Tekken Tag Tournament 2 And Second "Sexy" Costumes For Soulcaibur V

By Spencer . July 10, 2012 . 1:32am

scv18 scv19 scv20

If you want to add Tekken Tag Tournament 2 fighters Asuka or Jun into Soulcalibur V logon to Xbox Live or PlayStation Network. For 250 yen or 160 Microsoft Points you can grab Tekken Tag Tournament 2 costume set #2 which has Asuka’s suit, gloves, and boots plus Jun’s suit, pants, cape, and sandals.


scv14 scv15 scv16 scv17


Namco Bandai also has a set of "old" costumes with kitten mittens and sandals for 400 yen or 240 Microsoft Points.


scv1 scv2 scv3 scv4 scv5 scv6 scv7


A second set of "sexy" costumes includes a police cap, police dress, enamel vest, enamel short pants, and a servant’s choker. These items are 400 yen or 240 Microsoft Points.


scv8 scv9 scv10 scv11 scv12 scv13

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  • Stephen Mc Devitt

    Will this is game ever have any DLC bigger than costumes? Additional game modes? Come on Namco don’t leave us hanging with the worst story mode fighting game history.

    • SirTeffy

       I think Street Fighter IV wins that one. Or maybe Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Possibly Tatsunoko vs. Capcom? Street Fighter x Tekken? Or any Capcom fighter?

      At least Namco TRIED.

      • doubt it, at least all those games have endings for each and every character.
        If your name isn’t patroklos or pyrrha you basically don’t exist in SCV

        • heartless141

          gotta give it to you there, i was sooo hyped for ezio story, he didn’t even exist

          • zero254

            I think they marinated the ball in oil, dropped it then set it on fire while shooting a nuke at it.

            *(Spoilers like they even matter for this game’s story)*

            I LOVE how important Viola was to the story. (SERIOUSLY, SHE REALLY MATTERED SO MUCH WITH HER AMAZING SCREEN TIME)

            Kilik might as well have not even been in this game

        • Crimson_Cloud

          Or you aren’t melfested…

          I don’t get it. Why did they pushed the story so far and then completely
          ignore the back-story of the newly introduced characters. Except the whinny offspring kids.

      • None of the other characters had their own story to tell. Any one of the them would’ve far better than a self-proclaimed paragon who enjoys slaughtering innocent while looking to take advantage over his sister, who won’t even try to think for herself.

        I just can’t feel sorry for Patroklos and Pyrrha and rather see them become the bad guys for the next title where everyone else has their own story to tell except the siblings.

        How can the ones behind something as epic as Asura’s Wrath come up with a story that’s essentially fanfiction (usually consisting of plot tumors). We could blame Project Soul for outsourcing the story but we can better yet blame Namco to having SoulCalibur V rushed out the door.

        At least with Netherealm Studios, most of the characters had their own moments in the story mode of Mortal Kombat.

        The game also sold poorly in comparison to IV because it was released the same week as FFXIII-2 and the MGS HD collection. August (of this year) would’ve been a better month.

    • Ultimate MVC. they didnt even TRY to have a story. or anything interesting. it wins the worst story ever. my poor, shelved game… ;n;

  • Hey, is that Talim’s outfit?

    • Herok♞

       unfortunately yes, which is sad seeing as she would be the only character dlc I would pay for.


  • zero254

    So, they are pretty much just selling copy paste outfits then a few new ones here and there?

  • Tee Niitris

    Sexy outfits huh…

    *looks at Dead or Alive 5*

    it doesn’t compare.

    And geez, if nothing else, at least have character endings as DLC.

  • MrJechgo

    Pass… remind me when they release actual characters as DLC…

    • Crimson_Cloud

       Same here. Or maybe some more gameplay modes *cough*…

      • MrJechgo

        Gameplay modes are much harder to add via DLC than characters, so I don’t get my hopes up for them, even I’d like to see extra chapters in the story mode, especially since there were supposed to have a lot of more, but were cut due to time constraints.

  • z_merquise

    Hmm. Not really ‘sexy’ as I expected.

    And including Seong Mina’s and Talim’s costume yet there weren’t here? That’s . . . not right.

    After reading the article about Harada refusing what the higher-ups at Namco were demanding for Tekken Tag, I really wish director Odashima and the team did the same. I still like Soulcalibur 5 and I really love the character customization but seeing the game rushed and cutting a lot of content was really sad.

    I read an article where Odashima said that every character in the game should have their own story mode, not just Patroklos and Phyrra.


  • DuskSharkEX

    That cap that the lady there is wearing is what one of my character needs for completion! *downloads*

    EDIT: And then I found out that cap is for females only when both could use it in IV. Download averted.

  • I dont really like those BSDM outfits

  • Maybe it’s because Im not into masochism but this ain’t sexy.

  • monk_123

     Oh man, Hard Gay has invaded Soul Calibur.

  • Jason

    Gee Namco… way to rub it in out faces that you guys left Talim out of this game 

  • Göran Isacson

    Psshaw. They’re trying to tell me that Hard Gay outfit is supposed to be shocking in the same game that features VOLDO? Try again, Project Soul!

  • Well as i’ve heard it these are the Last Soul Calibur 5 costumes to be out. They say the DLC is done and over!  If so i’ll be moving on to other Fighting Games then. What i liked the most about SC5 was the DLC costumes. Now that’s over… It’s time to move on…  Unless they decide to make more DLC then it’s over!  Aww!

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