Rune Factory 4 Has Cameos From Other Rune Factory Games

By Spencer . July 10, 2012 . 10:01pm

Remember Barrett from Rune Factory 2? He’s all grown up and back for Rune Factory 4. Instead of giving you magic books, Barrett can reinforce your equipment if you bring him raw materials.


image image


Raven returns for Rune Factory 4 too. She’ll sell you accessories like ore, which you can use to synthesize items. Rune Factory 4 comes out on July 19 in Japan.

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  • DanteJones

    Awesome! Raven was one of my favorites, its good to see her making an appearance in this one. :)

    • Jungo

      I totally married her in 3, so glad to see her back!

  • Elemiel

    AWW YEAH. I did NOT expect Barret to get a cameo! At last, I shall see my bro again!
    There’s a scan out:

  • Blesmi

    I just hope that RAINBOW will make an aweRAINBOWsome cameRAINBOW.

  • CrimsonalCore


    I'll buy everything she has on her sales in RF4. :3

  • Lazulis

    Two of my favorite characters from 2 & 3?


    Oh Barret. How I wish I could have married you in 2. Well I did marry Raven though. <3

  • Lisa Fraulein

    Barrett and Raven!!?? OMG YES!

  • Raven!!! If only they use her RF4 version portrait in RF3… I had enough looking at her back in RF3… I want to see the front too =P

  • Peace Legacy

    Wait, does that mean you can’t reinforce weapon by yourself anymore?
    Barrett better be available 24/7

  • Ace.Of Hearts♥

    ~*sees Barrett<3~~ * my reaction : asdasjkdfasfaslk!!! translation: omg!!! he looks so HOT!! thanks @Elemiel:disqus for the pic <3~~~!!! aaaws wish I could marry him in Rf4.. *sighs* the thing I never really liked about the previous RF games was that there were also hot bishies that you couldn't marry.. buuut theres always fanfiction.. Yays!!! RF4 is gonna be so awesome!!!! can't wait for it!!

  • Detrimont


  • RaineNythra

    How absurd. Micah would never allow Raven out of kitchen to wander about like this!

    I kid, I kid. It does make me wonder if she’ll make any mention of who Micah shacked up with. I hope not.

    •  I don’t think so, I think her role is the same like Yue(RF2) in RF3.

  • s07195

    Raven/Toona! She also looks really nice in this game! :D
    Please tell me she’s canon! (*blocks out the reality that Shara is the canon OTL*)

    My waifu :3

  • JW ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    pleasepleasePLEASE let barett make references to how he married dorothy. pleaseeee

  • Barretttttt <3 Raven~ Kinda interesting they cameo the two characters that took you time to get them to open up. Hmm Wonder if they still act the same when you first met them in other games or will they have changed.

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Raven.^^ My first waifu in the third game.^^

    ……..Going to make her the first waifu too when i get this one.^^

  • ShadowScipio

    I can understand Raven, who is canonically single, but Barrett was married, had a kid, and was a teacher in 2.  What’s he doing here?

    • Iris Miracle

      Why Mais have to end up with Shara? I don’t want Raven to be canonically single like you said at all :(. I wonder how she looks like when she is older. Look forward to the game so much. 

  • Iris Miracle

    Barrett! Oh how I miss that guy. I remember digging my way through the windy path in RF2 just to get that guy some Iron every morning. He finally opened up but jussttt a LITTLE. This time I’ll make him pay for it. 

  • Binku Muja

    Anyone else wondering why Barrett isn’t at the school teaching? OR taking care of his wife and son? What the hell’s he doing being a blacksmith? Isn’t that Bardo’s (Mr not-Gaius) job? Raven I can understand, Barrett I seriously don’t. Still buying this game though.

    His new appearance is actually pretty cool if you take a look at the famitsu article (i think thats where the screenshot was taken from) on the Ushi no Tane message boards. Sod it, here’s the link, have fun oggling!

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