Disgaea Team’s Next Game Is About A Boy And Angel That Make Wishes Come True

By Spencer . July 10, 2012 . 2:38am

imageAnd no, this isn’t some spinoff with Flonne. The God and Fate Revolution Paradox is made by the Disgaea team, but isn’t a new game in the strategy RPG series. Dengeki PlayStation explained you play as a boy who becomes a god and works with an angel to make people’s wishes come true.


The genre is kind of vague with online forums explaining its a role playing game, perhaps a strategy RPG. Nippon Ichi CEO Souhei Niikawa is the producer and Masahiro Yamamoto is directing the title. A platform wasn’t mentioned, but since the news comes from Dengeki PlayStation The God and Fate Revolution Paradox will at least be for one PlayStation system.


A pre-site will open on July 12 and the full webpage will be revealed on on July 19.

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  • I love how you had to explicitly point out that it’s not a Flonne spinoff. XD

    • I wish it were, just a bit. If I am being honest. lol :P

  • Eddie Dominguez

    hope it doesnt come to vita because i dont own one yet.also,the possibilities of this coming to NA its about lets say 10 percent XD

    • “hope it doesnt come to vita because i dont own one yet.”

      That has to be the weirdest thing I’ve read on this site, so far. Just because you don’t own one, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t come to that platform. You should look forward to more titles being available on the consoles you have/hope to have. The more games available on that platform, the more it warrants being purchased.
      Since these titles are anniversary titles, they should have a chance of coming here. Besides, if this game is an SRPG, I don’t see why it wouldn’t come over?  

  • Vampiric

    A new team disgaea srpg?

    I must be dreaming

    a new ip no less

  • I just hope it’ll get localized by NISA since it’s Nippon Icchi game… but anyway, a RPG about making wish come true? seriously, I can’t imagine the battle system.. well, maybe it’ll be like disgaea or something resembling it (read: fun, interesting, and make you want to play it again and again XD)

  • I look forward to more info (screenshots or gameplay vids) on this and other NIS anniversary titles.

    Who knows? We could see some of these characters making guest appearances in other NIS titles. 

  • Victoria [Rokuso3]

    I hope it’s on PS3~~ it seems quite interesting. I’d like to see an Action RPG or something (or maybe a classic turn-based system with a NIS twist).

  • >loli maido angel
    >shounen god
    Japan, don’t ever change

  • Domii

    With an angel like that, who needs a girlfriend……..

  • amagidyne

    It’s like they struggled through many, many meetings for several years, working around the clock and pushing themselves to the limit so they could finally come up with the least interesting premise NIS has ever worked on.

    • Raharu95

      :/ you should wait untill more info is out. This is just the second scan.

      • amagidyne

         I’m only talking about the premise. Obviously the game could still turn out to be good or bad or pancakes.

    • M’iau M’iaut

      Come now, things turned out just fine with a premise of magical girl with a horn talks to puppets and saves her beau. Or son of a devil fights for his rightful place as king of the underworld.

      There are several ways this concept could carry out — Fantasy Island of course or Kamichu without the young yuris in love subtext.

      For all we know, that loli angel meido could be a yandere, protecting the honor of her onii-chan god from hopeless broken-hearted girls from multiple universes.

      • amagidyne

        True, there are still a lot of ways it could still turn out to be a great game. I’m just not sure NIS can make anything interesting out of the story. NIS isn’t very good at melodrama and the storytelling tends to be extremely conventional whenever it moves away from comedy.

        Something about the art style makes me suspect it won’t be as openly nonsensical as Disgaea, which is kind of a bad sign for me. What I dislike about the premise itself is that it has an enormous potential for blandness. It’s much too early for me to say, but it sounds like it might just devolve into otaku manic pixie dream girl.. stuff.

        Besides, the premises you’re mentioning aren’t bad. Magical girl with a horn who talks to puppets and sings all the time? That’s GOLD. The son of a devil fights to conquer the underworld? A lot of potential there too (as we’ve seen)!

    • I kind of agree…  The company has been super slow to release any real deets about the game, but so far, not interested, it feels like another story about an “average high schooler” and a over-active magic girl coming in to change his lame ass life.

      • Please tell me how many games you’ve played that have that kind of story.

        • No, no, I meant anime.  Tell me how many anime have had a story based on these elements?  Magical girl?  High school boy? Super magic?

          We have yet to see more of the game — but as far as first impressions go, there’s little here not part what we’ve seen before.

  • This sounds very interesting. I would very much like to hear and see more of this. =^_^=

  • Nemesis_Dawn

    I would hope it’s for PS3, rather than Vita, even though I own both. The more JRPG’s I can play on my HDTV, the better.

  • Japanese guys……. ANYTHING can happen.

  • AKA:

    Magical Girl Anime: the RPG

    • puchinri

       See, now that would be awesome. But chances are, focus on the male MC. Which already gives it a big minus to being “magical girl anime: the RPG.” Another bit? She’s just an angel. This could slightly be in line with classical magical girl stuff, but even then, just not getting the vibe. Sadly.

      I hope the princess game is a magical girl RPG though~. Similar to Rhapsody, even. . .

  • pgover

    So the story of a boy and his wacky adventures with a girl who can make wishes come true? I smell sitcom!!!

  • Hmm seems interesting. Need more infoz. >_<;

  • I recognize that Art >D its done by Noizi Ito >D

  • Göran Isacson

    Have to admit that it sounds more like a Point and Click game, not so much a tactical RPG… I mean, what would the enemies in this case even be? Evil spirits that try to ensure wishes aren’t fulfilled?

  • TheInternetNomad

    better be atleast a couple of Disgaea celestial references 

  • so wait is it on the ps3 or the vita? or has it not been confirmed yet?

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