This Week In Imports: Time Travelers Ace Reporter Hina Fushimi Is On The Scene

By Spencer . July 9, 2012 . 4:02pm

imageLevel-5’s QTE packed visual novel Time Travelers is about to debut in Japan. The game will be available for Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita this week with a PSP port slated for next week. Namco Bandai also has the latest Taiko Drum Master game, which adds more RPG elements and there’s Nintendo’s retro style soccer game Calico Bit.


PlayStation Vita
Resistance: Burning Skies
Time Travelers


Nintendo 3DS
Pocket Soccer League: Calico Bit
Taiko: Drum Master The Little Dragon and the Mysterious Orb Time Travelers


Key European Releases
Inversion (PS3, Xbox 360)


Key Domestic Releases
Dungeon Fighter Live: Fall of Hendon Myre (XBLA)
Rainbow Moon (PSN)
Rhythm Thief & the Emperor’s Treasure (3DS)
Quantum Conundrum (PSN, XBLA)

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  • PoweredByHentai

    Hey Spencer!

    Any word on if Time Travelers will see a North American release?

    • MrKappa

      LOL! You’re not serious are you?

      • PoweredByHentai

        I’m sort of serious, because Level-5 has an office here in Los Angeles: 

        • MrKappa

           I have no confidence in Level 5 seeing how they failed to bring Inazuma and Danball and without a doubt Gundam will never make it either. So this being a VN first and foremost doesn’t stand a chance in hell.

      • M’iau M’iaut

        It’s enough of that hybrid type which has found some success on the DS. It certainly would not have the specific issues brought up with the hostess RPG.

        • MrKappa

          All I can think of is 999 and maybe one other game that escapes my mind but I know it was released years ago. Which is why I doubt the release of this. I don’t think Level 5 will even make the effort for this kind of game outside of Japan.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            All the Phoenix Wrights, Ghost Trick, Trace Memory, Hotel Dusk, Layton and Trauma Center. Not to mention lesser niche titles like Time Hollow, Jake Hunter and Touch Detective, all of which got some notice within our fandom. Heck there is even a group of games beyond the second set.

            Not saying yes or no, but the list of hybrids with VN elements which came over does not just stop at 999 and maybe one other title.

  • Herok♞

    Taiko:Drum Master The Little Dragon and the Mysterious Orb Time Travelers sounds like an awesome game I wonder if we will see it in UsaEurope.

  • Ladius

    Time Travelers is easily the Level 5 game I’m most hyped about in years, I really hope the negativity surrounding its sales is proven unfounded. Still, the lack of news regarding an English localization is quite disturbing… as I see it, TT would be a perfect pick for Aksys, given their handheld visual noveladventure pedigree, even if I imagine this could be a difficult license to obtain.

    • PoweredByHentai

      Level-5 has an office here in Los Angeles so they could be trying to publish their own games by themselves at some point.

      • JazzyMan123

        You’ll be waiting forever for Level-5 to localize any of their games themselves.

        • PoweredByHentai

          NIS America was up and running within one year of establishing their operations.  They were established in December of 2003 and subsequently released Phantom Brave by August of 2004.

          I don’t see why Level-5 would take too long to do the same.

          • JazzyMan123

            If even their mobile games are being handled by GREE and not themselves, then forgive me if I don’t have the upmost confidence in them.

            A better hope for localization is for Sony to hopefully localize this.

          • PoweredByHentai

            Again, NIS America started off pretty slowly with one title in its first year.  Then they cranked it up a notch the following year until we’re at the point where they’re even publishing anime.

            Expecting Level-5’s American branch to suddenly be able to do everything you expect them to do is not only unreasonable, it is also unrealistic due to many factors such as time, human resources and money.

  • Hmmm….despite the advertisment and the pretty looks, I’m not sure how well Time Travellers will fare this week…will it be enough to dethrone the likes of Pokemon B&W 2 or DQM:TW? Most likely not, but I predict it will at the very least climb it’s way up to the top 5.

    50k-ish something copies on it’s opening week?

  • Aoshi00

    Pre-ordered Time Travelers on Vita, hope the story would be good and the gameplay not too repetitive..  I must say Steins;Gate set the bar really high, even for Robotics;Notes..  The cover is a bit bland though w/ just the gears..

  • idrawrobots

    Time Travelers got a 9/9/9/9 from Famitsu, I hope it does well in sales.
    Do Famistu scores still matter like they used to?

  • It’ll be interesting to see whether this title gets published or not in the West. It looks like an intriguing game.

  • Hopefully we can at least get an english ver of Time Travellers….  

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