unable too.^^

  • This is probably the first time I’ve ever seen a character named Virginia that is also an android

  • gaiahatergaia

    Yeah, i’ll definitely help her become a real girl…if you know what i mean.

    • 猫 黒

       Beat me to it, good sir.

    • JustaGenericUser

       You lost me. Explain further.

      – Shirou

      • gaiahatergaia

        You need to be 18+ to read graphic and explicit material.

  • aoihana

    Interesting! I think pitching Otome Break as an Otome game is a bit tricky, but it could be done, I think.

    I think if the focus is strictly on the characters, and their backgrounds, it can make for a unique Otome game. The premise is very interesting, and has potential for some deep characters along with equally interesting background stories.

    So long as these factors are met, I really think this will make a great Otome. Just because it’s an Otome, doesn’t mean there will be a Bishounen harem, you know! (◕‿◕✿)

    • “Just because it’s an Otome, doesn’t mean there will be a Bishounen harem, you know!” Aww ( ._.)

  • JustaGenericUser

    Are you sure you don’t mean bishoujo game? If it were an otome game, you’d be an android girl trying to get with guys instead, right?

    • gaiahatergaia


    • Otome (I take my explanation from wikipedia as I am sometimes bad at explaining it myself) is a video game that is targeted towards a female market, where one of the main goals, besides the plot goal, is to develop a romantic relationship between the female player character and one of several male (or occasionally female) characters.

      But since Otome is a part of the title it could be more ‘Otome’ sounds kinda like ‘Automate’ and add the ‘Break’ meaning you are Breaking the girls free from being Automated. There is also the fact is says its a communication game so there may not be any relationship going on. It could be geared towards a more female audience. Of course this is just all my thoughts on it and could be totally wrong ( ^.^).

    • tr1gun1212

      Even the official website lists the genre as a girl raising game, so pretty sure the confusion is coming from the fact that the game is named Otome Break. “Otome” just means “maiden”, anyway. 

  • Nicolas Vasquez

    so…saber marionette j?

  • M’iau M’iaut

    So just how many robo-girls does Yui Horie need to voice?

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      …… As many as possible?^^

    • Testsubject909

      Voice ALL the robo-girls!

  • It’s a bit confusing at first but my guess is that in this “otome” game, you(player) are helping the android girls become real girls without them seeing you(player) as a love interest… Instead help them how to experience life, like a parent, and potentially you might have to play matchmaker for them…

    That is if this is an otome game…

  • “Will You Help An Android Become A Real Girl?”

    No, robot girls have a space in my heart.

    Just ask Aegis.

    • miju

       Labrys is the one in mine.

  • I can’t wait for an Otome game where we get to make Pinnocchio into a real boy, or perhaps, a real MAN.

    • gaiahatergaia

      LOL, good one, sir.

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    ……… Android girls is always one of the best partner i have been keep dreaming for because of Chobits lol.^^

    And with this???^^…… Bring it on baby.^^

  • Leivinia


    Anyhow, Tomioka’s illustrations look good enough; I’ll give this one a go.

  • RaikageV

    “Will You Help An Android Become A Real Girl?”
    If that doesn’t mean collecting the seven dragonballs, nope I wouldn’t.

    • Ben Sylvia

       With fight sequences that last a week.

  • Ferofax

    Psshh, Saber Marionette J. Lime, Cherry, and Bloodberry. Gimme that instead.

  • Justin Graham

    And here I thought this article was going to be about the Wonder Project J series.

  • Aw poo beat me to the Android joke haha. Anyway it sounds interesting! I shall be keeping watch over this one~(✿❛◡❛)ノ

  • isn’t this kinda getting old and boring

    • For some maybe, but there’s is still a market for it. I am one of those in that market.

    • JustaGenericUser

       Nope. Anyone could say the same for the game in your avatar, too.

  • Göran Isacson

    Help them become truely independent people with their own dreams and aspirations in life, in a story that examines artifical intelligence and how mechanically created life could integrate into human society? Why yes, I certainly would. Help them find “true love” as if that’s the only thing that could make them “real girls”?  Dr Cox, I’ll let you take over here.


    • Alphabet Soup

      Exactly.  Even without that whole angle, there’s just the fact that “dude helps girls with problems and possibly hooks up with the girl whose route he’s on” has been done SO MANY TIMES in Japanese games.  Do the game with a female protagonist who’s a classmate/potential friend and explore the story of humans vs androids without the overdone romance.

  • canarinta


  • katamari

    This might be called Otomoe Break but it’s certainly not an otome game.

  • amagidyne

     Otome game with robot girls? Is this.. the holy grail? A transhumanist yuri game?!

    My gut says no, but I can dream. Is it hard to get Japanese Android/iOS games? I know most mobage are practically impossible to play outside of Japan. Does that carry over to this stuff too?

  • would I help her? What is she gonna do for me?

  • No thanks.

    *Puts Saber Marionette J on the DVD and plays Love Plus later*

  • Wenli Yang

    “Otome Break” sounds like an NTR doujin.

    • Rolling Guy

      And I hate NTR.

      • gaiahatergaia

        But NTR is good.

  • tubers

    Otome Break..

    I guess that’s what your supposed to “break” >:)

  • Setsu Oh

    nope, i wouldn’t.

  • Azuku

    This article wouldn’t have a dozen comments if Square weren’t involved.

  • Rolling Guy

    Oh God… Automaton.. I remember Popola and Devola. 

  • Visa Vang

    Bring it on. I have a question though, why would you name Virginia – Virginia? Isn’t she a Japanese Gundam?

    • Leivinia

      All of their names are a play on words that have to do with technology. おとめ (Otome)= Automate, すぴか (Supica) = Speaker, ヴァジニア (Virginia) = Version S (her middle name is S, for those that don’t know). I’m actually not completely sure on the Virginia one though; someone tell me if there’s another word that fits the word play there.

      I’m like 99% positive the reason her name is Virginia is because someone proposed it to be Virgin and it was shot down.

      Their last name, Saotome, is probably homage to the Getter Robo series.

      • Visa Vang

         Thank you for shedding light upon me.

  • りんごタルト@エスカのアトリエ

    Do you play as a male or female in this game? Also, this isn’t the ‘otome game’ that I know, is this really targetted at girls?

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      You play as Female here.^^ And yes it is targetted at girls here.^^ Maybe with more of “sisters feeling here” to attract the girl fans there who wanted to have a little sister there.^^

      • Leivinia

        Actually, it doesn’t specify whether or not your character is a boy or a girl; it’s up to your own preferences. This is a relationship building game, but the emphasis isn’t on the romantic sense, so player gender doesn’t play a large role.

      • gaiahatergaia

        When did anyone say anything about playing as a female? and when did anyone say it’s targeted at girls? please enlighten me.

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